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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3M CompanyCOM88579Y1012341,335SH SOLE 1,33500
AT&T, Inc.COM00206R1021,35950,330SH SOLE 50,33000
Agilent Technologies Inc.COM00846U1015983,796SH SOLE 3,79600
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedCOM01609w1021,1627,850SH SOLE 7,85000
Alphabet Inc Cl ACOM02079k3051,406526SH SOLE 52600
Alphabet Inc Cl CCOM02079k1071,117419SH SOLE 41900
Altria Group IncCOM02209S1032124,660SH SOLE 4,66000
Amazon.Com Inc.COM0231351061,242378SH SOLE 37800
American Express CompanyCOM0258161092,05312,253SH SOLE 12,25300
American International Group NCOM0268747841,87734,200SH SOLE 34,20000
Amgen Inc.COM0311621004522,127SH SOLE 2,12700
Apollo Commercial Real EstateCOM03762U10557839,000SH SOLE 39,00000
Apollo Global Management Inc.COM03768e1054,04165,615SH SOLE 65,61500
Apple Inc.COM03783310017,182121,425SH SOLE 121,42500
Applied Materials IncCOM0382221059657,500SH SOLE 7,50000
Assurant Inc.COM04621X1082681,700SH SOLE 1,70000
Autodesk IncCOM0527691064051,420SH SOLE 1,42000
Banco Santander, S.A. (ADR)COM05964h10510428,807SH SOLE 28,80700
Bank of America Corp.COM0605051046,926163,167SH SOLE 163,16700
Becton Dickinson & CoCOM0758871098133,308SH SOLE 3,30800
Berkshire Hathaway Cl BCOM0846707022,4198,863SH SOLE 8,86300
Blackstone Group Inc. Cl ACOM09260D1077,50664,515SH SOLE 64,51500
Blackstone Mortgage Trust, IncCOM09257W10038212,600SH SOLE 12,60000
Boeing CompanyCOM0970231051,2495,678SH SOLE 5,67800
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.COM11012210888114,888SH SOLE 14,88800
Brookfield Asset Management ClCOM1125851042,95355,183SH SOLE 55,18300
Byline Bancorp Inc.COM1244111091,32153,791SH SOLE 53,79100
CSX Corp.COM12640810333911,400SH SOLE 11,40000
CVS Health Corp.COM1266501002,27126,765SH SOLE 26,76500
Carlyle GroupCOM14316J1086,201131,160SH SOLE 131,16000
Caterpillar Inc.COM1491231011,0555,494SH SOLE 5,49400
Charles Schwab Corp.COM8085131053,12442,891SH SOLE 42,89100
Chevron CorporationCOM1667641004924,853SH SOLE 4,85300
Cisco Systems IncCOM17275R1022,16239,730SH SOLE 39,73000
Citigroup Inc.COM1729674243,81954,424SH SOLE 54,42400
Coca-Cola Co.COM1912161002224,239SH SOLE 4,23900
Comcast Corp New Cl ACOM20030N1013,24457,996SH SOLE 57,99600
ConocoPhillipsCOM20825C1044867,167SH SOLE 7,16700
Corning Inc.COM2193501052095,740SH SOLE 5,74000
Costco Wholesale Corp. NewCOM22160K1052,3315,187SH SOLE 5,18700
DXC Technology Company Com.COM23355l10659417,681SH SOLE 17,68100
Danaher CorporationCOM2358511023811,250SH SOLE 1,25000
Dell IncCOM24703l2027507,212SH SOLE 7,21200
Diageo Plc New (ADR)COM25243Q2052661,380SH SOLE 1,38000
Discovery Communications Ser CCOM25470F30284334,725SH SOLE 34,72500
Expedia Group Inc.COM30212p3032481,516SH SOLE 1,51600
Exxon Mobil Corp.COM30231G10272812,371SH SOLE 12,37100
Facebook Inc.COM30303m1025261,550SH SOLE 1,55000
FedEx Corp.COM31428X1062,64712,070SH SOLE 12,07000
General Electric CompanyCOM3696043014,47943,476SH SOLE 43,47600
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.COM38141G1045881,555SH SOLE 1,55500
HP Inc.COM40434l10598035,801SH SOLE 35,80100
Hewlett Packard Enterprise ComCOM42824c10944931,542SH SOLE 31,54200
Home Depot Inc.COM4370761023,99512,170SH SOLE 12,17000
Honeywell International Inc.COM4385161061,8878,889SH SOLE 8,88900
Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.COM44107P10444727,401SH SOLE 27,40100
Humana Inc.COM4448591021,0372,665SH SOLE 2,66500
Intel Corp.COM4581401002,19441,171SH SOLE 41,17100
International Bancshares Corp.COM45904410310,984263,775SH SOLE 263,77500
International Business MachineCOM4592001018646,219SH SOLE 6,21900
JPMorgan Chase & Co.COM46625H1005,01930,662SH SOLE 30,66200
Johnson & JohnsonCOM4781601041,70110,530SH SOLE 10,53000
Johnson Controls Inc.COMg515021056088,927SH SOLE 8,92700
KKR & Co. Inc.COM48251w1047,101116,640SH SOLE 116,64000
Koninklijke Philips ElectronicCOM5004723031,09024,518SH SOLE 24,51800
Lockheed Martin Corp.COM5398301099322,701SH SOLE 2,70100
Lowe's Companies, Inc.COM5486611076643,275SH SOLE 3,27500
Lumen Technologies, Inc.COM5502411032,832228,610SH SOLE 228,61000
Marriott International, Inc. CCOM5719032023632,450SH SOLE 2,45000
Marsh & McLennan Companies, InCOM5717481023822,520SH SOLE 2,52000
McDonald's Corp.COM5801351012,1809,041SH SOLE 9,04100
McKesson Corp.COM58155Q1034512,260SH SOLE 2,26000
Medtronic Inc.COMg5960L1034903,906SH SOLE 3,90600
Merck & Co. Inc. NewCOM58933Y1053514,676SH SOLE 4,67600
Microsoft Corp.COM5949181047,73127,423SH SOLE 27,42300
Morgan StanleyCOM6174464483433,520SH SOLE 3,52000
Motorola Solutions Inc.COM6200763072871,233SH SOLE 1,23300
Nike Inc. Cl BCOM6541061039176,316SH SOLE 6,31600
Nokia Corp (ADR)COM654902204875160,572SH SOLE 160,57200
Oracle Corp.COM68389X1053,12935,910SH SOLE 35,91000
PNC Financial Services Group,COM6934751056753,450SH SOLE 3,45000
Paypal Holdings Inc.COM70450y1034,59417,655SH SOLE 17,65500
Pepsico, Inc.COM7134481087054,685SH SOLE 4,68500
Pfizer, Inc.COM7170811031,52635,486SH SOLE 35,48600
Philip Morris International InCOM7181721095195,475SH SOLE 5,47500
Procter & Gamble Co.COM7427181092,36316,904SH SOLE 16,90400
Qualcomm Inc.COM7475251031,0408,060SH SOLE 8,06000
Qurate Retail GroupCOM74915m10015815,490SH SOLE 15,49000
Raytheon Technologies CorpCOM75513E1014315,015SH SOLE 5,01500
Royal Dutch Shell PlcCOM78025910769815,773SH SOLE 15,77300
SAP AG (ADR)COM8030542047535,573SH SOLE 5,57300
SJW Group ComCOM7843051044596,945SH SOLE 6,94500
Schlumberger Ltd FCOM8068571082137,180SH SOLE 7,18000
Sony Corp. (ADR)COM8356993071,93617,505SH SOLE 17,50500
Southwest Airlines Co.COM8447411082013,912SH SOLE 3,91200
Stellantis N.V.COMN8240510664233,600SH SOLE 33,60000
TE Connectivity Ltd. FCOMh849891041,42710,400SH SOLE 10,40000
Tapestry Inc.COM8760301072927,879SH SOLE 7,87900
Tesla Motors Inc.COM88160r101446575SH SOLE 57500
Teva Pharmaceutical IndustriesCOM88162420942843,918SH SOLE 43,91800
The Walt Disney Co.COM2546871062,56515,162SH SOLE 15,16200
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.COM8835561021,1572,025SH SOLE 2,02500
Toyota Motor Corp. (ADR)COM8923313072671,500SH SOLE 1,50000
UBS Group CHF0.10COMH4209710771244,680SH SOLE 44,68000
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.COM91324P1025,76314,750SH SOLE 14,75000
Verizon Communications Inc.COM92343V10454410,064SH SOLE 10,06400
ViacomCBS Class BCOM92556H2061,02425,913SH SOLE 25,91300
ViatrisCOM92556v10645333,466SH SOLE 33,46600
Visa, Inc. Cl ACOM92826C8394542,039SH SOLE 2,03900
WPP PLC F Sponsored ADRCOM92937A1025438,100SH SOLE 8,10000
Wal-Mart Inc.COM9311421031,44310,350SH SOLE 10,35000
Waste Management Inc.COM94106L1098215,500SH SOLE 5,50000
Wells Fargo & Co. NewCOM9497461012,87962,035SH SOLE 62,03500
Yum China Holdings Inc.COM98850p10967011,530SH SOLE 11,53000
Yum! Brands, Inc.COM9884981011,34811,020SH SOLE 11,02000
eBay, Inc.COM2786421031,33119,105SH SOLE 19,10500
ARK Innovations ETFCOM00214q1044353,935SH SOLE 3,93500
Avantis Emerging Markets EquitCOM0250726041,15117,848SH SOLE 17,84800
Avantis International Equity ECOM0250727031,00916,150SH SOLE 16,15000
Avantis U.S. Equity ETFCOM02507288580410,906SH SOLE 10,90600
Avantis US Small Cap ValueETFCOM0250728775126,765SH SOLE 6,76500
Consumer Discret Sel Sect SPDRCOM81369Y4072691,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Dimensional US Target Value ETCOM25434v6091,99945,026SH SOLE 45,02600
Direxion Daily Financial BullCOM25459y6941,38712,000SH SOLE 12,00000
Energy Select Sector SPDRCOM81369Y5065,946114,141SH SOLE 114,14100
Financial Select Sector SPDRCOM81369Y6051,46839,111SH SOLE 39,11100
Global X MLP & Energy InfrastrCOM37954y2933,956110,219SH SOLE 110,21900
Global X Robotics & AI ThematiCOM37954y7156,171168,738SH SOLE 168,73800
Global X Silver Miners ETFCOM37954y8482607,401SH SOLE 7,40100
Goldman Sachs Innovative EquitCOM38149W8204,23771,092SH SOLE 71,09200
Health Care Sector Select SPDRCOM81369Y2091,51811,924SH SOLE 11,92400
Industrial Select Sector SPDRCOM81369y7041,66216,990SH SOLE 16,99000
Invesco Dynamic Leisure & EnteCOM46137V7203887,710SH SOLE 7,71000
Invesco KBW Bank ETFCOM46138e62820,003298,113SH SOLE 298,11300
Invesco KBW Regional BankingCOM46138e5784076,575SH SOLE 6,57500
Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1COM46090e10315,60243,585SH SOLE 43,58500
Invesco Water ResourcesCOM46137v1422745,000SH SOLE 5,00000
Materials Select Sector SPDR ECOM81369Y1001,09213,800SH SOLE 13,80000
ProShares Ultra Pro S&P500COM74347x8642,04718,000SH SOLE 18,00000
Robo Global Healthcare Tech &COM3015057232,15347,240SH SOLE 47,24000
Robo Global Robotics & AutomatCOM3015057075979,265SH SOLE 9,26500
Royce Value Trust Inc.COM78091010546926,033SH SOLE 26,03300
SPDR DJ Euro Stoxx 50 ETFCOM78463x2022174,800SH SOLE 4,80000
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real EstCOM78463x7492,08440,805SH SOLE 40,80500
SPDR Dow Jones Industrial AverCOM78467x1091,2133,585SH SOLE 3,58500
SPDR Gold Trust ETFCOM78463v1078465,150SH SOLE 5,15000
SPDR KBW Regional Banking ETFCOM78464A69898214,500SH SOLE 14,50000
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETFCOM78464A83970610,655SH SOLE 10,65500
SPDR S&P 500 Index ETFCOM78462F1032,5816,014SH SOLE 6,01400
SPDR S&P Bank ETFCOM78464A7973957,462SH SOLE 7,46200
SPDR S&P Global Natural ResourCOM78463X5414,35784,840SH SOLE 84,84000
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETFCOM78467Y1071,3732,855SH SOLE 2,85500
SPDR Series Trust BiotechCOM78464a8702141,700SH SOLE 1,70000
Schwab 1000 Index ETFCOM80852472250511,845SH SOLE 11,84500
Schwab Emerging Markets EquityCOM80852470668322,409SH SOLE 22,40900
Schwab Fundamental Intl LargeCOM80852475546714,233SH SOLE 14,23300
Schwab Fundamental US Broad MkCOM8085247892915,437SH SOLE 5,43700
Schwab Fundamental US Large CoCOM8085247715139,500SH SOLE 9,50000
Schwab International Equity ETCOM80852480575019,389SH SOLE 19,38900
Schwab International Small CapCOM8085248881,59138,313SH SOLE 38,31300
Schwab Strategic US Large CapCOM8085243004072,750SH SOLE 2,75000
Schwab US Broad Market ETFCOM8085241021,23711,913SH SOLE 11,91300
Schwab US Large Cap Value ETFCOM80852440979511,783SH SOLE 11,78300
Schwab US Mid Cap ETFCOM80852450884411,013SH SOLE 11,01300
Schwab US Small Cap ETFCOM8085246072592,590SH SOLE 2,59000
Technology Select Sector SPDRCOM81369Y8036544,382SH SOLE 4,38200
Vaneck Vectors Gold Miners ETFCOM92189f1062839,600SH SOLE 9,60000
Vanguard Dividend AppreciationCOM9219088446664,336SH SOLE 4,33600
Vanguard Emerging Markets ETFCOM9220428585,228104,536SH SOLE 104,53600
Vanguard Energy ETFCOM92204A3065096,888SH SOLE 6,88800
Vanguard European ETFCOM9220428742,39336,480SH SOLE 36,48000
Vanguard Extended Market IndexCOM9229086528,32545,652SH SOLE 45,65200
Vanguard FTSE All World Ex-USCOM9220427755,88496,530SH SOLE 96,53000
Vanguard FTSE All-World Ex-USCOM9220427181,84913,830SH SOLE 13,83000
Vanguard FTSE Developed MarketCOM92194385868913,650SH SOLE 13,65000
Vanguard Financials ETFCOM92204A4055,35057,740SH SOLE 57,74000
Vanguard Global ex-US Real EstCOM9220426762,73948,644SH SOLE 48,64400
Vanguard Growth ETFCOM9229087363,01810,401SH SOLE 10,40100
Vanguard Health Care ETFCOM92204A5049873,993SH SOLE 3,99300
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ECOM9219464065875,675SH SOLE 5,67500
Vanguard Index Fund Small CapCOM9229086115373,175SH SOLE 3,17500
Vanguard Large Cap Index FDS ECOM9229086373011,500SH SOLE 1,50000
Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Growth ICOM9219108168,91937,985SH SOLE 37,98500
Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Index ETCOM9219108735293,471SH SOLE 3,47100
Vanguard Mega Cap 300 Value InCOM9219108409,00992,069SH SOLE 92,06900
Vanguard Mid Cap Growth ETFCOM9229085382,2419,484SH SOLE 9,48400
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFCOM92290862919,18381,023SH SOLE 81,02300
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETFCOM9229085124,28730,705SH SOLE 30,70500
Vanguard REIT ETFCOM9229085531,03610,174SH SOLE 10,17400
Vanguard S&P 500 ETFCOM9229083634721,196SH SOLE 1,19600
Vanguard Small Cap ETFCOM9229087512,75912,616SH SOLE 12,61600
Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETFCOM9229085953231,153SH SOLE 1,15300
Vanguard Total International SCOM9219097685,23882,796SH SOLE 82,79600
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt ETFCOM9229087693,65616,464SH SOLE 16,46400
Vanguard Value ETFCOM92290874411,84087,465SH SOLE 87,46500
iShares Core Dividend GrowthCOM46434v6212515,000SH SOLE 5,00000
iShares Core EAFECOM46432F8421,24716,801SH SOLE 16,80100
iShares Core High Dividend ETFCOM46429B6632833,000SH SOLE 3,00000
iShares Core MSCI Emerging MktCOM46434g1039,810158,840SH SOLE 158,84000
iShares Core Russell US GrowthCOM4642876713993,900SH SOLE 3,90000
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFCOM4642872002,1264,935SH SOLE 4,93500
iShares Core S&P Midcap ETFCOM4642875075,75421,873SH SOLE 21,87300
iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETFCOM4642878042,19820,128SH SOLE 20,12800
iShares Core S&P Total US StocCOM4642871505235,318SH SOLE 5,31800
iShares DJ US Home ConstructioCOM4642887522,32135,070SH SOLE 35,07000
iShares Edge MSCI Intl QualityCOM46434V4563148,285SH SOLE 8,28500
iShares Edge MSCI USA QualityCOM46432F3398026,090SH SOLE 6,09000
iShares MSCI AC Asia Ex-JapanCOM4642881822372,795SH SOLE 2,79500
iShares MSCI ACWI ex USCOM4642882402264,075SH SOLE 4,07500
iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETFCOM4642864002,05764,020SH SOLE 64,02000
iShares MSCI EAFE Growth ETFCOM4642888857767,290SH SOLE 7,29000
iShares MSCI EAFE Index ETFCOM4642874655577,137SH SOLE 7,13700
iShares MSCI EAFE Value IndexCOM4642888773,39166,685SH SOLE 66,68500
iShares MSCI EMU Index Fund ETCOM4642866081,44029,925SH SOLE 29,92500
iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsCOM46428723453210,550SH SOLE 10,55000
iShares MSCI Japan Index ETFCOM46434g8221,06215,112SH SOLE 15,11200
iShares Nasdaq BiotechnologyCOM4642875562,45115,158SH SOLE 15,15800
iShares Russell 1000 Growth InCOM4642876142,6999,850SH SOLE 9,85000
iShares Russell 1000 Value IndCOM4642875985,51935,265SH SOLE 35,26500
iShares Russell 2000 Index ETFCOM4642876554,43320,266SH SOLE 20,26600
iShares Russell 2000 Value IndCOM4642876309005,620SH SOLE 5,62000
iShares Russell 3000 Index FunCOM4642876893361,317SH SOLE 1,31700
iShares Russell Midcap Index FCOM4642874994365,580SH SOLE 5,58000
iShares Russell Midcap Value ICOM4642874732,11818,701SH SOLE 18,70100
iShares S & P Small Cap 600 VaCOM4642878794344,315SH SOLE 4,31500
iShares S&P 100 Index ETFCOM4642871017793,945SH SOLE 3,94500
iShares S&P 500/Barra Growth ECOM46428730999013,394SH SOLE 13,39400
iShares S&P 500/Barra Value ETCOM4642874082,73418,802SH SOLE 18,80200
iShares S&P Global HealthcareCOM4642873252853,400SH SOLE 3,40000
iShares S&P Global TechnologyCOM4642872916,277110,790SH SOLE 110,79000
iShares S&P Midcap 400/GrowthCOM4642876065597,056SH SOLE 7,05600
iShares S&P Midcap 400/Value ECOM4642877053,25831,616SH SOLE 31,61600
iShares Silver TrustCOM46428q10941120,017SH SOLE 20,01700
iShares Trust - iShares Core UCOM4642876633645,130SH SOLE 5,13000
iShares Trust Core MSCI TotalCOM46432F8343635,112SH SOLE 5,11200
JP Morgan Ultra Short Income FCOM46641q83799419,595SH SOLE 19,59500
PCM Fund, Inc.COM69323T1011,743153,600SH SOLE 153,60000
PIMCO Dynamic Income OpportuniCOM69355M1074,124196,564SH SOLE 196,56400
PIMCO Short Maturity ETFCOM72201r83311,362111,468SH SOLE 111,46800
SPDR SSgA Ultra Short Term BonCOM78467V70765516,200SH SOLE 16,20000
Vanguard Short-Term CorporateCOM92206c4094455,395SH SOLE 5,39500
Vanguard Ultra Short Bond ETFCOM92203c30384716,900SH SOLE 16,90000
iShares Short Maturity Bond ETCOM46431W5072,68953,635SH SOLE 53,63500