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Exhibit 99.2


Acquisition of ApiFix Ltd. April 2, 2020



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OrthoPediatrics Strategy 3 OP is following a strategy of developing a portfolio of Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) and Non - Fusion scoliosis correction products. 1. Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) • Developing a 2 nd generation growing rod for scoliosis • In 2019, acquired rights to novel pediatric device that is basis of next generation technology for treating EOS 2. Non - Fusion scoliosis correction • Developing a spinal tether system • Acquisition of ApiFix Ltd. (4/1/20) - Posterior dynamic deformity correction - Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID - C) System - FDA approved with CE Mark



ApiFix MID - C System 4 ApiFix Ltd. is a leading pioneer in motion - preserving scoliosis correction technology and has developed a least invasive surgical system. ApiFix Ltd. Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID - C) System HDE approved 8/23/19 Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID - C) System - Placed posteriorly and unilaterally on the concave aspect of the curvature - FDA approved for adolescent patients with Lenke type 1 and Lenke type 5 curves of 40 Σ to 60 Σ - Acts as an internal brace - Maintains correction of the spinal deformity while preserving all mobility - Viable alternative to failed bracing and spinal fusion for the treatment of progressive scoliosis - Patient recovery measured in days, not months



Only 2 Non - Fusion Technologies 5 ApiFix’s MID - C system is one of only 2 FDA approved (HDE) non - fusion scoliosis correction systems and the only one approved for posterior dynamic deformity correction. • The first pediatric Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) approvals in the past 25 years • HDE allows 8,000 surgeries annually (USA) ApiFix Ltd. Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID - C) System HDE approved 8/23/19 Vertebral Body Tether



6 • ApiFix Ltd. located in Misgav, Israel and Boston, MA • 9 employees • Led by Boston - based executive, Paul Mraz, who has led multiple early stage medical device companies over the past 30 years • Mraz will join OrthoPediatrics post - acquisition as a senior officer • Strong IP protection: 46 granted patents and 25 patent applications • 370+ patient surgeries with long - term (8 - year) follow - up • Extremely high sales/dollar of set inventory About ApiFix Ltd.



A Disruptive Scoliosis Correction Solution ApiFix’s Minimally Invasive Deformity Correction (MID - C) System • Surgery time 1 - 2 hours • Least Invasive Surgical Solution - Posterior, unilateral approach (vs. anterior thoracic with Tether) - No thoracic surgeon; no need to collapse the lung • Post - surgery hospital stays of 1 - 2 days - Patient recovery measured in days, not months • Low complication and revision rates • Self - adjusting rod and novel polyaxial joints - Motion - preserving • Removable (burns no bridges) • CE Mark approval and FDA approval (HDE) 7



Incision Size 45cm+ (Posterior) 15 - 20 cm (Posterior) Thorascopic (Anterior) Surgery Time 4 - 6 hours 1 - 2 hours 3 - 4 hours Blood Loss 800cc - 1000cc 50cc 100cc - 200cc Hospitalization 4 - 7 days 1 - 2 days 3 - 5 days (ICU?/Chest Tube?) Recovery Time 6+ months 1 - 2 weeks 2 - 4 months Results/Notes Motion Permanently Limited Future Complications M otion - Preserving Removable Motion - Preserving Revision Very Challenging ApiFix’s Patient Advantages 8 Spinal Fusion ApiFix MID - C Tether



A Novel Surgical Option ApiFix is a Viable Alternative to Failed Bracing and Spinal Fusion for the Treatment of Progressive Scoliosis Fusion Surgery Curves > 50º Exercise Curves < 25º B r ac e Curves 25º - 40º ApiFix System Curves 4 0º - 60º 9



• Non - Fusion is the holy grail of pediatric scoliosis surgery • Patients, families, surgeons choosing Non - Fusion over traditional fusion • Fusion market will decline while Non - Fusion will grow • A piFix offers significant advantages • ApiFix is a u nique t echnology w ith s trong IP p rotection • Only 2 players with no new market entrants on the horizon • Only posterior dynamic deformity correction solution • Much less i nvasive than Tethering or Fusion • FDA and CE Mark approved procedure b acked by c linical d ata on 3 7 0+ patients • Long - term c linical d ata ( 8 - year follow - up) • Encouraging p atien t outcomes • Lower complication and revision rates than tethering • Large u n met c linical n eed and s ignificant potential o pportunity • Motion - preserving • Removable • Perfect fit for OP’s strategy of developing EOS and Non - Fusion technologies Summary 10



Milestones At Closing $2M cash plus 934,768 shares OP stock Earlier of 150 U.S. surgeries or 2 nd anniversary $13 million (stock and/or cash) 4 th anniversary of closing 2.25x LTM revenue (stock and/or cash)* * Guaranteed minima by 4 th anniversary 3 rd Anniversary $8 million (stock and/or cash) 4 th Anniversary $9 million (stock and/or cash) Other * Guaranteed milestone payments reduced 50% in the event of a loss of HDE, loss of CE mark, or if implant breakage exceeds 10% Terms 11