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Exhibit 3.1




EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (the “Corporation”), a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “DGCL”), for the purpose of amending its Certificate of Incorporation (the “Certificate of Incorporation”) in accordance with the DGCL, does hereby make and execute this Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation, and does hereby certify that:


1.  The Board of Directors of the Corporation (the “Board”), acting in accordance with the provisions of Sections 141 and 242 of the DGCL, adopted resolutions amending its Certificate of Incorporation, so that effective upon the effective time of this Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware, Article 4 of the Certificate of Incorporation is hereby amended by striking out Article 4 thereof and by substituting in lieu of said Article the following new Article 4:


“4. The corporation shall have two classes of stock, Common Stock, US$.001 par value per share, and Preferred Stock, US$.001 par value per share. The total number of shares that the corporation shall have authority to issue is 300,000,000 shares of Common Stock and 5,000,000 shares of Preferred Stock. Subject to the limitations prescribed by law and the provisions of this certificate of incorporation, the board of directors of the corporation is authorized to issue the Preferred Stock from time to time in one or more series, each of such series to have such voting powers, full or limited, or no voting powers, and such designations, preferences and relative, participating, optional or other special rights, and such qualifications, limitations or restrictions thereof, as shall be determined by the board of directors in a resolution or resolutions providing for the issue of such Preferred Stock. Subject to the powers, preferences and rights of any Preferred Stock, including any series thereof, having any preference or priority over, or rights superior to, the Common Stock and except as otherwise provided by law, the holders of the Common Stock shall have and possess all powers and voting and other rights pertaining to the stock of this corporation and each share of Common Stock shall be entitled to one vote.”


2.  Thereafter, pursuant to a resolution of the Board, a meeting of the stockholders of the Corporation was duly called and held upon notice in accordance with Section 222 of the DGCL at which meeting the necessary number of shares as required by statute were voted in favor of the foregoing amendment.


3.  The foregoing amendment has been duly adopted in accordance with the provisions of Section 242 of the DGCL by the vote of a majority of outstanding stock of the Corporation entitled to vote thereon.


4.  This Certificate of Amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation shall be effective upon its filing with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed this Certificate this 23rd day of June, 2020.



/s/Nancy S. Lurker

Nancy S. Lurker

President and Chief Executive Officer