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Exhibit 21.1
Subsidiaries of
Surgery Partners, Inc.
Entity NameJurisdiction of OrganizationDoing Business As
Advanced Pain Institute Treatment Center, LLCLouisiana
Advanced Surgery Center, LLCNebraska
A&S Management, LLCDelaware
Afshin Gerayli, MDCaliforniaPain Specialists of Orange County
AllCare Holdco PCNorth Carolina
Ambulatory Resource Centres Investment Company, LLCDelaware
Ambulatory Resource Centres of Washington, LLCTennessee
Ambulatory Resource Centres of Wilmington, LLCTennessee
Ambulatory Surgery Center of Burley, LLCIdaho
Anderson & Shapiro Eye Surgeons, S.C.Wisconsin
Anesthesiology Professional Services, Inc.Florida
Animas Surgical Hospital, LLCDelaware
Animas Anesthesia Associates, LLCColorado
APS of Hammond, LLCDelaware
APS of Jonesboro, LLCDelaware
ARC Development, LLCTennessee
ARC Financial Services, LLCTennessee
ARC Kentucky, LLCTennesseeARC Kentucky/Louisville, LLC
ARC of Bellingham, L.P.Tennessee
ARC of Georgia, LLCTennesseePremier Surgery Center
Armenia Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
ASC Gamma Partners, Ltd.FloridaWest Kendall Surgical Center
Baton Rouge Anesthesia Services, LLCDelaware
Bayside Endoscopy Center, LLCRhode Island
BBH Holdings of Idaho Falls, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Blue Ridge Surgical Center, LLCDelaware
Bone Management MSO, LLCDelaware
Boulder Spine Center, LLCDelawareMinimally Invasive Spine Institute
Brazos Valley Physicians AllianceTexas
Brazos Valley Physicians Organization MSO, LLCTexas
Bristol Spine Center, LLCDelawareRenaissance Surgery Center
Canyon Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCNorth Carolina
Cape Coral Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Cape Coral Anesthesia Services, LLCFlorida
Cardiac Cath Lab of Idaho Falls, LLCDelawareEagle Rock Outpatient Center
CBSH Physicians OrganizationTexas
CC Pocatello, LLCIdaho
CCIF, LLCDelaware
CIPM Holdco, Inc.Georgia
CMSC, LLCMontana
Coastal Bend Medical Park, LLCTexas
Coastal Bend Surgery Center, LtdTexas
Cold Springs Medical Surgical Group, LLCCalifornia

Collier Anesthesia Pain, LLCFlorida
Community Care Channing Way, LLCDelaware
Community Care Rexburg, LLCDelaware
Community Care West Side, LLCDelaware
Community Hospital Holding Company, LLCGeorgia
Community Hospital Management Company, LLCGeorgia
Corpus Christi CBSC GP, Inc.Texas
Crescent View Surgery Center, LLCLouisiana
Cypress Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
Delaware Outpatient Center for Surgery, LLCDelaware
Dupont Holdco PCKentucky
Durango Surgery Center, LLCColoradoAnimas Surgical Center at Escalante
El Paso Specialty Hospital, LtdTexas
El Paso Specialty Physicians GroupTexas
Eyes on Stark Surgery Center, LLCOhioVista Surgical Center
Eye Surgical Center of San Francisco, LLCCalifornia
Forest Ambulatory Surgical Associates, LLCCalifornia
Gainesville Eye Physicians, P.A.Delaware
Gastro Operating Company, LLCNew York
Georgia Bone & Joint, LLCGeorgia
Gold Coast Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Gulf Coast Surgical Center, LLCLouisiana
Grand Teton Surgical Center, LLCIdaho
Great Falls Clinic, LLCMontana
Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center, L.L.C.Montana
Hammond Anesthesia Services, LLCLouisiana
Heart Hospital of BK, LLCDelawareBakersfield Heart Hospital
Humble Vascular Surgical Center, LLCTexas
Idaho Falls ASC, LLCDelaware
Idaho Falls Community Hospital, LLCDelawareHonolulu Sports and Spine Center
Idaho Falls Internal Medicine, LLCIdaho
IFSC Acquisition, LLCDelaware
Interventional Spine Center, LLCCalifornia
IPM Surgery Centers, LLCCaliforniaSpinalCARE Surgicenter
Jacksonville Beach Surgery Center, LLCTennesseeJacksonville Beach Surgery Center
Jenkins County Hospital, LLCGeorgia
Jonesboro Anesthesia Services, LLCArkansas
Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital, LLCKansas
Kent, LLCRhode Island
Knowles Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Lafayette Surgical Hospital, LLCLouisiana
Lake Mary Surgery Center, L.L.C.Florida
Lakeway Holdco, LLCTexas
Lakeway Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLCTexas
Lakeway Stay Suites, LLCTexas
La Peer Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
Largo Endoscopy Center, L.P.TennesseeTampa Bay Regional Surgery Center
Largo Surgery, LLCFloridaWest Bay Surgery Center
Laser and Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCDelaware

Logan Laboratories, LLCDelaware
Lubbock Heart Hospital, LLCDelawareLubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital
Meadowbrook Medical Associates, LLPNew York
Medical Center Endoscopy, LLCTexas
Midwest Surgical Hospital, LLCNebraska
Midwest Uncuts, Inc.IowaMidwest Labs
Millenia Surgery Center, L.L.C.Florida
Minimally Invasive Surgical and Neuroscience Center, LLCDelaware
Mission Hills Surgicenter, LLCCaliforniaMission Hills Pain Treatment Center
Montana Health Partners, LLCMontana
Mountain View Hospital, LLCDelaware
Mountain View Network, LLCIdaho
MV Oncology, LLCDelaware
MV Pocatello ENT, LLCIdaho
MVH Anesthesia, LLCIdahoEagle Rock Anesthesia
MVH Eagle Rock ASC, LLCIdaho
MVH Idaho Falls Oncology, LLCDelaware
MVH Parkway, LLCDelaware
MVH PC Specialists, LLCIdaho
MVH SNF Holding, LLCIdaho
MVH Surgical Specialists, LLCIdaho
MVH Valencia, LLCIdaho
National Surgical Hospitals, LLCDelaware
NeoSpine Puyallup Spine Center, LLCDelawareMicrosurgical Spine Center
NeoSpine Surgery, LLCDelaware
North Carolina Specialty Hospital, LLCNorth Carolina
North Carolina Specialty Physicians, LLCNorth Carolina
North Dakota Surgery Center, LLCDelaware
North Idaho Day Surgery, LLCIdaho
North Shore Surgi-Center, Inc.New York
Northwest Ambulatory Surgery Services, LLCWashingtonBellingham Ambulatory Surgery Center
NovaMed Acquisition Company, LLCDelaware
NovaMed Eye Surgery Center of North County, LLCDelawareWoodcrest Surgery Center
NovaMed Eye Surgery Center of Overland Park, LLCDelaware
NovaMed Management of Kansas City, LLCMissouri
NovaMed Management Services, LLCDelaware
NovaMed of Bethlehem, LLCDelaware
NovaMed of Laredo, Inc.Delaware
NovaMed of Lebanon, LLCDelaware
NovaMed of San Antonio, LLCDelaware
NovaMed of Texas, LLCDelaware
NovaMed of Wisconsin, LLCDelaware
NovaMed Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, LLCDelawareInterventional Pain Management Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of Chattanooga, LLCDelaware
NovaMed Surgery Center of Chicago-Northshore, LLCDelawareNovaMed Eye Surgery Center – Northshore

NovaMed Surgery Center of Colorado Springs, LLCDelawareUnited Ambulatory Surgery Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of Denver, LLCDelawareColorado Outpatient Eye Surgery Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of Jonesboro, LLCDelawareEye Surgery Center of Arkansas
NovaMed Surgery Center of Madison, Limited PartnershipWisconsin
NovaMed Surgery Center of Nashua, LLCDelawareNashua Eye Surgery Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of Oak Lawn, LLCDelawareCenter for Reconstructive Surgery
NovaMed Surgery Center of Orlando, LLCDelawareDowntown Surgery Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of San Antonio, L.P.DelawareAmerican Surgery Centers of South Texas
NovaMed Surgery Center of St. Peters, LLCDelawareSt. Peters Ambulatory Surgery Center
NovaMed Surgery Center of Tyler, L.P.DelawareThe Cataract Center of East Texas
NovaMed Surgery Center of Warrensburg, LLCDelawareSurgery Center of Warrensburg
Eye Surgery Center of Warrensburg
NovaMed Surgery Center of Whittier, LLCDelawareCenter for Outpatient Surgery
NovaMed, LLCDelawareSurgery Partners
NSH Bryan Hospital, Inc.Texas
NSH California, LLCCalifornia
NSH Durham, Inc.North Carolina
NSH El Paso Specialty Hospital, Inc.Texas
NSH El Paso, Inc.Texas
NSH Georgia, LLCDelaware
NSH Logan, Inc.Utah
NSH Louisiana, LLCLouisiana
NSH Management of Arizona, LLCArizona
NSH Management of California, LLCCalifornia
NSH Mesa, LLCArizona
NSH Michigan, Inc.Michigan
NSH North Idaho, LLCIdaho
NSH San Antonio Surgical Hospital, LLCTexas
NSH Texas, LLCIllinois
NSH Wisconsin, LLCWisconsin
Nuehealth Equity II, LLCDelaware
NueHealth Management Services II, LLCDelaware
Oak Leaf Surgical Hospital, LLCWisconsin
Ocean State Endoscopy Holdings, LLCRhode Island
Orange City Surgery Center, LLCFlorida
Orthopedic Surgery Center of Asheville, L.P.TennesseeOutpatient Surgery Center of Asheville
Orthopedic & Spine Surgical Hospital of South Texas, LPTexas
Pain Management Associates, Inc.California
Park Place Surgery Center, L.L.C.Florida
Permian Basin Surgical Care Center, LLCTexas
Physicians Medical Center, L.L.C.Louisiana
PMCROS, L.L.C.Louisiana
Portsmouth, LLCDelaware
Prescription Center, LLCIdaho
Prescription Center Homecare, LLCIdaho
PSC Development Company, LLCDelaware
PSC Operating Company, LLCDelaware
PSHS Alpha Partners, Ltd.FloridaLake Worth Surgery Center
PSHS Beta Partners, Ltd.FloridaThe Gables Surgical Center

Quahog Holding Company, LLCDelaware
Quantum Enterprises, PLLCColorado
Riverside Billing & Management Company, LLCFlorida
Riverside Spine & Pain Physicians, LLCFlorida
Riverside Surgical Center, LLCFlorida
SAM Holdco PCGeorgia
Santa Barbara ASC Holdings, LLCCalifornia
Sarasota Ambulatory Surgery Center, Ltd.Florida
SARC/Asheville, LLCTennessee
SARC/Ft. Myers, Inc.Tennessee
SARC/Georgia, Inc.Tennessee
SARC/Kent, LLCTennessee
SARC/Largo Endoscopy, LLCTennessee
SARC/Largo, Inc.Tennessee
SARC/Providence, LLCTennessee
SARC/St. Charles, Inc.Tennessee
SCA Holdco PCGeorgia
SCNA Holdco PCGeorgia
Screven County Family Health Center, LLCGeorgia
Screven County Hospital, LLCGeorgia
SGRY, LLCDelaware
SGRY Holdings, LPTennessee
Skyway Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
SMBI Great Falls, LLCTennessee
SMBI Havertown, LLCTennessee
SMBI Idaho, LLCTennessee
SMBI Portsmouth, LLCTennessee
SMBIMS Birmingham, LLCTennessee
SMBIMS Durango, LLCTennessee
SMBIMS Florida I, LLCFlorida
SMBIMS Greenville, LLCTennessee
SMBIMS Kirkwood, LLCTennessee
SMBIMS Steubenville, Inc.Tennessee
SMBIMS Wichita, LLCTennessee
SMBISS Beverly Hills, LLCTennessee
SMBISS Chesterfield, LLCTennessee
SMBISS Encino, LLCTennessee
SMBISS Irvine, LLCTennessee
SMBISS Thousand Oaks, LLCTennessee
Snake River Hospitalists, LLCIdaho
Southpoint Surgery Center, LLCNorth Carolina
South Sound Neurosurgery, PLLCWashington
Southern Bone & Joint Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLCGeorgiaSouthern Bone & Joint, LLC
Southwest Endoscopy Partners, LLCColorado
SP California Management, LLCDelaware
SP Forest Knowles Holdco, LLCDelaware

SP FVC, LLCIllinois
SP Gainesville Management, LLCDelaware
SP Gramercy Administrative Services Organization, LLCDelaware
SP Holdco I, Inc.Delaware
SP Intermountain Management Services, LLCDelaware
SP Irvine Holdings, LLCDelaware
SP Louisiana, LLCLouisiana
SP Management Services, Inc.TennesseeSymbionARC Management Services
Surgery Partners Management Services, Inc.
SGRY SP Management Services, Inc.
SGRY Surgery Partners Management Services, Inc.
SP Maury County, LLCDelaware
SP New York Management, LLCDelaware
SP New York Support, LLCDelaware
SP North Dakota, LLCDelaware
SP North Shore Administrative Services Organization, LLCDelaware
SP Physician Management, LLCDelaware
SP Practice Management, LLCDelaware
SP SCH UnSub 2022 Parent, LLCDelaware
SP SCH UnSub 2022-1, LLCDelaware
SP SCH UnSub 2022-2, LLCDelaware
SP SCH UnSub 2022-3, LLCDelaware
SP Sequoia Holdco, LLCDelaware
Space Coast Surgery Center LLCFlorida
Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills, L.P.California
Specialty Surgical Center of Encino, L.P.California
Specialty Surgical Center of Encino, LLCCalifornia
Specialty Surgical Center of Irvine, L.P.California
Specialty Surgical Center of Irvine, LLCCalifornia
Specialty Surgical Center, LLCCalifornia
St. Louis Women’s Surgery Center, LLCDelawareSt. Louis Women's Multispecialty Surgery Center
St. Raphael's Surgery Center, LLCTexas
STSSH Physicians OrganizationTexas
Surgery Center Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Surgery Center Holdings, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Fremont, LLCDelaware
Surgery Center of Kalamazoo, LLCMichigan
Surgery Center of Lebanon, LPPennsylvaniaPhysicians Surgical Center
Surgery Center of Pennsylvania, LLCPennsylvania
Surgery Center Partners, LLCDelawareTimberlake Surgery Center
Surgery Partners Acquisition Company, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Coral Gables, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Lake Mary, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Lake Worth, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Merritt Island, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Millenia, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Park Place, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of Sarasota, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners of West Kendall, L.L.C.Florida

Surgery Partners of Westchase, LLCFlorida
Surgery Partners, LLCFloridaSGRY SP, LLC
Symbion Ambulatory Resource Centres, LLCTennessee
Symbion Holdings, LLCDelaware
SymbionARC Support Services, LLCTennessee
Tampa Pain Relief Center, Inc.FloridaCentral Florida Pain Relief Centers
Florida Orthopedic Partners
Florida Pain Institute - Merritt Island
Florida Pain Institute - Palm Bay
Florinda Pain Institute - Pineda
Florida Spine Sports and Rehabilitation Center
Orlando Pain Relief Center
Pain Medicine Institute
Rehabilitation Medical Group
Sarasota Pain Relief Center - Bradenton
Sarasota Pain Relief Center - CPCS
Sarasota Pain Relief Center - Downtown
Sarasota Pain Relief Center - Venice
Sarasota Pain Relief Center
South Florida Pain Relief Center
Tattnall Hospital Company, LLCGeorgia
Texarkana Surgery Center GP, LLCTexas
Texarkana Surgery Center, L.P.Delaware
Texas Physician GroupTexasAustin Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center
The Center for Special Surgery, LLCDelaware
The Center for Specialized Surgery, LPPennsylvania
The Surgery Center of Ocala, LLCTennessee
Tracy Surgery Center, LLCCalifornia
UniPhy Healthcare of Johnson City VI, LLCTennessee
United ASC Holding Company, LLCDelaware
Universal Management, LLCDelaware
Universal Spine & Joint Specialists, LLCFlorida
Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.P.Illinois
Valley Surgical Center, Ltd.Ohio
VASC, LLCIllinois
VH SEFL Holdings, LLCKansas
VH Springfield Holdings, LLCKansas
VH Villages Holdings, LLCKansas
Village Surgicenter, LLCDelaware
Village Surgicenter, Limited PartnershipDelaware
West Bloomfield Surgery Center LLCMichigan
Westchase Surgery Center, Ltd.Florida
Wilmington Surgery Center, L.P.Tennessee