EX-35.3 11 d316492dex353.htm SERVICER COMPLIANCE STATEMENT OF TRANSCENTRA, INC. Servicer Compliance Statement of TransCentra, Inc.

Exhibit 35.3


Report on Assessment of Compliance with Regulation AB Item 1123

Pursuant to Item 1123 of Regulation AB, a review of TransCentra’s activities during the year ended December 31, 2011 (the “Reporting Period”) and of its performance under the servicing agreement between TransCentra and American Express (the “Servicing Agreement”) has been made under the undersigned officer’s supervision. To the best of such officer’s knowledge, based on such review, TransCentra has fulfilled its obligations under the Servicing Agreement in all material respects throughout the Reporting Period.


  /s/ Matthew Pribus
  Matthew Pribus
  Executive VP of Strategic Operations
  February 15, 2012


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