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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

AAR CORP COMCom0003611052259,300SH SOLE 009,300
ABRAXAS PETE CORP COMCom00383010623945,300SH SOLE 0045,300
ACCENTURE LTD BERMUDA CL AComG1151C1011,58619,500SH SOLE 0019,500
ADVANCED MICRO DEVICESCom007903107506148,300SH SOLE 0048,300
AETNA INC COMCom00817Y1082,64932,700SH SOLE 0032,700
AFFILIATED MNGRS GRP COMCom0082521088824,400SH SOLE 004,400
ALLERGAN INC COMCom0184901021,0645,970SH SOLE 7005,900
ALLIANCE FIBER OPTIC COM NEWCom01868030615412,400SH SOLE 0012,400
ALLSTATE CORPCom0200021014,36571,133SH SOLE 1,533069,600
AMERICAN EQTY INVT LFE COMCom02567620633614,700SH SOLE 0014,700
AMERICAN EXPRESS CO COMCom0258161091,04911,987SH SOLE 87011,900
AMERICAN INTL GROUP COMCom0268747843,02556,000SH SOLE 0056,000
AMGEN INC COMCom0311621001,1668,300SH SOLE 008,300
AMKOR TECHNOLOGY INC COMCom03165210063175,000SH SOLE 0075,000
AMTRUST FINL SVCS INC COMCom0323593091,99950,200SH SOLE 0050,200
ANDERSONS INC COMCom0341641031,64726,200SH SOLE 0026,200
AOL INC COMCom00184X1054419,810SH SOLE 21009,600
APPLE COMPUTER INC COMCom03783310011,972118,827SH SOLE 927017,900
ARRIS GROUP INC NEW COMCom04270V1064,159146,671SH SOLE 2,571044,100
AT&T INC COMCom00206R1024,750134,786SH SOLE 2,086032,700
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESS COMCom0530151032,31827,900SH SOLE 0027,900
AVERY DENNISON CORP COMCom0536111091,71138,316SH SOLE 816037,500
AVIS BUDGET GROUP COMCom0537741056,691121,901SH SOLE 1,601020,300
AZZ INC COMCom00247410446411,100SH SOLE 0011,100
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC CL B NECom0846707023,84027,800SH SOLE 0027,800
BIOGEN IDEC INC COMCom09062X1034,46413,494SH SOLE 194013,300
BOFI HLDG INC COMCom05566U1084145,700SH SOLE 005,700
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP COMCom1011371073,307279,981SH SOLE 3,364076,617
BRINKS COCom10969610474531,000SH SOLE 0031,000
CABOT CORP COMCom1270551012,00839,542SH SOLE 842038,700
CALLAWAY GOLF CO COMCom13119310438553,200SH SOLE 0053,200
CALLON PETE CO DEL COMCom13123X10214616,600SH SOLE 0016,600
CAPSTEAD MTG CORP COMCom14067E50632726,700SH SOLE 0026,700
CARDINAL HEALTH INC COMCom14149Y1081,40118,698SH SOLE 398018,300
CARNIVAL CORP COMCom14365830082820,600SH SOLE 0020,600
CATERPILLAR INC DELCom1491231011,05010,600SH SOLE 0010,600
CBRE GROUP INC CL ACom12504L1094,163139,992SH SOLE 2,992037,000
CENTENE CORP DEL COMCom15135B1012,83034,217SH SOLE 17034,200
CHARLES RIV LABS INTL COMCom1598641075689,500SH SOLE 009,500
CHEVRON CORPCom1667641008,39070,315SH SOLE 515069,800
CHIMERA INVT CORP COMCom16934Q1098728,600SH SOLE 0028,600
CHINA COML CR INC COMCom16891K1034013,300SH SOLE 0013,300
CHUBB CORP COMCom1712321013633,985SH SOLE 8503,900
CINEMARK HOLDINGS INC COMCom17243V1021,94057,000SH SOLE 1,254055,746
CISCO SYS INC COMCom17275R1021,54061,200SH SOLE 0061,200
CITIGROUP INC COMCom1729674244669,000SH SOLE 009,000
COCA COLA CO COMCom1912161004,780112,057SH SOLE 1,257010,800
COMERICA INC COMCom2003401074338,685SH SOLE 18508,500
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMCom20825C1041,08714,203SH SOLE 303013,900
CONSOLIDATED EDISON COMCom2091151042,83349,996SH SOLE 496049,500
CONTINENTAL RES INC COMCom2120151011,30019,552SH SOLE 452019,100
CONVERSANT INC COMCom21249J1052888,400SH SOLE 008,400
COPA HOLDINGS SA CL AComP310761051,29412,057SH SOLE 257011,800
COVANCE INC COMCom2228161001,38317,576SH SOLE 376017,200
COVIDIEN PLC SHSComG2554F1133814,400SH SOLE 004,400
CRAWFORD & CO CL BCom22463310710012,100SH SOLE 0012,100
CYTOKINETICS INC COM NEWCom23282W60513237,400SH SOLE 0037,400
DELUXE CORP COMCom2480191011,14220,700SH SOLE 0020,700
DENDREAN CORP COMCom24823Q107225156,100SH SOLE 0056,100
DENNYS CORP COMCom24869P10430743,600SH SOLE 0043,600
DEPOMED INC COMCom24990810421013,800SH SOLE 0013,800
DILLARDS INC CL ACom2540671011,09010,000SH SOLE 0010,000
DINEEQUITY INC COMCom2544231063354,100SH SOLE 004,100
DIRECTV COMCom25490A3093634,200SH SOLE 004,200
DISH NETWORK CORP-CL ACom25470M10988513,700SH SOLE 0013,700
DONNELLEY R R & SONS COMCom2578671014,276259,796SH SOLE 5,296054,500
DU PONT E I DE NEMOURS COMCom2635341093,52349,100SH SOLE 0049,100
DUKE ENERGY CORP NEW COMCom26441C2042,75136,791SH SOLE 391036,400
DUPONT FABROS TECH INC COMCom26613Q10665224,100SH SOLE 0024,100
EBIX INC COM NEWCom27871520657440,500SH SOLE 0040,500
EMERALD OIL INC COM NEWCom29101U20918329,800SH SOLE 0029,800
EMPIRE DIST ELEC CO COMCom29164110830712,700SH SOLE 0012,700
EMULEX CORP COM NEWCom2924752097014,100SH SOLE 0014,100
ENERSYS COMCom29275Y1025519,400SH SOLE 009,400
EXELON CORP COMCom30161N1011,16934,300SH SOLE 0034,300
EXPRESS SCRIPTS HLDG COMCom30219G1088,467119,882SH SOLE 1,782018,100
EXTRA SPACE STORAGE COMCom30225T10269613,500SH SOLE 0013,500
EXXON MOBIL CORP COMCom30231G10210,749114,290SH SOLE 690013,600
FACEBOOK INC CL ACom30303M10292511,700SH SOLE 0011,700
FIFTH THIRD BANCORPCom31677310029014,509SH SOLE 309014,200
FIRST CMNTY BANCSHARES COMCom31983A10349234,447SH SOLE 0034,447
FRANKLIN RES INC COMCom3546131011,10020,148SH SOLE 248019,900
FREEPORT-MCMORAN INC.Com35671D85747314,500SH SOLE 0014,500
GAP INC DEL COMCom3647601084,402105,588SH SOLE 2,08803,500
GASTAR EXPL INC NEW COMCom36729W2026410,900SH SOLE 0010,900
GENERAC HLDGS INC COMCom3687361043,14277,500SH SOLE 0077,500
GENERAL ELEC COCom3696041032,43695,090SH SOLE 190094,900
GERON CORP COMCom37416310310351,600SH SOLE 0051,600
GLOBUS MED INC CL ACom37957720831716,100SH SOLE 0016,100
GLU MOBILE INC COMCom379890106539104,300SH SOLE 004,300
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP COMCom38141G1045252,861SH SOLE 6102,800
GOOGLE INC CL ACom38259P5082,2363,800SH SOLE 003,800
GOOGLE INC CL CCom38259P7062,1943,800SH SOLE 003,800
GREEN PLAINS INC.Com39322210454214,500SH SOLE 0014,500
HACKETT GROUP INC COMCom40460910916427,500SH SOLE 0027,500
HALLIBURTON CO COMCom4062161015448,437SH SOLE 13708,300
HANMI FINL CORP COM NEWCom4104952041,00449,807SH SOLE 0049,807
HCP INC COMCom40414L10988622,300SH SOLE 0022,300
HEWLETT PACKARD CO COMCom4282361032,97283,783SH SOLE 1,783082,000
HILL ROM HLDGS INC COMCom43147510247611,500SH SOLE 0011,500
HOME DEPOT INC COMCom4370761024,25746,398SH SOLE 298046,100
HONEYWELL INTL INC COMCom4385161063,71539,900SH SOLE 0039,900
HSN INC COMCom40430310961410,000SH SOLE 0010,000
HYSTER YALE MATLS HAND CL ACom4491721052293,200SH SOLE 003,200
ICONIX BRAND GROUP INC COMCom45105510765817,800SH SOLE 0017,800
INGERSOLL-RAND PLC SHSComG477911011,77931,572SH SOLE 672030,900
INTEL CORP COMCom4581401002,74478,800SH SOLE 0078,800
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINECom4592001018,56245,104SH SOLE 304044,800
J2 GLOBAL INC COMCom48123V1024108,300SH SOLE 008,300
JANUS CAP GROUP INC COMCom47102X1052,363162,500SH SOLE 0062,500
JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMCom47816010412,185114,318SH SOLE 918013,400
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO COMCom46625H1004,33771,994SH SOLE 294071,700
KELLY SVCS INC CL ACom48815220827617,600SH SOLE 0017,600
KEYCORP NEW COMCom4932671081,32499,300SH SOLE 0099,300
KROGER CO COMCom5010441013,68370,820SH SOLE 520070,300
LANNET INC COMCom51601210159413,000SH SOLE 0013,000
LEGG MASON INCCom5249011053296,437SH SOLE 13706,300
LENNAR CORP CL BCom52605730258618,320SH SOLE 0018,320
LEXMARK INTL GROUP INCCom5297711073,30577,760SH SOLE 1,660076,100
LIBERTY INTERACTIVE LBT VENT CCom53071M8807,281191,813SH SOLE 3,313088,500
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DEL COM SERCom53122930089819,100SH SOLE 0019,100
LIONBRIDGE TECH INC COMCom53625210911425,300SH SOLE 0025,300
LIVE NATION INC COMCom5380341093,768156,884SH SOLE 3,084053,800
MACYS INC COMCom55616P1041,47225,300SH SOLE 0025,300
MARSH & MCLENNAN COS COMCom57174810293617,881SH SOLE 381017,500
MASIMO CORP COMCom57479510041519,500SH SOLE 0019,500
MASTERCARD INC CL ACom57636Q10488011,900SH SOLE 0011,900
MCDONALDS CORPCom5801351012,81729,707SH SOLE 207029,500
MCKESSON CORP NEW COMCom58155Q1034,11121,117SH SOLE 317020,800
MEDIFAST INC COMCom58470H1013229,800SH SOLE 009,800
MEDIVATION INC COMCom58501N10110,960110,856SH SOLE 1,25609,600
MERCK & CO INC NEW COMCom58933Y1053,84264,805SH SOLE 805064,000
MICHAEL KORS HLDGS LTD SHSComG607541013,38647,429SH SOLE 629046,800
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC COMCom59511210370420,538SH SOLE 438020,100
MICROSOFT CORP COMCom59491810411,509248,244SH SOLE 2,544045,700
MIMEDX GROUP INC COMCom60249610132445,400SH SOLE 0045,400
MODINE MFG CO COMCom60782810013711,500SH SOLE 0011,500
MONSTER WORLDWIDE INC COMCom61174210712723,000SH SOLE 0023,000
MOOG INC CL ACom6153942023695,400SH SOLE 005,400
MOSAIC CO NEW COMCom61945C1031,25228,200SH SOLE 0028,200
NATIONAL HEALTHCARE COMCom6359061004558,200SH SOLE 008,200
NATUS MEDICAL INC DEL COMCom6390501032016,800SH SOLE 006,800
NAVISTAR INTL CORP NEW COMCom63934E1083,21697,732SH SOLE 1,632096,100
NCR CORP NEW COMCom62886E1082,33970,000SH SOLE 0070,000
NEUSTAR INC CL ACom64126X2012389,600SH SOLE 009,600
NEW YORK MTG TR INC COM PAR $.Com64960450113618,800SH SOLE 0018,800
NEXTERA ENERGY INC COMCom65339F10197710,404SH SOLE 104010,300
NORTHERN TR CORP COMCom6658591041,17517,268SH SOLE 368016,900
NPS PHARMACEUTICALS COMCom62936P1032,02077,706SH SOLE 0077,706
OCCIDENTAL PETE CP DEL COMCom6745991055,56457,863SH SOLE 463057,400
OCH ZIFF CAP MGMT GRP CL ACom67551U10512011,200SH SOLE 0011,200
OFFICE DEPOT INCCom6762201062,509488,200SH SOLE 0088,200
OFG BANCORP COMCom67103X10295163,500SH SOLE 0063,500
ORACLE CORP COMCom68389X1052,51265,613SH SOLE 313065,300
PDL BIOPHARMA INC COMCom69329Y10451969,500SH SOLE 0069,500
PEPSICO INC COMCom7134481081,83619,722SH SOLE 422019,300
PERFORMANT FINL CORP COMCom71377E10514317,700SH SOLE 0017,700
PFIZER INC COMCom7170811034,515152,700SH SOLE 0052,700
PHILIP MORRIS INTL INC COMCom7181721092593,100SH SOLE 003,100
PILGRIMS PRIDE CP NEW COMCom72147K10813,214432,403SH SOLE 4,003028,400
PITNEY BOWES INC COMCom7244791001,10344,139SH SOLE 939043,200
PLANTRONICS INC NEW COMCom7274931082635,500SH SOLE 005,500
POPULAR INC COM NEWCom7331747001,50251,037SH SOLE 537050,500
POZEN INC COMCom73941U10215621,300SH SOLE 0021,300
PRECISION CASTPARTS CP COMCom7401891051,3985,900SH SOLE 005,900
PRICELINE COM INC COM NEWCom7415034031,3901,200SH SOLE 001,200
PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP COMCom74251V1021,72132,800SH SOLE 0032,800
PROCTER & GAMBLE CO COMCom7427181095,08860,760SH SOLE 260060,500
PROGRESSIVE CORP OHIOCom7433151031,64865,187SH SOLE 1,387063,800
PRUDENTIAL FINL INC COMCom7443201027568,600SH SOLE 008,600
PUBLIC STORAGE COMCom74460D1092,15613,000SH SOLE 0013,000
PZENA INVT MGMT INC CLASS ACom74731Q10313814,400SH SOLE 0014,400
QLOGIC CORP COMCom74727710117719,300SH SOLE 0019,300
QUALCOMM INC COMCom7475251035,87578,572SH SOLE 172078,400
RADIO ONE INC CL D NON VTGCom75040P4058526,668SH SOLE 0026,668
RAPTOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMCom75382F10620321,200SH SOLE 0021,200
RETAIL OPPORTUNITY INV COMCom76131N10165444,500SH SOLE 0044,500
RITE AID CORP COMCom7677541042,653548,200SH SOLE 0048,200
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INCCom7739031091,59414,509SH SOLE 309014,200
ROVI CORP COMCom77937610243021,800SH SOLE 0021,800
ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE COMComV7780T1034,77871,000SH SOLE 0071,000
RUTHS CHRIS STEAK HSE COMCom78333210924522,200SH SOLE 0022,200
S L INDS INC COMCom7844131062054,200SH SOLE 004,200
SANDRIDGE ENERGY INC COMCom80007P307431100,500SH SOLE 00500
SAUL CTRS INC COMCom8043951012345,000SH SOLE 005,000
SCHLUMBERGER LTD COMCom8068571083,21331,600SH SOLE 0031,600
SCIENTIFIC GAMES CORP CL ACom80874P10935533,000SH SOLE 0033,000
SIMON PPTY GROUP NEW COMCom8288061095,21531,720SH SOLE 120031,600
SKECHERS U S A INC CL ACom8305661052,38844,800SH SOLE 0044,800
SOUTHERN CO COMCom8425871072,10748,281SH SOLE 381047,900
SOUTHWEST AIRLS CO COMCom8447411083,756111,212SH SOLE 312010,900
SPECTRUM PHARMA INC COMCom84763A10829035,600SH SOLE 0035,600
SPIRIT AEROSYS HLDGS I COM CLCom84857410992924,400SH SOLE 0024,400
SPIRIT AIRLS INC COMCom8485771022,98143,121SH SOLE 921042,200
SPX CORP COMCom7846351042,45926,174SH SOLE 557025,617
STAMPS COM INC COM NEWCom85285720039112,300SH SOLE 0012,300
STANLEY BLACK & DECKER COMCom8545021018799,900SH SOLE 009,900
STARBUCKS CORPCom8552441093925,200SH SOLE 005,200
STATE STR CORPCom8574771036328,583SH SOLE 18308,400
STERICYCLE INC COMCom8589121085254,500SH SOLE 004,500
STRYKER CORP COMCom8636671012,77034,300SH SOLE 0034,300
SUNTRUST BKS INC COMCom86791410387122,900SH SOLE 0022,900
SWIFT TRANSN CO CL ACom87074U10181438,800SH SOLE 0038,800
SYNNEX CORP COMCom87162W1002073,200SH SOLE 003,200
T-MOBILE US INC COMCom8725901041,75860,899SH SOLE 1,299059,600
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE COMCom87405410934815,100SH SOLE 0015,100
TEEKAY CORPORATION COMComY8564W10310,094152,104SH SOLE 1,904050,200
TELECOMMUNICATION SYS CL ACom87929J10316960,700SH SOLE 0060,700
TEXAS INSTRS INC COMCom8825081041,32127,700SH SOLE 0027,700
TIME WARNER CABLE INC COMCom88732J2073592,500SH SOLE 002,500
TJX COS INC NEW COMCom87254010974012,500SH SOLE 0012,500
TOWER INTL INC COMCom89182610932212,800SH SOLE 0012,800
TRAVELERS GROUP INC COMCom89417E1097618,100SH SOLE 008,100
TRIPADVISOR INC COMCom8969452011,06011,600SH SOLE 0011,600
TWENTY FIRST CENTY FOX CL ACom90130A1011,35139,400SH SOLE 0039,400
TYSON FOODS INC CL ACom9024941032335,927SH SOLE 12705,800
UBIQUITI NETWORKS INC COMCom90347A10061216,300SH SOLE 0016,300
UNION PAC CORP COMCom9078181086726,200SH SOLE 006,200
UNIVERSAL INS HLDGS COMCom91359V10716813,000SH SOLE 0013,000
US BANCORP DELCom90297330484520,200SH SOLE 0020,200
VALERO ENERGY CORP NEW COMCom91913Y1007,242156,507SH SOLE 2,007054,500
VERISIGN INC COMCom92343E1029,810177,973SH SOLE 2,173075,800
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS COMCom92343V1046,025120,527SH SOLE 1,727018,800
VIAD CORP COM NEWCom92552R40642520,599SH SOLE 0020,599
VISA INC COM CL ACom92826C8392,89813,580SH SOLE 80013,500
WAL MART STORES INC COMCom9311421033,70248,405SH SOLE 605047,800
WELLS FARGO & CO NEWCom9497461019,873190,346SH SOLE 2,246088,100
WESTERN ASSET MTG CAP COMCom95790D10537225,200SH SOLE 0025,200
WEYERHAEUSER CO COMCom96216610441713,078SH SOLE 278012,800
WHOLE FOODS MKT INC COMCom9668371061,08628,509SH SOLE 609027,900
WILLBROS GROUP INC COMCom96920310875690,800SH SOLE 0090,800
WILLIAMS SONOMA INC COMCom9699041014226,335SH SOLE 13506,200
WORLD FUEL SVCS CORP COMCom9814751061,36534,203SH SOLE 903033,300
WORTHINGTON INDS INC COMCom98181110278921,200SH SOLE 0021,200
WPX ENERGY INC COMCom98212B1031,01342,100SH SOLE 0042,100