EX-21.1 3 peb-20211231ex211.htm EX-21.1 Document

Exhibit 21.1
List of Subsidiaries of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust

NameState of Incorporation or Organization
1.Pebblebrook Hotel, L.P.Delaware
2.Pebblebrook Hotel Lessee, Inc.Delaware
3.Huskies Owner LLCDelaware
4.Huskies Lessee LLCDelaware
5.Orangemen Owner LLCDelaware
6.Orangemen Lessee LLCDelaware
7.Gator Owner LLCDelaware
8.Gator Lessee LLCDelaware
9.Jayhawk Owner LLCDelaware
10.Jayhawk Lessee LLCDelaware
11.Blue Devils Owner LLCDelaware
12.Blue Devils Lessee LLCDelaware
13.Wildcats Owner LLCDelaware
14.Wildcats Lessee LLCDelaware
15.Terrapins Owner LLCDelaware
16.Skamania Lodge Furnishings LLCDelaware
17.Terrapins Lessee LLCDelaware
18.Spartans Owner LLCDelaware
19.Spartans Lessee LLCDelaware
20.South 17th Street OwnerCo Mezzanine, L.P.Delaware
21.South 17th Street OwnerCo, L.P.Delaware
22.South 17th Street LeaseCo LLCDelaware
23.South 17th Street LeaseCo Mezzanine LLCDelaware
24.Bruins Owner LLCDelaware
25.Bruins Hotel Owner LPDelaware
26.Bruins Lessee LLCDelaware
27.Running Rebels Owner LLCDelaware
28.Running Rebels Lessee LLCDelaware
29.Wolverines Owner LLCDelaware
30.Wolverines Lessee LLCDelaware
31.Razorbacks Owner LLCDelaware
32.Razorbacks Lessee LLCDelaware
33.Cardinals Owner LLCDelaware
34.Cardinals Lessee LLCDelaware
35.Hoyas Owner LLCDelaware
36.Hoyas Lessee LLCDelaware
37.Wolfpack Owner LLCDelaware
38.Wolfpack Lessee LLCDelaware
39.Golden Eagles Owner LLCDelaware
40.Golden Eagles Lessee LLCDelaware
41.Miners Owner LLCDelaware

42.Miners Hotel Owner LPDelaware
43.Miners Lessee LLCDelaware
44.Ramblers Owner LLCDelaware
45.Ramblers Hotel Owner LPDelaware
46.Ramblers Lessee LLCDelaware
47.Bearcats Owner LLCDelaware
48.Bearcats Hotel Owner LPDelaware
49.Bearcats Lessee LLCDelaware
50.Buckeyes Owner LLCDelaware
51.Buckeyes Hotel Owner LPDelaware
52.Buckeyes Lessee LLCDelaware
53.Golden Bears Owner LLCDelaware
54.Golden Bears Lessee LLCDelaware
55.Dons Owner LLCDelaware
56.Dons Hotel Owner LPDelaware
57.Dons Lessee LLCDelaware
58.Crusaders Owner LLCDelaware
59.Crusaders Hotel Owner LPDelaware
60.Crusaders Lessee LLCDelaware
61.Beavers Owner LLCDelaware
62.Beavers Lessee LLCDelaware
63.Menudo Owner LLCDelaware
64.Menudo Lessee LLCDelaware
65.RHCP Owner LLCDelaware
66.RHCP Hotel Owner LPDelaware
67.RHCP Lessee LLCDelaware
68.Flatts Owner LLCDelaware
69.Flatts Lessee LLCDelaware
70.NKOTB Owner LLCDelaware
71.NKOTB Lessee LLCDelaware
72.Hazel Owner LLCDelaware
73.Hazel Lessee LLCDelaware
74.Creedence Owner LLCDelaware
75.Creedence Hotel Owner LPDelaware
76.Creedence Lessee LLCDelaware
77.Portland Hotel TrustMaryland
78.371 Seventh Avenue Co. LLCDelaware
79.371 Seventh Avenue Co. Lessee LLCDelaware
80.150 East 34th Street Co. LLCDelaware
81.150 East 34th Street Co. Lessee LLCDelaware
82.LaSalle Hotel Operating Partnership L.P.Delaware
83.Ping Merger OP GP LLCDelaware
84.Glass HousesMaryland
85.LaSalle Washington One Lessee, Inc.Delaware
86.Westban Hotel Investors LLCDelaware
87.LHO Backstreets LLCDelaware
88.LHO Backstreets Lessee LLCDelaware

89.Harborside LLCFlorida
90.Harborside lessee LLCDelaware
91.PDX Pioneer LLCDelaware
92.PDX Pioneer Lessee LLCDelaware
93.Sunset City LLCDelaware
94.Sunset City Lessee LLCDelaware
95.PC Festivus LLCDelaware
96.PC Festivus Lessee LLCDelaware
97.LHO Onyx Hotel One LLCDelaware
98.LHO Onyx One Lessee LLCDelaware
99.RW New York LLCDelaware
100.RW New York Lessee LLCDelaware
101.LHO Michigan Avenue Freezeout LLCDelaware
102.LHO Michigan Avenue Freezeout Lessee LLCDelaware
103.LHO Chicago River LLCDelaware
104.LHO Chicago River Lessee LLCDelaware
105.LHO Harborside Hotel LLCDelaware
106.Don't Look Back LLCDelaware
107.Don't Look Back Lessee LLCDelaware
108.Look Forward lessee LLCDelaware
109.Look Forward LLCDelaware
110.NYC Serenade LLCDelaware
111.NYC Serenade Lessee LLCDelaware
112.Viva Soma LPDelaware
113.Viva Soma Lessee Inc.Delaware
114.Viva Soma LLCDelaware
115.LHO Hollywood LM LPDelaware
116.Ramrod Lessee Inc.Delaware
117.SF Treat LPDelaware
118.Fun to Stay LPDelaware
119.Fun to Stay Lessee Inc.Delaware
120.Fun to Stay LLCDelaware
121.LHOBerge LPDelaware
122.LHOBerge Lessee Inc.Delaware
123.LHOBerge LLCDelaware
124.Serenity Now LPDelaware
125.Serenity Now Lessee Inc.Delaware
126.Serenity Now LLCDelaware
127.Let It FLHO LPDelaware
128.Let It FLHO Lessee Inc.Delaware
129.Let It FLHO LLCDelaware
130.Seaside Hotel LPDelaware
131.Seaside Hotel Lessee Inc.Delaware
132.Seaside Hotel LLCDelaware
133.Chamber Maid LPDelaware
134.Chamber Maid Lessee Inc.Delaware
135.Chamber Maid LLCDelaware

136.Geary Darling LPDelaware
137.Geary Darling Lessee Inc.Delaware
138.Geary Darling LLCDelaware
139.Lucky Town Burbank LPDelaware
140.Lucky Town Burbank Lessee Inc.Delaware
141.Lucky Town Burbank LLCDelaware
142.Souldriver LPDelaware
143.Souldriver Lessee Inc.Delaware
144.Souldriver LLCDelaware
145.LHO Grafton Hotel LPDelaware
146.LHO Grafton Hotel Lessee Inc.Delaware
147.LHO Grafton Hotel LLCDelaware
148.Park Sunset LLCDelaware
149.LHO Mission Bay Hotel LPDelaware
150.Paradise Lessee Inc.Delaware
151.LHO San Diego Financing LLCDelaware
152.LHO Mission Bay Rosie Hotel LPDelaware
153.LHO Mission Bay Rosie Lessee Inc.Delaware
154.LHO Mission Bay Rosie Hotel LLCDelaware
155.LHO Le Parc LPDelaware
156.LHO Le Parc Lessee Inc.Delaware
157.LHO Le Parc LLCDelaware
158.LHO Santa Cruz Hotel One LPDelaware
159.LHO Santa Cruz One Lessee Inc.Delaware
160.LHO Santa Cruz Hotel One LLCDelaware
161.LHO San Diego One LPDelaware
162.LHO San Diego One Lessee IncDelaware
163.LHO San Diego Hotel One LLCDelaware
164.Wild I LLCDelaware
165.Wild Innocent I LPDelaware
166.Wild Innocent I Lessee LLCDelaware
167.Innocent I LLCDelaware
168.LHO Washington Hotel One LLCDelaware
169.DC One Lessee LLCDelaware
170.LHO Washington Hotel Two LLCDelaware
171.DC Two Lessee LLCDelaware
172.LHO Washington Hotel Three LLCDelaware
173.DC Three Lessee LLCDelaware
174.LHO Washington Hotel Four LLCDelaware
175.DC Four Lessee LLCDelaware
176.I&G Capitol LLCDelaware
177.DC I&G Capital Lessee LLCDelaware
178.LHO Washington Hotel Six LLCDelaware
179.DC Six Lessee LLCDelaware
180.LHO Tom Joad Circle DC LLCDelaware
181.LHO Tom Joad Circle DC Lessee LLCDelaware
182.H Street Shuffle LLCDelaware

183.H Street Shuffle LesseeDelaware
184.Silver LP LLCDelaware
185.Silver P Lessee LLCDelaware
186.Curator IP LLCDelaware
187.CHRC LLCDelaware
Curatorbrook Lessee LLC
Curatorbrook Hotel LLC
190.Z Collection LLCDelaware
191.Golden Isles Owner LLCDelaware
192.Golden Isles Lessee LLCDelaware
193.Happy Hour Owner LLCDelaware
194.MVHF Hotel Holdings I, LLCDelaware
195.Madison MVHF (Alternative) Investor, LLCDelaware
196.MVHF Hotel Holdings, LLCDelaware
197.MVHF, LLCDelaware
198.Happy Hour Lessee LLCDelaware
199.Jewel Owner LLCDelaware
200.Jewel Hotel Owner LPDelaware
201.Jewel Lessee LLCDelaware