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The Boeing Company (BA)
Shareholder Alert
Voluntary submission by John Chevedden, POB 2673, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.
Important Information on Proposal No. 5:
Proposal topic that Won 44% Boeing Shareholder Support in 2020 – Written Consent
Since this 44% vote there has been an important development this makes a shareholder right to act by written consent all the more important. It is the almost universal abandonment of in-person shareholders meetings.
With online shareholder meetings there is no deliberation and no discussion. The format is a shareholder question and a management response. The management response can be totally unrelated to the shareholder question. Then management can quickly move on to another topic.  An online meeting can also use a professional screener to let in only softball questions.
And even if management restores in-person meetings for its annual meetings management can dictate that a special meeting be an online meeting.
Written consent can easily be structured so that all shareholders receive notice. Written consent is a super democratic process because if a shareholder is opposed to the topic of written consent the shareholder simply does nothing and it counts against the written consent campaign.
Written consent depends on broad support since 51% of all shares outstanding must approve. With a shareholder meeting approval may require only 35% support from the shares outstanding if many shareholders simply do not vote.
Please vote for Proposal 5
Proposal topic that Won 44% Boeing Shareholder Support in 2020 – Written Consent




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