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Exhibit 21.1

EnerSys Argentina S.A.Argentina
EnerSys Australia Pty Ltd. Australia
ICS Industries Pty Ltd.Australia
ICS Sheet Metal Pty Ltd.Australia
Alpha Technologies Pty. Ltd.Australia
EnerSys GmbH Austria
EnerSys Belgium BV Belgium
EnerSys Brasil Ltda.Brazil
EnerSys Participacoes Ltda.Brazil
Industrial Battery Holding Ltda.Brazil
Alpha Innovations Industria e Comercio de Produtos Eletronicos Ltda.Brazil
EnerSys Bulgaria EOODBulgaria
EnerSys Canada Inc. Canada
Alpha Technologies Ltd.Canada
EnerSys Cayman Euro L.P.Cayman Islands
EnerSys Cayman Holdings L.P.Cayman Islands
EnerSys Cayman Inc.Cayman Islands
YCI, Inc.Cayman Islands
EnerSystem Chile Ltda.Chile
EnerSys (Chaozhou) Huada Batteries Company LimitedChina
EnerSys (China) Huada Batteries Company Limited China
EnerSys (Chongqing) Huada Batteries Company LimitedChina
EnerSys (Jiangsu) Huada Batteries Company Limited (94.7%) * China
EnerSys (Yangzhou) Huada Batteries Co. Ltd.China
EnerSys, s.r.o. Czech Republic
EnerSys A/SDenmark
EnerSys Europe OyFinland
EnerSys SARL France
EnerSys SNC France
Hawker GmbH Germany
EnerSys AEGreece
EnerSys Asia LimitedHong Kong
Telecomponents & Supply (Hong Kong) Ltd.Hong Kong
EnerSys Hungária Kft.Hungary
EnerSys Battery Private Limited India
EnerSys India Batteries Private Ltd.India
Alpha Tech Energy Solutions India Private Limited India
EnerSys S.r.l.Italy
EnerSys Holdings (Luxembourg) SarlLuxembourg
EnerSys (Luxembourg) Finance SarlLuxembourg

DCPM Engineering Sdn BhdMalaysia
EnerSys Malaysia Sdn Bhd Malaysia
MIB Energy Sdn Bhd Malaysia
UTS Holdings Sdn BhdMalaysia
UTS Technology (JB) Sdn BhdMalaysia
UTS Technology (PG) Sdn BhdMalaysia
EnerSys de Mexico, S de R.L. de CVMexico
EnerSys de Mexico II, S de R.L. de CVMexico
Powersonic, S de R.L. de CVMexico
Yecoltd, S. de R.L. de CVMexico
Batterias Hawker de Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Alpha Mexico Network Power S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Riverfront Holding S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Alpha Innovations Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
ENAS Industrial Batteries Morocco SarlMorocco
EnerSys ASNorway
EnerSys sp. z o.o.Poland
EnerSys JSCRussia
Battery Power International Pte Ltd. Singapore
EnerSys Reserve Power Pte. Ltd.Singapore
EnerSys South East Asia Pte. Ltd.Singapore
NaviSemi Energy Pte Ltd.Singapore
EnerSys, s.r.o. Slovak Republic
Acumuladores Industriales EnerSys SASpain
EnerSys ABSweden
Purcell Systems International ABSweden
N Holding AB Sweden
EH Batterien AG Switzerland
EH Europe GmbHSwitzerland
EH Global Holdings GmbHSwitzerland
EH Swiss Holdings GmbHSwitzerland
EnerSys BVThe Netherlands
Enersys Akü Sanaya Dis Ticaret Limited SirketiTurkey
EnerSys LLCUkraine
ABSL Power Solutions Ltd.United Kingdom
EnerSys Holdings UK Ltd. United Kingdom
EnerSys Ltd.United Kingdom
NaviSemi Inc.California
ABSL Power Solutions Inc.Delaware
EnerSys Advanced Systems Inc.Delaware
EnerSys Capital Inc. Delaware
EnerSys Delaware Inc. Delaware
EnerSys Delaware LLC IDelaware
EnerSys Delaware LLC IIDelaware
EnerSys Delaware LLC IIIDelaware

EnerSys Delaware LLC IV Delaware
EnerSys Delaware LLC V Delaware
EnerSys Energy Products Inc. Delaware
EnerSys Finance LLC Delaware
EnerSys European Holding Co.Delaware
EnerSys Mexico Holdings LLCDelaware
EnerSys Mexico Management LLCDelaware
Esfinco, LLCDelaware
Hawker Powersource, Inc. Delaware
Hawker Power Systems, Inc.Delaware
Purcell Systems, Inc.Delaware
Quallion LLC Delaware
New Pacifico Realty, Inc. Nevada
Alpha Technologies Services, Inc.Nevada

*    Majority-owned by EnerSys with the remaining interests held by third parties.