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Sterling Consolidated Corp Cryptocurrency Deep Dive Roadmap (DDRM)


DDRM is designed to identify new trends, directions and changes that can disrupt existing ecosystems of the o-ring industry. It will identify possible applications, public or private structure, hash functions, node-to-node transactions, consensus mechanisms and protocols, the core technology of development, various scaling elements and other factors that involve blockchain design and future mapping. We will create a high level roadmap for tech integration, identify and augment out token utility, identify best technology for the POC (proof of concept) and outline Cryptocurrency steps.


Our mission  
The team  
Project Process  
Weekly Meetings  
Week 1  
Week 2  
Week 3  






Glossary of terms


At BlockchainDriven, you will be guided by various experts in different blockchain verticals. Here is a list of terms you will encounter, and knowledge of them will help you navigate the blockchain ecosystem.


Consensus Mechanism


A method to authenticate and validate a set of values or a transaction without the need to trust or rely on a centralized authority; can be constructed on and off a blockchain; a variety of approaches exist


Consensus Protocols


Algorithms for building consensus based on requirements like performance, scalability, consistency, data capacity, governance, security, and failure redundancy.


Hash Functions


An application programming interface creates, through a process called hashing, a unique key or digital fingerprint for each file




Members or systems of a consensus network; a server that holds a replicated copy of the ledger; can have varying roles: to issue, verify, receive, inform, etc. For all intents and purposes, a node can be a VM instance




A mechanism in which only two nodes involved in a transaction take part; in effect, it eschews traditional consensus mechanism


Private Blockchain


An encryption key uniquely linked to the owner and known only to the parties exchanged in a transaction; it is secretly held in a digital wallet


Public Blockchain


A network in which anyone can participate by reading data, submitting transactions, and participating in the validation process








BlockchainDriven mission


Bringing blockchain and its benefits to organizations across the world. We specialize in ideating blockchain technology a reality for every type of business, and we create uniquely tailored blockchain solutions.


The Team


Specialists assigned to o-ring On Blockchain project will be:


Blockchain Project Manager
Blockchain Senior Developer
Blockchain Solution Architect




Project Process


DDRM 3 week intensive exploration and ideation, exploring blockchain’s impact areas and developing a highly-functional design for your project. This will involve ideation and crystallization around use cases, resulting in a high-level roadmap and customer engagement implementation.


Weekly Calls


Weekly calls consist of assessing the past week’s accomplishments and calibrating strategy to integrate into the coming week.







Week 1


Ideation of potential blockchain implementations


Implementation and crystallization of blockchain as a use case


Week 2


Blockchain technology selection & guidance


Cryptocurrency strategy and framework structure


Week 3


Actionable roadmap


Cryptocurrency roll out timeline and key steps


DDRM: Infrastructure, Technology & Development


For now, it’s not possible to say that one consensus mechanism is clearly superior. One mechanism may be better for one use case, and another mechanism better for another use case. We will run analysis tailored to your case, taking into account that new mechanisms are emerging, to find the best consensus mechanism for your project.


Accepted Payment methods: Bank Wire, Check, Bitcoin, Ethereum Payment Due Date
First Payment $12,000 11/13/2017
Second Payment $6,000 11/27/2017
Deed Dive Road Map Total Cost: $ 18,000  






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