497 1 d564940d497.htm ALLIANZ FUNDS MULTI-STRATEGY TRUST Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust

Filed pursuant to Rule 497(e)

File Nos. 333-148624 and 811-22167


Supplement Dated July 8, 2013 to the

Statutory Prospectuses for Administrative Class and Class A, Class C, Class D, Class P, Class R and Class R6 of

Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust, dated April 1, 2013, (as supplemented thereafter)

Disclosure Relating to AllianzGI Retirement Income Fund (the “Fund”)

Within the Fund Summary for the Fund, the second to last sentence in the subsection entitled “Principal Investment Strategies” is replaced with the following:

These decisions will normally be within the allocation ranges of 15% to 40% for return-generating assets and 60% to 85% for defensive assets.

The information relating to the Fund contained in the table under the section entitled “Overview of Allianz Target Funds” is revised to state the following:


Target Fund

  Investment Objective    Dividend
   Allocation Strategy    Target     Range  

Retirement Income Fund

  Seeks current income and,

secondarily, capital


   At least
   Return-Generating Asset Classes

Defensive Asset Classes







15% to 40

60% to 85


Within the section entitled “Overview of Allianz Target Funds”, the final sentence in the subsection entitled “Asset Allocation Process - First Step - Target Risk Funds” is revised to state that with respect to the Fund, the range for return-generating assets is between 15% to 40% and the range for defensive assets is between 60% to 85%.

Please retain this Supplement for future reference.