EX-21.1 2 exh_211.htm EXHIBIT 21.1

Exhibit 21.1



Subsidiaries of the Company



-Synthesis Energy Holdings, Inc. (Florida corporation)

o   Owns 100% of:

§Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (British Virgin Islands corporation)
·Owns 90.24% of:

o   Synthesis Energy Systems Investments, Inc. (Mauritius corporation)

·Owns 100% of:

o   Synthesis Energy Investment Holdings, Inc. (Mauritius corporation)

o   Synthesis Energy Technology Holdings, Inc. (Mauritius corporation)

o   SES New Energy Technologies, (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Chinese corporation)


-Synthesis Energy Systems Technologies, LLC (Delaware limited liability company)

o   Owns 100% of:

§SES Asia Technologies, Ltd. (Hong Kong limited liability company)
§SEST Australia Pty Ltd (Australian company)


-SES Resources, LLC (Delaware limited liability company)


-SES Clean Energy Investment Holdings, Ltd. (Hong Kong limited liability company)