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OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3M CoEquity88579Y1012281,184SH SOLE 001,184
Abbott LaboratoriesEquity0028241004163,468SH SOLE 003,468
AbbVie IncEquity00287Y1098848,167SH SOLE 008,167
Adamis Pharmaceuticals CorpEquity00547W2083132,800SH SOLE 0032,800
Airbnb IncEquity0090661013201,703SH SOLE 001,703
Akoustis Technologies IncEquity00973N10218814,110SH SOLE 0014,110
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADRInternational01609W1022,0489,031SH SOLE 009,031
ALKURI GLOBAL ACQUISITION UNTOther66981N20221221,500SH SOLE 0021,500
Alphabet Inc AEquity02079K3051,289625SH SOLE 00625
Alphabet Inc CEquity02079K107252122SH SOLE 00122
Altimmune IncEquity02155H20063044,583SH SOLE 0044,583
Altria Group IncEquity02209S1031,04019,991SH SOLE 0019,991 IncEquity0231351061,680543SH SOLE 00543
Ameren CorpEquity0236081023093,793SH SOLE 003,793
Amgen IncEquity031162100210843SH SOLE 00843
Apple IncEquity0378331008,40868,835SH SOLE 0068,835
Applied Materials IncEquity0382221052752,060SH SOLE 002,060
ARK Innovation ETFEquity00214Q1049928,271SH SOLE 008,271
ASGN IncEquity00191U1023353,505SH SOLE 003,505
AT&T IncEquity00206R1021,10336,440SH SOLE 0036,440
AutoZone IncEquity053332102336239SH SOLE 00239
BancorpSouth BankEquity05971J1022216,750SH SOLE 006,750
Bank of America CorporationEquity06050510477820,110SH SOLE 0020,110
Bausch Health Companies IncInternational0717341071,27140,057SH SOLE 0040,057
Berkshire Hathaway Inc BEquity0846707028763,430SH SOLE 003,430
Bionano Genomics IncEquity09075F10711213,900SH SOLE 0013,900
Blackstone Group LPEquity09260D1074996,690SH SOLE 006,690
Boeing CoEquity0970231059973,914SH SOLE 003,914
BOQII HOLDING ADR REP CL A ORDInternational09950L1049517,100SH SOLE 0017,100
Broadcom Inc ComEquity11135F101448966SH SOLE 00966
Carvana CoEquity146869102200763SH SOLE 00763
Caterpillar IncEquity1491231015462,356SH SOLE 002,356
Chevron CorpEquity1667641009489,046SH SOLE 009,046
Cigna CorpEquity1255231009033,734SH SOLE 003,734
Cisco Systems IncEquity17275R10259411,491SH SOLE 0011,491
Citigroup IncEquity1729674242072,842SH SOLE 002,842
CME Group Inc Class AEquity12572Q1052661,304SH SOLE 001,304
Coca-Cola CoEquity19121610088916,737SH SOLE 0016,737
Comcast Corp Class AEquity20030N1013266,031SH SOLE 006,031
Comstock Mining IncEquity2057503007316,000SH SOLE 0016,000
Corning IncEquity2193501052265,190SH SOLE 005,190
Costco Wholesale CorpEquity22160K105282800SH SOLE 00800
Crispr Therapeutics Agnamen AktInternationalH171821085594,590SH SOLE 004,590
Crown Castle International CorpEquity22822V1013562,069SH SOLE 002,069
CROWN PROPTECH ACQUISITIONS UNTInternationalG2574112810911,000SH SOLE 0011,000
CURIOSITYSTREAM CL A ORDOther23130Q10714310,539SH SOLE 0010,539
CVS Health CorpEquity1266501005387,148SH SOLE 007,148
Deere & CoEquity244199105245652SH SOLE 00652
Dow IncEquity2605571032964,631SH SOLE 004,631
DraftKings IncEquity26142R1042624,269SH SOLE 004,269
Dropbox IncEquity26210C1042459,193SH SOLE 009,193
Energy Transfer Equity LPEquity29273V10020326,489SH SOLE 0026,489
Enviva Partners LPEquity29414J10759012,210SH SOLE 0012,210
Equinix IncEquity29444U700217319SH SOLE 00319
eXp World Holdings IncEquity30212W1003106,810SH SOLE 006,810
Exxon Mobil CorpEquity30231G10293716,787SH SOLE 0016,787
Facebook Inc AEquity30303M1022,5628,699SH SOLE 008,699
FedEx CorpEquity31428X1063551,247SH SOLE 001,247
First Trust Materials AlphaDEX ETFOther33734X16884515,323SH SOLE 0015,323
First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX ETFEquity33737M20182119,158SH SOLE 0019,158
First Trust Morningstar Div Leaders ETFEquity3369171092096,400SH SOLE 006,400
First Trust New Opps MLP & EnergyEquity33739M1008215,477SH SOLE 0015,477
First Trust Small Cap Val AlphaDEX ETFEquity33737M4091,06721,213SH SOLE 0021,213
First Trust Technology AlphaDEX ETFEquity33734X1763032,666SH SOLE 002,666
Ford Motor CoEquity34537086015812,923SH SOLE 0012,923
Franklin Liberty Short Dur US Govt ETFFixed Income3535061086036,327SH SOLE 006,327
Freeport-McMoRan IncEquity35671D8573,598109,256SH SOLE 00109,256
FT Cboe Vest US Equity Deep Bffr ETF NovAlternatives33740F8391,59146,694SH SOLE 0046,694
FT Cboe Vest US Equity Dp Bffr ETF SepAlternatives33740F6804,708148,673SH SOLE 00148,673
FuboTV IncEquity35953D10423310,540SH SOLE 0010,540
General Electric CoEquity36960410322316,952SH SOLE 0016,952
Honeywell International IncEquity4385161066803,132SH SOLE 003,132
icad IncEquity44934S20631114,660SH SOLE 0014,660
Illumina IncEquity4523271094501,172SH SOLE 001,172
Intel CorpEquity4581401002934,575SH SOLE 004,575
International Business Machines CorpEquity4592001012942,210SH SOLE 002,210
Invesco LtdInternationalG491BT1082,768109,742SH SOLE 00109,742
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Tech ETFEquity46137V2825321,970SH SOLE 001,970
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Wt Hlth Care ETFEquity46137V3323101,155SH SOLE 001,155
Iqvia Hldgs IncEquity46266C1053541,835SH SOLE 001,835
iShares 1-3 Year Treasury BondFixed Income4642874574885,658SH SOLE 005,658
Ishares 20 Plus Year Treasury Bond EtfFixed Income4642874322491,841SH SOLE 001,841
iShares Core International Aggt Bd ETFFixed Income46435G6725289,633SH SOLE 009,633
iShares Core MSCI EAFEInternational46432F8422873,989SH SOLE 003,989
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETFInternational46434G1034907,612SH SOLE 007,612
iShares Core MSCI Total Intl Stk ETFInternational46432F8346789,643SH SOLE 009,643
iShares Core S&P 500Equity4642872004781,202SH SOLE 001,202
iShares Core S&P Small-CapEquity4642878043483,205SH SOLE 003,205
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Mkt ETFEquity4642871502,00821,920SH SOLE 0021,920
iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETFFixed Income46434V61357610,912SH SOLE 0010,912
iShares Core US Aggregate BondFixed Income4642872263412,996SH SOLE 002,996
iShares Core US REIT ETFEquity4642885211,23523,574SH SOLE 0023,574
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USAEquity46429B6972643,822SH SOLE 003,822
iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETFEquity46435G4252943,237SH SOLE 003,237
iShares Floating Rate Bond ETFFixed Income46429B6552625,159SH SOLE 005,159
iShares Gold TrustOther4642851051,800110,706SH SOLE 00110,706
iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFFixed Income4642872422842,185SH SOLE 002,185
iShares MSCI EAFE ValueInternational4642888772444,787SH SOLE 004,787
iShares Russell 1000 GrowthEquity4642876143971,633SH SOLE 001,633
iShares Russell 1000 ValueEquity4642875981,0006,601SH SOLE 006,601
iShares Russell 2000Equity4642876551,9278,722SH SOLE 008,722
iShares Russell 2000 ValueEquity4642876301,5749,871SH SOLE 009,871
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETFEquity4642874812192,144SH SOLE 002,144
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Value ETFEquity4642874732031,853SH SOLE 001,853
iShares S&P 500 GrowthEquity4642873091,44722,221SH SOLE 0022,221
iShares S&P 500 ValueEquity4642874081,46310,355SH SOLE 0010,355
iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETFEquity4642877053,65735,879SH SOLE 0035,879
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETFEquity4642878871,1839,226SH SOLE 009,226
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETFEquity4642878791,02810,206SH SOLE 0010,206
iShares Silver TrustOther46428Q10927111,955SH SOLE 0011,955
iShares TIPS BondFixed Income4642871765414,311SH SOLE 004,311
iShares US Treasury BondFixed Income46429B26740615,519SH SOLE 0015,519
Johnson & JohnsonEquity4781601041,1787,165SH SOLE 007,165
JPMorgan Chase & CoEquity46625H1009786,427SH SOLE 006,427
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Income ETFFixed Income46641Q83761612,136SH SOLE 0012,136
L Brands IncEquity5017971043,76060,789SH SOLE 0060,789
Liberty All-Star EquityEquity53015810411415,001SH SOLE 0015,001
Lowe's Companies IncEquity5486611074442,333SH SOLE 002,333
Lululemon Athletica IncEquity550021109288939SH SOLE 00939
Marathon Oil CorpEquity56584910620118,830SH SOLE 0018,830
Mastercard Inc AEquity57636Q1043941,106SH SOLE 001,106
McDonald's CorpEquity5801351012631,173SH SOLE 001,173
Medtronic PLCInternationalG5960L1032552,148SH SOLE 002,148
MercadoLibre IncEquity58733R102337229SH SOLE 00229
Merck & Co IncEquity58933Y1054,31255,476SH SOLE 0055,476
Micron Technology IncEquity5951121033664,154SH SOLE 004,154
Microsoft CorpEquity5949181043,37214,303SH SOLE 0014,303
NANO X IMAGING ORDInternationalM7070010542910,360SH SOLE 0010,360
Neurobo Pharmaceuticals OrdEquity64132R1079120,642SH SOLE 0020,642
Nokia OyjInternational65490220414235,734SH SOLE 0035,734
NVIDIA CorpEquity67066G104526985SH SOLE 00985
Okta IncEquity6792951053971,800SH SOLE 001,800
Palo Alto Networks IncEquity697435105270839SH SOLE 00839
PayPal Holdings IncEquity70450Y1032531,040SH SOLE 001,040
Penn National Gaming IncEquity7075691094194,000SH SOLE 004,000
PepsiCo IncEquity7134481083652,578SH SOLE 002,578
Pfizer IncEquity7170811032,45567,764SH SOLE 0067,764
PIMCO Dynamic Credit and Mortgage IncFixed Income72202D10643019,155SH SOLE 0019,155
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncEquity72346Q1044244,778SH SOLE 004,778
Procter & Gamble CoEquity7427181099597,081SH SOLE 007,081
Putnam Managed Muni IncomeFixed Income74682310319223,458SH SOLE 0023,458
Putnam Premier Income TrustAlternatives7468531005611,400SH SOLE 0011,400
Quadratic Intrst Rt Vol & Infl H ETFFixed Income50076773642314,792SH SOLE 0014,792
QUALCOMM IncEquity7475251032621,977SH SOLE 001,977
Rapid7 IncEquity7534221044355,829SH SOLE 005,829
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncEquity75886F107415877SH SOLE 00877
Roku IncEquity77543R1026391,963SH SOLE 001,963
Royal Dutch Shell PLCInternational7802592062606,622SH SOLE 006,622 IncEquity79466L3024051,913SH SOLE 001,913
Select Sector Spdr Trust Shs Ben Int EnergyEquity81369Y50679316,166SH SOLE 0016,166
Shopify IncInternational82509L107345312SH SOLE 00312
Simon Ppty Group Acquisition Hldgs Inc Unit 1 Cl A & 1/5 Wt Exp 02/04/26Other82880R20216616,500SH SOLE 0016,500
Skyworks Solutions IncEquity83088M1023131,705SH SOLE 001,705
SPDR Blmbg Barclays Em Mkts Lcl Bd ETFFixed Income78464A39158822,590SH SOLE 0022,590
SPDR Blmbg BarclaysST HY Bd ETFFixed Income78468R4081,50955,226SH SOLE 0055,226
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETFEquity78463X74960712,847SH SOLE 0012,847
SPDR Gold SharesOther78463V1073,84524,037SH SOLE 0024,037
SPDR Port S&P 1500 Comps Stk Mkt ETFEquity78464A8051,31926,809SH SOLE 0026,809
SPDR Portfolio Aggregate Bond ETFFixed Income78464A64911,956403,233SH SOLE 00403,233
SPDR Portfolio Developed Wld ex-US ETFInternational78463X8892,75277,822SH SOLE 0077,822
SPDR Portfolio Interm Term Corp Bd ETFFixed Income78464A37588424,397SH SOLE 0024,397
SPDR Portfolio S&P 500 ETFEquity78464A8545,501118,025SH SOLE 00118,025
SPDR Portfolio S&P 600 Sm Cap ETFEquity78468R8531,28930,498SH SOLE 0030,498
SPDR Portfolio Short Term Treasury ETFFixed Income78468R10139712,962SH SOLE 0012,962
SPDR Portfolio TIPS ETFFixed Income78464A6562,76490,476SH SOLE 0090,476
SPDR S&P 500 ETFEquity78462F1034,59811,563SH SOLE 0011,563
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets ETFInternational78463X5091,18226,999SH SOLE 0026,999
SPDR S&P International Small Cap ETFInternational78463X87140310,777SH SOLE 0010,777
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETFEquity78467Y1078061,690SH SOLE 001,690
Sprott Physical Silver TrustOther85207K10712314,034SH SOLE 0014,034
Square IncEquity8522341034411,942SH SOLE 001,942
Starbucks CorpEquity8552441092532,319SH SOLE 002,319
SVB Financial GroupEquity78486Q1012,2894,636SH SOLE 004,636
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co LtdInternational8740391002512,113SH SOLE 002,113
Tapestry IncEquity8760301072,61463,425SH SOLE 0063,425
Texas Instruments IncEquity8825081042201,166SH SOLE 001,166
The Home Depot IncEquity4370761021,0243,354SH SOLE 003,354
The Trade Desk Inc Com Cl AEquity88339J105214328SH SOLE 00328
Torchlight Energy Resources IncEquity89102U10311864,500SH SOLE 0064,500
Truist Finl Corp ComEquity89832Q1092904,964SH SOLE 004,964
Union Pacific CorpEquity9078181082791,265SH SOLE 001,265
United Parcel Service Inc Class BEquity9113121064082,401SH SOLE 002,401
United States OilOther91232N20750612,477SH SOLE 0012,477
UnitedHealth Group IncEquity91324P102276743SH SOLE 00743
US BancorpEquity9029733043546,349SH SOLE 006,349
Vanguard 500 ETFEquity9229083634171,145SH SOLE 001,145
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFInternational9219438582895,894SH SOLE 005,894
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETFInternational9220428582414,629SH SOLE 004,629
Vanguard Growth ETFEquity922908736223869SH SOLE 00869
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETFFixed Income9219378272813,413SH SOLE 003,413
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFFixed Income92206C40985310,341SH SOLE 0010,341
Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFFixed Income9219378352252,655SH SOLE 002,655
Vanguard Total International Bond ETFFixed Income92203J4072233,907SH SOLE 003,907
Vanguard Value ETFEquity9229087442081,584SH SOLE 001,584
Verizon Communications IncEquity92343V10486314,840SH SOLE 0014,840
Vertex Pharmaceuticals IncEquity92532F100213992SH SOLE 00992
Viking Therapeutics IncEquity92686J10610716,900SH SOLE 0016,900
Virgin Galactic Holdings IncEquity92766K1062086,790SH SOLE 006,790
Visa Inc Class AEquity92826C8397043,323SH SOLE 003,323
Wal-Mart Stores IncEquity9311421032,30916,931SH SOLE 0016,931
Walt Disney CoEquity2546871068704,715SH SOLE 004,715
Westwater Res IncEquity9616842065710,700SH SOLE 0010,700
Zillow Group IncEquity98954M2002892,226SH SOLE 002,226
Zoetis IncEquity98978V1032651,682SH SOLE 001,682