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(Offshor Subscribers



TO:        Norstr Energ Inc.  (the  Company”




Purchase  o Convertible  Note 


1.                          Subscriptio and  Us o Proceeds 


1.1                        On th basi o th representation an warrantie an subjec to  th term an condition set  forth herein Jackso Bennett LLC (th Subscriber hereb irrevocably subscribes  fo an agree to  purchas one convertible note  (th Note) fro th Company fo an  aggregate  purchase  price  o $100,00 (th Subscription Proceeds), substantiall in  th for attached  to  thi Subscriptio Agreemen a Exhibit  “A”  (th subscriptio and agreemen to  purchas bein th Subscription)


1.2                          On th basi o th representation an warrantie an subjec to  th term an condition set  forth herein th Compan hereb irrevocabl agree to  sell  th Note  to  th Subscriber


1.3                        Subject   to   the   terms   hereof,   the   Subscription   will   be   effective   upon   its   acceptance   by   th



1.4                          Unles otherwis provided al dollar  amount referred  t in  thi Subscriptio Agreemen ar in lawfu mone o th United  States  o America. 


2.                          Payment 


2.1                        th Subscriptio Proceed pertainin to  th purchase  o th Note  shall  b paid  o o befor th

Closin Date  (as  defined  in  Sectio 4.1 below by chequ o wire  transfer  to  th Company


3.                          Document Required  fro Subscriber 


3.1                        Th Subscriber  must: 


(a)           complete,  sig an retur to  th Compan an  executed  cop o thi Subscriptio

Agreemen prio to  th Closin Date and


(b)          complete,  sig an retur to  th Compan an executed  cop o th Investor  Questionnaire attached  as Anne B an


(c)          complete,   sign   and   return   to   the   Compan as   soon   as   possible,   on   request   by   the Company an documents questionnaires,  notices  an undertaking as  ma b required b regulator authorities  an applicable  la





(collectivel th Transactio Documents.”) 


4.                          Closing 


4.1                        Ther shall  b n formal  closin ceremon with  respec to  th transaction contemplate b this Agreement.  Instead th partie shall  execute  an exchang th Transaction Documents b facsimile  an email  and th closin o th transaction contemplated  b this  Agreemen shal b deemed  to  hav occurred  (the " Closing" on th date  (th "Closing  Date")  that  th Company receives  th Subscription Proceed in  full.  Ther ma b multiple Closing




Acknowledgements  o Subscriber 





Th Subscriber  acknowledge an agree that: 





Neither the Note nor the shares of common stock (Shares”) that may be issued upon a conversion o th Note  (th Note  an th Shares  ma b hereinafter  referred  t collectivel a the Securities”) hav bee o will  b registered  under  th 193 Act,  o under  an state  securities  or blu sky”  law o an state  o th United  States and unless  s registered, non o the ma be offered  o sold  in  th United  States  or directly  o indirectly to  U.S.  Person as  that  ter is defined  i Regulatio under  th 193 Act  (Regulation S) excep in  accordance  wit the provision o Regulation S, pursuan to  an  effectiv registration statemen under  th 193 Act,  or pursuan to  an  exemptio from o in  transactio no subjec to th registratio requirements of th 193 Act  an in  eac case in accordance  with  applicable  state  securities  laws





th Compan has  no undertaken to an will  hav n obligatio to register  th Securities o any o them under  th 193 Act; 





it has  received  an carefull rea this  Subscriptio Agreement; 





th decisio to  execute  thi Subscription Agreemen an acquire  th Note  hereunder  ha no been based  upo an oral  o written representation as to  fac o otherwis mad b o o behalf  o the Company an suc decisio is  based  entirel upo revie o informatio (th adequac of whic is  hereb acknowledged abou th Compan that  is  available  to  an member  o th public o th EDGAR  database  maintained  b th U.S.  Securities  an Exchang Commission (the SEC”)  at  www.sec.gov





ther ar risk associate wit an  investmen i th Compan including b wa o example  and no in  limitation, th specific  risk identified  in  th Companys mos recen periodic  reports  filed wit th SEC  an available  fo viewin at  th SEC websit at  www.SEC.gov





it an its  advisor(s hav had  reasonable  opportunit to  ask  question o an receiv answers fro th Compan in  connectio with  th sale  o th Not hereunder an to  obtain  additional information to  th exten possessed  o obtainable b th Compan withou unreasonable  effor or expense





all informatio which  th Subscriber  has  provided  to  th Company i correc an complete  as  of th date  th Subscriptio Agreement i signed an if  ther should  b an chang in  such information prio to  this  Subscriptio Agreemen bein executed  b th Company th Subscriber wil immediatel provid th Compan wit suc information





th Compan i entitled  to  rel o th representations an warranties  o th Subscriber  contained in this  Subscriptio Agreemen an th Subscriber  will  hold  th Compan harmles fro an loss o damag it  ma suffer  as  result  o th Subscriber’s failur to  correctly complete  this Subscriptio Agreement






(i)           th Subscriber  has  been advised to consult  th Subscriber’ ow legal,  ta an other  advisors with respec to  th merits  an risk o an  investmen i th Securities  an wit respec to  applicable resale  restrictions an it  is  solel responsible  (and th Compan i no i an wa responsible)  for compliance  with


(i)            an applicable  law o th jurisdictio in  whic th Subscriber  is  residen i connection wit th distributio o th Securities  hereunder an


(ii)           applicable  resale  restrictions


(j)           non o th Securitie ar listed  o an stock  exchang o automated  dealer  quotatio system and n representatio has  bee mad to  th Subscriber  that  an o th Securitie will  becom listed  on an stoc exchang o automated  dealer  quotatio system excep that  currentl certai market maker mak market  i th Shares  o th Company o th OT Bulleti Boar operate b the Financial  Industr Regulator Authorit (FINRA)


(k)          non o th Securities  ma b offered  o sold  b th Subscriber  to  U.S.  Perso (as  defined  in Sectio 6.2 below, o fo th accoun o benefit  o U.S.  Perso (other  tha distributor prio to th en o th Distributio Compliance  Perio (as  defined  herein)


(l)           th Subscriber  is  no acquirin th Note  as  result  of an wil no itsel engag in an directed sellin efforts”  (as that term is defined  in  Regulatio unde th 193 Act)  i th United  States  in respec o th Securities  whic would  includ an activitie undertaken fo th purpos of o that could  reasonabl b expected  to  hav th effec of conditionin th market  i th Unite States fo th resale  o an o th Securities provided however tha th Subscriber  ma sell  o otherwise dispos o th Securities  pursuan to  registration thereo under  th 193 Act  an an applicable state  securities  law o under  a exemptio fro suc registratio requirements


(m)         th Compan will  refus to  register  an transfer o th Securities  no mad i accordance  wit the provision o Regulatio S pursuan to  an  effectiv registration statemen under  th 193 Act  or pursuan to  an  available  exemptio fro th registratio requirement o th 193 Act  an in  each cas in  accordance  wit applicable  state  securitie laws


(n)          neither  th SEC  no an othe securities  commissio o similar  regulator authorit has  reviewed o passed  o th merits  o th Securities


(o)           n document i connectio wit th sale  o th Note  hereunder  hav bee reviewed  b th SE

o an state  securitie administrators


(p)           ther is  n governmen o othe insurance  coverin an o th Securities


(q)          th issuance  an sale  o th Securitie to  th Subscriber  wil no b completed  if  it  would  be unlawful o if i th discretio o th Compan actin reasonably it  is  no i th best  interests of th Company


(r)            th Subscriber  i purchasing th Securitie pursuan to  a exemptio fro th registratio an the prospectu requirements  o applicable  securities  legislatio o th basi that th Subscribe is  no a residen o either  th United  State o Canad and as  a consequence

(i)            is restricte fro usin mos o th civil  remedies  available  under  securities  legislation, (ii)            ma no receiv informatio that  would  otherwis b required  to  b provided  under 

securitie legislation an







(iii) th Compan is  relieved  fro certain  obligation that  would  otherwis appl under securitie legislation an




th statutor an regulatory basis  fo th exemptio fro U.S.  registratio requirements  claimed fo th offer  o th Note,  althoug in  technical  compliance  wit Regulation S, would  no be available  if th offerin is  par o plan  o schem to  evad th registratio provision o th 193

Act  o an applicable  state  securities  laws





Representations Warranties  and  Covenants  o the  Subscriber 





Th Subscriber  hereb represent and warrants  to and covenants  wit the Compan (whic

representations warrantie an covenants  shall  surviv th Closing) an acknowledges  that  th Compan is  relyin

thereon that: 


(a)           th Subscriber  is  no a U.S.  Perso as  tha ter i defined  i Regulatio S; 


(b)           th Subscriber  is  no acquirin th Note  fo th accoun o benefi of directl o indirectly an

U.S.  Perso as  that  ter is  defined  in  Regulatio S; 


(c)          th Subscriber  is  residen i th jurisdiction set  ou under  th headin Nam an Address  of Subscriber”  o th signatur pag o thi Subscriptio Agreemen an th sale  o th Securities  to th Subscriber  as  contemplated in this  Subscriptio Agreemen complie wit o is  exemp from th applicable  securitie legislatio o th jurisdictio o residence  o th Subscriber


(d)          th Subscriber  ha th lega capacit an competence  to  enter  into  an execute  this  Subscription Agreement an to  tak all  action required  pursuan hereto  and if  th Subscriber  is  corporation, it is  dul incorporated  an validl subsistin under  th laws o its  jurisdictio o incorporatio and all necessar approvals  b its  directors shareholders an other hav bee obtained  to  authorize executio an performance  o this  Subscriptio Agreemen o behal o th Subscriber


(e)          if  th Subscriber  is  corporation o other  entity th enterin into  o thi Subscriptio Agreement an th transactions contemplated  hereb d no an will  no result  i th violatio o an o the term an provision o an la applicable  to o th constatin documents  of th Subscriber  o of an agreement,  written  o oral,  to  whic th Subscriber  ma b party  o b whic th Subscriber is o ma b bound


(f)           th Subscriber  has  dul executed  an delivered  thi Subscriptio Agreemen an upo acceptance thereo b th Company it wil constitute valid  an bindin agreemen o th Subscriber enforceable  agains th Subscriber  in  accordance  wit its  terms


(g)          th Subscriber  is  acquirin th Securitie as  principal  fo its  ow accoun fo investmen purposes onl an no fo th accoun o an other  perso an no fo distribution, assignment o resale  to others, an n other  perso ha direct o indirec beneficia interest  i such  Securities, an it  has no subdivided  its  interes in  t