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Operating income was $2.7 million for the quarter versus $0.6 million last year


Adjusted EBITDA, before lender fees, equaled $10.2 million for the quarter versus $11.2 million last year


Jersey City, NJ – August 14, 2017 - Rand Logistics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLOG) (“Rand”), a leading provider of bulk freight shipping services throughout the Great Lakes region, today announced its financial results for the fiscal year 2018 first quarter, ended June 30, 2017.


Quarter Ended June 30, 2017 Versus Quarter Ended June 30, 2016


Financial Results


·Freight and related revenue generated from Company-operated vessels (which excludes fuel and other surcharges) decreased $2.8 million, or 8.5%, to $30.3 million compared to $33.1 million during the prior year period.

·Total Sailing Days were 1,005 compared to 969 in the prior year period.

·Delay Days increased to 101 from 61. Weather and vessel delays accounted for the majority of the increase. Delay Days as a percentage of total Sailing Days was 10.0% compared to 6.3% in the same period last year.

·Freight and related revenue per Sailing Day decreased $4,035, or 11.8%, to $30,129 compared to $34,164 during the prior year period.

·Vessel operating expenses increased $0.1 million, or 0.8%, to approximately $18.9 million compared to $18.8 million during the prior year period. Vessel operating expenses per Sailing Day decreased $554, or 2.8%, to $18,891 from $19,445.

·Vessel margin per day decreased $1,855 from $14,438 last year to $12,582 this year.

·Adjusted EBITDA, before lender fees, decreased $1.0 million to $10.2 million, from $11.2 million during the prior year period. A reconciliation of operating income to Adjusted EBITDA is attached to this release.


Management Comments


"Our results for the first quarter were consistent with our expectations," commented Ed Levy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rand. "Our Canadian flagged vessels experienced a 15.8% quarter over quarter increase in Sailing Days. Compared to the same quarter last year, in local currency, our Canadian fleet experienced a 17% increase in vessel margin primarily due to the increase in Sailing Days. Vessel margin per day increased by approximately 1%. In US dollars, vessel margin per day from our Canadian flagged vessels decreased by 3%. We experienced a 15.6% decrease in US flagged vessel Sailing Days on a comparable quarter basis, which along with increased vessel delays resulted in a decline in vessel margin. As previously disclosed, planned vessel life extension projects completed after April 1, 2017 on certain of our US flagged self-unloading vessels resulted in a delayed start to the sailing season. These vessel projects are expected to extend the useful life of the fleet. We were pleased with our operating performance once the entire fleet was deployed. Specifically, May and June 2017 EBITDA, before one-time financing charges, increased by approximately 9% versus the same period last year."



Rand Logistics Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Results

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Mr. Levy continued, “Demand for our services is improved versus this time last year, and our contractual revenue backlog for the remainder of the sailing season is strong. We expect to sail 14 of our 15 vessels for the remainder of the season. Based on our improved scheduling technology, we have been able to add approximately 18% of additional spot business, boosting our percent of time in revenue loaded condition. We are also encouraged by the nearly 5.4% increase in the value of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar since the start of our fiscal year. Each $0.01 increase in the value of the Canadian dollar versus the US dollar results in an approximately $275,000 increase in our US dollar reported EBITDA.”


Mr. Levy concluded, “The Company with the help of its advisors remains actively engaged in discussions regarding a recapitalization transaction. There is no assurance that such a transaction will occur.”


Conference Call


Management will host a conference call to discuss the results at 8:30 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Interested parties may participate in the conference call by dialing 1-888-438-5524 (1-719-325-2161 for international callers) and using Conference ID# 4391719. The conference call will be webcast simultaneously on the Rand Logistics, Inc. website at www.randlogisticsinc.com/presentations.html.


A replay of the conference call will be available at www.randlogisticsinc.com/presentations.html and will be archived for 12 months. A replay will also be available until September 15, 2017 by dialing 1-844-512-2921 (1-412-317-6671 for international callers), and using Conference ID# 4391719.


Non-GAAP Financial Measures/Financial Tables


This press release contains certain non-GAAP financial measures. Reconciliations of these and other non-GAAP measures to the comparable GAAP measures are included in the attached financial tables.


Forward-Looking Statements


This press release contains forward-looking statements which reflect management’s current views with respect to certain future events and Rand’s operations, performance and financial condition. Forward-looking statements are made only as of the date of this press release. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: Rand’s future operating or financial results; Rand’s anticipated plans, goals or objectives of our management for operations and services including future cost reduction initiatives; Rand’s anticipated financial position and liquidity, including Rand's ability to regain or remain in compliance with its debt covenants and consummate a recapitalization transaction, acquisition and divestiture opportunities, regulatory and competitive outlook, investment and expenditure plans, investment results, strategic alternatives, business strategies, and other similar statements of expectations or objectives; and Rand’s outlook and financial and other guidance. For all forward-looking statements, we claim the protection of the Safe Harbor for Forward-Looking Statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, many of which cannot be predicted with accuracy or are otherwise beyond our control and some of which might not even be anticipated. Future events and actual results, affecting our strategic plan as well as our financial position, results of operations and cash flows, could differ materially from those described in or contemplated by the forward-looking statements.





Rand Logistics Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Results

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Important factors that contribute to such risks include, but are not limited to, the effect of any economic downturn in certain of our markets; the weather conditions on the Great Lakes; our ability to maintain and replace our vessels as they age; changes in customer demand; changes in shipping regulations; fluctuations in currencies and interest rates; changes in fuel price and fuel surcharges; adequacy of capital resources, including the ability to refinance or obtain financing in the future; expectations of vessels’ useful lives and the estimated obligations, and the timing thereof, relating to vessel repair or maintenance work; expected capital spending or operating expenses, including dry-docking and insurance costs; the ability to comply with or regain compliance with applicable regulations, Nasdaq listing requirements, and our debt covenants, including our ability to consummate a recapitalization transaction; changes in laws, regulations or tax rates, or the outcome of pending legislative or regulatory initiatives; and potential liability from pending or future litigation.


The risks included are not exhaustive. For a more detailed description of these uncertainties and other factors, please see the "Risk Factors" section in Rand's Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 6, 2017 and in Rand’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 14, 2017.


About Rand Logistics


Rand Logistics, Inc. is a leading provider of bulk freight shipping services throughout the Great Lakes region. Through its subsidiaries, the Company operates a fleet of three conventional bulk carriers and twelve self-unloading bulk carriers including three tug/barge units. The Company is the only carrier able to offer significant domestic port-to-port services in both Canada and the U.S. on the Great Lakes. The Company's vessels operate under the U.S. Jones Act – which reserves domestic waterborne commerce to vessels that are U.S. owned, built and crewed – and the Canada Coasting Trade Act – which reserves domestic waterborne commerce to Canadian registered and crewed vessels that operate between Canadian ports.




Rand Logistics, Inc.


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Rand Logistics Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Results

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Consolidated Statements of Operations (Unaudited)

(U.S. Dollars 000’s except for Shares and Per Share data)


   Three months ended  Three months ended
   June 30, 2017  June 30, 2016
Freight and related revenue  $30,280    33,105 
Fuel and other surcharges   2,062    712 
TOTAL REVENUE   32,342    33,817 
Vessel operating expenses   18,985    18,842 
Repairs and maintenance   712    985 
General and administrative   4,703    3,875 
Depreciation   5,334    5,298 
Amortization of drydock costs   758    853 
Amortization of intangibles   246    253 
(Gain) on foreign exchange, net   (1,081)   (1,123)
Restructuring charges   —      2,375 
Impairment charges on retired asset   —      1,872 
TOTAL EXPENSES   29,657    33,230 
OPERATING INCOME   2,685    587 
Interest expense   8,007    3,620 
Interest and other income   —      (2)
Total Other Income and Expenses   8,007    3,618 
LOSS BEFORE INCOME TAXES   (5,322)   (3,031)
Deferred   (209)   (449)
Recovery of  Income Taxes   (209)   (449)
Net loss  income per share basic and diluted   (0.30)   (0.16)
Weighted average shares basic and diluted  $18,527,475    18,320,051 





Rand Logistics Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Results

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Consolidated Balance Sheets (Unaudited)

(U.S. Dollars 000’s except for Shares and Per Share data)


   June 30, 2017  March 31, 2017
Cash and cash equivalents  $1,036   $335 
Accounts receivable, net   15,729    4,101 
Income taxes receivable   46    46 
Prepaid expenses and other current assets   6,696    6,209 
Total current assets   23,507    10,691 
PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT, NET   222,838    214,046 
OTHER ASSETS   29    41 
DEFERRED DRYDOCK COSTS, NET   11,607    8,802 
INTANGIBLE ASSETS, NET   4,647    4,827 
GOODWILL   10,193    10,193 
Total assets  $272,821   $248,600 
Accounts payable   11,841    9,070 
Accrued liabilities   13,223    15,220 
Other current liability   412    404 
Long term debt, classified as current   143,756    119,702 
Subordinated debt, classified as current   85,632    80,577 
Total current liabilities   254,864    224,973 
DEFERRED INCOME TAXES   4,283    4,367 
Total liabilities   259,147    229,340 
Preferred stock, $.0001 par value,          
Authorized 1,000,000 shares, Issued and outstanding 295,480 shares at June 30, 2017 and at March 31, 2017   14,674    14,674 
Common stock, $.0001 par value,          
Authorized 50,000,000 shares, Issuable and outstanding 18,633,149 shares at June 30, 2017 and March 31, 2017   1    1 
Additional paid-in capital   91,357    91,348 
Accumulated deficit   (81,991)   (76,408)
Accumulated other comprehensive loss   (10,367)   (10,355)
Total stockholders’ equity   13,674    19,260 
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity  $272,821   $248,600 





Rand Logistics Fiscal Year 2018 Q1 Financial Results

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FX Impact Summary                
RAND LOGISTICS, INC                
Non-GAAP Financial Measures / Financial Tables   FY2018 - Q1
(U.S. Dollars 000's except for Shares and Per Share data)            
    FY2017 Actual FY2016 Actual Increase/(Decrease)

FX Impact (Unfavorable)


Constant Currency Increase/(Decrease) 1
        Change $ Change % Change $ Change $ Change %
Average Fx Rate                 0.744             0.776          
Sailing Days                   1,005                  969                        36 3.7%      
Financial Highlights (US$ '000s)                
Freight and Related Revenue   $30,280 $33,105 -$2,825 -8.5% -$809 -$2,016 -6.1%
Fuel and Other Surcharges   $2,062 $712 $1,350 189.5% -$109 $1,459 204.9%
Total Revenue   $32,342 $33,817 -$1,475 -4.4% -$918 -$557 -1.6%
Total Operation Expenses   $18,985 $18,842 $142 0.8% -$538 $680 3.6%
Vessel Margin   $12,645 $13,990 -$1,345 -9.6% -$368 -$977 -7.0%
General & Admin Expense   $4,702 $3,875 $828 21.4% -$52 $880 22.7%
Gain on foreign exchange   -$1,081 -$1,123 $42 -3.7% $24 $18 -1.6%
Adjusted EBITDA after gain on foreign exchange & before Lender and Legal Fees   $10,174 $11,238 -$1,064 -9.5% $810 -$1,874 -16.7%
Per Day Statistics                
Marine Freight Revenue/Day   $30,129 $34,164 -$4,035 -11.8% -$805 -$3,230 -9.5%
Total Revenue/Day   $32,181 $34,899 -$2,718 -7.8% -$914 -$1,805 -5.2%
Vessel Margin/Day   $12,582 $14,438 -$1,855 -12.9% -$366 -$1,489 -10.3%
Non-GAAP Reconciliation (US$ '000s)                
Vessel margin   $12,645 $13,990          
General & Admin Expense   $4,702 $3,875          
Adjusted EBITDA 3   $7,943 $10,115          
Gain on foreign exchange 2   -$1,081 -$1,123          
Lender & Legal Fees   $1,150 $0          
Adjusted EBITDA after gain on foreign exchange & before Lender and Legal Fees   $10,174 $11,238          
Impairment Charges on Assets held for Sale   $0 $1,872          
Restructuring Charges   $0 $2,375          
Lender & Legal Fees   $1,150 $0          
Depreciation, Amortization of Dry-dock & Intangibles   $6,339 $6,404          
Operating Income   $2,685 $588          


1. The constant currency information presented is calculated by translating current period results using prior period foreign currency exchange rates.
2. Gain on foreign exchange during the three month period ended June 30, 2017 includes a non-cash loss on translation of approximately $43.7 million USD denominated debt incurred in March 2014 and carried on the balance sheet of the Canadian subsidiary.
3. Adjusted EBITDA is defined as operating income plus depreciation, amortization of drydock costs, amortization of intangibles, gain on foreign exchange, restructuring charges and impairment charges on retired vessel.