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Exhibit 6.7


Loan Agreement



This loan agreement is made and will be effective on 09/09/2019




Kabindra Sitoula of behalf Sagoon Inc. – a Delaware Corporation hereinafter referred to as the “Borrower” with a street address of 1980 Teasel Ct, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192.




Mr. Gunaraj Luitel hereinafter referred to as the “Lender” with a street address of 45742 Smoketree Ter, Sterling VA 20166.


Terms and Conditions:




Promise to Pay:


Sagoon Inc. a borrower promises to pay the Lender $25,000.00 dollars (Twenty Five Thousands) and interest on of before 9 months from the date parties signed this agreement.


Lender will have options to convert his/her loan into company stocks (equity) at the current valuation or convertible note at the valuation of a later funding round.


Details of Loan: Agreed Between Borrower and Lender:


Amount of Loan: $25,000.00


Lender is giving one loan or in 6 installments.



/s/ Govinda Giri  
Borrower’s Signature  
Govinda Giri  
Kabindra Sitoula is personally responsible to pay the loan above as guarantor.


/s/ Gunaraj Luitel  
Lender’s Signature (Gunaraj Luitel)  
Witnesses: 1. /s/ Sita K. Luitel  
  2. /s/ Kabindra Sitoula