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List of Company Subsidiaries

The Boeing Company and Subsidiaries


Name    Place of Incorporation
757UA, Inc.    Delaware
ACN 106 604 871 Pty Ltd    Australia
AeroSpace Technologies of Australia Limited    Australia
Aileron Inc.    Delaware
Akash, Inc.    Delaware
Alteon Training International Spain, S.L.    Spain
Alteon Training Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Alteon Training Services, Inc.    Delaware
Argon ST, Inc.    Delaware
Astro Limited    Bermuda
Astro-II, Inc.    Vermont
Atara Holding Company    Delaware
Atara Services Norway AS    Norway
Aviall (Canada) Ltd.    Ontario
Aviall Airstocks Limited    Hong Kong
Aviall Asia Limited    Hong Kong
Aviall Australia Holdings Pty Ltd    Australia
Aviall Australia Pty Limited    Australia
Aviall de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Aviall Foreign Sales Corporation    Barbados
Aviall Japan Limited    Delaware
Aviall New Zealand    New Zealand
Aviall PTE LTD    Singapore
Aviall Services, Inc.    Delaware
Aviall UK, Inc.    Delaware
Aviall, Inc.    Delaware
Aviation Fleet Services India Management Company Limited    Cyprus
BC Capital Partners L.P.    Delaware
BCC Aruba Leasing A.V.V.    Netherlands Antilles
BCC Bolongo Company    Delaware
BCC Bolongo Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
BCC Carbita Point Company    Delaware
BCC Carbita Point Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
BCC Cascades Corporation    Delaware
BCC Charlotte Amalie Company    Delaware
BCC Charlotte Amalie Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
BCC Cove Corporation    Delaware
BCC Drakes Passage Company    Delaware
BCC Equipment Leasing Corporation    Delaware
BCC Grand Cayman Limited    Cayman Islands
BCC Lindbergh Bay Company    Delaware
BCC Mafolie Hill Company    Delaware
BCC Red Hook Company    Delaware
BITG Corporation    Delaware
BITG LLP    Washington
BNA International Systems, Inc.    Delaware

Name    Place of Incorporation
BNA Operations International, Inc.    Delaware
BNJ Sales Company L.L.C.    Delaware
BNJ, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing (Asia) Investment Limited    Hong Kong
Boeing (Asia) Services Investment Limited    Hong Kong
Boeing (China) Co., Ltd.    China
Boeing (Gibraltar) Holdings Limited    Gibraltar
Boeing (Gibraltar) Limited    Gibraltar
Boeing 100 North Riverside LLC    Illinois
Boeing Aerospace – TAMS, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Aerospace (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.    Malaysia
Boeing Aerospace Ltd.    Delaware
Boeing Aerospace Middle East Limited    Delaware
Boeing Aerospace Operations – International, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Aerostructures Australia Pty Ltd.    Australia
Boeing Airborne Surveillance Enterprises, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Aircraft Holding Company    Delaware
Boeing Asia Training Holdings Limited    Hong Kong
Boeing Australia Component Repairs Pty Ltd    Australia
Boeing Australia Holdings Proprietary Limited    Australia
Boeing Brasil Serviços Técnicos Aeronáuticos Ltda.    Brazil
Boeing Canada Holding Ltd.    Alberta
Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.    Alberta
Boeing Capital Corporation    Delaware
Boeing Capital Leasing Limited    Ireland
Boeing Capital Loan Corporation    Delaware
Boeing Capital Securities Inc.    Delaware
Boeing CAS GmbH    Germany
Boeing CAS Holding GmbH    Germany
Boeing China, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Commercial Space Company    Delaware
Boeing Constructors, Inc.    Texas
Boeing Cyprus Holdings Ltd    Cyprus
Boeing Defence Australia LTD    Australia
Boeing Defence UK Limited    United Kingdom
Boeing Domestic Sales Corporation    Washington
Boeing Enterprises Australia, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Financial Corporation    Washington
Boeing Global Holdings Corporation    Delaware
Boeing Global Sales Corporation    Delaware
Boeing Helena, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Hungary, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing India Property Management Private Limited    India
Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing Company    Delaware
Boeing International B.V.    Netherlands
Boeing International B.V. & Co. Holding KGaA    Germany
Boeing International Corporation    Delaware
Boeing International Corporation India Private Limited    India

Name    Place of Incorporation
Boeing International Holdings, Ltd.    Bermuda
Boeing International Logistics Spares, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing International Sales Corporation    Washington
Boeing International Support Systems Company Saudi Arabia Limited    Saudi Arabia
Boeing Investment Company, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Ireland Limited    Ireland
Boeing Japan Kabushiki Kaisha    Japan
Boeing Kuwait, Inc    Delaware
Boeing Launch Services, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Logistics Spares, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Mexico Service Company, S. de R.L.    Mexico
Boeing Middle East Limited    Delaware
Boeing Netherlands B.V.    Netherlands
Boeing Netherlands C.V.    Netherlands
Boeing Netherlands Leasing, B.V.    Netherlands
Boeing Nevada, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing North American Space Alliance Company    Delaware
Boeing Norwegian Holdings AS    Norway
Boeing of Canada Ltd.    Delaware
Boeing Offset Company Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Operations International, Incorporated    Delaware
Boeing Overseas, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Phantom Works Investments, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Precision Gear, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Qatar Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Research & Technology Europe, S.L.    Spain
Boeing Russia, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Sales Corporation    Guam
Boeing Satellite Systems International, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Service Company    Texas
Boeing Shanghai Aviation Flight Training Co., Ltd.    China
Boeing Singapore Training and Flight Services Pte. Ltd.    Singapore
Boeing Space Operations Company    Delaware
Boeing Stores, Inc.    Delaware
Boeing Sweden Holdings AB    Sweden
Boeing Training & Flight Services Australia Pty Ltd    Australia
Boeing Training Center Management Company Limited    Cyprus
Boeing Training Leasing Corp.    Delaware
Boeing Training Services Korea LLC    Korea, Republic of
Boeing Travel Management Company    Delaware
Boeing UK Training and Flight Services Holding Limited    United Kingdom
Boeing UK Training and Flight Services Limited    United Kingdom
Boeing United Kingdom Limited    United Kingdom
Boeing US Training and Flight Services L.L.C.    Delaware
Boeing Worldwide Operations Limited    Bermuda
CBSA Leasing II, Inc.    Delaware

Name    Place of Incorporation
CBSA Leasing, Inc.    Delaware
CBSA Partners, LLC    Delaware
CDM Technologies, Inc.    California
C-Map USA, Inc.    Delaware
C-Map/Commercial, Ltd.    Massachusetts
Coherent Systems International Corporation    British Virgin Islands
Coherent Systems International, LLC    Delaware
Connexion by Boeing Ireland Limited    Ireland
Connexion By Boeing of Canada Company    Canada
Continental DataGraphics Limited    United Kingdom
Continental DataGraphics Technical Services India Private Limited    India
Continental Graphics Corporation    Delaware
Continental Graphics Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
Cougar, Ltd.    Bermuda
Cruise L.l.c.    Russian Federation
Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.    Maryland
Dillon, Inc.    Delaware
Douglas Express Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
Douglas Federal Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
Douglas Leasing Inc.    Delaware
Falcon II Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
Falcon Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
Hanway Corporation    Delaware
Hawk Leasing, Inc.    Delaware
Hawker de Havilland Aerospace Pty Limited    Australia
HRL Laboratories, LLC    Delaware
ILS eBusiness Services, Inc.    Delaware
Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd    Australia
Insitu, Inc.    Washington
Inventory Locator Service, LLC    Delaware
Inventory Locator Service-UK, Inc.    Delaware
Jeppesen (Canada) Ltd.    Quebec
Jeppesen Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.    Singapore
Jeppesen Australia Pty Ltd    Australia
Jeppesen DataPlan, Inc.    Delaware
Jeppesen GmbH    Germany
Jeppesen Hellas Marine Single Member Limited Liability Company    Greece
Jeppesen India Private Limited    India
Jeppesen Italia S.r.l.    Italy
Jeppesen Japan K.K.    Japan
Jeppesen Korea Co., Ltd.    Korea, Republic of
Jeppesen Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.    Malaysia
Jeppesen Marine Australia Pty Limited    Australia
Jeppesen Marine, Inc.    Delaware
Jeppesen Norway AS    Norway
Jeppesen Optimization Solution AB    Sweden
Jeppesen Optimization Solutions, Inc.    Delaware
Jeppesen Poland Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia    Poland
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.    Delaware
Jeppesen Systems AB    Sweden

Name    Place of Incorporation
Jeppesen U.K. Limited    United Kingdom
Jeppesen Ukraine    Ukraine
Keeler Street Open Space, L.L.C.    Kansas
Kuta-One Aircraft Corporation, Limited    Delaware
Kuta-Two Aircraft Corporation    Delaware
Longacres Park, Inc.    Washington
McDonnell Douglas Dakota Leasing, Inc.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas Express, Inc.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Technical Services Company, Inc.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas Foreign Sales Corporation    Virgin Islands, U.S.
McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Support Services, Inc.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas Indonesia Leasing, Inc.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas Middle East, Ltd.    Delaware
McDonnell Douglas Services, Inc.    Missouri
McDonnell Douglas Truck Services, Inc.    Delaware
MD Indonesia Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MD-Air Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Aircraft Leasing Company    Delaware
MDFC – Aircraft Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Carson Company    Delaware
MDFC – Carson Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Express Leasing Company    Delaware
MDFC – Express Leasing Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Knoxville Company    Delaware
MDFC – Knoxville Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Lakewood Company    Delaware
MDFC – Memphis Company    Delaware
MDFC – Memphis Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Reno Company    Delaware
MDFC – Sierra Company    Delaware
MDFC – Spring Limited    Virgin Islands, U.S.
MDFC – Tahoe Company    Delaware
MDFC Spring Company    Delaware
MD-Federal Holding Company    Delaware
Montana Aviation Research Company    Delaware
Narus Networks Private Limited    India
Narus UK Limited    United Kingdom
Narus, Inc.    Delaware
Pacific Business Enterprises, Inc.    Delaware
RGL-3 Corporation    Delaware
RGL-4 Corporation    Delaware
Sandia National Security LLC    Delaware
Spectrolab, Inc.    California
Taiko Leasing, Inc.    Delaware
Tapestry Solutions, Inc.    California
Team Apache Systems, LLC    Delaware
Thayer Leasing Company-1    Delaware
Wingspan, Inc.    Delaware

Yunnan Alteon Boeing Advanced Flight Training Co., Ltd