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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

1 100 Berkshire HTHWY CLALarge Blend084670991301100SH SOLE 10000
3MLarge Blend88579Y101125604SH SOLE 60400
A F L A C Inc.Large Blend00105510210200SH SOLE 20000
A S M L Holding Nv New F N Y RLarge Growth07059210019100SH SOLE 10000
Abbott LaboratoriesLarge Blend002819AC41912,385SH SOLE 2,38500
Abbvie IncLarge Growth00287Y10974924SH SOLE 92400
Adobe Systems Inc.Large Blend00724F101213800SH SOLE 80000
Advanced Optics Electronics Small Value00754V109020,000SH SOLE 20,00000
Aegon Nv PfdSmall Growth007924103261,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Alibaba Group Hldg AdrLarge Blend01609W102525SH SOLE 2500
Allegion Public Ltd Co FSmall BlendG0176J109883SH SOLE 8300
Alphabet IncLarge Blend02079K10710287SH SOLE 8700
Alphabet Inc Class ALarge Growth02079K1079379SH SOLE 7900
Altria Group, Inc.Large Blend02209S1036100SH SOLE 10000, IncLarge Blend02313510611665SH SOLE 6500
American Electric PowerLarge Blend025537101669SH SOLE 6900
American Water Works, Inc.Large Blend0304201031221,174SH SOLE 1,17400
Analog Devices IncMid Blend0326541057547,160SH SOLE 7,16000
Apple Computer, Inc.Large Blend0378331002861,508SH SOLE 1,50800
Applied Industrial Tech. Inc.Small Blend03820C1052985,007SH SOLE 5,00700
Aqua Vie Beverage Cp XxxSmall Growth03838F3060200SH SOLE 20000
Arris Group IncMid Growth04270V106385SH SOLE 8500
AT&T Inc NewLarge Blend00206R102942,992SH SOLE 2,99200
Auto Data ProcessingLarge Blend053015103136850SH SOLE 85000
Avanos Medical IncSmall Blend05350V106250SH SOLE 5000
Bank of New York Mellon CorpLarge Blend06405810015300SH SOLE 30000
Bear Creek Mining CoSmall Growth07380N10411,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Bed Bath & BeyondLarge Blend0758961003200SH SOLE 20000
Belle Isle CorpSmall Growth078455102075SH SOLE 7500
Berkshire Hathaway CL BLarge Blend0846707027893,929SH SOLE 3,92900
Blackrock Muni YieldCorporate Bond09253W104936,707SH SOLE 6,70700
Blackrock Muni Yield InsuredCorporate Bond09254E1039675SH SOLE 67500
Briggs & Stratton CorpSmall Growth1090431093219SH SOLE 21900
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.Large Blend1101221081382,900SH SOLE 2,90000
Canadian Natural Resources LtdLarge Blend13638510111400SH SOLE 40000
Cannabis WheatonSmall Growth13765K10312,000SH SOLE 2,00000
Caterpillar, Inc.Large Blend14912310114100SH SOLE 10000
Cdk Global IncSmall Blend12508E1019150SH SOLE 15000
Charles Schwab & Co.Large Blend8085131055120SH SOLE 12000
Chemours CompanySmall Value16385110822600SH SOLE 60000
ChevronTexaco CorpLarge Blend1667641002752,234SH SOLE 2,23400
Chipotle Mexican GrillMid Growth1696561051115SH SOLE 1500
Cion Investment CorpLarge Growth17259U10511012,647SH SOLE 12,64700
Cisco Systems, Inc.Large Blend17275R1022013,721SH SOLE 3,72100
Coca Cola CompanyLarge Blend19121610037800SH SOLE 80000
Cohen & Steers REIT & PreferreMid Value19247X100623,000SH SOLE 3,00000
Colgate Palmolive Co.Large Blend1941621031061,548SH SOLE 1,54800
Comcast Corp New Cl ALarge Blend20030N101511,270SH SOLE 1,27000
ConocophillipsLarge Blend20825C104811,216SH SOLE 1,21600
Consolidated Edison Inc.Large Blend2091151048100SH SOLE 10000
Constellation BrandLarge Growth21036P10821122SH SOLE 12200
Constellation BrandLarge Growth21036P20728157SH SOLE 15700
Costco Whsl Corp NewLarge Blend22160K10564265SH SOLE 26500
Cresco Labs IncSmall Value22587M10601SH SOLE 100
Deere & CoLarge Blend24419910526165SH SOLE 16500
Dell Technologies InSmall Value24703L1032424,129SH SOLE 4,12900
Detroit EdisonLarge Blend233051879105838SH SOLE 83800
Diageo PLC New ADR F1 ADR RepsLarge Blend25243Q20570425SH SOLE 42500
Direxion Dily JR GoldSmall Blend25490K554181SH SOLE 8100
DisneyLarge Blend25468710671638SH SOLE 63800
DJ Global Real EstateLarge Growth78463X7496,007120,058SH SOLE 120,05800
Dowdupont IncLarge Growth26078J1002284,281SH SOLE 4,28100
Du Pont E I $3.50 PfdCorporate Bond16353410905SH SOLE 500
Duke Energy CorpLarge Blend26441C2049104SH SOLE 10400
EBAY, Inc.Large BLend2786421034100SH SOLE 10000
Electronic Arts IncLarge Growth28551210901SH SOLE 100
Enbridge IncLarge Growth29250N1056153SH SOLE 15300
Exxon Mobil CorporationLarge Blend30231G1024085,048SH SOLE 5,04800
Facebook Inc Class ALarge Growth30303M10289531SH SOLE 53100
Fedex CorporationLarge Blend31428X10623125SH SOLE 12500
Fleetcor TechnologieMid Growth339041105520SH SOLE 2000
GS Telecom LimitedSmall Growth36228N10901,000SH SOLE 1,00000
General ElectricLarge Blend369604103323,194SH SOLE 3,19400
General Mills IncLarge Blend37033410427530SH SOLE 53000
Gen-Probe Incorporated ComLarge Growth36866T10302SH SOLE 200
Guggenheim Bltshrs 2024Corporate Bond18383M233271,299SH SOLE 1,29900
Guggenheim S&P 500 EqualLarge Growth78355W841524SH SOLE 2400
Hancock John FinancialLarge Blend40973520613412SH SOLE 41200
Hershey Foods Corp.Large Blend42786610819162SH SOLE 16200
Home DepotLarge Blend4370761023801,982SH SOLE 1,98200
Honda Motor Co LtdLarge Value43812830801SH SOLE 100
IBMLarge Blend459200101102721SH SOLE 72100
Infinera Corp NewSmall Growth45667G103378,415SH SOLE 8,41500
Ingersoll Rand Co Cl A F BermuLarge BlendG4779110127250SH SOLE 25000
Intel CorpLarge Blend458140100631,174SH SOLE 1,17400
Intuitive Surgical NewLarge Growth46120E6023460SH SOLE 6000
Invesco QQQ TrustLarge Growth73935A1043231,797SH SOLE 1,79700
Invesco S&P 500 Equal WeightLarge Blend46137V35729,842285,737SH SOLE 285,73700
Invesco S&P EmergingLarge Value46138E29712,965539,091SH SOLE 539,09100
Invesco S&P Midcap 400Mid Blend46137V225641,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Invesco S&P Midcap LowMid Value46138E19810,800217,445SH SOLE 217,44500
Irobot CorpLarge Blend46272610012100SH SOLE 10000
Ishares Aerospace & Defense InMunicipal Bond464288760631SH SOLE 3100
Ishares Barclays IntermediateCorporate Bond4642886383,78068,553SH SOLE 68,55300
Ishares Cohen & Steers RealtyMid Value46428756493836SH SOLE 83600
Ishares Core MSCILarge Blend46434G1032,09640,539SH SOLE 40,53900
Ishares Core MSCI EAFELarge Blend46432F8426,301103,687SH SOLE 103,68700
Ishares Edge MSCI EAFE ETFLarge Blend46429B6899,227128,148SH SOLE 128,14800
Ishares Edge MSCI MinLarge Blend46429B69711,530196,084SH SOLE 196,08400
Ishares Edge MSCI USALarge Growth46432F3962,06418,398SH SOLE 18,39800
Ishares Global Tech Large Growth4642872916,29336,789SH SOLE 36,78900
Ishares Invest Grade Corp BondCorporate Bond4642872424,78840,211SH SOLE 40,21100
Ishares Jpm USB Emerg MktsGovernment Bond4642882812,69724,503SH SOLE 24,50300
Ishares MSCI EAFELarge Blend46428746518273SH SOLE 27300
Ishares MSCI Emerging MktsSmall Growth464287234365SH SOLE 6500
Ishares Nasdaq BiotechnologyMid Blend464287556543SH SOLE 4300
Ishares Russell 1000 GrowthLarge Growth4642876142,03013,415SH SOLE 13,41500
Ishares Russell 1000 IndexLarge Blend4642876221,3578,627SH SOLE 8,62700
IShares Russell 1000 ValueLarge Value4642875981,53312,417SH SOLE 12,41700
Ishares Russell 2000 GrowthSmall Blend464287648153779SH SOLE 77900
IShares Russell 2000 Index FunSmall Blend4642876552,24614,672SH SOLE 14,67200
Ishares Russell Midcap IndexMid Blend464287499981,820SH SOLE 1,82000
Ishares S&P 500 IndexLarge Blend4642872001,5615,487SH SOLE 5,48700
Ishares S&P Midcap 400 IndexMid Blend4642875071,4587,698SH SOLE 7,69800
Ishares Short MaturityCorporate Bond46431W5076,625131,864SH SOLE 131,86400
Ishares Silver TrustLarge Blend46428Q1097500SH SOLE 50000
Ishares Trust Dow Jones SelectLarge Blend4642871685575,674SH SOLE 5,67400
Ishares Trust S&P SmallcapSmall Blend464287804452SH SOLE 5200
Ishares US Treasury BondGovernment Bond46429B2674,983197,421SH SOLE 197,42100
J.P. Morgan Chase & CompanyLarge Blend46625H10047460SH SOLE 46000
Johnson and JohnsonLarge Blend4781601045674,059SH SOLE 4,05900
Kimberly-Clark Corp.Large Blend49436810387703SH SOLE 70300
KRAFT HEINZ CO COMLarge Growth50076Q106123SH SOLE 2300
L-3 Communications HoldingsLarge Blend50242410462300SH SOLE 30000
Lannett IncSmall Growth516012101058SH SOLE 5800
Leh Brothers Capital TrustSmall Growth52519Y2090500SH SOLE 50000
Linens N ThingsMid Blend53567910435200SH SOLE 20000
Lockheed Martin CorpLarge Blend53983010930100SH SOLE 10000
Lowes Companies, Inc.Large Blend5486611071131,035SH SOLE 1,03500
M D U Resources GroupMid Blend552690109321,237SH SOLE 1,23700
McDonaldsLarge Blend58013510165340SH SOLE 34000
Medtronic IncLarge BlendG5960L10373800SH SOLE 80000
Merck & Co.Large Blend58933Y1051151,385SH SOLE 1,38500
Micro Focus IntSmall Growth594837304130SH SOLE 3000
Microsoft CorpLarge Blend5949181048697,367SH SOLE 7,36700
Mitsubishi Ufj Finl Adrf SponsLarge Blend6068221043600SH SOLE 60000
Mondelez InternationalLarge Blend609207105369SH SOLE 6900
N B T Bancorp IncSmall Blend6287781026179SH SOLE 17900
Nano SuperlatticeSmall Blend63008A1070450SH SOLE 45000
National Fuel Gas Co.Mid Blend6361801016100SH SOLE 10000
Nestle Sa OrdLarge BlendH573126491111,160SH SOLE 1,16000
Nestle Sa-Sponsored AdrLarge Blend64106940638400SH SOLE 40000
Newmont MiningLarge Blend651639106256SH SOLE 5600
Next Group Plc OrdSmall GrowthG6500M10618247SH SOLE 24700
Nike Inc Class BLarge Blend65410610370828SH SOLE 82800
Northwest Natural GaSmall Value6676551041532,336SH SOLE 2,33600
NRG Energy Inc NewMid Growth629377508591,400SH SOLE 1,40000
Patterson CompaniesLarge Blend7033951034200SH SOLE 20000
Paypal Holdings IncoLarge Growth70450Y10310100SH SOLE 10000
PepsicoLarge Blend7134481081351,100SH SOLE 1,10000
Perpetual EnergySmall Value714270105012SH SOLE 1200
Perspecta IncMid Value715347100155SH SOLE 5500
PfizerLarge Blend717081103811,909SH SOLE 1,90900
Philip Morris Intl IncLarge Growth7181721099100SH SOLE 10000
Phillips 66Large Value71854610419200SH SOLE 20000
Pimco Exch Traded FundLarge Blend72201R8171,22211,776SH SOLE 11,77600
Pinelawn CemeteryMid Growth72310410533125SH SOLE 12500
Powershares NasdaqLarge Growth73935X14618134SH SOLE 13400
Prairiesky Rty LtdSmall Value73972110808SH SOLE 800
Proctor & GambleLarge Blend7427181091591,525SH SOLE 1,52500
Quanta ServicesMid Blend74762e1022235,900SH SOLE 5,90000
Ready Capital CorpSmall Blend75574U10122715,460SH SOLE 15,46000
Reckitt Benckise Gp OrdSmall GrowthG7407910742500SH SOLE 50000
SPDR Trust UnionMid Value78462F1031,0623,758SH SOLE 3,75800
Sanderson Farms IncSmall Blend800013104434SH SOLE 3400
Sap SE OrdLarge GrowthD6699210416142SH SOLE 14200
Schwab Emerging Mkt ETFLarge Blend8085247061686,451SH SOLE 6,45100
Schwab Intl Eq ETFLarge Growth8085248052,02164,555SH SOLE 64,55500
Schwab Intl SmallSmall Blend8085247481,57350,613SH SOLE 50,61300
Schwab US Broad Mkt ETFLarge Growth8085241027,518110,471SH SOLE 110,47100
Schwab US Equity DividendLarge Growth8085247975,00995,815SH SOLE 95,81500
Schwab US Large Cap ETFLarge Growth80852420132,534481,208SH SOLE 481,20800
Schwab US Large Growth ETFLarge Growth8085243001,16814,699SH SOLE 14,69900
Schwab US Mid-Cap ETFMid Growth8085245088,663156,394SH SOLE 156,39400
Schwab US Reit ETFLarge Blend808524847511,150SH SOLE 1,15000
Schwab US Smallcap ETFSmall Growth8085246076,23789,182SH SOLE 89,18200
Scotts Liquid GoldSmall Growth810202101104,032SH SOLE 4,03200
Sector Technology SelectLarge Growth81369Y6056418,659SH SOLE 8,65900
SPDR Index Shares Funds SpdrLarge Blend78463X84840411,146SH SOLE 11,14600
SPDR S&P 500 ValueLarge Value78464A5082568,456SH SOLE 8,45600
SPDR S&P DividendLarge Growth78464A76340400SH SOLE 40000
Spire CorpSmall Growth8485651070400SH SOLE 40000
Spyglass ResourcesSmall Growth852193101092SH SOLE 9200
Starbucks Corp.Large Blend8552441091431,924SH SOLE 1,92400
Stryker CorporationLarge Blend863667101138700SH SOLE 70000
Super Micro ComputerLarge Growth86800U104272SH SOLE 7200
Synaptics IncLarge Blend87157D109133SH SOLE 3300
Sysco CorporationLarge Blend87182910733500SH SOLE 50000
Target CorporationLarge Blend87612E10648600SH SOLE 60000
Tenaris S A Adr F SponsLarge Blend88031M1096200SH SOLE 20000
Tenn Vly Auth 5.49 6/1/2028 PCorporate Bond88059130026975SH SOLE 97500
Tennessee Vly Au PfdSmall Growth88059140913500SH SOLE 50000
Tesla Motors IncSmall Growth88160R101310SH SOLE 1000
Teva Pharm Inds Ltd. ADRFLarge Blend88162420912750SH SOLE 75000
Texas Instruments, Inc.Large Blend88250810464600SH SOLE 60000
The Travelers CompaniesLarge Blend89417E10918SH SOLE 800
Thermo Fisher Scientific ComLarge Growth883556102171623SH SOLE 62300
Under Armour IncLarge Growth904311107021SH SOLE 2100
Under Armour IncLarge Blend904311206021SH SOLE 2100
Unilever Plc AdrLarge Blend90476770401SH SOLE 100
Uniontown Energy XxxSmall Blend90908920301,000SH SOLE 1,00000
United Contl Hldgs IncLarge Blend902549807444SH SOLE 4400
United Healthcare CorpLarge Blend91324P102158641SH SOLE 64100
United Parcel Service B ClassLarge Blend91131210696857SH SOLE 85700
United Technologies CorpLarge Blend9130171092191,700SH SOLE 1,70000
Universal Hlth SvcsMid Value91390330855400SH SOLE 40000
Vanguard Extended MarketMid Blend9229086521651,430SH SOLE 1,43000
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ELarge Value9219464066948,103SH SOLE 8,10300
Vanguard Mid Cap ETF IVMid Blend92290862941257SH SOLE 25700
Vanguard ReitSmall Value92290855326301SH SOLE 30100
Vanguard S&P 500 ETFLarge Blend92290836350191SH SOLE 19100
Vanguard Small Cap ETFSmall Blend922908751104682SH SOLE 68200
Vanguard Total Stock MarketLarge Blend9229087693762,600SH SOLE 2,60000
Verizon CommunicationsLarge Blend92343V10415255SH SOLE 25500
Visa Inc Cl A Class ALarge Value92826C839745SH SOLE 4500
Vodafone Airtouch ADRLarge Blend92857W1008462SH SOLE 46200
WABTEC CorpMid Blend929740108115SH SOLE 1500
Walgreens Boots AlliancLarge Growth9314271081141,796SH SOLE 1,79600
Wells Fargo & Co NewLarge Blend9497461013196,592SH SOLE 6,59200
Wisconsin Egy CP HldgMid Blend92939U106791,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Wisdomtree Intl HedgedLarge Growth97717X5941685,224SH SOLE 5,22400
XCEL Energy, Inc.Large Blend98389B1001753,122SH SOLE 3,12200