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CryoMass Partners with California Manufacturer to Revolutionize Cannabinoid Production


August 31, 2023 07:10 ET| Source: Cryomass Technologies


DENVER, Aug. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CryoMass Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or ” innovative cryogenic botanical refinement systems, has signed a license agreement with a California c RubberRock Inc. (“RubberRock”) co-owned by famed extractor Brad Robertson, co-founder of Guild Led by Chief Science Officer Brad Robertson and co-founder Kevin Ahaesy, RubberRock aims to beco wholesale of cannabis ingredients.


After demonstrating the trichome separation capabilities of the CryoSift Separator™, CryoMass most i efficient and scalable way to utilize CryoSift™ for large scale cannabinoid production. This meant findi expertise open to new methods beyond existing extraction processes. Current extraction techniques u concentrated input material like CryoSift™.


CryoMass found an ideal partner in pioneer extractor Brad Robertson. In 2015, Robertson and Guild E commercialize high-purity THCa crystalline, the natural form of THC found in raw cannabis plants. Rob extracting and isolating cannabinoids and terpenes using proprietary methods. His ability to produce p solvent, and in higher yields than other processors put him in a class of his own.






THCa crystalline





Robertson stated the collaboration “will allow RubberRock to become a top cannabinoid supplier in Ca CryoMass’s game-changing refinement process.”


Commercialization Update


With strong demand and solid pipeline, CryoMass continues selectively vetting partners to deploy its te upholding standards for controlled growth. The company has fielded over 200 inquiries from 20+ count prospects and is actively involved in conversations with 25+ of them. Near-term plans target two additi regions.


“We want to thank our 4000+ loyal shareholders for their continued support as we work to deliver on th said Noël.




CryoSift Separator Beta Unit™


The common stock of CryoMass Technologies Inc. trades on the OTC QB market under the symbol C contact the Company by email at investors@cryomass.com or by telephone at 303-222-8092.


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