EX-21.1 3 exhibit211listofsubsidiari.htm EX-21.1 Document

as of December 31, 2020

Urban Edge Properties, a Maryland real estate investment trust, has only one subsidiary: Urban Edge Properties LP, a Delaware limited partnership. Below is a list of the direct and indirect subsidiaries of Urban Edge Properties, and the corresponding states of incorporation or organization:
State of
Name of SubsidiaryOrganization
1Amherst II UE LLCNew York
2Bethlehem UE LLCDelaware
3Bricktown UE LLCNew Jersey
4Bricktown UE Member LLCDelaware
5Cherry Hill UE LLCNew Jersey
6Dover UE LLCNew Jersey
7Dover UE Member LLCDelaware
8East Brunswick UE II LLCDelaware
9East Brunswick UE Owner LLCDelaware
10Freeport UE LLCNew York
11Freeport UE Member LLCDelaware
12Glen Burnie UE LLCMaryland
13Hackensack UE LLCNew Jersey
14Hackensack UE Member LLCDelaware
15Hanover UE LLCNew Jersey
16Hanover UE Member LLCDelaware
17Jersey City UE LLCNew Jersey
18Jersey City UE Member LLCDelaware
19Kearny Holding UE LLCNew Jersey
20Kearny Leasing UE LLCNew Jersey
21Lawnside UE LLCNew Jersey
22Lodi II UE LLCNew Jersey
23Lodi UE LLCNew Jersey
24Manalapan UE LLCNew Jersey
25Marlton UE LLCNew Jersey
26Marlton UE Member LLCDelaware
27Middletown UE LLCNew Jersey
28Middletown UE Member LLCDelaware
29Montclair UE II LLCDelaware
30Montclair UE LLCNew Jersey
31Morris Plains Holding UE LLCNew Jersey
32Morris Plains Leasing UE LLCNew Jersey
33New Hyde Park UE LLCNew York
34Newington UE LLCConnecticut

35North Bergen UE LLCNew Jersey
36North Plainfield UE LLCNew Jersey
37North Plainfield UE Member LLCDelaware
38Paramus UE II LLCDelaware
39Paramus UE LLCDelaware
40Patson UE Holdings LLCDelaware
41Patson Urban Edge GP LLCDelaware
42Patson Urban Edge LLCDelaware
43Springfield UE LLCMassachusetts
44Sunrise Mall Holdings LLCDelaware
45Totowa UE LLCNew Jersey
46Totowa UE Member LLCDelaware
47Towson UE LLCMaryland
48Turnersville UE LLCNew Jersey
49UE 1105 State Highway 36 LLCDelaware
50UE 195 North Bedford Road LLCDelaware
51UE 197 Spring Valley LLCDelaware
52UE 2100 Route 38 LLCDelaware
53UE 2445 Springfield Avenue LLCDelaware
54UE 25 Spring Valley LLCDelaware
55UE 3098 Long Beach Road LLCDelaware
56UE 447 South Broadway LLCDelaware
57UE 51 Spring Valley LLCDelaware
58UE 675 Paterson Avenue LLCDelaware
59UE 675 Route 1 LLCDelaware
60UE 7000 Hadley Road LLCDelaware
61UE 713-715 Sunrise LLCDelaware
62UE 839 New York Avenue LLCDelaware
63UE 938 Spring Valley LLCDelaware
64UE AP 195 N. Bedford Road LLCDelaware
65UE AR Building LLCDelaware
66UE Bensalem Holding Company LLCDelaware
67UE Bergen East LLCDelaware
68UE Bergen Mall 2017 License LLCDelaware
69UE Bergen Mall License II LLCDelaware
70UE Bergen Mall LLCNew Jersey
71UE Bergen Mall Owner LLCDelaware
72UE Bethlehem Holding LPPennsylvania
73UE Bethlehem Properties Holding Company LLCDelaware
74UE Bethlehem Property LPPennsylvania
75UE Brick LLCNew Jersey
76UE Bridgeland Warehouses LLCNew Jersey
77UE Bruckner Plaza LLCDelaware
78UE Bruckner Shops LLCDelaware
79UE Burnside Plaza LLCDelaware

80UE Caguas/Catalinas Holding LLCDelaware
81UE Caguas/Catalinas Holding LPDelaware
82UE Camden Holding LLCNew Jersey
83UE Catalinas GP Inc.Delaware
84UE Chicopee Holding LLCMassachusetts
85UE CHLL LLCDelaware
86UE Cross Bay LLCDelaware
87UE Diablo Management LLCDelaware
88UE Forest Plaza LLCDelaware
89UE Freeport II LLCDelaware
90UE Gun Hill Road LLCDelaware
91UE Hanover Public Warehousing LLCNew Jersey
92UE Harrison Holding Company LLCDelaware
93UE Henrietta Holding LLCNew York
94UE Holding LPDelaware
95UE Hudson Mall LLCDelaware
96UE IT Management LLCDelaware
97UE Kingswood One LLCDelaware
98UE Kingswood Two LLCDelaware
99UE Lancaster Leasing Company LLCDelaware
100UE Las Catalinas LLCDelaware
101UE Lodi Delaware LLCDelaware
102UE Management LLCDelaware
103UE Management TRS LLCDelaware
104UE Manchester LLCDelaware
105UE Marple Holding Company LLCDelaware
106UE Massachusetts Holding LLCDelaware
107UE Maywood License LLCDelaware
108UE Maywood License II LLCDelaware
109UE Millburn LLCDelaware
110UE Montehiedra Acquisition LLCDelaware
111UE Montehiedra Acquisition LPDelaware
112UE Montehiedra Holding II LPDelaware
113UE Montehiedra Holding LLCDelaware
114UE Montehiedra Holding LPDelaware
115UE Montehiedra Inc.Delaware
116UE Montehiedra Lender LLCDelaware
117UE Montehiedra Management LLCDelaware
118UE Montehiedra OP LLCDelaware
119UE Montehiedra Out Parcel LLCDelaware
120UE Mundy Street LPDelaware
121UE New Bridgeland Warehouses LLCDelaware
122UE New Hanover LLCNew Jersey
123UE New Hanover Public Warehousing LLCDelaware

124UE Norfolk Property LLCDelaware
125UE One Lincoln Plaza LLCDelaware
126UE PA 1 LPDelaware
127UE PA 10 LPDelaware
128UE PA 11 LPDelaware
129UE PA 12 LPDelaware
130UE PA 13 LPDelaware
131UE PA 14 LPDelaware
132UE PA 15 LPDelaware
133UE PA 16 LPDelaware
134UE PA 17 LPDelaware
135UE PA 18 LPDelaware
136UE PA 19 LPDelaware
137UE PA 2 LPDelaware
138UE PA 20 LPDelaware
139UE PA 21 LPDelaware
140UE PA 22 LPDelaware
141UE PA 23 LPDelaware
142UE PA 24 LPDelaware
143UE PA 25 LPDelaware
144UE PA 26 LPDelaware
145UE PA 27 LPDelaware
146UE PA 28 LPDelaware
147UE PA 29 LPDelaware
148UE PA 3 LPDelaware
149UE PA 30 LPDelaware
150UE PA 31 LPDelaware
151UE PA 32 LPDelaware
152UE PA 33 LPDelaware
153UE PA 34 LPDelaware
154UE PA 35 LPDelaware
155UE PA 36 LPDelaware
156UE PA 37 LPDelaware
157UE PA 38 LPDelaware
158UE PA 39 LPDelaware
159UE PA 4 LPDelaware
160UE PA 40 LPDelaware
161UE PA 5 LPDelaware
162UE PA 6 LPDelaware
163UE PA 7 LPDelaware
164UE PA 8 LPDelaware
165UE PA 9 LPDelaware
166UE PA GP LLCDelaware

167UE Paramus License LLCDelaware
168UE Paterson Plank Road LLCDelaware
169UE Patson LLCDelaware
170UE Patson Mt. Diablo A LPDelaware
171UE Patson Walnut Creek LPDelaware
172UE Pennsylvania Holding LLCPennsylvania
173UE Philadelphia Holding Company LLCDelaware
174UE Property Management LLCDelaware
175UE Retail Management LLCDelaware
176UE Retail Manager LLCDelaware
177UE Revere LLCDelaware
178UE Rochester Holding LLCNew York
179UE Rockaway LLCNew Jersey
180UE Rockville LLCDelaware
181UE Second Rochester Holding LLCNew York
182UE Sunrise LLCDelaware
183UE Sunrise Property Management LLCDelaware
184UE Tonnelle 8701 LLCDelaware
185UE Tonnelle Commons LLCDelaware
186UE Tonnelle Storage II LLCDelaware
187UE Tonnelle Storage LLCDelaware
188UE TRU Alewife Brook Pkwy LLCDelaware
189UE TRU Baltimore Park LPDelaware
190UE TRU CA LLCDelaware
191UE TRU Callahan Drive LPDelaware
192UE TRU Cherry Avenue LPDelaware
193UE TRU Erie Blvd LLCDelaware
194UE TRU Georgia Avenue LLCDelaware
195UE TRU Jericho Turnpike LLCDelaware
196UE TRU Leesburg Pike LLCDelaware
197UE TRU PA LLCDelaware
198UE TRU Sam Rittenburg Blvd LLCDelaware
199UE TRU West Sunrise Hwy LLCDelaware
200UE West Babylon LLCDelaware
201UE Woodbridge King George LLCDelaware
202UE Woodbridge Storage II LLCDelaware
203UE Wyomissing Properties LPDelaware
204UE Yonkers II LLCDelaware
205UE Yonkers LLCDelaware
206UE York Holding Company LLCDelaware
207Union UE LLCNew Jersey
208Urban Edge Acquisitions LLCDelaware
209Urban Edge Bensalem LPPennsylvania

210Urban Edge Bethlehem LPPennsylvania
211Urban Edge Bethlehem Owner LLCPennsylvania
212Urban Edge Caguas GP Inc.Delaware
213Urban Edge DP LLCDelaware
214Urban Edge EF Borrower LLCDelaware
215Urban Edge Lancaster LPPennsylvania
216Urban Edge Marple LPPennsylvania
217Urban Edge Mass LLCMassachusetts
218Urban Edge Massachusetts Holdings LLCDelaware
219Urban Edge Montehiedra Mezz Loan LLCDelaware
220Urban Edge Montehiedra OP LPDelaware
221Urban Edge Pennsylvania LPPennsylvania
222Urban Edge Philadelphia LPPennsylvania
223Urban Edge PropertiesMaryland
224Urban Edge Properties Auto LLCDelaware
225Urban Edge Properties LPDelaware
226Urban Edge York LPPennsylvania
227Watchung UE LLCNew Jersey
228Watchung UE Member LLCDelaware
229Wayne UE LLCNew Jersey
230Woodbridge UE LLCNew Jersey
231Woodbridge UE Member LLCDelaware