EX-21.1 3 exhibit211-subsidiariesoft.htm LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES OF THE REGISTRANT Document

Exhibit 21.1
Subsidiaries of the Registrant
As of December 31, 2020
SubsidiaryJurisdiction% Owned
Borden Chemical Holdings (Panama) S.A.Panama100 %
Borden Chemical UK LimitedUK100 %
Borden International Holdings LimitedUK100 %
Hexion (Caojing) LimitedHong Kong100 %
Hexion (N.Z.) LimitedNew Zealand100 %
Hexion B.V.Netherlands100 %
Hexion Brazil Coöperatief U.A.Netherlands99 %
Hexion Canada Inc.Canada100 %
Hexion Chemicals India Private LimitedIndia99.99 %
Hexion CI Holding Company (China) LLCDelaware100 %
Hexion Deer Park LLCDelaware100 %
Hexion Duisburg GmbH
Hexion Europe B.V.
Netherlands100 %
Hexion Germany GmbHGermany89.77 %
Hexion GmbHGermany89.79 %
Hexion Holding B.V.Netherlands100 %
Hexion Holding Germany GmbHGermany100 %
Hexion Holdings (China) LimitedHong Kong100 %
Hexion Industria e Comercio de Epoxi Ltda.Brazil99 %
Hexion International Coöperatief U.A.Netherlands35 %
Hexion International Holdings B.V.Netherlands100 %
Hexion International Inc.Delaware100 %
Hexion Investments Inc.Delaware100 %
Hexion Italia S.r.l.Italy100 %
Hexion Korea Company LimitedKorea100 %
Hexion Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China100 %
Hexion Moerdijk Lease B.V.Netherlands100 %
Hexion New Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China100 %
Hexion Nimbus Asset Holdings LLCDelaware100 %
Hexion Nimbus Inc.Delaware100 %
Hexion Ontario Inc.Ontario100 %
Hexion OyFinland100 %
Hexion Pernis Lease B.V.Netherlands100 %
Hexion Pty LtdAustralia100 %
Hexion Quimica do Brasil Ltda.Brazil99.99 %
Hexion Research Belgium SABelgium99.99 %
Hexion SarLFrance100 %
Hexion Shanxi Holdings LimitedHong Kong100 %
Hexion Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore100 %
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Barbastro S.A.Spain100 %
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Iberica S.A.Spain100 %
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Lda.Portugal67.9 %
Hexion Stuttgart GmbHGermany100 %
Hexion Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.China100 %

SubsidiaryJurisdiction% Owned
Hexion UK Holding LimitedUK100 %
Hexion UK LimitedUK100 %
Hexion UV Coatings (Shanghai) LimitedHong Kong100 %
Hexion VAD BVNetherlands100 %
Hexion VAD LLCDelaware100 %
InfraTec Duisburg GmbHGermany70 %
Lawter International Inc.Delaware100 %
NL Coop Holdings LLCDelaware100 %
Resolution Research Nederland B.V.Netherlands100 %