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Exhibit 21.1



Name of Subsidiary


State or Other Jurisdiction

of Incorporation or Organization

ADOMANI California, Inc.    California
ADOMANI California, Inc    Arkansas
ADOMANI California, Inc.    Florida
ADOMANI ZEV Sales, Inc.    California
ADOMANI ZEV Sales, Inc.    Arkansas
ZEV Resources, Inc.    California
Zero Emission Truck and Bus Sales of Arizona Inc.    Arizona
Adomani (Nantong) Auto Technology Company    People’s Republic of China
Envirotech Drive Systems, Inc.    Delaware
Envirotech Drive Systems Incorporated    Wyoming
Envirotech Drive Systems Incorporated    California
Envirotech Drive Systems Incorporated    Arkansas
Progreens Battery Labs, Inc.    Arkansas
1425 Ohlendorf Road, LLC    Arkansas