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Exhibit 21.1
QlikTechnologies Inc.
List of Subsidiaries
Name of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary   Jurisdiction of Organization   Name under which the subsidiary conducts business
QlikTech Japan K.K.
  Japan   QlikTech Japan K.K.
QT Singapore
  Singapore   QT Singapore
QlikTech International AB
  Sweden   QlikTech International AB
QlikTech India
  India   QlikTech India
QlikTech Inc.
  United States   QlikTech Inc.
QlikTech UK Ltd.
  United Kingdom   QlikTech UK Ltd.
QlikTech Nordic AB
  Sweden   QlikTech Nordic AB
QlikTech Finland OY
  Finland   QlikTech Finland OY
QlikTech Ibérica S.L.
  Spain   QlikTech Ibérica S.L.
QlikTech Hong Kong
  Hong Kong   QlikTech Hong Kong
  Sweden   Winsider
QlikTech GmbH
  Germany   QlikTech GmbH
QlikTech Netherlands B.V.
  The Netherlands   QlikTech Netherlands B.V.
QlikTech DK A/S
  Denmark   QlikTech DK A/S
QlikTech France SARL
  France   QlikTech France SARL
QlikTech Australia
  Australia   QlikTech Australia
QlikTech International Markets AB
  Sweden   QlikTech International Markets AB