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CryoMass Technologies Appoints Top Extractor Sales Veteran To Lead Global Sales Just Ahead Of California Product Launch







CryoMass Technologies Inc

Aug 09, 2022, 07:11 ET





Mike Stringile Named International Sales Director



DENVER, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CryoMass Technologies Inc. (the "Company" or "CryoMass") (OTCQX: CRYM) welcomes Mike Stringile to lead its worldwide sales team as it prepares to launch its first commercial installation next month in Monterey, California. Mr. Stringile brings unsurpassed cannabis industry extraction knowledge and sales experience to CryoMass.

Mike began his extraction career working in the oil and gas industry in Fort McMurray, Alberta,

where he was immersed in the complex world of extracting hydrocarbons from oil sands. After spending more than seven years honing his technical knowledge of hydrocarbon extraction processes, Mike was given the opportunity to apply his extraction expertise to the burgeoning new cannabis industry.





In November 2018, Mr. Stringile joined an upstart C02 extraction company based in Kelowna, British Columbia, called Vitalis Extraction Technologies. It didn't take long for Mike's expertise to pay off. Mike integrated his oil and gas industry knowledge into the design of their extractors, which resulted in the development of industry-leading C02 extractors for the cannabis industry. Simultaneously Mike built an ancillary sales department that did much more than sell extractors; it sold much-needed extraction knowledge and process integration expertise to cannabis companies. In the first 18 months, Mike's sales division generated more than $18 million in revenues for Vitalis.


Then in March 2020, during the Covid lockdowns, Mr. Stringile co-founded AGMS Solutions Inc., which continues to provide a comprehensive suite of extraction-oriented consulting services to the cannabis industry. AGMS quickly developed a worldwide network of cannabis cultivators, extractors, and finished goods producers seeking to avail themselves of advanced and customized extraction solutions.


CryoMass Director and CEO Christian Noël stated, "Having someone with both the technical extraction expertise and proven sales experience that Mr. Stringile possesses is extremely rare in today's cannabis industry. I am extremely confident that between Mike and our current Director of U.S. Sales, Steve Cimini, we have the perfect team to rapidly build an international sales and toll-partnering network that generates millions of dollars of revenues."


Mr. Stringile, commenting on his appointment, stated, "I am extremely excited about the opportunity to lead the development and deployment of a robust international sales effort for CryoMass. I've seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to extraction technologies and when I understood what these guys were up to, I immediately thought of just one thing… this will change everything. And the beauty of this must-have technology is that it is patent-protected until 2038. I see this as a major game changer for the entire industry – globally."


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