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Filing Detail
Form 497 - Definitive materials:
SEC Accession No. 0000051931-13-000806
Filing Date
2013-09-13 14:32:16
Effectiveness Date

Document Format Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
1 AMERICAN FUNDS PORTFOLIO SERIES afps497xbrl92013.htm 497 4721
8 GRAPHIC afscolorl60_gofiler.jpg GRAPHIC 40918
  Complete submission text file 0000051931-13-000806.txt   11579665

Data Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
2 XBRL INSTANCE FILE ck0001537151-20130822.xml EX-101.INS 282716
3 XBRL SCHEMA FILE ck0001537151-20130822.xsd EX-101.SCH 45501
4 XBRL CALCULATION FILE ck0001537151-20130822_cal.xml EX-101.CAL 5011
5 XBRL DEFINITION FILE ck0001537151-20130822_def.xml EX-101.DEF 999780
6 XBRL LABEL FILE ck0001537151-20130822_lab.xml EX-101.LAB 272796
7 XBRL PRESENTATION FILE ck0001537151-20130822_pre.xml EX-101.PRE 1081021

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036462   American Funds Tax-Exempt Preservation Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111631   Class A TEPAX
Class/Contract C000111632   Class B TEPBX
Class/Contract C000111633   Class C TEPCX
Class/Contract C000111634   Class F-1 TEPFX
Class/Contract C000111635   Class F-2 TXEFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036463   American Funds Preservation Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111636   Class F-2 PPEFX
Class/Contract C000111637   Class 529-A CPPAX
Class/Contract C000111638   Class 529-B CPPBX
Class/Contract C000111639   Class 529-C CPPCX
Class/Contract C000111640   Class 529-E CPPEX
Class/Contract C000111641   Class 529-F-1 CPPFX
Class/Contract C000111642   Class R-1 RPPVX
Class/Contract C000111643   Class R-2 RPPBX
Class/Contract C000111644   Class R-3 RPPCX
Class/Contract C000111645   Class R-4 RPPEX
Class/Contract C000111646   Class R-5 RPPFX
Class/Contract C000111647   Class R-6 RPPGX
Class/Contract C000111648   Class A PPVAX
Class/Contract C000111649   Class B PPVBX
Class/Contract C000111650   Class C PPVCX
Class/Contract C000111651   Class F-1 PPVFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036464   American Funds Tax-Advantaged Income Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111652   Class A TAIAX
Class/Contract C000111653   Class B TXABX
Class/Contract C000111654   Class C TAICX
Class/Contract C000111655   Class F-1 TAIFX
Class/Contract C000111656   Class F-2 TXIFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036465   American Funds Income Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111668   Class A INPAX
Class/Contract C000111669   Class B INPBX
Class/Contract C000111670   Class C INPCX
Class/Contract C000111671   Class F-1 INPFX
Class/Contract C000111672   Class F-2 INPEX
Class/Contract C000111673   Class 529-A CIPAX
Class/Contract C000111674   Class 529-B CIPBX
Class/Contract C000111675   Class 529-C CIPCX
Class/Contract C000111676   Class 529-E CIPEX
Class/Contract C000111677   Class 529-F-1 CIPFX
Class/Contract C000111678   Class R-1 RNCAX
Class/Contract C000111679   Class R-2 RINBX
Class/Contract C000111680   Class R-3 RNCCX
Class/Contract C000111681   Class R-4 RINEX
Class/Contract C000111682   Class R-5 RINFX
Class/Contract C000111683   Class R-6 RINGX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036466   American Funds Balanced Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111684   Class A BLPAX
Class/Contract C000111685   Class B BLPBX
Class/Contract C000111686   Class C BLPCX
Class/Contract C000111687   Class F-1 BLPFX
Class/Contract C000111688   Class F-2 BLPEX
Class/Contract C000111689   Class 529-A CBAAX
Class/Contract C000111690   Class 529-B CBBBX
Class/Contract C000111691   Class 529-C CBPCX
Class/Contract C000111692   Class 529-E CBAEX
Class/Contract C000111693   Class 529-F-1 CBAFX
Class/Contract C000111694   Class R-1 RBAAX
Class/Contract C000111695   Class R-2 RBABX
Class/Contract C000111696   Class R-3 RBACX
Class/Contract C000111697   Class R-4 RBAEX
Class/Contract C000111698   Class R-5 RBAFX
Class/Contract C000111699   Class R-6 RBAGX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036467   American Funds Growth and Income Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111700   Class A GAIOX
Class/Contract C000111701   Class B GAIBX
Class/Contract C000111702   Class C GAITX
Class/Contract C000111703   Class F-1 GAIFX
Class/Contract C000111704   Class F-2 GAIEX
Class/Contract C000111705   Class 529-A CGNAX
Class/Contract C000111706   Class 529-B CGNBX
Class/Contract C000111707   Class 529-C CGNCX
Class/Contract C000111708   Class 529-E CGNEX
Class/Contract C000111709   Class 529-F-1 CGNFX
Class/Contract C000111710   Class R-1 RGNAX
Class/Contract C000111711   Class R-2 RGNBX
Class/Contract C000111712   Class R-3 RAICX
Class/Contract C000111713   Class R-4 RGNEX
Class/Contract C000111714   Class R-5 RGNFX
Class/Contract C000111715   Class R-6 RGNGX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036468   American Funds Growth Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111716   Class R-5 RGWFX
Class/Contract C000111717   Class R-6 RGWGX
Class/Contract C000111718   Class A GWPAX
Class/Contract C000111719   Class B GWPBX
Class/Contract C000111720   Class C GWPCX
Class/Contract C000111721   Class F-1 GWPFX
Class/Contract C000111722   Class F-2 GWPEX
Class/Contract C000111723   Class 529-A CGPAX
Class/Contract C000111724   Class 529-B CGPBX
Class/Contract C000111725   Class 529-C CGPCX
Class/Contract C000111726   Class 529-E CGPEX
Class/Contract C000111727   Class 529-F-1 CGPFX
Class/Contract C000111728   Class R-1 RGWAX
Class/Contract C000111729   Class R-2 RGWBX
Class/Contract C000111730   Class R-3 RGPCX
Class/Contract C000111731   Class R-4 RGWEX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0001537151      
Series S000036469   American Funds Global Growth Portfolio
Class/Contract C000111732   Class A PGGAX
Class/Contract C000111733   Class B PGGBX
Class/Contract C000111734   Class C GGPCX
Class/Contract C000111735   Class F-1 PGGFX
Class/Contract C000111736   Class F-2 PGWFX
Class/Contract C000111737   Class 529-A CPGAX
Class/Contract C000111738   Class 529-B CGGBX
Class/Contract C000111739   Class 529-C CPGCX
Class/Contract C000111740   Class 529-E CGGEX
Class/Contract C000111741   Class 529-F-1 CGGFX
Class/Contract C000111742   Class R-1 RGGAX
Class/Contract C000111743   Class R-2 RGGBX
Class/Contract C000111744   Class R-3 RGLCX
Class/Contract C000111745   Class R-4 RGGEX
Class/Contract C000111746   Class R-5 RGGFX
Class/Contract C000111747   Class R-6 RGGGX
Mailing Address 333 S HOPE STREET 55TH FLOOR LOS ANGELES CA 90071
Business Address 333 S HOPE STREET 55TH FLOOR LOS ANGELES CA 90071 213-486-9200
AMERICAN FUNDS PORTFOLIO SERIES (Filer) CIK: 0001537151 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 000000000 | State of Incorp.: DE
Type: 497 | Act: 33 | File No.: 333-178936 | Film No.: 131096122