EX-21.1 3 lyv-20211231xex211.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF THE COMPANY Document

Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.
DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
3P Festival LLCDelaware
6 Washington Pool LLCDelaware
6021 Hollywood Operating Company, LLCDelaware
801 Brickell LLC Delaware
Academy LA, LLCDelaware
Arrive I LLCDelaware
Arrive I Management, LLCDelaware
Arrive II GP LLCDelaware
Arrive II LPDelaware
Arrive Opportunities Fund 1 GP, LLCDelaware
Arrive Opportunities Management, LLCDelaware
Artist Nation Management Group, LLCDelaware
Assembly Room Studios, LLCDelaware
Austin Arena Holdings, LLCDelaware
Axis Nation, LLCVirginia
Bamboozle Festival, LLCDelaware
Baron Global, Inc.Delaware
Beyond Fabrication, LLCDelaware
Big Loud Mountain Management, LLCTennessee
BigChampagne, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Festival 2015, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Festival 2016, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Festival 2017, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Festival 2018, LLCDelaware
Birmingham Festival Ventures, LLCDelaware
Black Swan Hospitality LLC Delaware
Blackout Merch LLCDelaware
Blueprint Artist Management, LLCDelaware
Blues at the Depot, LLCUtah
Bottlerock Presents LLC Delaware
Boundless Systems, LLCDelaware
Bowls Holdings Nashville, LLCDelaware
Bowls Holdings Philadelphia, LLC Delaware
Bowls Holdings, LLC Delaware
Bowls Las Vegas, LLC Delaware
Broccoli City Festival, LLCDelaware
Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, LLCDelaware
Brooklyn Bowls Present, LLC Delaware
By Any Means Management, LLCDelaware
C2 Acquisitions, LLCDelaware
C3 Booking, LLCTexas
- 1 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
C3 Presents, L.L.C.Texas
C3P Emo's, LLCTexas
C3P Scoot Inn, LLCTexas
Career Acquisitions, LLCDelaware
Career Artist Management LLCDelaware
Caring & Daring, LLCDelaware
Cellar Door Venues, Inc. Florida
CG Brickell IP LLC Delaware
Clear Entertainment Corp.Florida
Club Space Management, LLCFlorida
CN Holdco, LLCDelaware
Connecticut Amphitheater Development Corporation Connecticut
Connecticut Performing Arts Partners Connecticut
Counterpointfest, LLC Texas
Country Music Holding Company, LLCDelaware
Country Nation - Chicago, LLCDelaware
Country Nation - DE, LLCDelaware
Country Nation, LLCDelaware
Crossroads Presents, LLC Delaware
Crown Merchandise LLCDelaware
Crush Next, LLCDelaware
Crush Next Sports, LLCDelaware
Cultivate Management, LLCDelaware
Cumberland Amphitheatre Partners, LLCDelaware
Dalton Entertainment, LLCDelaware
Delmar Hall, LLCMissouri
DG Medios US, LLCNew York
DGXP Resorts LLCDelaware
Diversified Production Services, LLCDelaware
Do617 LLCDelaware
EDC The Movie, LLCDelaware
Eight Ball Pricing Solutions, LLCDelaware
Ekho Events, LLCDelaware
Electric Forest, LLCDelaware
Element1 Management, LLCCalifornia
Emagen WITH Music, LLCDelaware
Emagen WITH, LLC Delaware
Emporium Presents, LLCNevada
Equity Distribution LLCDelaware
Equity Publishing LLCDelaware
ESM Productions, LLCDelaware
Event Merchandising, Inc. California
Event Support Group, LLCDelaware
F and F Concessions, Inc.Illinois
- 2 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Faculty Management, LLCDelaware
Faculty Productions, LLCDelaware
Femme it Forward, LLCDelaware
Fenway Music Company, LLCDelaware
Festival Holdings, L.L.C.Virginia
Fillmore Minneapolis Corp.Delaware
Fillmore New Orleans Corp.Delaware
FKMF, LLCDelaware
Forecastle Ventures, LLCTennessee
Founders Entertainment, LLCNew York
FPC Live LLCWisconsin
FPSF Holding, LLCDelaware
Frank Productions Concerts, LLCWisconsin
Frank Productions, LLC Delaware
Front Gate Ticketing Solutions, LLCDelaware
Gellman Management LLCDelaware
Glow DC, LLCDelaware
Glow Events, LLC Delaware
Gov Ball 2016, LLCNew York
Greenlight Media & Marketing, LLCDelaware
Greenlight Studios, LLCVirginia
Groot 1575 Alton LLCDelaware
Groot 41st StreetDelaware
Groot 8th Street LLCDelaware
Groot 8th Street Management LLCDelaware
Groot Alton IP LLCDelaware
Groot Alton Management LLC Delaware
Groot Cocowalk LLCDelaware
Groot Cocowalk Management LLCDelaware
Groot Design District Hospitality, LLC  Florida
Groot Entertainment LLCDelaware
Groot Forge, LLCDelaware
Groot Hospitality Holdings, LLC Delaware
Groot Hospitality LLC Delaware
Groot Investments, LLCDelaware
Groot Music Design District LLC Delaware
Groot Papi Steak Restaurant LLCDelaware
Groot PS Management LLC Delaware
Groot Reign Makers Hotel Brand LLCDelaware
Groot Stadium LLC Delaware
Groot Steak LLC Delaware
Groot WMP Hospitality LLC Delaware
Groot Womens Club LLC Delaware
GrouponLive, LLCDelaware
GrouponLive, LLCDelaware
Hard Events LLCCalifornia
- 3 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
High Noon Saloon LLCWisconsin
HOB Ace of Spades Corp.Delaware
HOB Boardwalk, Inc. Delaware
HOB Café Corp.Delaware
HOB Chicago, Inc. Delaware
HOB Depot Corp.Delaware
HOB Entertainment, LLCVirginia
HOB Grand Rapids, LLCDelaware
HOB HiFi Dallas Corp.Delaware
HOB Marina City Partners, L.P. Delaware
HOB Marina City, Inc. Delaware
HOB Marquis Corp.Delaware
HOB Punch Line Penn Corp.Delaware
HOB Punch Line S.F. Corp.Delaware
HOB Queen Theater Corp.Delaware
HOB Rose City MH Corp.Delaware
HOB Roxian Corp.Delaware
HOB Seattle Corp.Delaware
HOB Summit MH Corp.Delaware
HOB Varsity Corp.Delaware
Hofesh, LLCDelaware
Host VIP, LLCDelaware
Hot Fire, LLCTexas
House of Blues Anaheim Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Cleveland, LLC Delaware
House of Blues Concerts, Inc. California
House of Blues Dallas Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Houston Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Las Vegas Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Myrtle Beach Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues New Orleans Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Orlando Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues Restaurant Holding Corp. Delaware
House of Blues San Diego Restaurant Corp. Delaware
House of Blues San Diego, LLC Delaware
Hungry, Thirsty, Crazy, and Lucky, LLCTexas
I am OTHER Ventures, LLCDelaware
Innings East, LLCDelaware
Innings, LLCDelaware
Insomniac Holdings, LLCDelaware
Insomniac Records, LLCDelaware
IO Media, Inc.New York
IOMedia Technologies, LLCNew York
ISBE Brand Owner, LLCDelaware
Key Club Miami LLCDelaware
- 4 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Kingdom of Mind, LLC Delaware
Komodo Dallas Holdings, LLCTexas
Komodo Dallas, LLCTexas
LaneOne Management, LLCDelaware
LaneOne, LLCDelaware
Lansdowne Boston Restaurant, LLCDelaware
Levitate Music Festival, LLCDelaware
Lionfish Management, LLCDelaware
Live Nation Bogart, LLC Delaware
Live Nation Chicago, Inc. Delaware
Live Nation LGTours (USA), LLCDelaware
Live Nation Marketing, Inc. Delaware
Live Nation Merchandise, LLCDelaware
Live Nation MTours (USA), Inc. Delaware
Live Nation Paradise, LLCDelaware
Live Nation Productions, LLCDelaware
Live Nation Studios Holdings, LLC Delaware
Live Nation Studios Productions, LLCDelaware
Live Nation Ticketing, LLC Delaware
Live Nation Touring (USA), Inc. Delaware
Live Nation Urban, LLCDelaware
Live Nation UshTours (USA), Inc.Delaware
Live Nation UTours (USA), Inc. Delaware
Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. Delaware
LMG Management LLCDelaware
LMG Management Ventures, LLCDelaware
LN-HS Concerts, LLCDelaware
Lollapalooza, LLCDelaware
Marcy Musik LLC New York
MBA Artist Management Company, LLCDelaware
Meadowbrook Amphitheatre Holdings, LLCDelaware
Merch Nation Holdings, LLC Delaware
Merch Traffic, LLCDelaware
MIA Festival Holdings, LLCDelaware
Michigan Licenses, LLCDelaware
Microflex 2001 LLC Delaware
Mountain Jam Productions, LLCDelaware
Music City Eats, LLCTexas
National Shows 2, LLCWisconsin
Neste Event Marketing, LLCDelaware
New Community Management, LLCDelaware
New Era Farms, LLCVirginia
New IAMSPORTS, LLCCalifornia
New York Theater, LLC Delaware
No Limit Entertainment LLC Delaware
- 5 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
NOC, Inc. Connecticut
Ohana Music Festival Holdings, LLC Delaware
Okeechobee Experience, LLCDelaware
Patriot Nation II, LLCDelaware
Philly Artist Management, LLCDelaware
Philymack Management, LLCDelaware
Philymack Productions, LLCDelaware
Philymack Wellness, LLCDelaware
Production Staffing Group, LLCDelaware
PromoHouse, LLCDelaware
Rebel Artist Management, LLCDelaware
Red Ginger SB, LLC Florida
Red Mountain Entertainment, LLCDelaware
Redrock Entertainment Services LLCDelaware
ReignDeer Entertainment Corp.California
ReignDeer Entertainment, LLCDelaware
ReignDeer Investments, LLCDelaware
Rival Labs, Inc.Delaware
Roc Nation Advertising LLCDelaware
Roc Nation Latin Publishing LLC Delaware
Roc Nation LLC Delaware
Roc Nation Management, LLC Delaware
Roc Nation Publishing, LLC Delaware
Roc Nation Records, LLCDelaware
Roc Nation Sports - Roc Nation Boxing, LLCDelaware
Roc Nation Sports, LLCDelaware
Roc Nation Ventures, LLCDelaware
Rock in Rio USA, Inc.Delaware
Rock World USA, LLCDelaware
Rolling Loud, LLCDelaware
RonRuss Red Ginger, LLC Florida
S10 Entertainment & Media, LLCDelaware
S2 Songs, LLCDelaware
SAL & Co Management LP Delaware
SC Management GP, Inc.Delaware
Scheme Engine, LLCDelaware
Scoremore Dreamville, LLCTexas
ScoreMore Holdings, LLCDelaware
Seitrack International Inc.Delaware
Seitrack USA, LLCDelaware
SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises, Inc. Delaware
Shaky Boots Fest, LLCGeorgia
Shaky Festivals Holdings, LLCDelaware
Shaky Knees Fest, LLCGeorgia
SHN Festivals, LLCTexas
Silk City Printing, LLCDelaware
- 6 -

DomesticState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
SME Entertainment Group LLC Delaware
Soundcheck LLCDistrict of Colombia
Space Invaders, LLC Florida
Space IP Licensing, LLCFlorida
Spaceland Productions, LLCCalifornia
Space Park, LLCDelaware
Spalding Entertainment Acquisitions, LLCDelaware
Spalding Entertainment, LLC Tennessee
Starr Hill Presents Kansas, LLCVirginia
Stateside Group, LLCDelaware
Stubb's Austin Restaurant Company, LCTexas
Swan Hospitality LLC Florida
The Core Entertainment, LLC
The Echo, LLC California
Ticketmaster L.L.C. Virginia
Ticketmaster New Ventures Holdings, Inc. Delaware
Ticketmaster Pacific Acquisitions, Inc. Delaware
Ticketstoday, LLCVirginia
Ticketweb, LLC Delaware
TM Vista Inc. Virginia
TMF Holdco, LLCDelaware
TNA Tour II (USA) Inc. Delaware
TX Music Club Adventures, LLCTexas
Universe Inc. Delaware
Upgraded, Inc.Delaware
V Major, LLCDelaware
Van Buren Group Holdings, LLCDelaware
Vector Management LLC Delaware
Veeps Inc.Delaware
Voodoo Music Experience, LLCLouisiana
We Are Voices Entertainment, Inc.Delaware
WE Fest Holdings, LLCDelaware
Why Not OC LLCCalifornia
Why Not San Diego, LLCDelaware
Wiltern Renaissance LLC Delaware
Wolfson Entertainment, Inc.California
Women Nation, LLCDelaware
Womens Club Holdings, LLC Delaware
Womens Club IP, LLC Delaware
ZeroSix, LLCDelaware

- 7 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
DF Entertainment, S.A.Argentina
Live Nation Argentina S.A.Argentina
Ash Assets Pty LtdAustralia
Ash Sounds Pty LtdAustralia
Brunswick Street Venue Pty LtdAustralia
DNA Experiences Live Pty LtdAustralia
Four Fish Swimming Pty LtdAustralia
Hindley Street Music Hall Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Australasia Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Australia Festivals Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Australia Venues Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Holdings Australasia Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Holdings Australasia 2 Pty LtdAustralia
LN Oldco Pty LtdAustralia
Look up and Live Pty LtdAustralia
Mellen Touring Pty LtdAustralia
Moshtix Pty LtdAustralia
Secret Sounds Artist Management Pty LtdAustralia
Secret Sounds Group Pty LtdAustralia
Secret Sounds Group Services Pty LtdAustralia
Secret Sounds Pty LtdAustralia
Secret Sounds Sponsorship Pty LtdAustralia
Southern Ocean Venues Pty LtdAustralia
Splendour in the Grass Pty LtdAustralia
SSG-LN Festivals Pty LtdAustralia
T Shirt Printers Pty LimitedAustralia
Ticketmaster Australasia Pty LtdAustralia
TSP Merchandising Pty LtdAustralia
Village Sounds Agency Pty LtdAustralia
Live Nation Austria GmbHAustria
ASB N.VBelgium
Antwerps Sportpaleis N.V.Belgium
Biebob B.V.Belgium
GMM Festival B.V.Belgium
Live Nation Belgium Holdings B.V.Belgium
Live Nation B.V.Belgium
Live Nation Festivals N.V.Belgium
Ticketmaster Belgium N.V.Belgium
We Love Entertainment B.V.Belgium
Show Tickets Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Ticketmaster Australasia Pty LtdAustralia
- 8 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
SE – Engenharia Consultiva LtdaBrazil
Live Nation Brasil Entretenimento Ltda.Brazil
Live Nation Brasil Marketing LTDA.Brazil
Rock City S.A.Brazil
Rock World S.A. Brazil
Ticketmaster Brasil LTDABrazil
Gestion Evenko Festival, Inc.Canada
4327144 Nova Scotia CompanyCanada
Agence Evenko, Inc.Canada
Center of Gravity Sports and Music Festival Inc.Canada
Embrace Entertainment, IncCanada
Embrace Presents, Ltd.Canada
Evenko, G.P.Canada
Front Gate Ticketing Solutions Canada, Ltd.Canada
Impressario, Inc.Canada
Live Nation Canada, Inc.Canada
Live Nation Ontario Concerts GP, Inc.Canada
Live Nation Ontario Concerts, L.P.Canada
Live Nation Touring (Canada), Inc.Canada
Manett Holdings (Canada) LimitedCanada
Midway Music Arcade Kitchen Ltd.Canada
Sal & Co LPCanada
SC GP, Inc.Canada
Spectra International Distribution, Inc.Canada
Ticketmaster Canada LPCanada
Ticketmaster Canada ULCCanada
Ticketmaster Canada Holdings ULCCanada
Universe Experiences Inc,Canada
Ticketmaster Cayman Finance Company Ltd.Cayman Islands
Ticketmaster Middle East LimitedCayman Islands
DG Medios SpAChile
Live Nation Chile SpAChile
SACA Producciones SpAChile
Ticketmaster Chile SpAChile
Compañía de Entretenimiento Colombia, S.A.S.Colombia
OCESA Colombia, S.A.S.Colombia
Promotora Colombia, S.A.S.Colombia
Ticket Colombia, S.A.S.Colombia
Aquapath LimitedCyprus
Live Nation Czech Republic SroCzech Republic
Ticketmaster Ceska republika, a.sCzech Republic
- 9 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Ticketpro Software s.r.o. Czech Republic
Danish Venue Enterprise A/SDenmark
I/S Heartland FestivalDenmark
Live Nation Denmark ApsDenmark
Live Nation Denmark Management Holding ApsDenmark
PDH Music A/SDenmark
PDH Tour Accounts ApSDenmark
Ticketmaster Danmark A/SDenmark
Academy Music Group LimitedEngland & Wales
Academy Music Holdings LtdEngland & Wales
Angel Venues LimitedEngland & Wales
ANM2 LimitedEngland & Wales
Apollo Leisure Group LimitedEngland & Wales
Arena Island LimitedEngland & Wales
Artist Nation Management LimitedEngland & Wales
C I (Events) LimitedEngland & Wales
Cardiff Arena Operations Limited England & Wales
Cardiff Arena Ventures LimitedEngland & Wales
Cream Events LimitedEngland & Wales
Cream Global LimitedEngland & Wales
Cream Liverpool LimitedEngland & Wales
Cuffe and Taylor LimitedEngland & Wales
De-lux Merchandise Company LimitedEngland & Wales
Electricland LimitedEngland & Wales
FC 1031 LimitedEngland & Wales
Festival Republic LimitedEngland & Wales
Finlaw 279 LimitedEngland & Wales
FREH LimitedEngland & Wales
Gafrus LimitedEngland & Wales
Globalgathering Group LimitedEngland & Wales
HNOE LimitedEngland & Wales
Hot Festivals LimitedEngland & Wales
Isle of Wight Festival LimitedEngland & Wales
Live Nation (Music) UK LimitedEngland & Wales
Live Nation LimitedEngland & Wales
Live Nation Merchandise LimitedEngland & Wales
LN-Gaiety Holdings (Cardiff) LimitedEngland & Wales
LN-Gaiety Holdings LimitedEngland & Wales
Lollibop Festival LimitedEngland & Wales
MAMA & Company LimitedEngland & Wales
MAMA Festivals LimitedEngland & Wales
- 10 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
MAMA New Music LimitedEngland & Wales
Maztec LimitedEngland & Wales
Maztecrose Holdings LimitedEngland & Wales
Merch Traffic LimitedEngland & Wales
Metropolis Music LimitedEngland & Wales
Midland Concert Promotions Group LimitedEngland & Wales
Nova Batida Festivals LimitedEngland & Wales
OnBlackheath LimitedEngland & Wales
Parklife Manchester LimitedEngland & Wales
Parallel Lines Promotions LimitedEngland & Wales
Plan B Management LimitedEngland & Wales
Quest Management (UK) LimitedEngland & Wales
Reading Festival LimitedEngland & Wales
Rewind Festival LimitedEngland & Wales
Roc Nation Sports LimitedEngland & Wales
Roc Nation UK limitedEngland & Wales
Roseclaim LimitedEngland & Wales
Safe Festivals Group LimitedEngland & Wales
Showsec International LimitedEngland & Wales
The Warehouse Project (Manchester) LimitedEngland & Wales
the17 LimitedEngland & Wales
Ticketmaster Europe Holdco LimitedEngland & Wales
Ticketmaster Sport LimitedEngland & Wales
Ticketmaster UK LimitedEngland & Wales
TM Number One LimitedEngland & Wales
Ugly Duckling LimitedEngland & Wales
Live Nation Baltics OUEstonia
Live Nation Estonia OUEstonia
Events Club OyFinland
Full Production OyFinland
K2 Entertainment OyFinland
Live Nation Finland OyFinland
Ticketmaster Suomi OyFinland
Entre DeuxFrance
Live LabFrance
Live Nation France 2006France
Live Nation France FestivalsFrance
Live Nation SASFrance
LNE France Holdings SASFrance
Berlin Festival Gmbh & Co. KGGermany
- 11 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
BF Berlin Festival Verwaltungs-GmbHGermany
FRHUG Festival GmbH & Co. KGGermany
FRHUG Verwaltungs-GmbHGermany
Live Nation Brand Partnership & Media GmbHGermany
Live Nation Germany Oldco GmbHGermany
Live Nation GmbHGermany
Live Nation Holdings GmbHGermany
Live Nation Theater GmbHGermany
Lollapalooza GmbHGermany
Seatwave Deutschland GmbHGermany
Ticketmaster Deutschland Holding GmbHGermany
Ticketmaster GmbHGermany
Ticketmaster Hellas S.A.Greece
Dancing Dragon Management LimitedHong Kong
Fabled Records LimitedHong Kong
Live Nation (HK) LimitedHong Kong
Live Nation Electronic (Asia) LimitedHong Kong
Live Nation Connects Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
Live Nation Venues (HK) Company LimitedHong Kong
Media Nation LimitedHong Kong
Twenty Eight Group Holding LimitedHong Kong
Live Nation Central & Eastern Europe KftHungary
IOMEDIA India Private LimitedIndia
PT Live Nation IndonesiaIndonesia
Amphitheatre Ireland LimitedIreland
Cork Venue Enterprise LimitedIreland
EP Republic LimitedIreland
Live Nation Gaiety Ireland Holding LimitedIreland
Live Nation Ireland Holdings LimitedIreland
MCD Productions LimitedIreland
Principle Management LimitedIreland
The Ticket Shop Unlimited CompanyIreland
Ticketline Unlimited CompanyIreland
Ticket Shop Holdings (IOM)Isle of Man
Ticket Shop One (IOM) LimitedIsle of Man
Ticket Shop Two (IOM) LimitedIsle of Man
Live Nation Israel Ltd.Israel
Ticketmaster Israel LtdIsrael
Comcerto SrlItaly
Get Live 2 SrlItaly
Live Nation 2 SrlItaly
- 12 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Live Nation 3 SrlItaly
Live Nation Italia SrlItaly
Parcolimpico SrlItaly
Ticketmaster Italia SrlItaly
Live Nation Holding Japan GKJapan
Live Nation Japan GKJapan
UAB Live Nation LietuvaLithuania
Live Nation Luxembourg Holdco 1 S.à.r.l.Luxembourg
Live Nation Luxembourg Holdco 2 S.à.r.l.Luxembourg
Banquetes a la Carta, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Car Sport Racing, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Corporativo Integral SECOMAD II, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Enterteinvestments, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
ETK Boletos, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
HNMPL México, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Inmobiliaria de Centros de Espectáculos, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Logística Organizacional para la Integración de Eventos, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Monitoreo y Planeación CREA, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Monitoreo y Planeación Remex, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
OCESA Entretenimiento, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
OCESA Presenta, S.A. DE C.V.Mexico
OCESA Promotora de Eventos, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
OCESA Promotora, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
OISE Entretenimiento, SA de CV Mexico
Operación y Comercialización Ideas Creativas, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Operadora de Centros de Espectáculos, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Promotodo Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Representaciones de Exposiciones Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Sae Logística En Entretenimiento, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Sae Operación En Eventos, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Secocie II, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Secomad II, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Servicios Administrativos Del Entretenimiento, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Servicios de Protección Privada Lobo, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Servicios Especializados para pa Venta Automatizada de Boletos, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Sistema Central Inteligente CREA, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Sistema Central Inteligente REMEX, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Sputnik Digital, S.A.P.I. de C.V.Mexico
Ticketmaster New Ventures S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Venta de Boletos Por Computadora, S.A. de C.V.Mexico
Live Nation Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysia
- 13 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Amsterdam Music Dome Exploitatie BVNetherlands
Art of Bookings B.V. Netherlands
Artist and Business Transport Group B.V.Netherlands
Crowdcare B.V.Netherlands
Event Design Holland B.V.Netherlands
Festivals Limburg B.V.Netherlands
Holland Event Marketing B.V.Netherlands
Insomniac Europe B.V.Netherlands
Live Nation International Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Live Nation Venues (Netherlands) B.V.Netherlands
LYV B.V.Netherlands
Mojo Concerts B.V.Netherlands
Mojo Works B.V.Netherlands
Noctua B.V.Netherlands
Security Company Security B.V.Netherlands
Straight International Security B.V.Netherlands
The Event Support Company B.V.Netherlands
The Security Company Utrecht Holland Holding B.V.Netherlands
Tickethour Nederland B.V.Netherlands
Ticketmaster B.V.Netherlands
Woo Hah! Partner B.V.Netherlands
Endeavour Live LimitedNew Zealand
Evenz LimitedNew Zealand
Greenstone Entertainment Limited PartnershipNew Zealand
Greenstone Entertainment GP LimitedNew Zealand
Live Nation GE Holdings LimitedNew Zealand
Live Nation NZ Festivals LimitedNew Zealand
Live Nation NZ LimitedNew Zealand
NZ Venue and Event Management LimitedNew Zealand
QPAM LimitedNew Zealand
R&V Live Nation LimitedNew Zealand
Ticketmaster NZ LimitedNew Zealand
Village Sounds Agency NZ LimitedNew Zealand
Ticket Shop (NI) LimitedNorthern Ireland
ACT Agency ASNorway
Bergen Live ASNorway
Billettservice ASNorway
Event og Media ASNorway
Kadetten Festival ASNorway
Live Nation Norway ASNorway
Luger Norway ASNorway
- 14 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
TimeOut Agency & Concerts ASNorway
Tons of Rock Festival ASNorway
DF Entertainment Paraguay SRLParaguay
Live Nation Peru S.A.C.Peru
Ticketmaster Peru S.A.Peru
Concert Supplies Sp. z o.o.Poland
Live Nation Sp. z.o.o.Poland
Music Marketing Sp. z.o.o.Poland
Ticketmaster Poland Sp. z.o.o.Poland
Better World Comunicação, Publicidade e Entretenimento S.A.Portugal
Live Nation Arabia Company LLCSaudi Arabia
Ticketmaster Arabia Company LLCSaudi Arabia
ABC3 LimitedScotland
D.F. Concerts LimitedScotland
King Tut's Recordings LimitedScotland
Tecjet LimitedScotland
Live Nation Business Consulting (Shanghai) Company LimitedShanghai, China
Live Nation Electronic (Shanghai) Company LimitedShanghai, China
KFK Shanghai Company LimitedShanghai, China
Imagine Media Agency Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Live Nation (Singapore) Holdings Pte LtdSingapore
Live Nation Singapore Concerts Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Live Nation Singapore Venues Pte LtdSingapore
Ticketmaster SG Pte LtdSingapore
Ticketmaster-Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Big Concerts International Pty LtdSouth Africa
Big Concession Management Proprietary LimitedSouth Africa
Big Merchandise Proprietary LimitedSouth Africa
Live Nation Media and Sponsorship (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
Ticketmaster South Africa (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
Live Nation Korea CorporationSouth Korea
Better World Sociedade Unipessoal S.L.Spain
Compania Editora de Talentos Internacionales S.A.Spain
Live Nation Espana S.A.U.Spain
Mean Fiddler Spain S.L.Spain
Mediterranea Concerts SLSpain
Planet Events S.A.Spain
Rock in Rio Madrid S.A.Spain
Ticketmaster Iberica SLUSpain
Ticketmaster Spain SAUSpain
Artist och underhallningsservice i Sverige ABSweden
- 15 -

InternationalState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Live Nation Holding Nordic ABSweden
Live Nation Nordic ABSweden
Live Nation Sweden ABSweden
Lugerinc ABSweden
Neu Festival Live ABSweden
Sweden Rock Festival ABSweden
Ticketmaster New Ventures Holdings II ABSweden
Ticketmaster Sverige ABSweden
First Event AGSwitzerland
Live Nation Switzerland GmbHSwitzerland
Mainland Music AGSwitzerland
Ticketmaster Schweiz AGSwitzerland
Indievox IncTaiwan
Live Nation Taiwan Co., LtdTaiwan
Tixcraft IncTaiwan
Live Nation Tero Entertainment Co., LtdThailand
Biletix Bilet Dagitim Basim ve Ticaret ASTurkey
Live Nation Middle East FZ-LLCUnited Arab Emirates
Ticketmaster Middle East Events LLCUnited Arab Emirates
Ticketmaster Middle East FZ-LLCUnited Arab Emirates
Ticketmaster Middle East North LLCUnited Arab Emirates
- 16 -