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October 11, 2019






Aberdeen Standard Investments announced today a 10 for 1 forward share split for the Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF (NYSE Arca: SGOL). The split will not change the total value of a shareholder’s investment.


Ticker Name Split Ratio
SGOL Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF 10 for 1


The forward share split will apply to shareholders of record as of the close of the markets on October 31, 2019, payable after the close of the markets on November 1, 2019. Shares of SGOL will trade at their post-split prices on November 4, 2019. The ticker symbol and CUSIP number for SGOL will not change.


The forward share split will decrease the price per share of SGOL with a proportionate increase in the number of shares outstanding. In a 10-for-1 forward share split, shareholders will receive ten post-split shares for every share held of record as of the close of the markets on October 31, 2019. The post-split shares will be priced at one-tenth the net asset value (“NAV”) of a pre-split share.


Illustration of a Share Split


The following table shows the effect of a hypothetical 10 for 1 share split:


Period # of Shares Net Asset Value (NAV) per share Total Value
Pre-Split 10 $100 $1,000
Post-Split 100 $10 $1,000



For a discussion about SGOL and the risks associated with an investment in SGOL, see SGOL’s Prospectus, which is available at www.aberdeenstandardetfs.us.




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Guy Nicholls

+1 215-405-2049



1 Effective June 20, 2019, Aberdeen Standard Physical Swiss Gold Shares ETF has been renamed Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF.






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