EX-21.1 3 f10k2019ex21-1_briley.htm SUBSIDIARY LIST

Exhibit 21.1


Subsidiaries of B. Riley Financial, Inc.


    Jurisdiction of Organization/
Subsidiary   Incorporation
B. Riley Alignment GP, LLC   Delaware
B. Riley Brand Management, LLC   Delaware
B. Riley Capital Management, LLC   New York
B. Riley Corporate Services, Inc.   Delaware
B. Riley FBR Finance Co., LLC   Delaware
B. Riley FBR Holdings, LLC   Delaware
B. Riley FBR, Inc.   Delaware
B. Riley Principal Investments, LLC   Delaware
B. Riley Principal Merger Corp.   Delaware
B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. II   Delaware
B. Riley Principal Sponsor Co., LLC   Delaware
B. Riley Wealth Management, Inc.   Tennessee
B. Riley Wealth Management Holdings, Inc.   Delaware
BR Dialectic Capital Management, LLC   Delaware
BR Events, LLC   California
BRC Emerging Managers GP, LLC   Delaware
BRC Partners Management GP, LLC   Delaware
BRF Finance Co., LLC   Delaware
BR-GA Retail Investments, LLC   Delaware
Gateway Credit Partners, LLC   Delaware
Light Horse Capital Management, LLC   Delaware
Tidewatch Select, LLC   Delaware
BroadSmart Holding Co Inc.   Delaware
BRPI Acquisition Co LLC   Delaware
BRPI Executive Consulting, LLC   Delaware
CrosIT Solutions Ltd.   Israel
CrosIT Solutions Poland SP   Poland
magicJack Holdings Corporation   Delaware
magicJack L.P.   Delaware
magicJack SMB, Inc.   Florida
magicJack VocalTec Ltd.   Israel
Tdsoft Ltd.   Israel
Tiger Jet Network, Inc.   California
YMax Communications Corp.   Delaware
YMax Communications Corp. of Virginia   Virginia
YMax Corporation   Delaware
FBR Capital Markets Holdings, Inc.   Delaware
FBR Capital Markets PT, Inc.   Virginia
MKCA Management GP, LLC   Delaware
MLV & Co. LLC   Delaware
GA Asset Advisors, Ltd   England and Wales
GA Australia II Pty., LTD   Victoria, Australia
GA Australia Pty., LTD   Victoria, Australia
GAEBB Group B.V.   Netherlands





    Jurisdiction of Organization/
Subsidiary   Incorporation
GA Europe Cooperatief U.A.   Netherlands
GA Europe GmbH   Germany
GA Retail Advisors, Inc.   California
GA Retail Canada ULC   Canada
GA Retail Int’l, Inc.   California
GA Retail Investments, L.P.*   Delaware
GA Retail Services, Inc.   California
GA Retail, Inc.   California
GACP Finance Co, LLC   Delaware
GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group, LLC   Delaware
Great American Capital Partners, LLC   Delaware
Great American Global Partners, LLC*   California
Great American Group Advisory and Valuation Services, LLC*   California
Great American Group Intellectual Property, LLC   California
Great American Group Machinery & Equipment, LLC*   California
Great American Group WF, LLC   California
Great American Group, LLC   California
NHC Holdings, LLC   Delaware
Stratton Partners, LTD   England and Wales
Classmates Media Corporation   Delaware
Juno Internet Services, Inc.   Delaware
Juno Online Services, Inc.   Delaware
Net Zero, Inc.   Delaware
NetZero Modecom, Inc.   Delaware
NetZero Wireless, Inc.   Delaware
United Online Advertising Network, Inc.   Delaware
United Online Software Development (India) Private Limited*   Republic of India
United Online Web Services, Inc.   Delaware
United Online, Inc.   Delaware
Fiduciary Financial Services of the Southwest   Texas
Wunderlich Capital Management, LLC   Tennessee


* B. Riley Financial, Inc. owns less than 100% of these subsidiaries.