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Exhibit 21
List Of Subsidiaries

The following is a list of subsidiaries of AbbVie Inc. as of December 31, 2020. AbbVie is not a subsidiary of any other corporation.

Domestic SubsidiariesIncorporation
AbbVie Aviation LLCIllinois
AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
AbbVie Bioresearch Center Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Biotech Ventures Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Biotherapeutics Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Domestic Holdings Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Endocrine Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Endocrinology Inc. (d/b/a Pharmacy Solutions)Delaware
AbbVie Finance CorporationDelaware
AbbVie Finance LLCDelaware
AbbVie Global Holdings Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Holdco Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Holdings Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Investments Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Pharma Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
AbbVie Products LLCGeorgia
AbbVie Purchasing LLCDelaware
AbbVie Resources Inc.Delaware

AbbVie Resources International Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Respiratory LLCDelaware
AbbVie Sales Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Services Inc.Delaware
AbbVie Stemcentrx LLCDelaware
AbbVie Subsidiary LLCDelaware
AbbVie US Holdings LLCDelaware
AbbVie US LLCDelaware
AbbVie Ventures LLCDelaware
Aeropharm Technology, LLCDelaware
AGN International Inc.Delaware
AGN Kythera, LPDelaware
AGN Labs LLCDelaware
AGN LLCDelaware
AGN Sundry, LLCDelaware
Allergan Akarna LLCDelaware
Allergan Finance, LLCNevada
Allergan GI CorpDelaware
Allergan GP Holding LLCDelaware

Allergan Holdco US, Inc.Delaware
Allergan Holdings B1, Inc.Delaware
Allergan Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Allergan, Inc.Delaware
Allergan Laboratories, LLCDelaware
Allergan Lending 2 LLCDelaware
Allergan Lending LLCDelaware
Allergan Pharma Inc.Delaware
Allergan Property Holdings, LLCDelaware
Allergan Puerto Rico Holdings, LLCDelaware
Allergan Sales Puerto Rico, Inc.California
Allergan Sales, LLC (d/b/a Allergan; d/b/a Bioscience Laboratories)Delaware
Allergan Therapeutics LLCDelaware
Allergan USA, Inc. (d/b/a Pacificom / Pacific Communications)Delaware
Allergan W.C. Holding Inc.Delaware
Anterios, Inc.Delaware
Aptalis Pharma US, Inc.Delaware
AqueSys, Inc.Delaware
BioDisplay Technologies, Inc.Illinois
Bonti, Inc.Delaware
Cearna Aesthetics, Inc.Delaware

Chase Pharmaceuticals CorporationDelaware
Del Mar Indemnity Company LLCHawaii
Durata Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Durata Therapeutics, Inc.Delaware
Durata Therapeutics U.S. LimitedDelaware
Eden Biodesign, LLCDelaware
Envy Medical, Inc.Delaware
Exemplar Pharma, LLCDelaware
Foresight Vision5, Inc.Delaware
Fremont Holding L.L.C.Delaware
Furiex Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
IEP Pharmaceutical Devices, LLCDelaware
Keller Medical, Inc.Delaware
Knoll Pharmaceutical CompanyNew Jersey
KOS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Delaware
Life Properties Inc.Delaware
LifeCell CorporationDelaware
MAP Pharmaceuticals, LLCDelaware
Mavupharma, Inc.Delaware
MPEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Delaware
Naurex Inc.Delaware
Oculeve, Inc.Delaware

Organics L.L.C.Delaware
Pacific Pharma, Inc.Delaware
Pharmacyclics LLCDelaware
Pharmax Holding LimitedDelaware
Repros Therapeutics Inc.Delaware
Rowell Laboratories, Inc.Minnesota
RP Merger Sub, Inc.Delaware
Sapphire Merger Sub, Inc.Delaware
Silicone Engineering, Inc.California
Suffolk Merger Sub, Inc.Delaware
Tobira Therapeutics, Inc.Delaware
Topokine Therapeutics, Inc.Delaware
Transderm, Inc.Delaware
Unimed Pharmaceuticals, LLCDelaware
Venice Subsidiary LLCDelaware
Vicuron Pharmaceuticals LLCDelaware
Vitae Pharmaceuticals, LLCDelaware
Warner Chilcott Leasing Equipment Inc.Delaware
Warner Chilcott Sales (US), LLCDelaware
Zeltiq A LLCDelaware
Zeltiq Aesthetics, Inc.Delaware
Zeltiq International, LLCDelaware

Foreign SubsidiariesIncorporation
AbbVie S.A. Argentina
Allergan Productos Farmaceuticos S.A. Argentina
Allergan Australia Pty Limited Australia
Elastagen Pty Ltd Australia
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd Australia
AbbVie Pty Ltd Australia
AbbVie GmbH Austria
AbbVie Bahamas Ltd. Bahamas
AbbVie SA Belgium
Allergan N.V. Belgium
Odyssa Pharma SPRL Belgium
AbbVie Ltd Bermuda
AbbVie Biotechnology Ltd Bermuda
AbbVie Finance Limited Bermuda
AbbVie Global Enterprises Ltd. Bermuda
AbbVie Holdings Unlimited Bermuda
Allergan Development Ventures I, LP Bermuda
Allergan Holdings B Ltd. Bermuda
Allergan Holdings B2, Ltd. Bermuda
Kythera Holdings Ltd Bermuda

Warner Chilcott Holdings Company II, Limited Bermuda
Warner Chilcott Holdings Company III, Limited Bermuda
Warner Chilcott Limited Bermuda
AbbVie d.o.o. Bosnia
AbbVie Farmacêutica Ltda. Brazil
AbbVie Participações Ltda. Brazil
Allergan Productos Farmaceuticos Ltda. Brazil
AbbVie EOOD Bulgaria
Allergan Bulgaria EOOD Bulgaria
AbbVie Corporation Canada
AbbVie Holdings Corporation Canada
Allergan Inc. Canada
Aptalis Pharma Canada ULC Canada (Alberta)
Allergan Holdings C, Ltd. Cayman Islands
Allergan Overseas Holding Cayman Islands
Pharmacyclics Cayman Ltd. Cayman Islands
Stemcentrx Cayman Ltd. Cayman Islands
AbbVie Productos Farmacéuticos Limitada Chile
Allergan Laboratorios Limitada Chile
AbbVie Pharmaceutical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
Allergan (Chengdu) Medical Aesthetics Clinic Co., Ltd.China

Allergan Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
Allergan Medical Device (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China
Pharmacyclics (Shanghai) Management Consulting Service LimitedChina
AbbVie S.A.S. Colombia
Allergan de Colombia S.A. Colombia
Allergan Costa Rica S.R.L. Costa Rica
AbbVie d.o.o. Croatia
AbbVie Limited Cyprus
AbbVie s.r.o. Czech Republic
Allergan CZ, s.r.o. Czech Republic
AbbVie A/S Denmark
Allergan ApS Denmark
AbbVie, S.R.L. Dominican Republic
AbbVie L.L.C. Egypt
AbbVie OÜ Estonia
AbbVie Oy Finland
Allergan Finland Oy Finland
AbbVie SAS France
Allergan France SAS France
Allergan Holdings France SAS France
Allergan Industrie SAS France

Eurand France S.A.S. France
Forest Holdings France S.A.S. France
AbbVie Biotechnology GmbH Germany
AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Germany
AbbVie Komplementär GmbH Germany
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals GmbH Germany
AbbVie Real Estate Management GmbH Germany
Allergan GmbH Germany
AbbVie (Gibraltar) Holdings Limited Gibraltar
AbbVie (Gibraltar) Limited Gibraltar
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals Societe Anonyme Greece
Allergan Hellas Pharmaceuticals S.A. Greece
AbbVie, S.A. Guatemala
AbbVie LimitedHong Kong
Allergan Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
AbbVie Kft.Hungary
Allergan Hungary Kft.Hungary
Allergan Healthcare India Private LimitedIndia
Allergan India Private Limited*India
AbbVie International Holdings Unlimited CompanyIreland
AbbVie Ireland Holdings Unlimited CompanyIreland
AbbVie Ireland Unlimited CompanyIreland

AbbVie LimitedIreland
AbbVie Manufacturing Management Unlimited CompanyIreland
Allergan Botox Unlimited Company (In voluntary liquidation)Ireland
Allergan Equities Unlimited CompanyIreland
Allergan Furiex Ireland Limited (In voluntary liquidation)Ireland
Allergan Holdings Unlimited CompanyIreland
Allergan Ireland Finance Limited (In voluntary liquidation)Ireland
Allergan Ireland Holdings Unlimited CompanyIreland
Allergan Ireland LimitedIreland
Allergan LimitedIreland
Allergan Pharma LimitedIreland
Allergan Pharmaceuticals Holdings (Ireland) Unlimited Company (In voluntary liquidation)Ireland
Allergan Pharmaceuticals International LimitedIreland
Allergan Pharmaceuticals IrelandIreland
Allergan Services International, Unlimited CompanyIreland
Allergan WC Ireland Holdings LimitedIreland
Forest Laboratories Ireland LimitedIreland
Fournier Laboratories Ireland LimitedIreland
Pharmacyclics (Europe) LimitedIreland

Tosara Exports Unlimited Company (In voluntary liquidation)Ireland
Warner Chilcott Intermediate (Ireland) ULCIreland
Zeltiq Ireland International Holdings Unlimited CompanyIreland
Zeltiq Ireland Unlimited CompanyIreland
AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.Israel
Allergan Israel Ltd.Israel
Marbelle Threads Ltd.Israel
AbbVie S.r.l.Italy
Allergan S.p.A.Italy
Aptalis Pharma S.r.l.Italy
AbbVie GKJapan
Allergan International YKJapan
Allergan Japan KKJapan
Allergan K.K.Japan
Allergan NKJapan
AbbVie LtdKorea, South
Allergan Korea Ltd.Korea, South
AbbVie SIALatvia
AbbVie UABLithuania
Allergan Baltics, UABLithuania
AbbVie Biotherapeutics S.àr.l.Luxembourg

AbbVie (Gibraltar) Holdings Limited Luxembourg S.C.S.Luxembourg
AbbVie International S.à r.l.Luxembourg
AbbVie Investments S.à r.l.Luxembourg
AbbVie Overseas S.àr.l.Luxembourg
AbbVie Holdings S.à r.l.Luxembourg
AbbVie Global S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Allergan AHI S.à r.l.Luxembourg
Allergan Capital 2 S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Capital S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Europe S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Finance S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Funding SCSLuxembourg
Allergan Global S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Holdings S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan International Holding S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan Luxembourg International S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan WC 1 S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Allergan WC 2 S.à r.l. Luxembourg
AbbVie Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Allergan Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
Allergan Malta Holding LimitedMalta
Allergan Malta II LimitedMalta

Allergan Malta LimitedMalta
AbbVie Farmacéuticos, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Allergan Servicios Profesionales, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Allergan, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
AbbVie B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Central Finance B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Enterprises B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Finance B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Ireland NL B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Japan Holdings B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Logistics B.VNetherlands
AbbVie Nederland Holdings B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Research B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Venezuela B.V.Netherlands
AbbVie Venezuela Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Allergan B.V.Netherlands
Aptalis Holding B.V.Netherlands
Aptalis Netherlands B.V.Netherlands
Forest Finance B.V.Netherlands
Warner Chilcott Nederland B.V.Netherlands

AbbVie LimitedNew Zealand
Allergan New Zealand LimitedNew Zealand
AbbVie ASNorway
Allergan ASNorway
AbbVie, S. de R.L.Panama
Allergan Healthcare Philippines, Inc.Philippines
AbbVie Polska Sp. z o.o.Poland
AbbVie Sp. z o.o.Poland
Allergan Sp. z .o.o.Poland
AbbVie, L.daPortugal
AbbVie Promoção, L.daPortugal
AbbVie CorpPuerto Rico
Knoll LLCPuerto Rico
AbbVie S.R.L.Romania
AbbVie Trading S.R.L.Romania
Allergan S.R.L.Romania
AbbVie Limited Liability CompanyRussia
Allergan C.I.S. S.a.r.l.Russia
Allergan Saudi Arabia LLC*Saudi Arabia
Allergan d.o.o. BeogradSerbia
AbbVie Operations Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
AbbVie Pte. Ltd.Singapore

Allergan Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
AbbVie Holdings s.r.o.Slovakia
AbbVie s.r.o.Slovakia
Allergan SK s.r.o.Slovakia
AbbVie Biofarmacevtska druzba d.o.o.Slovenia
AbbVie (Pty) Ltd.South Africa
Allergan Pharmaceuticals (Proprietary) LimitedSouth Africa
AbbVie Spain, S.L.Spain
Allergan S.A.Spain
AbbVie ABSweden
Allergan Norden ABSweden
AbbVie AGSwitzerland
AbbVie Biopharmaceuticals GmbHSwitzerland
Allergan AGSwitzerland
Pharmacyclics Switzerland GmbHSwitzerland
VarioRaw Percutive S.à r.l. Switzerland
Warner Chilcott Pharmaceuticals SárlSwitzerland
Allergan Pharmaceuticals Taiwan Co. Ltd.Taiwan
AbbVie Ltd.Thailand
Allergan (Thailand) LimitedThailand
AbbVie SarlTunisia
AbbVie Tıbbi İlaçlar Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited ŞirketiTurkey

Allergan Illaclari Ticaret Anonim SirketiTurkey
Allergan Ukraine LLCUkraine
Allergan Middle East LimitedUnited Arab Emirates
AbbVie Australasia Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
AbbVie Biotherapeutics LimitedUnited Kingdom
AbbVie Investments LimitedUnited Kingdom
AbbVie LtdUnited Kingdom
AbbVie Trustee Company LimitedUnited Kingdom
AbbVie UK Holdco LimitedUnited Kingdom
Akarna Therapeutics, LimitedUnited Kingdom
Allergan Biologics LimitedUnited Kingdom
Allergan Holdco UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Allergan Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Allergan LimitedUnited Kingdom
Aptalis Pharma UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Lifecell EMEA Limited United Kingdom
Northwood Medical Innovation, Ltd.United Kingdom
Renable Pharma Ltd.United Kingdom
Zeltiq LimitedUnited Kingdom
AbbVie S.A.Uruguay
AbbVie Pharmaceuticals SCA.Venezuela
Allergan de Venezuela, C.A.Venezuela

* Ownership of such subsidiary is less than 100% by AbbVie or an AbbVie subsidiary.