EX-21.1 2 f10k2015ex21i_zagginc.htm LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES



Subsidiaries of the Registrant


 The subsidiaries of ZAGG Inc (the “Registrant”) as of March 8, 2016, are listed below:


Subsidiary Name   Ownership   Jurisdiction
ZAGG Intellectual Property Holding Company, Inc.   100.0%   United States
ZAGG International Distribution Limited   100.0%   Ireland
ZAGG Retail, Inc.   100.0%   United States
ZAGG LLC   100.0%   United States
Bronco Corporation   100.0%   Cayman Islands
Ute Corporation   100.0%   Cayman Islands
Patriot Corporation   100.0%   Ireland
iFrogz Inc.   100.0%   United States
Superior Brand Limited   100.0%   Hong Kong
HzO, Inc.     8.55%   United States
mophie inc.   100.0%   United States
mophie LLC   100.0%   United States
mophie Technology Development Co., Ltd   100.0%   China
mophie Netherlands Cooperatie U.A.   100.0%   Netherlands
mophie Limited   100.0%   Hong Kong