EX-21 4 d280574dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF CRC HEALTH CORPORATION Subsidiaries of CRC Health Corporation

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4therapy.com NETWORK    California   

Academy of the Sierras, a Healthy Living

Academy, LLC


Academy of the Sierras North Carolina

Wellspring Academy of California

Wellspring Academy of the Carolinas

Academy of the Sierras, LLC    Delaware   
Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, LLC (f/k/a Adirondack Expeditions, LLC)    Delaware   
Advanced Treatment Systems, Inc.    Virginia   

Coatesville Treatment Ctr.

Lebanon Treatment Ctr.

AHS of Idaho, Inc.    Idaho   

SUWS Adolescent Program

SUWS Youth Programs

SUWS Journeys

Aspen Achievement Academy, LLC (f/k/a Aspen Achievement Academy, LLC)    Delaware   
Aspen Education Group, Inc. (f/k/a Aspen Youth Services, Inc.)    California   
Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment, LLC (f/k/a Aspen Institute of Behavioral Assessment, LLC and O and A Project, LLC)    Delaware   
Aspen Ranch, LLC    Delaware   
Aspen Solutions, Inc.    California   
Aspen Youth, Inc.    California   
ATS of Cecil County, Inc.    Virginia   

Cumberland Treatment Ctr.

Elkton Treatment Ctr.

Pine Heights Treatment Ctr.

ATS of Delaware, Inc.    Virginia    Claymont Treatment Ctr.
ATS of North Carolina, Inc.    Virginia   

Carolina Treatment Ctr. of Fayetteville

Carolina Treatment Ctr. Of Pinehurst

Carolina Treatment Ctr. Of Goldsboro

Cumberland County Treatment Ctr.

Mountain Health Solutions-North Wilkesboro

Mountain Health Solutions-Asheville

AYS Management, Inc.    California   
Baton Rouge Treatment Ctr., Inc.    Louisiana   

Baton Rouge Treatment Ctr.

North Louisiana Treatment Center

North Shore Treatment Center

Bayside Marin, Inc.    Delaware   

Bayside Marin I

Bayside Marin II

Bayside Marin III

Bayside Marin IV




Beckley Treatment Center, LLC    West Virginia    Beckley Treatment Center
BGI of Brandywine, Inc.    Virginia    Bowling Green at Brandywine
Bowling Green Inn of Pensacola, Inc.    Virginia   

12 Oaks Treatment Center

Wellness Resource Center

Bowling Green Inn of South Dakota, Inc.    Virginia    Keystone Treatment Center
Bromley Brook School, LLC (f/k/a Manchester Acquisition Co., LLC)    Delaware   




California Treatment Services (Partnership)    California    Recovery Solutions of Santa Ana
Camp Huntington, Inc.    New York   
Camp Wellspring, LLC    Delaware   

Wellspring New York

Wellspring Family Camp, LLC (MI)

Wellspring Hawaii

Wellspring Texas

Wellspring Wisconsin

Wellspring Pennsylvania

Wellspring Florida

Wellspring Family Camp (NC)

Wellspring Women’s Program

Wellspring Lake Tahoe

Wellspring Oregon

Wellspring Georgia

Wellspring Washington DC

CAPS of Virginia, Inc.    Virginia   
Cartersville Center, Inc.    Georgia    Cartersville Center
(Dissolved 5/20/11)    Delaware   
Charleston Treatment Center, LLC    West Virginia    Charleston Treatment Center

Clarksburg Treatment Center, LLC

EIN 55-0785369

   West Virginia    Clarksburg Treatment Center
Comprehensive Addictions Programs, Inc.    Delaware   
Copper Canyon Academy, LLC (f/k/a AZ Acquisition, LLC)    Delaware   
Coral Health Services, Inc.    Wisconsin   
CRC ED Treatment, Inc.    Delaware   

Center for Hope of the Sierras


Montecatini II

Carolina House

Austin Sendero

Montecatini Outpatient Treatment Center

CRC Health Management, Inc.    Delaware   
CRC Health Oregon, Inc.    Oregon   

Allied Health Services Alder

Allied Health Services Belmont

Allied Health Services Burnside

Allied Health Services Ontario

Allied Health Services Tigard

Allied Health Services Medford

CRC Health Tennessee, Inc.    Tennessee   

New Life Lodge

New Life Recovery Services-Cookevill

New Life Recovery Services-Jacksboro

New Life Recovery Services-Jamestown

New Life Recovery Services-Knoxville

New Life Recovery Services-Knoxville West

CRC Holdings, LLC    Delaware   
CRC Recovery Inc.    Delaware   

Echo Malibu Treatment Center

Midcoast Treatment Center




CRC Weight Management, Inc.    Delaware   
CRC Wisconsin RD, LLC    Wisconsin    Burkwood Treatment Center
East Indiana Treatment Center, LLC    Indiana    East Indiana Treatment Center
Evansville Treatment Center, LLC    Indiana    Evansville Treatment Center

Four Circles Recovery Center, LLC (f/k/a

Appalachian Trails Recovery, LLC)

Galax Treatment Center, Inc.    Virginia   

Life Center of Galax

New River Treatment Center

Clinch Valley Treatment Center

Healthy Living Academies, LLC    Delaware   

Wellspring Camps

Wellspring Retreat (CA)

Wellspring Retreat (NC)

Wellspring Journey

Huntington Treatment Center, LLC    West Virginia    Huntington Treatment Center







Indianapolis Treatment Center, LLC   Indiana   Indianapolis Treatment Center
Island View Residential Treatment Center, LLC EIN 20-1724721   Delaware  
Jayco Administration, Inc.   Nevada  
(Duplicate – see below)    
Loan Administration, LLC   Delaware  
Loan Holdings, LLC   Delaware  
Milwaukee Health Service Systems (Partnership)   California  

10th Street Clinic

River’s Shore Clinic

Madison Health Services

Valley Health Services

Wausau Health Services

Mount Bachelor Educational Center, Inc. (f/k/a Mount Bachelor Educational Facility, Inc. and Mt. Bachelor Academy, Inc.)   Oregon   Mount Bachelor Academy
National Specialty Clinics, LLC   Delaware  
Talisman Academy LLC (name changed from New Leaf Academy of North Carolina, LLC)(f/k/a Biltmore Academy, LLC, Aspen NC Real Estate, LLC and NC Real Estate, LLC)   Delaware  
New Leaf Academy, Inc. (f/k/a New Leaf Acquisition, Inc.)   Oregon  
NorthStar Center, Inc. (f/k/a NorthStar Center, LLC)   Delaware  
Oakley School, LLC (f/k/a Oakley Acquisition, LLC)   Delaware  
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, LLC (f/k/a Walkabout Therapeutic Expeditions, LLC)   Delaware  
Parkersburg Treatment Center, LLC   West Virginia   Parkersburg Treatment Center
Passages To Recovery, LLC   Delaware  
Phoenix Outdoor, LLC   Delaware  
Richmond Treatment Center, LLC   Indiana   Richmond Treatment Center
San Diego Health Alliance, Inc.   California  

Capalina Clinic

El Cajon Treatment Center

Fashion Valley Clinic

San Diego Treatment Services (Partnership)   California  

Home Avenue Clinic

Third Avenue Clinic

Sheltered Living Incorporated   Texas   Life Healing Center of Santa Fe
Sierra Tucson Inc.   Delaware   Sierra Tucson
Sober Living by the Sea, Inc.   California  

Sunrise Recovery Ranch

The Rose of Newport Beach

The Victorian House

Sober Living IOP







Southern Indiana Treatment Center, LLC   Indiana   Southern Indiana Treatment Center
Structure House, LLC   Delaware   Wellspring at Structure House
SunHawk Academy of Utah, Inc.   Delaware  
SUWS of the Carolinas, Inc.   Delaware   SUWS Seasons
Swift River Academy, L.L.C.   Delaware  
Stone Mountain School, Inc. (name changed from Talisman School, Inc.)   Delaware   Stone Mountain School
Talisman Summer Camp, LLC   Delaware  
The Camp Recovery Centers, (LP)   California  

Starlite Recovery Center

Azure Acres

The Camp Recovery Center

Transcultural Health Development, Inc.   California   Coastal Recovery Center
Treatment Associates, Inc.   California   Sacramento Treatment Center
Turn-About Ranch, Inc.   Delaware  
Virginia Treatment Center, Inc.   Virginia   Roanoke Treatment Center
Volunteer Treatment Center, Inc.   Tennessee   Volunteer Treatment Center
WCHS, Inc.   California  

Colton Clinical Services

Desert Treatment Clinic

Canyon Park Treatment Solutions (name changed due to move)

Northwest Treatment Center

Recovery Treatment Center

Riverside Treatment Center

The Renton Clinic

Tacoma Treatment Solutions

Temecula Valley Treatment Center

Vancouver Treatment Solutions

Spokane Treatment Solutions

Wellspring Adventure Camp, LLC (f/k/a Aspen Adventure Camp, LLC)   Delaware  

Western Wellspring Adventure Camp, LLC in CA

Wellspring Adventure Camp California

Wellspring Adventure Camp North Carolina

Wellspring Camp La Jolla

Wellspring Camp UK LTD   United Kingdom  
Wellspring Camp Vancouver ULC   British Columbia,
Wellspring Community Programs, LLC   Delaware  
Wheeling Treatment Center, LLC   West Virginia   Wheeling Treatment Center
White Deer Realty, Ltd.   Pennsylvania  







White Deer Run, Inc.   Pennsylvania  

Cove Forge Prep

White Deer Run of Lancaster

New Perspectives at White Deer Run

White Deer Run at Blue Mountain

New Directions at Cove Forge

Cove Forge Renewal Center

White Deer Run of Allentown

White Deer Run of Allenwood

White Deer Run of Altoona

White Deer Run of Harrisburg

White Deer Run of Lewisburg

White Deer Run of New Castle

White Deer Run of Williamsport

White Deer Run of York

Cove Forge Behavioral Health System

Cove Forge Behavioral Health System at Erie Cove Forge Behavioral Health System at Pittsburg

Cove Forge Behavioral Health System at Williamsburg

Wichita Treatment Center Inc.   Kansas   Wichita Treatment Center
Wilderness Therapy Programs, Inc.   Oregon   SageWalk, the Wilderness School
Williamson Treatment Center, LLC   West Virginia   Williamson Treatment Center
Wilmington Treatment Center, Inc.   Virginia   Wilmington Treatment Center
Youth Care of Utah, Inc.   Delaware  

Pine Ridge Academy

Youth Care