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Filing Detail
Form 497 - Definitive materials:
SEC Accession No. 0001193125-18-294227
Filing Date
2018-10-05 09:28:49
Effectiveness Date

Document Format Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
1 GOLDMAN SACHS TRUST II d604250d497.htm 497 1786
8 GRAPHIC g604250g58k97.jpg GRAPHIC 2721
9 GRAPHIC g604250g604250g63j87.jpg GRAPHIC 40426
  Complete submission text file 0001193125-18-294227.txt   3535951

Data Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
2 XBRL INSTANCE DOCUMENT gst2-20180914.xml EX-101.INS 1457273
3 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA gst2-20180914.xsd EX-101.SCH 7043
5 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE gst2-20180914_lab.xml EX-101.LAB 140872

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054314   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2020 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170648   Class A Shares GTAHX
Class/Contract C000170649   Institutional Shares GTIHX
Class/Contract C000170650   Service Shares GTVHX
Class/Contract C000170651   Investor Shares GTMHX
Class/Contract C000170652   Class R Shares GTRHX
Class/Contract C000170653   Class R6 Shares GTZHX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054315   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2025 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170654   Investor Shares GTMFX
Class/Contract C000170655   Class R Shares GTRDX
Class/Contract C000170656   Class R6 Shares GTZFX
Class/Contract C000170657   Class A Shares GTADX
Class/Contract C000170658   Institutional Shares GTIFX
Class/Contract C000170659   Service Shares GTVFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054316   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2030 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170660   Class A Shares GTAJX
Class/Contract C000170661   Institutional Shares GTIJX
Class/Contract C000170662   Service Shares GTVJX
Class/Contract C000170663   Investor Shares GTMJX
Class/Contract C000170664   Class R Shares GTRJX
Class/Contract C000170665   Class R6 Shares GTZJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054317   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2035 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170666   Class A Shares GTALX
Class/Contract C000170667   Institutional Shares GTIOX
Class/Contract C000170668   Service Shares GTVOX
Class/Contract C000170669   Investor Shares GTMPX
Class/Contract C000170670   Class R Shares GTROX
Class/Contract C000170671   Class R6 Shares GTZLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054318   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2040 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170672   Class A Shares GTAMX
Class/Contract C000170673   Institutional Shares GTIMX
Class/Contract C000170674   Service Shares GTVMX
Class/Contract C000170675   Investor Shares GTMMX
Class/Contract C000170676   Class R Shares GTRMX
Class/Contract C000170677   Class R6 Shares GTZMX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054319   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2045 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170678   Class A Shares GTAQX
Class/Contract C000170679   Institutional Shares GTIQX
Class/Contract C000170680   Service Shares GTVEX
Class/Contract C000170681   Investor Shares GTMQX
Class/Contract C000170682   Class R Shares GTREX
Class/Contract C000170683   Class R6 Shares GTZQX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054320   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2050 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170684   Class A Shares GTASX
Class/Contract C000170685   Institutional Shares GTIPX
Class/Contract C000170686   Service Shares GTVSX
Class/Contract C000170687   Investor Shares GTMAX
Class/Contract C000170688   Class R Shares GTRSX
Class/Contract C000170689   Class R6 Shares GTZSX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000054321   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2055 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000170690   Class A Shares GTANX
Class/Contract C000170691   Institutional Shares GTIWX
Class/Contract C000170692   Service Shares GTVIX
Class/Contract C000170693   Investor Shares GTMWX
Class/Contract C000170694   Class R Shares GTRZX
Class/Contract C000170695   Class R6 Shares GTZWX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001557156      
Series S000061821   Goldman Sachs Target Date 2060 Portfolio
Class/Contract C000200183   Class A Shares GTBAX
Class/Contract C000200184   Institutional Shares GTBCX
Class/Contract C000200185   Service Shares GTBSX
Class/Contract C000200186   Investor Shares GTBIX
Class/Contract C000200187   Class R Shares GTBRX
Class/Contract C000200188   Class R6 Shares GTBBX
Mailing Address 200 WEST STREET 15TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10282
Business Address 200 WEST STREET 15TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10282 212-902-1000
Goldman Sachs Trust II (Filer) CIK: 0001557156 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 000000000 | State of Incorp.: DE | Fiscal Year End: 1231
Type: 497 | Act: 33 | File No.: 333-185659 | Film No.: 181109409