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Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of the Registrant


Name of Subsidiary



Business Process Outsourcing, LLC    Delaware
Exl Service.com, LLC    Delaware
Landacorp, Inc.    Delaware
Outsource Partners International, Inc.    Delaware
Professional Data Management Again, Inc.    Delaware
Trumbull Services, LLC    Connecticut
Business Process Outsourcing (India) Private Limited    India
exl Service.com (India) Private Limited    India
Exl Support Services Private Limited    India
ExlService SEZ BPO Solutions Private Limited    India
Inductis (India) Private Limited    India
Outsource Partners International Private Limited    India
Business Process Outsourcing Ltd.    Mauritius
OPI Limited    Mauritius
ExlService (U.K.) Limited    United Kingdom
Outsource Partners International Ltd.    United Kingdom
Exl Service Germany, GmbH    Germany
ExlService Czech Republic S.R.O.    Czech Republic
ExlService Mauritius Limited    Mauritius
ExlService Philippines, Inc.    Philippines
ExlService Romania Private Limited S.R.L.    Romania
Exl Services South Africa (PTY) Ltd.    South Africa
Inductis (Singapore) PTE Limited    Singapore
Outsource Partners International EAD    Bulgaria
Outsource Partners International SDN BHD    Malaysia