Washington, D.C. 20549
Notice of Effectiveness
Effectiveness Date: September 1, 2016 3:00 P.M.
Form: S-4
CIK: 0001552275
Company Name: Sunoco LP
File Number: 333-212642
CIK: 0001638058
Company Name: ETP Retail Holdings, LLC
File Number: 333-212642-16
CIK: 0001625032
Company Name: Susser Petroleum Property Co LLC
File Number: 333-212642-15
CIK: 0001625014
Company Name: Southside Oil, LLC
File Number: 333-212642-14
CIK: 0001375453
Company Name: Stripes LLC
File Number: 333-212642-13
CIK: 0001375435
Company Name: Stripes Holdings LLC
File Number: 333-212642-12
CIK: 0001666779
Company Name: Sunoco Retail LLC
File Number: 333-212642-11
CIK: 0001665939
Company Name: Sunoco Energy Services LLC
File Number: 333-212642-10
CIK: 0001375433
Company Name: Susser Holdings, L.L.C.
File Number: 333-212642-09
CIK: 0001361709
Company Name: Susser Holdings CORP
File Number: 333-212642-08
CIK: 0001625015
Company Name: Mid-Atlantic Convenience Stores, LLC
File Number: 333-212642-07
CIK: 0001625016
Company Name: MACS Retail LLC
File Number: 333-212642-06
CIK: 0001666260
Company Name: Aloha Petroleum, Ltd.
File Number: 333-212642-05
CIK: 0001665592
Company Name: Aloha Petroleum LLC
File Number: 333-212642-04
CIK: 0001625037
Company Name: Susser Petroleum Operating Co LLC
File Number: 333-212642-03
CIK: 0001678598
Company Name: Sunoco Finance Corp.
File Number: 333-212642-02
CIK: 0001678592
Company Name: Sunoco, LLC
File Number: 333-212642-01