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New Skies Satellites completes sale of

Australian subsidiary to Multiemedia Limited


The Hague, The Netherlands, November 8, 2005 - New Skies Satellites B.V., the global satellite communications company, today announced the completion of the sale of its Australian subsidiary, New Skies Networks PTY Limited, to Multiemedia Limited for US$10 million.


New Skies Networks Ltd., an operator of two teleports in Adelaide and Perth, Australia, will now be known as NewSat Networks Pty Ltd, and will operate as an Australian registered company.  The new owner, Multiemedia Limited, is a provider of next generation technology and communications services based in Australia. The sale was previously announced in August. The company will use the net proceeds of the sale transaction to repay a portion of the outstanding borrowings under its term loan facility.


About New Skies Satellites
New Skies Satellites is one of only four fixed satellite communications companies with global satellite coverage, offering data, video, Internet and voice communications services to a range of telecommunications carriers, broadcasters, large corporations, Internet service providers and government entities around the world. New Skies has five satellites in orbit, one spacecraft under construction (NSS-8) and ground facilities around the world. New Skies Satellites B.V. is the main operating subsidiary of the Hamilton, Bermuda based New Skies Satellites Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: NSE).  New Skies Satellites B.V. is headquartered in The Hague, with offices in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Washington, D.C.  Further information is available at www.newskies.com



About Multiemedia


Multiemedia has always been about delivering the latest and the best, starting with client servers in the 80s, multimedia and Internet services in the 90s and satellite broadband today. The company was established in 1987 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in September 1999 (ASX code: MUL).


Australian-owned and headquartered in Melbourne, Multiemedia has annual revenues of AU $25 million and employs over 60 people.  The company also has offices in Sydney and Dubai.  Multiemedia has three distinct business units:


1.               NewSat delivers high-speed, two-way satellite broadband services to organizations here and the Middle East / North African region. NewSat brings together some of the worlds leading technology and communications companies to provide superior broadband speed and service and currently has coverage to 60% of the world’s population.


2.               MTD (Multie Technology Distribution) is a wholesale company that imports and distributes computer hardware and software throughout Australia through its 2,000 strong dealer network.


3.               AirWORKS Media offers an innovative advertising delivery concept by matching media to the moment of decision.  Delivering digital advertising content to stores and other points of sale together with tailored complete media packages including posters, floor graphics and shelf signage.  It holds exclusive advertising content rights within all Woolworths stores and Newspower Agencies.  For more information, visit www.multiemedia.com.au




For inquiries, please contact:


Melanie Dickie

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Investor Relations, New Skies Satellites



Caroline Siler, Multiemedia

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Keep Left Public Relations



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