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Intel Corporation to Nominate New Representative to Replace Arvind Sodhani on
Clearwire Corporation’s Board of Directors
KIRKLAND, Wash. — December 27, 2007 — Wireless broadband pioneer Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWR) today announced that Arvind Sodhani tendered his resignation from the Clearwire board. Intel Corporation intends to appoint a new representative to Clearwire’s board of directors as soon as practicable, replacing Arvind Sodhani, who joined the Clearwire board in 2006. Mr. Sodhani serves as president of Intel Capital and executive vice president of Intel Corporation, and has been one of two members of the Clearwire board that are appointed by Intel. Mr. Sodhani resigned from the Clearwire board effective December 23, 2007. David Perlmutter, a Clearwire board member since 2006 and senior vice president of Intel Corporation will remain on the Clearwire board of directors.
Because of the scope of Mr. Sodhani’s responsibilities as president of Intel Capital and executive vice president of Intel Corporation, Mr. Sodhani believed that it was prudent that he resign from the Clearwire board to avoid any conflicts of interest that might arise. Mr. Sodhani stated "Intel continues to view WiMAX as a top strategic initiative and looks forward to continuing to support Clearwire to develop, deploy and market a mobile WiMAX service offering in the U.S. over Clearwire’s network. My resignation was not in any way related to any disagreement with Clearwire’s management or the company’s operations policies, practices or strategic direction."
About Clearwire
Clearwire, founded in October 2003 by telecom pioneer Craig O. McCaw, is a provider of simple, fast, portable and reliable wireless high-speed Internet service. Clearwire customers connect to the Internet using licensed spectrum, thus eliminating the confines of traditional cable or phone lines. Headquartered



in Kirkland, Wash., the company launched its first market in August 2004 and now offers service in 16 states across the U.S. as well as in Europe. For more information, visit www.clearwire.com.
Forward Looking Statements
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