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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

DEUTSCHE BANK AG NAMEN AKTCommon StockD181908988,355483,084SH SOLE 483,08400
ADIENT PLC ORD SHSCommon StockG0084W10124,476291,410SH SOLE 291,41000
ALKERMES PLC SHSCommon StockG017671054,03579,358SH SOLE 79,35800
ALLERGAN PLC SHSCommon StockG0177J10849,968243,805SH SOLE 243,80500
AMDOCS LTD SHSCommon StockG0260210312,384192,540SH SOLE 192,54000
AON PLC SHS CL ACommon StockG0408V10217,249118,064SH SOLE 118,06400
ARCH CAP GROUP LTD ORDCommon StockG0450A10519,476197,724SH SOLE 197,72400
ASPEN INSURANCE HOLDINGS LTD SHSCommon StockG053841051,17229,000SH SOLE 29,00000
ARRIS INTL INC SHSCommon StockG0551A10325,701902,100SH SOLE 902,10000
ASSURED GUARANTY LTD COMCommon StockG0585R10698926,200SH SOLE 26,20000
AXIS CAPITAL HOLDINGS LTD SHSCommon StockG0692U109861,500SH SOLE 1,50000
AXALTA COATING SYS LTD COMCommon StockG0750C1083,037105,000SH SOLE 105,00000
ACCENTURE PLC IRELAND SHS CLASS ACommon StockG1151C101116,867865,231SH SOLE 865,23100
BUNGE LIMITED COMCommon StockG1696210532,628469,743SH SOLE 469,74300
CREDICORP LTD COMCommon StockG2519Y10818,94692,410SH SOLE 92,41000
COCA COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS SHSCommon StockG2583910439,308944,441SH SOLE 944,44100
DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE PLC SHSCommon StockG2782310618,623189,254SH SOLE 189,25400
EATON CORP PLC SHSCommon StockG2918310328,863375,869SH SOLE 375,86900
ENDO INTL PLC SHSCommon StockG304011064,884570,208SH SOLE 570,20800
ENSTAR GROUP LIMITED SHSCommon StockG3075P101853,9703,840,658SH SOLE 3,840,65800
ENSCO PLC SHS CLASS ACommon StockG3157S1065,318890,710SH SOLE 890,71000
EVEREST RE GROUP LTD COMCommon StockG3223R1086,16927,010SH SOLE 27,01000
GASLOG LTD SHSCommon StockG375851091156,600SH SOLE 6,60000
HORIZON PHARMA PLC SHSCommon StockG4617B1051,292101,900SH SOLE 101,90000
ICON PLC SHSCommon StockG4705A10013,795121,140SH SOLE 121,14000
IHS MARKIT LTD SHSCommon StockG47567105697,36615,820,474SH SOLE 15,820,47400
INGERSOLL-RAND PLC SHSCommon StockG4779110139,939447,900SH SOLE 447,90000
WEATHERFORD INTL PLC ORD SHSCommon StockG488331002,365516,410SH SOLE 516,41000
INVESCO LTD SHSCommon StockG491BT10826,880767,136SH SOLE 767,13600
JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS PLC SHS USDCommon StockG508711058,74359,779SH SOLE 59,77900
JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLC SHSCommon StockG5150210531,613784,642SH SOLE 784,64200
LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC SHS CL ACommon StockG5480U10422,732670,365SH SOLE 670,36500
LIBERTY GLOBAL PLC SHS CL CCommon StockG5480U12013,520413,449SH SOLE 413,44900
MALLINCKRODT PUB LTD CO SHSCommon StockG5785G1078,106216,910SH SOLE 216,91000
MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD ORDCommon StockG5876H10551,1332,856,565SH SOLE 2,856,56500
MEDTRONIC PLC SHSCommon StockG5960L103207,8642,672,805SH SOLE 2,672,80500
MICHAEL KORS HLDGS LTD SHSCommon StockG6075410115,058314,700SH SOLE 314,70000
NABORS INDUSTRIES LTD SHSCommon StockG6359F1032,952365,853SH SOLE 365,85300
NIELSEN HLDGS PLC SHS EURCommon StockG6518L1081,29331,200SH SOLE 31,20000
NOBLE CORP PLC SHS USDCommon StockG654311011,301282,871SH SOLE 282,87100
NORDIC AMERN OFFSHORE LTD SHSCommon StockG6577210831,899SH SOLE 1,89900
NORDIC AMERICAN TANKERS LIMI COMCommon StockG6577310642980,367SH SOLE 80,36700
PENTAIR PLC SHSCommon StockG7S00T1045648,306SH SOLE 8,30600
ROWAN COMPANIES PLC SHS CL ACommon StockG7665A1016,449501,862SH SOLE 501,86200
SEADRILL LIMITED SHSCommon StockG7945E105180530,190SH SOLE 530,19000
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC SHSCommon StockG7945M10728,354854,809SH SOLE 854,80900
SIGNET JEWELERS LIMITED SHSCommon StockG8127610090,1631,354,810SH SOLE 1,354,81000
SINA CORP ORDCommon StockG814771042,76424,105SH SOLE 24,10500
SMART GLOBAL HLDGS INC SHSCommon StockG8232Y10117,283665,224SH SOLE 665,22400
STERIS PLC SHS USDCommon StockG847201044,78254,100SH SOLE 54,10000
TECHNIPFMC PLC COMCommon StockG871101051124,010SH SOLE 4,01000
VALIDUS HOLDINGS LTD COM SHSCommon StockG9319H102931,900SH SOLE 1,90000
GOLAR LNG LTD BERMUDA SHSCommon StockG9456A1003,559157,421SH SOLE 157,42100
WILLIS TOWERS WATSON PUB LTD SHSCommon StockG966291038,03152,072SH SOLE 52,07200
PERRIGO CO PLC SHSCommon StockG978221035,63066,748SH SOLE 66,74800
XL GROUP LTD COMCommon StockG982941042145,424SH SOLE 5,42400
CHUBB LIMITED COMCommon StockH1467J10474,827524,919SH SOLE 524,91900
GARMIN LTD SHSCommon StockH2906T1094,14276,748SH SOLE 76,74800
UBS GROUP AG SHSCommon StockH42097107192,30711,243,300SH SOLE 11,243,30000
LOGITECH INTL S A SHSCommon StockH5043023212,676347,365SH SOLE 347,36500
TE CONNECTIVITY LTD REG SHSCommon StockH849891042,89334,826SH SOLE 34,82600
TRANSOCEAN LTD REG SHSCommon StockH8817H10019,3541,798,694SH SOLE 1,798,69400
TRINSEO S A SHSCommon StockL9340P1011612,400SH SOLE 2,40000
CYBERARK SOFTWARE LTD SHSCommon StockM2682V1081,09926,800SH SOLE 26,80000
ELBIT SYS LTD ORDCommon StockM3760D1018826,000SH SOLE 6,00000
EVOGENE LTD SHSCommon StockM4119S1042,995680,000SH SOLE 680,00000
GAZIT GLOBE LTD SHSCommon StockM4793C1021,894196,700SH SOLE 196,70000
MELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES LTD SHSCommon StockM513631134,22589,615SH SOLE 89,61500
ISRAEL CHEMICALS LTD SHSCommon StockM5920A1097,9381,788,370SH SOLE 1,788,37000
ORBOTECH LTD ORDCommon StockM752531006,678158,200SH SOLE 158,20000
STRATASYS LTD SHSCommon StockM8554810176132,905SH SOLE 32,90500
TOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD SHS NEWCommon StockM879152749,831319,778SH SOLE 319,77800
WIX COM LTD SHSCommon StockM9806810585111,844SH SOLE 11,84400
AERCAP HOLDINGS NV SHSCommon StockN009851063,14061,432SH SOLE 61,43200
CNH INDL N V SHSCommon StockN209441091,18698,700SH SOLE 98,70000
CORE LABORATORIES N V COMCommon StockN22717107110SH SOLE 1000
FERRARI N V COMCommon StockN3167Y10389805SH SOLE 80500
FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES N SHSCommon StockN317381021488,258SH SOLE 8,25800
LYONDELLBASELL INDUSTRIES N SHS - A -Common StockN5374510097,701986,378SH SOLE 986,37800
MYLAN N V SHS EUROCommon StockN5946510938,1891,217,413SH SOLE 1,217,41300
NXP SEMICONDUCTORS N V COMCommon StockN6596X1094,63841,010SH SOLE 41,01000
QIAGEN NV SHS NEWCommon StockN724821233,580113,702SH SOLE 113,70200
SENSATA TECHNOLOGIES HLDG NV SHSCommon StockN7902X1061,04421,719SH SOLE 21,71900
YANDEX N V SHS CLASS ACommon StockN97284108262SH SOLE 6200
TRONOX LTD SHS CL ACommon StockQ9235V1013,000142,200SH SOLE 142,20000
ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD COMCommon StockV7780T10368,071574,249SH SOLE 574,24900
BROADCOM LTD SHSCommon StockY0982710999,598410,644SH SOLE 410,64400
COSTAMARE INC SHSCommon StockY1771G10229447,600SH SOLE 47,60000
FLEX LTD ORDCommon StockY2573F10292655,901SH SOLE 55,90100
AFLAC INC COMCommon Stock001055102106,1001,303,597SH SOLE 1,303,59700
AGCO CORP COMCommon Stock00108410249,374669,303SH SOLE 669,30300
AES CORP COMCommon Stock00130H10526,2132,378,719SH SOLE 2,378,71900
AK STL HLDG CORP COMCommon Stock00154710855699,400SH SOLE 99,40000
AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock00163U1061447,800SH SOLE 7,80000
AMC NETWORKS INC CL ACommon Stock00164V1037,448127,386SH SOLE 127,38600
AT&T INC COMCommon Stock00206R10216,572423,091SH SOLE 423,09100
AU OPTRONICS CORP SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt002255107010SH SOLE 1000
AARONS INC COM PAR $0.50Common Stock0025353001,34830,900SH SOLE 30,90000
ABBOTT LABS COMCommon Stock002824100125,7042,355,776SH SOLE 2,355,77600
ABBVIE INC COMCommon Stock00287Y109240,8162,710,060SH SOLE 2,710,06000
ABERCROMBIE & FITCH CO CL ACommon Stock0028962077,387511,598SH SOLE 511,59800
ACADIA PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock00422510817,411462,200SH SOLE 462,20000
ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC COMCommon Stock00507V1091772,743SH SOLE 2,74300
ACUITY BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock00508Y1024242,473SH SOLE 2,47300
ADOBE SYS INC COMCommon Stock00724F101138,864930,850SH SOLE 930,85000
ADTRAN INC COMCommon Stock00738A10613,373557,200SH SOLE 557,20000
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS INC COMCommon Stock00751Y1068178,232SH SOLE 8,23200
ADVANTAGE OIL & GAS LTD COMCommon Stock00765F1018,0741,291,297SH SOLE 1,291,29700
AECOM COMCommon Stock00766T1003,43493,300SH SOLE 93,30000
ADVANCED DISP SVCS INC DEL COMCommon Stock00790X101417,45116,572,106SH SOLE 16,572,10600
ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC COMCommon Stock0079031073,326260,900SH SOLE 260,90000
AETNA INC NEW COMCommon Stock00817Y108117,800740,833SH SOLE 740,83300
AFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP COMCommon Stock0082521085,45428,730SH SOLE 28,73000
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock00846U10162,256969,719SH SOLE 969,71900
AGIOS PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock00847X1043,06445,900SH SOLE 45,90000
AGNICO EAGLE MINES LTD COMCommon Stock0084741081,58535,151SH SOLE 35,15100
AIR LEASE CORP CL ACommon Stock00912X3023628,500SH SOLE 8,50000
AIR PRODS & CHEMS INC COMCommon Stock00915810671,713474,230SH SOLE 474,23000
AKAMAI TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock00971T1011,00220,565SH SOLE 20,56500
AKORN INC COMCommon Stock0097281066,804205,000SH SOLE 205,00000
ALASKA AIR GROUP INC COMCommon Stock0116591098,123106,500SH SOLE 106,50000
ALBEMARLE CORP COMCommon Stock01265310110,67478,310SH SOLE 78,31000
ALCOA CORP COMCommon Stock0138721062,97363,780SH SOLE 63,78000
ALERE INC COMCommon Stock01449J1054,11080,600SH SOLE 80,60000
ALEXANDRIA REAL ESTATE EQ IN COMREIT01527110928,899242,910SH SOLE 242,91000
ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock01535110955,091392,696SH SOLE 392,69600
ALGONQUIN PWR UTILS CORP COMCommon Stock0158571052,183207,000SH SOLE 207,00000
ALIBABA GROUP HLDG LTD SPONSORED ADSDepository Receipt01609W102610,6863,535,906SH SOLE 3,535,90600
ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock0162551019,97553,550SH SOLE 53,55000
ALLEGHANY CORP DEL COMCommon Stock0171751008311,500SH SOLE 1,50000
ALLEGIANT TRAVEL CO COMCommon Stock01748X1021321,000SH SOLE 1,00000
ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS CORP COMCommon Stock01858110829,573133,484SH SOLE 133,48400
ALLIANT ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock01880210890221,700SH SOLE 21,70000
ALLISON TRANSMISSION HLDGS I COMCommon Stock01973R10126,436704,397SH SOLE 704,39700
ALLSCRIPTS HEALTHCARE SOLUTN COMCommon Stock01988P1081,17082,200SH SOLE 82,20000
ALLSTATE CORP COMCommon Stock02000210145,204491,833SH SOLE 491,83300
ALLY FINL INC COMCommon Stock02005N100204,4838,428,810SH SOLE 8,428,81000
ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock02043Q10713,865118,010SH SOLE 118,01000
ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL CCommon Stock02079K107414,710432,390SH SOLE 432,39000
ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL ACommon Stock02079K3051,339,1061,375,248SH SOLE 1,375,24800
ALTABA INC COMPublic Fund021346101392,5465,926,117SH SOLE 5,926,11700
ALTICE USA INC CL ACommon Stock02156K1031,096,56742,265,874SH SOLE 42,265,87400
ALTRIA GROUP INC COMCommon Stock02209S103326,2135,143,698SH SOLE 5,143,69800
AMAZON COM INC COMCommon Stock023135106198,548206,530SH SOLE 206,53000
AMEREN CORP COMCommon Stock02360810239,260678,763SH SOLE 678,76300
AMERICAN AIRLS GROUP INC COMCommon Stock02376R1026,007126,495SH SOLE 126,49500
AMERICAN AXLE & MFG HLDGS IN COMCommon Stock0240611033,302187,800SH SOLE 187,80000
AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS NE COMCommon Stock02553E1066,612462,400SH SOLE 462,40000
AMERICAN ELEC PWR INC COMCommon Stock025537101127,4821,814,952SH SOLE 1,814,95200
AMERICAN EXPRESS CO COMCommon Stock025816109112,6451,245,247SH SOLE 1,245,24700
AMERICAN FINL GROUP INC OHIO COMCommon Stock02593210472700SH SOLE 70000
AMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT CL AREIT02665T3065,519254,200SH SOLE 254,20000
AMERICAN INTL GROUP INC COM NEWCommon Stock026874784676,44811,018,869SH SOLE 11,018,86900
AMERICAN TOWER CORP NEW COMCommon Stock03027X10097,604714,109SH SOLE 714,10900
AMERICAN WTR WKS CO INC NEW COMCommon Stock03042010313,509166,961SH SOLE 166,96100
AMERISOURCEBERGEN CORP COMCommon Stock03073E1051,72320,817SH SOLE 20,81700
AMERIPRISE FINL INC COMCommon Stock03076C10674,903504,364SH SOLE 504,36400
AMETEK INC NEW COMCommon Stock0311001004546,876SH SOLE 6,87600
AMGEN INC COMCommon Stock031162100307,7661,650,661SH SOLE 1,650,66100
AMPHENOL CORP NEW CL ACommon Stock0320951012022,381SH SOLE 2,38100
AMTRUST FINL SVCS INC COMCommon Stock03235930912900SH SOLE 90000
ANADARKO PETE CORP COMCommon Stock03251110730,478623,917SH SOLE 623,91700
ANALOG DEVICES INC COMCommon Stock032654105781SH SOLE 8100
ANDEAVOR COM ADDEDCommon Stock03349M10519,888192,810SH SOLE 192,81000
ANIXTER INTL INC COMCommon Stock0352901055,79768,200SH SOLE 68,20000
ANNALY CAP MGMT INC COMREIT03571040935,2062,888,133SH SOLE 2,888,13300
ANSYS INC COMCommon Stock03662Q10515,871129,320SH SOLE 129,32000
ANTERO RES CORP COMCommon Stock03674X106010SH SOLE 1000
ANTHEM INC COMCommon Stock03675210367,557355,788SH SOLE 355,78800
APACHE CORP COMCommon Stock03741110514,040306,556SH SOLE 306,55600
APARTMENT INVT & MGMT CO CL AREIT03748R10175917,300SH SOLE 17,30000
APPLE INC COMCommon Stock0378331001,392,7309,036,657SH SOLE 9,036,65700
APPLIED MATLS INC COMCommon Stock038222105116,1062,228,941SH SOLE 2,228,94100
ARAMARK COMCommon Stock03852U1061,92147,310SH SOLE 47,31000
ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND CO COMCommon Stock03948310296,5162,270,430SH SOLE 2,270,43000
ARCHROCK INC COMCommon Stock03957W1068,471674,952SH SOLE 674,95200
ARCONIC INC COMCommon Stock03965L1001,85874,668SH SOLE 74,66800
ARES CAP CORP COMCommon Stock04010L1035,081310,010SH SOLE 310,01000
ARISTA NETWORKS INC COMCommon Stock04041310616,28785,900SH SOLE 85,90000
ARRAY BIOPHARMA INC COMCommon Stock04269X10514812,000SH SOLE 12,00000
ARROW ELECTRS INC COMCommon Stock0427351006,95686,504SH SOLE 86,50400
ASBURY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP INC COMCommon Stock0434361045,07783,100SH SOLE 83,10000
ASCENA RETAIL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock04351G101661269,800SH SOLE 269,80000
ASHLAND GLOBAL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock04418610423,639361,510SH SOLE 361,51000
ASPEN TECHNOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock04532710315,156241,300SH SOLE 241,30000
ASSURANT INC COMCommon Stock04621X1081,03210,800SH SOLE 10,80000
ASTRAZENECA PLC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt0463531085,031148,501SH SOLE 148,50100
ATHENAHEALTH INC COMCommon Stock04685W1035,82046,800SH SOLE 46,80000
ATKORE INTL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock0476491081,37570,500SH SOLE 70,50000
ATMOS ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock0495601051,88622,500SH SOLE 22,50000
AUTODESK INC COMCommon Stock05276910617,034151,739SH SOLE 151,73900
AUTOLIV INC COMCommon Stock0528001093,80730,798SH SOLE 30,79800
AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING IN COMCommon Stock053015103150,5091,376,771SH SOLE 1,376,77100
AUTOZONE INC COMCommon Stock05333210214,43924,263SH SOLE 24,26300
AVALONBAY CMNTYS INC COMREIT05348410172,744407,714SH SOLE 407,71400
AVANGRID INC COMCommon Stock05351W1032,46652,010SH SOLE 52,01000
AVERY DENNISON CORP COMCommon Stock0536111093,44335,010SH SOLE 35,01000
AVIS BUDGET GROUP COMCommon Stock05377410528,419746,700SH SOLE 746,70000
AVNET INC COMCommon Stock0538071038,411214,010SH SOLE 214,01000
AVON PRODS INC COMCommon Stock0543031021,090468,010SH SOLE 468,01000
AXCELIS TECHNOLOGIES INC COM NEWCommon Stock0545402082,16179,000SH SOLE 79,00000
BB&T CORP COMCommon Stock05493710721,468457,348SH SOLE 457,34800
BCE INC COM NEWCommon Stock05534B76028,250604,368SH SOLE 604,36800
BOFI HLDG INC COMCommon Stock05566U108632,200SH SOLE 2,20000
BWX TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock05605H1008,168145,800SH SOLE 145,80000
BAIDU INC SPON ADR REP ADepository Receipt056752108210SH SOLE 1000
BAKER HUGHES A GE CO CL A ADDEDCommon Stock05722G10065217,810SH SOLE 17,81000
BALL CORP COMCommon Stock0584981064,471108,266SH SOLE 108,26600
BANCO DE CHILE SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt059520106110SH SOLE 1000
BANCO SANTANDER SA ADRDepository Receipt05964H105010SH SOLE 1000
BANCO SANTANDER CHILE NEW SP ADR REP COMDepository Receipt05965X1091,24842,010SH SOLE 42,01000
BANCOLOMBIA S A SPON ADR PREFDepository Receipt05968L102010SH SOLE 1000
BANK AMER CORP COMCommon Stock0605051041,017,64540,159,612SH SOLE 40,159,61200
BANK MONTREAL QUE COMCommon Stock063671101180,4802,390,311SH SOLE 2,390,31100
BANK NEW YORK MELLON CORP COMCommon Stock06405810091,3521,722,972SH SOLE 1,722,97200
BANK N S HALIFAX COMCommon Stock064149107124,9361,948,274SH SOLE 1,948,27400
BANKUNITED INC COMCommon Stock06652K1031,25635,300SH SOLE 35,30000
BARD C R INC COMCommon Stock067383109132,965414,868SH SOLE 414,86800
BARRICK GOLD CORP COMCommon Stock0679011082,369147,520SH SOLE 147,52000
BARRETT BILL CORP COMCommon Stock06846N1041,521354,600SH SOLE 354,60000
BAXTER INTL INC COMCommon Stock07181310988,6691,413,054SH SOLE 1,413,05400
BECTON DICKINSON & CO COMCommon Stock0758871092971,516SH SOLE 1,51600
BED BATH & BEYOND INC COMCommon Stock07589610017,290736,681SH SOLE 736,68100
BEIGENE LTD SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt07725L10262,076600,000SH SOLE 600,00000
BEMIS INC COMCommon Stock0814371052,85362,600SH SOLE 62,60000
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC DEL CL B NEWCommon Stock084670702585,9853,196,512SH SOLE 3,196,51200
BEST BUY INC COMCommon Stock08651610113,494236,900SH SOLE 236,90000
BIG LOTS INC COMCommon Stock0893021034,83790,299SH SOLE 90,29900
BIO RAD LABS INC CL ACommon Stock0905722071,1335,100SH SOLE 5,10000
BIOMARIN PHARMACEUTICAL INC COMCommon Stock09061G1015,56159,749SH SOLE 59,74900
BIOGEN INC COMCommon Stock09062X103114,048364,231SH SOLE 364,23100
BIOVERATIV INC COMCommon Stock09075E1001943,400SH SOLE 3,40000
BLACKBERRY LTD COMCommon Stock09228F1031,581141,714SH SOLE 141,71400
BLACKROCK INC COMCommon Stock09247X10160,224134,703SH SOLE 134,70300
BLOCK H & R INC COMCommon Stock0936711059,163346,029SH SOLE 346,02900
BLOOMIN BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock0942351083,983226,300SH SOLE 226,30000
BLUE BUFFALO PET PRODS INC COMCommon Stock09531U102602,100SH SOLE 2,10000
BOEING CO COMCommon Stock097023105163,728644,067SH SOLE 644,06700
BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON HLDG COR CL ACommon Stock0995021061,64544,000SH SOLE 44,00000
BORGWARNER INC COMCommon Stock0997241062,56250,000SH SOLE 50,00000
BOSTON PROPERTIES INC COMREIT10112110157,986471,895SH SOLE 471,89500
BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP COMCommon Stock10113710726,355903,489SH SOLE 903,48900
BRF SA SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt10552T1072,061143,010SH SOLE 143,01000
BRIGHTHOUSE FINL INC COM ADDEDCommon Stock10922N1034,74878,091SH SOLE 78,09100
BRINKER INTL INC COMCommon Stock1096411008,468265,800SH SOLE 265,80000
BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB CO COMCommon Stock110122108318,8415,002,209SH SOLE 5,002,20900
BRITISH AMERN TOB PLC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt11044810744,862718,366SH SOLE 718,36600
BRIXMOR PPTY GROUP INC COMREIT11120U1052,406128,000SH SOLE 128,00000
BROADSOFT INC COMCommon Stock11133B4091,46429,100SH SOLE 29,10000
BROADRIDGE FINL SOLUTIONS IN COMCommon Stock11133T1031,92423,800SH SOLE 23,80000
BROOKDALE SR LIVING INC COMCommon Stock11246310411,4501,080,200SH SOLE 1,080,20000
BROOKFIELD ASSET MGMT INC CL A LTD VT SHCommon Stock112585104104,4762,536,152SH SOLE 2,536,15200
BROWN & BROWN INC COMCommon Stock11523610181016,800SH SOLE 16,80000
BROWN FORMAN CORP CL ACommon Stock1156371002,96753,284SH SOLE 53,28400
BROWN FORMAN CORP CL BCommon Stock1156372092,41944,552SH SOLE 44,55200
BRUKER CORP COMCommon Stock1167941082,51484,500SH SOLE 84,50000
BRUNSWICK CORP COMCommon Stock11704310917,093305,400SH SOLE 305,40000
B2GOLD CORP COMCommon Stock11777Q2091,577573,300SH SOLE 573,30000
BUFFALO WILD WINGS INC COMCommon Stock1198481095,16948,900SH SOLE 48,90000
BURLINGTON STORES INC COMCommon Stock1220171069,804102,700SH SOLE 102,70000
CAE INC COMCommon Stock1247651089,072519,725SH SOLE 519,72500
CBS CORP NEW CL BCommon Stock12485720233,576578,900SH SOLE 578,90000
CBOE HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock12503M1084,67143,400SH SOLE 43,40000
CBRE GROUP INC CL ACommon Stock12504L1092,88576,159SH SOLE 76,15900
CDK GLOBAL INC COMCommon Stock12508E10126,430418,924SH SOLE 418,92400
CDW CORP COMCommon Stock12514G1087,709116,800SH SOLE 116,80000
CF INDS HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock1252691004,838137,587SH SOLE 137,58700
C H ROBINSON WORLDWIDE INC COM NEWCommon Stock12541W2093,17941,771SH SOLE 41,77100
CIGNA CORPORATION COMCommon Stock12550910963,984342,270SH SOLE 342,27000
CIT GROUP INC COM NEWCommon Stock1255818012124,320SH SOLE 4,32000
CME GROUP INC COM CL ACommon Stock12572Q105118,427872,837SH SOLE 872,83700
CMS ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock12589610044,739965,860SH SOLE 965,86000
CNA FINL CORP COMCommon Stock126117100551,087SH SOLE 1,08700
CNO FINL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock12621E10328912,400SH SOLE 12,40000
CRH MEDICAL CORP COMCommon Stock12626F1051,914736,350SH SOLE 736,35000
CSX CORP COMCommon Stock12640810330,650564,878SH SOLE 564,87800
CSRA INC COMCommon Stock12650T1042,49877,410SH SOLE 77,41000
CVS HEALTH CORP COMCommon Stock12665010083,0481,021,244SH SOLE 1,021,24400
CA INC COMCommon Stock12673P1057,857235,372SH SOLE 235,37200
CABOT CORP COMCommon Stock1270551011,81432,500SH SOLE 32,50000
CABOT OIL & GAS CORP COMCommon Stock12709710317,984672,298SH SOLE 672,29800
CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEM INC COMCommon Stock127387108116,0812,941,000SH SOLE 2,941,00000
CALATLANTIC GROUP INC COMCommon Stock1281951045,962162,760SH SOLE 162,76000
CALLAWAY GOLF CO COMCommon Stock1311931041,515105,000SH SOLE 105,00000
CALPINE CORP COM NEWCommon Stock13134730427,9251,893,215SH SOLE 1,893,21500
CAMECO CORP COMCommon Stock13321L108010SH SOLE 1000
CAMPBELL SOUP CO COMCommon Stock13442910913,855295,910SH SOLE 295,91000
CDN IMPERIAL BK COMM TORONTO COMCommon Stock13606910159,717684,112SH SOLE 684,11200
CANADIAN NATL RY CO COMCommon Stock13637510219,193232,186SH SOLE 232,18600
CANADIAN NAT RES LTD COMCommon Stock136385101170,3365,097,639SH SOLE 5,097,63900
CANADIAN PAC RY LTD COMCommon Stock13645T1003,12718,660SH SOLE 18,66000
CANADIAN SOLAR INC COMCommon Stock136635109010SH SOLE 1000
CAPITAL ONE FINL CORP COMCommon Stock14040H10566,472785,164SH SOLE 785,16400
CARDINAL HEALTH INC COMCommon Stock14149Y1087,579113,252SH SOLE 113,25200
CARLISLE COS INC COMCommon Stock1423391006,59965,800SH SOLE 65,80000
CARMAX INC COMCommon Stock1431301021511,990SH SOLE 1,99000
CARNIVAL CORP UNIT 99/99/9999Unit14365830024,473379,010SH SOLE 379,01000
CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP COMCommon Stock1442851036,302131,200SH SOLE 131,20000
CARTER INC COMCommon Stock1462291092,08421,100SH SOLE 21,10000
CATALENT INC COMCommon Stock1488061025,150129,000SH SOLE 129,00000
CATERPILLAR INC DEL COMCommon Stock14912310172,933584,819SH SOLE 584,81900
CELANESE CORP DEL COM SER ACommon Stock15087010366,869641,303SH SOLE 641,30300
CELESTICA INC SUB VTG SHSCommon Stock15101Q1084,352352,526SH SOLE 352,52600
CELGENE CORP COMCommon Stock151020104222,0141,522,522SH SOLE 1,522,52200
CELLDEX THERAPEUTICS INC NEW COMCommon Stock15117B10321876,200SH SOLE 76,20000
CEMPRA INC COMCommon Stock15130J109329,800SH SOLE 9,80000
CENTENE CORP DEL COMCommon Stock15135B10143,169446,100SH SOLE 446,10000
CENOVUS ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock15135U10914,4481,444,419SH SOLE 1,444,41900
CENTERPOINT ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock15189T10735,6221,219,527SH SOLE 1,219,52700
CENTURY ALUM CO COMCommon Stock15643110856,9343,433,902SH SOLE 3,433,90200
CENTURYLINK INC COMCommon Stock1567001063,324175,859SH SOLE 175,85900
CERNER CORP COMCommon Stock1567821049,027126,570SH SOLE 126,57000
CHARLES RIV LABS INTL INC COMCommon Stock1598641071,15610,700SH SOLE 10,70000
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS INC N CL ACommon Stock16119P10815,95543,901SH SOLE 43,90100
CHEESECAKE FACTORY INC COMCommon Stock1630721012,55760,702SH SOLE 60,70200
CHEMOURS CO COMCommon Stock16385110823,817470,600SH SOLE 470,60000
CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock165167107010SH SOLE 1000
CHEVRON CORP NEW COMCommon Stock166764100165,1151,405,236SH SOLE 1,405,23600
CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO N V COMCommon Stock167250109291,700SH SOLE 1,70000
CHICOS FAS INC COMCommon Stock1686151027,067789,584SH SOLE 789,58400
CHILDRENS PL INC COMCommon Stock1689051078,95675,800SH SOLE 75,80000
CHUNGHWA TELECOM CO LTD SPON ADR NEW11Depository Receipt17133Q502010SH SOLE 1000
CHURCH & DWIGHT INC COMCommon Stock17134010222,317460,620SH SOLE 460,62000
CIENA CORP COM NEWCommon Stock17177930911,159507,900SH SOLE 507,90000
CIMAREX ENERGY CO COMCommon Stock1717981012,17319,113SH SOLE 19,11300
CINCINNATI FINL CORP COMCommon Stock1720621011081,411SH SOLE 1,41100
CISCO SYS INC COMCommon Stock17275R102250,8597,459,387SH SOLE 7,459,38700
CIRRUS LOGIC INC COMCommon Stock1727551008,558160,500SH SOLE 160,50000
CINTAS CORP COMCommon Stock1729081053,75926,052SH SOLE 26,05200
CITIGROUP INC COM NEWCommon Stock172967424420,2255,777,086SH SOLE 5,777,08600
CITIZENS FINL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock174610105119,9043,166,203SH SOLE 3,166,20300
CITRIX SYS INC COMCommon Stock17737610045,125587,411SH SOLE 587,41100
CLEAN HARBORS INC COMCommon Stock184496107621,100SH SOLE 1,10000
CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR HLDGS CL ACommon Stock18451C109173,700SH SOLE 3,70000
CLOROX CO DEL COMCommon Stock1890541091,52911,595SH SOLE 11,59500
CLOVIS ONCOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock1894641002,25827,400SH SOLE 27,40000
COACH INC COMCommon Stock18975410422,947569,683SH SOLE 569,68300
COCA COLA CO COMCommon Stock191216100405,8479,016,828SH SOLE 9,016,82800
COEUR MNG INC COM NEWCommon Stock1921085043,573388,800SH SOLE 388,80000
COGNEX CORP COMCommon Stock1924221038,00672,600SH SOLE 72,60000
COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIO CL ACommon Stock19244610255,227761,326SH SOLE 761,32600
COLFAX CORP COMCommon Stock19401410613,379321,310SH SOLE 321,31000
COLGATE PALMOLIVE CO COMCommon Stock194162103174,7182,398,320SH SOLE 2,398,32000
COLLIERS INTL GROUP INC SUB VTG SHSCommon Stock194693107491,000SH SOLE 1,00000
COLONY NORTHSTAR INC CL A COMREIT19625W1041,394111,000SH SOLE 111,00000
COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR CO COMCommon Stock1985161061,83529,800SH SOLE 29,80000
COMCAST CORP NEW CL ACommon Stock20030N10182,2712,138,012SH SOLE 2,138,01200
COMERICA INC COMCommon Stock20034010732,327423,909SH SOLE 423,90900
COMMERCIAL METALS CO COMCommon Stock2017231031015,300SH SOLE 5,30000
COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC COMCommon Stock2041661025,67393,300SH SOLE 93,30000
COMPANIA CERVECERIAS UNIDAS SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt2044291042,18481,104SH SOLE 81,10400
COMPANIA DE MINAS BUENAVENTU SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt2044481044,597359,425SH SOLE 359,42500
CONAGRA BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock20588710235,9081,064,251SH SOLE 1,064,25100
CONCHO RES INC COMCommon Stock20605P101111SH SOLE 1100
CONCORDIA INTERNATIONAL CORP COMCommon Stock20653P1022622,300SH SOLE 22,30000
CONDUENT INC COMCommon Stock20678710303SH SOLE 300
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMCommon Stock20825C10428,505569,530SH SOLE 569,53000
CONSOL ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock20854P10942,7172,521,669SH SOLE 2,521,66900
CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC COMCommon Stock20911510420,327251,951SH SOLE 251,95100
CONSTELLATION BRANDS INC CL ACommon Stock21036P10845,683229,046SH SOLE 229,04600
CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC COMCommon Stock21201510113,213342,210SH SOLE 342,21000
COOPER COS INC COM NEWCommon Stock216648402163689SH SOLE 68900
CORESITE RLTY CORP COMREIT21870Q10510,49693,800SH SOLE 93,80000
CORELOGIC INC COMCommon Stock21871D10317,368375,771SH SOLE 375,77100
CORECIVIC INC COMCommon Stock21871N1012,12379,300SH SOLE 79,30000
CORNING INC COMCommon Stock21935010534,7821,162,510SH SOLE 1,162,51000
COSTCO WHSL CORP NEW COMCommon Stock22160K1058,51251,810SH SOLE 51,81000
COTT CORP QUE COMCommon Stock22163N1062,744183,410SH SOLE 183,41000
COTY INC COM CL ACommon Stock22207020311,280682,391SH SOLE 682,39100
CRANE CO COMCommon Stock2243991054,73559,200SH SOLE 59,20000
CREE INC COMCommon Stock22544710122,299791,033SH SOLE 791,03300
CROCS INC COMCommon Stock22704610982585,100SH SOLE 85,10000
CROWN CASTLE INTL CORP NEW COMREIT22822V10196,043960,623SH SOLE 960,62300
CROWN HOLDINGS INC COMCommon Stock228368106120SH SOLE 2000
CTRIP COM INTL LTD AMERICAN DEP SHSDepository Receipt22943F10038,152723,399SH SOLE 723,39900
CUBESMART COMREIT2296631092138,200SH SOLE 8,20000
CUMMINS INC COMCommon Stock23102110675,542449,573SH SOLE 449,57300
CURTISS WRIGHT CORP COMCommon Stock23156110110,862103,900SH SOLE 103,90000
DCT INDUSTRIAL TRUST INC COM NEWCommon Stock2331532041,41324,400SH SOLE 24,40000
DDR CORP COMREIT23317H1022,274248,300SH SOLE 248,30000
D R HORTON INC COMCommon Stock23331A10929,521739,310SH SOLE 739,31000
DST SYS INC DEL COMCommon Stock23332610712,895234,976SH SOLE 234,97600
DTE ENERGY CO COMCommon Stock23333110725,064233,457SH SOLE 233,45700
DSW INC CL ACommon Stock23334L1027,363342,784SH SOLE 342,78400
DXC TECHNOLOGY CO COMCommon Stock23355L10630,625356,600SH SOLE 356,60000
DANA INCORPORATED COMCommon Stock2358252059,705347,100SH SOLE 347,10000
DANAHER CORP DEL COMCommon Stock23585110272,078840,267SH SOLE 840,26700
DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC COMCommon Stock237194105110SH SOLE 1000
DARLING INGREDIENTS INC COMCommon Stock23726610113,541772,900SH SOLE 772,90000
DAVITA INC COMCommon Stock23918K10826,390444,358SH SOLE 444,35800
DEAN FOODS CO NEW COM NEWCommon Stock2423702037,815718,335SH SOLE 718,33500
DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP COMCommon Stock2435371073,72754,485SH SOLE 54,48500
DEERE & CO COMCommon Stock24419910572,135574,369SH SOLE 574,36900
DELEK US HLDGS INC NEW COM ADDEDCommon Stock24665A1033,622135,500SH SOLE 135,50000
DELL TECHNOLOGIES INC COM CL VCommon Stock24703L1035,48471,031SH SOLE 71,03100
DELTA AIR LINES INC DEL COM NEWCommon Stock24736170231,625655,841SH SOLE 655,84100
DENISON MINES CORP COMCommon Stock2483561073371,100SH SOLE 71,10000
DENTSPLY SIRONA INC COMCommon Stock24906P1093,02650,600SH SOLE 50,60000
DESCARTES SYS GROUP INC COMCommon Stock2499061084,951181,971SH SOLE 181,97100
DEVON ENERGY CORP NEW COMCommon Stock25179M10324,325662,639SH SOLE 662,63900
DIAGEO P L C SPON ADR NEWDepository Receipt25243Q205110SH SOLE 1000
DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING IN COMCommon Stock25271C1022,745189,303SH SOLE 189,30300
DICKS SPORTING GOODS INC COMCommon Stock2533931028,246305,300SH SOLE 305,30000
DILLARDS INC CL ACommon Stock2540671015,05990,219SH SOLE 90,21900
DISNEY WALT CO COM DISNEYCommon Stock25468710615,516157,410SH SOLE 157,41000
DISCOVERY COMMUNICATNS NEW COM SER CCommon Stock25470F30220310,029SH SOLE 10,02900
DISH NETWORK CORP CL ACommon Stock25470M1091,02018,805SH SOLE 18,80500
DISCOVER FINL SVCS COMCommon Stock25470910849,014760,144SH SOLE 760,14400
DOLBY LABORATORIES INC COMCommon Stock25659T1071,45125,218SH SOLE 25,21800
DOLLAR GEN CORP NEW COMCommon Stock2566771058,340102,900SH SOLE 102,90000
DOLLAR TREE INC COMCommon Stock2567461083,25337,471SH SOLE 37,47100
DOMINION DIAMOND CORP COMCommon Stock2572871024,050286,300SH SOLE 286,30000
DOMINION ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock25746U10925,306328,951SH SOLE 328,95100
DONALDSON INC COMCommon Stock25765110916,212352,900SH SOLE 352,90000
DONNELLEY R R & SONS CO COMCommon Stock2578672003,000291,234SH SOLE 291,23400
DOUGLAS EMMETT INC COMCommon Stock25960P1091,21430,800SH SOLE 30,80000
DOVER CORP COMCommon Stock26000310843,630477,400SH SOLE 477,40000
DOWDUPONT INC COM ADDEDCommon Stock26078J100367,4405,307,519SH SOLE 5,307,51900
DR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP INC COMCommon Stock26138E10941,184465,513SH SOLE 465,51300
DRIL-QUIP INC COMCommon Stock262037104932,100SH SOLE 2,10000
DUKE ENERGY CORP NEW COM NEWCommon Stock26441C20471,429851,154SH SOLE 851,15400
DUKE REALTY CORP COM NEWREIT26441150538,9481,351,410SH SOLE 1,351,41000
DUN & BRADSTREET CORP DEL NE COMCommon Stock26483E1001,74615,000SH SOLE 15,00000
DYNEGY INC NEW DEL COMCommon Stock26817R1084,913501,800SH SOLE 501,80000
E L F BEAUTY INC COMCommon Stock26856L1031,35360,000SH SOLE 60,00000
EOG RES INC COMCommon Stock26875P10131,636327,024SH SOLE 327,02400
EQT CORP COMCommon Stock26884L109228SH SOLE 2800
EPR PPTYS COM SH BEN INTREIT26884U1094115,900SH SOLE 5,90000
E TRADE FINANCIAL CORP COM NEWCommon Stock26924640135,377811,221SH SOLE 811,22100
EAST WEST BANCORP INC COMCommon Stock27579R1043,86864,700SH SOLE 64,70000
EASTMAN CHEM CO COMCommon Stock27743210042,359468,105SH SOLE 468,10500
EBAY INC COMCommon Stock278642103123,6513,215,057SH SOLE 3,215,05700
ECOLAB INC COMCommon Stock2788651005,66044,010SH SOLE 44,01000
EDGEWELL PERS CARE CO COMCommon Stock28035Q1023,30445,410SH SOLE 45,41000
EDISON INTL COMCommon Stock28102010783,8341,086,352SH SOLE 1,086,35200
EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP COMCommon Stock28176E1086776,193SH SOLE 6,19300
ELDORADO GOLD CORP NEW COMCommon Stock2849021032,000909,010SH SOLE 909,01000
ELECTRONIC ARTS INC COMCommon Stock28551210952,066441,015SH SOLE 441,01500
EMBOTELLADORA ANDINA S A SPON ADR BDepository Receipt29081P303010SH SOLE 1000
EMCOR GROUP INC COMCommon Stock29084Q1008,485122,300SH SOLE 122,30000
EMERSON ELEC CO COMCommon Stock29101110415,873252,600SH SOLE 252,60000
ENBRIDGE INC COMCommon Stock29250N1051,25229,914SH SOLE 29,91400
ENERGEN CORP COMCommon Stock29265N10811,734214,600SH SOLE 214,60000
ENERGIZER HLDGS INC NEW COMCommon Stock29272W10976916,700SH SOLE 16,70000
ENEL AMERICAS S A SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt29274F104010SH SOLE 1000
ENERSYS COMCommon Stock29275Y1024,34462,800SH SOLE 62,80000
ENTERGY CORP NEW COMCommon Stock29364G10335,619466,458SH SOLE 466,45800
EPAM SYS INC COMCommon Stock29414B10481,470926,537SH SOLE 926,53700
EQUIFAX INC COMCommon Stock2944291052142,017SH SOLE 2,01700
EQUINIX INC COM PAR $0.001REIT29444U700112,892252,950SH SOLE 252,95000
EQUITY COMWLTH COM SH BEN INTREIT2946281021,96764,700SH SOLE 64,70000
EQUITY RESIDENTIAL SH BEN INTREIT29476L10771,8211,089,359SH SOLE 1,089,35900
ESSEX PPTY TR INC COMREIT29717810546,870184,505SH SOLE 184,50500
EVERCORE INC CLASS ACommon Stock29977A105801,000SH SOLE 1,00000
EVERSOURCE ENERGY COMCommon Stock30040W10827,902461,647SH SOLE 461,64700
EXACT SCIENCES CORP COMCommon Stock30063P10543,822930,000SH SOLE 930,00000
EXELON CORP COMCommon Stock30161N101166,4894,419,663SH SOLE 4,419,66300
EXELIXIS INC COMCommon Stock30161Q1049,011371,900SH SOLE 371,90000
EXPEDIA INC DEL COM NEWCommon Stock30212P30390,143626,251SH SOLE 626,25100
EXPEDITORS INTL WASH INC COMCommon Stock3021301091151,918SH SOLE 1,91800
EXPRESS INC COMCommon Stock30219E1035,556821,900SH SOLE 821,90000
EXPRESS SCRIPTS HLDG CO COMCommon Stock30219G10812,148191,853SH SOLE 191,85300
EXTRA SPACE STORAGE INC COMCommon Stock30225T1021,93924,259SH SOLE 24,25900
EXXON MOBIL CORP COMCommon Stock30231G10275,832925,010SH SOLE 925,01000
FLIR SYS INC COMCommon Stock3024451011,46737,700SH SOLE 37,70000
F M C CORP COM NEWCommon Stock30249130320,396228,373SH SOLE 228,37300
FACEBOOK INC CL ACommon Stock30303M102840,9254,921,429SH SOLE 4,921,42900
FAIRMOUNT SANTROL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock30555Q1087315,200SH SOLE 15,20000
FASTENAL CO COMCommon Stock31190010417,549385,022SH SOLE 385,02200
FEDERAL REALTY INVT TR SH BEN INT NEWREIT31374720616,575133,440SH SOLE 133,44000
FEDEX CORP COMCommon Stock31428X106814,8753,612,357SH SOLE 3,612,35700
F5 NETWORKS INC COMCommon Stock31561610215,459128,225SH SOLE 128,22500
FIBRIA CELULOSE S A SP ADR REP COMDepository Receipt31573A109010SH SOLE 1000
FIDELITY NATL INFORMATION SV COMCommon Stock31620M10612,204130,674SH SOLE 130,67400
FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL FNF GROUP COMCommon Stock31620R30323,908503,758SH SOLE 503,75800
FIFTH THIRD BANCORP COMCommon Stock3167731002,01371,930SH SOLE 71,93000
FINISAR CORP COM NEWCommon Stock31787A5075,566251,070SH SOLE 251,07000
FINISH LINE INC CL ACommon Stock3179231004,656387,008SH SOLE 387,00800
FIREEYE INC COMCommon Stock31816Q10154832,700SH SOLE 32,70000
FIRST AMERN FINL CORP COMCommon Stock31847R1023,58871,800SH SOLE 71,80000
FIRST DATA CORP NEW COM CL ACommon Stock32008D106266,84414,791,789SH SOLE 14,791,78900
FIRST HORIZON NATL CORP COMCommon Stock320517105653,400SH SOLE 3,40000
FIRST REP BK SAN FRANCISCO C COMCommon Stock33616C1002712,598SH SOLE 2,59800
FIRST SOLAR INC COMCommon Stock3364331074,992108,800SH SOLE 108,80000
FIRSTSERVICE CORP NEW SUB VTG SHCommon Stock33767E1036,955106,092SH SOLE 106,09200
FISERV INC COMCommon Stock3377381088,67267,245SH SOLE 67,24500
FIRSTENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock33793210754,7011,774,283SH SOLE 1,774,28300
FITBIT INC CL ACommon Stock33812L1025,504790,871SH SOLE 790,87100
FIVE PRIME THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock33830X10412,948316,500SH SOLE 316,50000
FLEETCOR TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock3390411053,87125,013SH SOLE 25,01300
FLUOR CORP NEW COMCommon Stock3434121026,385151,653SH SOLE 151,65300
FLOWERS FOODS INC COMCommon Stock3434981011,03655,100SH SOLE 55,10000
FLOWSERVE CORP COMCommon Stock34354P1052225,210SH SOLE 5,21000
FOOT LOCKER INC COMCommon Stock34484910413,976396,810SH SOLE 396,81000
FORD MTR CO DEL COM PAR $0.01Common Stock34537086017,3291,447,675SH SOLE 1,447,67500
FOREST CITY RLTY TR INC COM CL ACommon Stock3456051093,329130,500SH SOLE 130,50000
FORESTAR GROUP INC COM ADDEDCommon Stock3462321014,094238,000SH SOLE 238,00000
FORMFACTOR INC COMCommon Stock3463751082,275135,000SH SOLE 135,00000
FORTIS INC COMCommon Stock34955310712,638352,950SH SOLE 352,95000
FORTINET INC COMCommon Stock34959E1092,29764,100SH SOLE 64,10000
FORTIVE CORP COMCommon Stock34959J10826,458373,749SH SOLE 373,74900
FORTUNE BRANDS HOME & SEC IN COMCommon Stock34964C1061,50522,383SH SOLE 22,38300
FOSSIL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock34988V1061,152123,496SH SOLE 123,49600
FRANCESCAS HLDGS CORP COMCommon Stock3517931045,689773,000SH SOLE 773,00000
FRANCO NEVADA CORP COMCommon Stock3518581052,77835,950SH SOLE 35,95000
FRANKLIN RES INC COMCommon Stock35461310115,329344,387SH SOLE 344,38700
FREEPORT-MCMORAN INC CL BCommon Stock35671D85715,7931,124,890SH SOLE 1,124,89000
FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS CORP COM NEW ADDEDCommon Stock35906A3061,746148,084SH SOLE 148,08400
GEO GROUP INC NEW COMREIT36162J1062,14179,575SH SOLE 79,57500
GCP APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock36164Y1013,871126,100SH SOLE 126,10000
GGP INC COMREIT36174X10145822,046SH SOLE 22,04600
GNC HLDGS INC COM CL ACommon Stock36191G107465,200SH SOLE 5,20000
GMS INC COMCommon Stock36251C1032,47870,000SH SOLE 70,00000
GALLAGHER ARTHUR J & CO COMCommon Stock36357610914,895242,000SH SOLE 242,00000
GAMESTOP CORP NEW CL ACommon Stock36467W10912,582609,000SH SOLE 609,00000
GAP INC DEL COMCommon Stock36476010817,219583,110SH SOLE 583,11000
GARTNER INC COMCommon Stock3666511078,65969,600SH SOLE 69,60000
GENERAC HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock3687361042,94464,100SH SOLE 64,10000
GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP COMCommon Stock36955010879,596387,180SH SOLE 387,18000
GENERAL ELECTRIC CO COMCommon Stock36960410346,7841,934,809SH SOLE 1,934,80900
GENERAL MLS INC COMCommon Stock37033410412,754246,403SH SOLE 246,40300
GENERAL MTRS CO COMCommon Stock37045V10093,6012,318,010SH SOLE 2,318,01000
GENESCO INC COMCommon Stock3715321026,036226,900SH SOLE 226,90000
GENUINE PARTS CO COMCommon Stock3724601058,98993,976SH SOLE 93,97600
GILEAD SCIENCES INC COMCommon Stock375558103305,7203,773,394SH SOLE 3,773,39400
GILDAN ACTIVEWEAR INC COMCommon Stock3759161034,608147,810SH SOLE 147,81000
GLOBAL PMTS INC COMCommon Stock37940X1026,53968,812SH SOLE 68,81200
GOLDCORP INC NEW COMCommon Stock38095640924318,731SH SOLE 18,73100
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC COMCommon Stock38141G104185,071780,264SH SOLE 780,26400
GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBR CO COMCommon Stock3825501015,312159,759SH SOLE 159,75900
GOPRO INC CL ACommon Stock38268T10344040,000SH SOLE 40,00000
GRACE W R & CO DEL NEW COMCommon Stock38388F1084,76266,000SH SOLE 66,00000
GRAINGER W W INC COMCommon Stock38480210427,990155,718SH SOLE 155,71800
GRAN TIERRA ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock38500T1011,387613,064SH SOLE 613,06400
GRANITE REAL ESTATE INVT TR UNIT 99/99/9999Common Stock38743711420,922522,600SH SOLE 522,60000
GRAPHIC PACKAGING HLDG CO COMCommon Stock3886891013,128224,200SH SOLE 224,20000
GREAT PLAINS ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock39116410027,151896,058SH SOLE 896,05800
GREEN PLAINS INC COMCommon Stock3932221042,603129,200SH SOLE 129,20000
GROUPE CGI INC CL A SUB VTGCommon Stock39945C109474SH SOLE 7400
GROUPON INC COMCommon Stock3994731075911,300SH SOLE 11,30000
GRUBHUB INC COMCommon Stock40011010250,942967,371SH SOLE 967,37100
GULFPORT ENERGY CORP COM NEWCommon Stock4026353041,40197,700SH SOLE 97,70000
HCA HEALTHCARE INC COMCommon Stock40412C1017,22990,830SH SOLE 90,83000
HCP INC COMREIT40414L10948,1661,730,735SH SOLE 1,730,73500
HD SUPPLY HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock40416M10515,282423,674SH SOLE 423,67400
HMS HLDGS CORP COMCommon Stock40425J1013,354168,900SH SOLE 168,90000
HP INC COMCommon Stock40434L10546,6142,335,365SH SOLE 2,335,36500
HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock4052171008,732212,200SH SOLE 212,20000
HALLIBURTON CO COMCommon Stock40621610128,259613,926SH SOLE 613,92600
HANCOCK HLDG CO COMCommon Stock4101201091,59432,900SH SOLE 32,90000
HANESBRANDS INC COMCommon Stock4103451021,44658,683SH SOLE 58,68300
HARLEY DAVIDSON INC COMCommon Stock4128221088,702180,510SH SOLE 180,51000
HARRIS CORP DEL COMCommon Stock413875105863SH SOLE 6300
HARTFORD FINL SVCS GROUP INC COMCommon Stock4165151045,44098,135SH SOLE 98,13500
HASBRO INC COMCommon Stock41805610716,517169,110SH SOLE 169,11000
HAWAIIAN HOLDINGS INC COMCommon Stock4198791012,23459,500SH SOLE 59,50000
HEALTHSOUTH CORP COM NEWCommon Stock42192430911,309244,000SH SOLE 244,00000
HECLA MNG CO COMCommon Stock4227041062,696537,100SH SOLE 537,10000
HELMERICH & PAYNE INC COMCommon Stock4234521013,59669,010SH SOLE 69,01000
HERC HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock42704L1043907,930SH SOLE 7,93000
HERSHEY CO COMCommon Stock42786610852,445480,397SH SOLE 480,39700
HERTZ GLOBAL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock42806J1062,366105,800SH SOLE 105,80000
HESS CORP COMCommon Stock42809H1074,783102,010SH SOLE 102,01000
HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE C COMCommon Stock42824C10938,7602,634,925SH SOLE 2,634,92500
HIBBETT SPORTS INC COMCommon Stock42856710144231,000SH SOLE 31,00000
HIGHWOODS PPTYS INC COMCommon Stock4312841085,05897,100SH SOLE 97,10000
HILL ROM HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock4314751025487,400SH SOLE 7,40000
HILTON GRAND VACATIONS INC COMCommon Stock43283X1053,70896,000SH SOLE 96,00000
HIMAX TECHNOLOGIES INC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt43289P106948,600SH SOLE 8,60000
HILTON WORLDWIDE HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock43300A20311,240161,843SH SOLE 161,84300
HOLLYFRONTIER CORP COMCommon Stock43610610810,273285,610SH SOLE 285,61000
HOLOGIC INC COMCommon Stock4364401013,880105,754SH SOLE 105,75400
HOME DEPOT INC COMCommon Stock43707610267,101410,254SH SOLE 410,25400
HONEYWELL INTL INC COMCommon Stock43851610687,214615,310SH SOLE 615,31000
HORMEL FOODS CORP COMCommon Stock440452100248SH SOLE 4800
HOST HOTELS & RESORTS INC COMREIT44107P10431,4591,701,422SH SOLE 1,701,42200
HOVNANIAN ENTERPRISES INC CL ACommon Stock442487203865448,400SH SOLE 448,40000
HOWARD HUGHES CORP COMCommon Stock44267D10711,32196,000SH SOLE 96,00000
HUBBELL INC COMCommon Stock44351060714,862128,100SH SOLE 128,10000
HUBSPOT INC COMCommon Stock4435731001,19414,200SH SOLE 14,20000
HUDBAY MINERALS INC COMCommon Stock4436281022,901392,172SH SOLE 392,17200
HUDBAY MINERALS INC W EXP 07/20/201Listed Warrant44362813601,139SH SOLE 1,13900
HUMANA INC COMCommon Stock44485910278,471322,092SH SOLE 322,09200
HUNT J B TRANS SVCS INC COMCommon Stock44565810716,466148,239SH SOLE 148,23900
HUNTINGTON BANCSHARES INC COMCommon Stock4461501045,381385,483SH SOLE 385,48300
HUNTINGTON INGALLS INDS INC COMCommon Stock4464131069,74543,036SH SOLE 43,03600
HUNTSMAN CORP COMCommon Stock4470111077,952290,000SH SOLE 290,00000
HYATT HOTELS CORP COM CL ACommon Stock44857910231,188504,745SH SOLE 504,74500
IAC INTERACTIVECORP COMCommon Stock44919P508397,8123,383,327SH SOLE 3,383,32700
IPG PHOTONICS CORP COMCommon Stock44980X1098,01343,300SH SOLE 43,30000
ITT INC COMCommon Stock45073V1082,99767,696SH SOLE 67,69600
IBERIABANK CORP COMCommon Stock4508281081071,300SH SOLE 1,30000
IAMGOLD CORP COMCommon Stock4509131081,201196,782SH SOLE 196,78200
ICONIX BRAND GROUP INC COMCommon Stock451055107929163,322SH SOLE 163,32200
IDEXX LABS INC COMCommon Stock45168D10445,535292,851SH SOLE 292,85100
ILLINOIS TOOL WKS INC COMCommon Stock45230810911,29176,313SH SOLE 76,31300
ILLUMINA INC COMCommon Stock4523271093,82719,210SH SOLE 19,21000
IMPAX LABORATORIES INC COMCommon Stock45256B10191345,000SH SOLE 45,00000
IMPERIAL OIL LTD COM NEWCommon Stock45303840850115,710SH SOLE 15,71000
IMPERVA INC COMCommon Stock45321L10035800SH SOLE 80000
INCYTE CORP COMCommon Stock45337C10212,890110,415SH SOLE 110,41500
INFINERA CORPORATION COMCommon Stock45667G1032,241252,599SH SOLE 252,59900
INFOSYS LTD SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt4567881082,918200,010SH SOLE 200,01000
INGREDION INC COMCommon Stock45718710229,146241,595SH SOLE 241,59500
INSPERITY INC COMCommon Stock45778Q1074,17147,400SH SOLE 47,40000
INTEGRATED DEVICE TECHNOLOGY COMCommon Stock4581181062,13780,400SH SOLE 80,40000
INTEL CORP COMCommon Stock45814010053,8041,412,914SH SOLE 1,412,91400
INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE IN COMCommon Stock45866F10463,472923,900SH SOLE 923,90000
INTERDIGITAL INC COMCommon Stock45867G1015,01568,000SH SOLE 68,00000
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHS COMCommon Stock459200101186,7311,287,090SH SOLE 1,287,09000
INTL PAPER CO COMCommon Stock46014610335,694628,188SH SOLE 628,18800
INTERPUBLIC GROUP COS INC COMCommon Stock4606901002,789134,136SH SOLE 134,13600
INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC COM NEWCommon Stock46120E6022,1262,033SH SOLE 2,03300
INTUIT COMCommon Stock46120210359,858421,117SH SOLE 421,11700
INVESTORS BANCORP INC NEW COMCommon Stock46146L10138228,000SH SOLE 28,00000
IONIS PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock4622221006,018118,700SH SOLE 118,70000
IRON MTN INC NEW COMREIT46284V1018,011205,935SH SOLE 205,93500
ISHARES TR IBOXX INV CP ETFPublic Fund464287242212,4921,752,800SH SOLE 1,752,80000
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO COMCommon Stock46625H100955,57310,004,951SH SOLE 10,004,95100
JACK IN THE BOX INC COMCommon Stock46636710919,934195,582SH SOLE 195,58200
JACOBS ENGR GROUP INC DEL COMCommon Stock46981410711,787202,276SH SOLE 202,27600
JD COM INC SPON ADR CL ADepository Receipt47215P106194,1515,082,491SH SOLE 5,082,49100
JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORP COMCommon Stock4771431012,642142,600SH SOLE 142,60000
JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMCommon Stock478160104615,3204,732,866SH SOLE 4,732,86600
JONES LANG LASALLE INC COMCommon Stock48020Q1073,28526,600SH SOLE 26,60000
JUNIPER NETWORKS INC COMCommon Stock48203R10437,7001,354,648SH SOLE 1,354,64800
JUNO THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock48205A1096,581146,700SH SOLE 146,70000
KAR AUCTION SVCS INC COMCommon Stock48238T1091,40429,400SH SOLE 29,40000
KBR INC COMCommon Stock48242W1061,904106,476SH SOLE 106,47600
KLA-TENCOR CORP COMCommon Stock48248010027,841262,653SH SOLE 262,65300
KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN COM NEWCommon Stock48517030212,394114,042SH SOLE 114,04200
KB HOME COMCommon Stock48666K10917,463723,994SH SOLE 723,99400
KELLOGG CO COMCommon Stock4878361089,085145,661SH SOLE 145,66100
KENNAMETAL INC COMCommon Stock4891701008,350207,000SH SOLE 207,00000
KEYCORP NEW COMCommon Stock49326710829,2831,555,935SH SOLE 1,555,93500
KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock49338L1031754,200SH SOLE 4,20000
KILROY RLTY CORP COMREIT49427F10812,425174,700SH SOLE 174,70000
KIMBERLY CLARK CORP COMCommon Stock49436810341,119349,413SH SOLE 349,41300
KIMCO RLTY CORP COMREIT49446R1099,597490,912SH SOLE 490,91200
KINDER MORGAN INC DEL COMCommon Stock49456B10131,8221,659,110SH SOLE 1,659,11000
KINROSS GOLD CORP COM NO PARCommon Stock4969024047,2171,704,785SH SOLE 1,704,78500
KIRKLAND LAKE GOLD LTD COM ADDEDCommon Stock49741E1004,633360,376SH SOLE 360,37600
KITE PHARMA INC COMCommon Stock49803L10911,68865,000SH SOLE 65,00000
KNIGHT SWIFT TRANSN HLDGS IN CL A ADDEDCommon Stock4990491044,467107,508SH SOLE 107,50800
KNOWLES CORP COMCommon Stock49926D1094,447291,200SH SOLE 291,20000
KOHLS CORP COMCommon Stock50025510413,578297,437SH SOLE 297,43700
KRAFT HEINZ CO COMCommon Stock50075410648,311622,963SH SOLE 622,96300
KROGER CO COMCommon Stock50104410113,342665,125SH SOLE 665,12500
L BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock50179710420,133483,847SH SOLE 483,84700
LKQ CORP COMCommon Stock50188920810,167282,493SH SOLE 282,49300
LPL FINL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock50212V1005,219101,200SH SOLE 101,20000
L3 TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock50241310726,578141,048SH SOLE 141,04800
LA Z BOY INC COMCommon Stock5053361071,66862,000SH SOLE 62,00000
LABORATORY CORP AMER HLDGS COM NEWCommon Stock50540R40936,050238,788SH SOLE 238,78800
LAM RESEARCH CORP COMCommon Stock51280710829,395158,858SH SOLE 158,85800
LAMB WESTON HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock5132721044198,941SH SOLE 8,94100
LANDSTAR SYS INC COMCommon Stock51509810113,752138,000SH SOLE 138,00000
LAS VEGAS SANDS CORP COMCommon Stock51783410722,304347,635SH SOLE 347,63500
LATAM AIRLS GROUP S A SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt51817R1066,625500,010SH SOLE 500,01000
LAUDER ESTEE COS INC CL ACommon Stock51843910462,954583,771SH SOLE 583,77100
LEAR CORP COM NEWCommon Stock52186520414,78185,400SH SOLE 85,40000
LEIDOS HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock5253271024,29472,510SH SOLE 72,51000
LENDINGCLUB CORP COMCommon Stock52603A1094,056666,000SH SOLE 666,00000
LENNAR CORP CL ACommon Stock5260571046,315119,600SH SOLE 119,60000
LENNOX INTL INC COMCommon Stock5261071073,83021,400SH SOLE 21,40000
LEUCADIA NATL CORP COMCommon Stock52728810412,719503,723SH SOLE 503,72300
LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS INC COM NEWCommon Stock52729N30810,711200,989SH SOLE 200,98900
LIBERTY BROADBAND CORP COM SER ACommon Stock5303071071,42715,154SH SOLE 15,15400
LIBERTY BROADBAND CORP COM SER CCommon Stock5303073052,51526,386SH SOLE 26,38600
LIBERTY INTERACTIVE CORP QVC GP COM SER ACommon Stock53071M10479033,510SH SOLE 33,51000
LIBERTY PPTY TR SH BEN INTCommon Stock53117210418,034439,200SH SOLE 439,20000
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELAWARE COM A SIRIUSXMCommon Stock5312294092,36256,372SH SOLE 56,37200
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELAWARE COM C SIRIUSXMCommon Stock53122960720,701494,408SH SOLE 494,40800
LIFEPOINT HEALTH INC COMCommon Stock53219L1091,18720,500SH SOLE 20,50000
LILLY ELI & CO COMCommon Stock532457108185,9242,173,534SH SOLE 2,173,53400
LINCOLN ELEC HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock53390010622,546245,925SH SOLE 245,92500
LINCOLN NATL CORP IND COMCommon Stock53418710931,343426,545SH SOLE 426,54500
LITHIA MTRS INC CL ACommon Stock5367971031441,200SH SOLE 1,20000
LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT IN COMCommon Stock538034109252,0025,786,500SH SOLE 5,786,50000
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP COMCommon Stock53983010980,970260,950SH SOLE 260,95000
LOEWS CORP COMCommon Stock54042410819,628410,122SH SOLE 410,12200
LOGMEIN INC COMCommon Stock54142L1093,20429,110SH SOLE 29,11000
LOUISIANA PAC CORP COMCommon Stock54634710514,114521,200SH SOLE 521,20000
LOWES COS INC COMCommon Stock548661107143,6621,797,121SH SOLE 1,797,12100
LULULEMON ATHLETICA INC COMCommon Stock5500211095,13682,510SH SOLE 82,51000
LUMBER LIQUIDATORS HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock55003T1071,11928,700SH SOLE 28,70000
LUMENTUM HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock55024U1091,79933,100SH SOLE 33,10000
M & T BK CORP COMCommon Stock55261F10440,339250,491SH SOLE 250,49100
M D C HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock55267610817,483526,435SH SOLE 526,43500
MDU RES GROUP INC COMCommon Stock5526901092,56999,010SH SOLE 99,01000
MGIC INVT CORP WIS COMCommon Stock5528481031,289102,900SH SOLE 102,90000
MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL COMCommon Stock5529531015,496168,637SH SOLE 168,63700
MKS INSTRUMENT INC COMCommon Stock55306N10466700SH SOLE 70000
MRC GLOBAL INC COMCommon Stock55345K1035,261300,820SH SOLE 300,82000
MSC INDL DIRECT INC CL ACommon Stock55353010632,556430,800SH SOLE 430,80000
MSCI INC COMCommon Stock55354G1009,02377,182SH SOLE 77,18200
MSG NETWORK INC CL ACommon Stock553573106321,500SH SOLE 1,50000
MACERICH CO COMREIT55438210168,8491,252,483SH SOLE 1,252,48300
MACQUARIE INFRASTRUCTURE COR COMCommon Stock55608B1056,71393,000SH SOLE 93,00000
MACYS INC COMCommon Stock55616P1046,956318,773SH SOLE 318,77300
MADISON SQUARE GARDEN CO NEW CL ACommon Stock55825T1033,22615,066SH SOLE 15,06600
MAG SILVER CORP COMCommon Stock55903Q1042,384213,441SH SOLE 213,44100
MAGNA INTL INC COMCommon Stock5592224012,89854,420SH SOLE 54,42000
MANITOWOC INC COMCommon Stock56357110849454,900SH SOLE 54,90000
MANNKIND CORP COM NEWCommon Stock56400P7064721,460SH SOLE 21,46000
MANPOWERGROUP INC COMCommon Stock56418H10025,543216,800SH SOLE 216,80000
MANULIFE FINL CORP COMCommon Stock56501R10661,1903,023,613SH SOLE 3,023,61300
MARATHON OIL CORP COMCommon Stock56584910619,9651,472,329SH SOLE 1,472,32900
MARATHON PETE CORP COMCommon Stock56585A10234,495615,100SH SOLE 615,10000
MARKEL CORP COMCommon Stock5705351047,7207,229SH SOLE 7,22900
MARKETAXESS HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock57060D1082,19611,900SH SOLE 11,90000
MARSH & MCLENNAN COS INC COMCommon Stock57174810229,262349,145SH SOLE 349,14500
MARRIOTT INTL INC NEW CL ACommon Stock57190320245,357411,366SH SOLE 411,36600
MARTIN MARIETTA MATLS INC COMCommon Stock57328410623,798115,396SH SOLE 115,39600
MASCO CORP COMCommon Stock57459910614,367368,285SH SOLE 368,28500
MASIMO CORP COMCommon Stock5747951001,45416,800SH SOLE 16,80000
MASTEC INC COMCommon Stock5763231097,549162,700SH SOLE 162,70000
MASTERCARD INCORPORATED CL ACommon Stock57636Q1041,025,3687,261,810SH SOLE 7,261,81000
MATTEL INC COMCommon Stock5770811023,731241,010SH SOLE 241,01000
MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODS INC COMCommon Stock57772K10124,151506,210SH SOLE 506,21000
MCCORMICK & CO INC COM NON VTGCommon Stock57978020617,809173,510SH SOLE 173,51000
MCDERMOTT INTL INC COMCommon Stock5800371096,289865,100SH SOLE 865,10000
MCDONALDS CORP COMCommon Stock58013510197,884624,737SH SOLE 624,73700
MCKESSON CORP COMCommon Stock58155Q10363,075410,617SH SOLE 410,61700
MEDIDATA SOLUTIONS INC COMCommon Stock58471A10589,8631,151,200SH SOLE 1,151,20000
MELCO RESORT ENTERTAINMENT L ADRDepository Receipt5854641001124,655SH SOLE 4,65500
MERCK & CO INC COMCommon Stock58933Y105376,8425,885,391SH SOLE 5,885,39100
METHANEX CORP COMCommon Stock59151K10819,074380,459SH SOLE 380,45900
METLIFE INC COMCommon Stock59156R10874,2981,430,191SH SOLE 1,430,19100
METTLER TOLEDO INTERNATIONAL COMCommon Stock59268810528,49045,500SH SOLE 45,50000
MICHAELS COS INC COMCommon Stock59408Q1062,11198,300SH SOLE 98,30000
MICRO FOCUS INTERNATIONAL PL SPON ADR NEW ADDEDDepository Receipt5948373049,589300,602SH SOLE 300,60200
MICROSOFT CORP COMCommon Stock5949181041,153,61615,486,858SH SOLE 15,486,85800
MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock59511210356,2271,429,632SH SOLE 1,429,63200
MICROSEMI CORP COMCommon Stock59513710013,462261,500SH SOLE 261,50000
MID AMER APT CMNTYS INC COMCommon Stock59522J10330,730287,523SH SOLE 287,52300
MOBILE TELESYSTEMS PJSC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt60740910919,0201,821,797SH SOLE 1,821,79700
MOHAWK INDS INC COMCommon Stock6081901042,2309,011SH SOLE 9,01100
MOLINA HEALTHCARE INC COMCommon Stock60855R10010,907158,628SH SOLE 158,62800
MOLSON COORS BREWING CO CL BCommon Stock60871R20917,985220,302SH SOLE 220,30200
MONDELEZ INTL INC CL ACommon Stock609207105572,46614,079,346SH SOLE 14,079,34600
MONSANTO CO NEW COMCommon Stock61166W101160,8911,342,775SH SOLE 1,342,77500
MONSTER BEVERAGE CORP NEW COMCommon Stock61174X1095,730103,718SH SOLE 103,71800
MOODYS CORP COMCommon Stock6153691051,76712,694SH SOLE 12,69400
MORGAN STANLEY COM NEWCommon Stock617446448108,5582,253,635SH SOLE 2,253,63500
MOSAIC CO NEW COMCommon Stock61945C1035,420251,034SH SOLE 251,03400
MURPHY OIL CORP COMCommon Stock6267171027,628287,210SH SOLE 287,21000
MYRIAD GENETICS INC COMCommon Stock62855J1046,353175,600SH SOLE 175,60000
NRG ENERGY INC COM NEWCommon Stock6293775089,531372,468SH SOLE 372,46800
NVR INC COMCommon Stock62944T10588,53431,010SH SOLE 31,01000
NASDAQ INC COMCommon Stock6311031087,763100,072SH SOLE 100,07200
NATIONAL FUEL GAS CO N J COMCommon Stock6361801011,53427,100SH SOLE 27,10000
NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO INC COMCommon Stock6370711015,189145,220SH SOLE 145,22000
NAVIENT CORPORATION COMCommon Stock63938C1082,574171,400SH SOLE 171,40000
NETAPP INC COMCommon Stock64110D10447,6821,089,633SH SOLE 1,089,63300
NETFLIX INC COMCommon Stock64110L10610,73859,210SH SOLE 59,21000
NETEASE INC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt64110W1022387SH SOLE 8700
NEUROCRINE BIOSCIENCES INC COMCommon Stock64125C1091,18319,300SH SOLE 19,30000
NEW ORIENTAL ED & TECH GRP I SPON ADRDepository Receipt64758110757647SH SOLE 64700
NEW YORK CMNTY BANCORP INC COMCommon Stock64944510310,232793,780SH SOLE 793,78000
NEW YORK TIMES CO CL ACommon Stock6501111071,24163,300SH SOLE 63,30000
NEWELL BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock6512291061473,438SH SOLE 3,43800
NEWFIELD EXPL CO COMCommon Stock6512901082,56386,400SH SOLE 86,40000
NEWLINK GENETICS CORP COMCommon Stock65151110721220,800SH SOLE 20,80000
NEWMONT MINING CORP COMCommon Stock65163910676,3532,035,544SH SOLE 2,035,54400
NEWS CORP NEW CL ACommon Stock65249B1099,863743,839SH SOLE 743,83900
NEWS CORP NEW CL BCommon Stock65249B20824718,100SH SOLE 18,10000
NEXTERA ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock65339F101108,568740,823SH SOLE 740,82300
NIKE INC CL BCommon Stock654106103361,6546,975,000SH SOLE 6,975,00000
NISOURCE INC COMCommon Stock65473P10524,579960,499SH SOLE 960,49900
NOBLE ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock65504410519,059672,035SH SOLE 672,03500
NORBORD INC COM NEWCommon Stock65548P40312,367325,536SH SOLE 325,53600
NORDSON CORP COMCommon Stock6556631023442,900SH SOLE 2,90000
NORDSTROM INC COMCommon Stock65566410089819,047SH SOLE 19,04700
NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP COMCommon Stock65584410840,652307,409SH SOLE 307,40900
NORTHERN TR CORP COMCommon Stock66585910423,291253,356SH SOLE 253,35600
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP COMCommon Stock66680710215,08752,438SH SOLE 52,43800
NOVAVAX INC COMCommon Stock670002104647567,800SH SOLE 567,80000
NOVO-NORDISK A S ADRDepository Receipt67010020547,129978,800SH SOLE 978,80000
NU SKIN ENTERPRISES INC CL ACommon Stock67018T1059,858160,347SH SOLE 160,34700
NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS INC COMCommon Stock67020Y10020,2691,289,386SH SOLE 1,289,38600
NUCOR CORP COMCommon Stock67034610549,941891,169SH SOLE 891,16900
NUTANIX INC CL ACommon Stock67059N10858,4982,612,700SH SOLE 2,612,70000
NVIDIA CORP COMCommon Stock67066G104107,544601,575SH SOLE 601,57500
NUTRI SYS INC NEW COMCommon Stock67069D1081,24122,200SH SOLE 22,20000
OGE ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock6708371039,892274,555SH SOLE 274,55500
O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC NEW COMCommon Stock67103H10711,36552,769SH SOLE 52,76900
OBSIDIAN ENERGY LTD COMCommon Stock674482104010SH SOLE 1000
OCCIDENTAL PETE CORP DEL COMCommon Stock67459910516,310254,013SH SOLE 254,01300
OCEANEERING INTL INC COMCommon Stock6752321024,660177,400SH SOLE 177,40000
OIL STS INTL INC COMCommon Stock6780261051,33652,700SH SOLE 52,70000
OLD REP INTL CORP COMCommon Stock6802231041,12257,000SH SOLE 57,00000
OLIN CORP COM PAR $1Common Stock68066520519,256562,217SH SOLE 562,21700
OLLIES BARGAIN OUTLT HLDGS I COMCommon Stock6811161091,00721,700SH SOLE 21,70000
OMNICOM GROUP INC COMCommon Stock681919106110SH SOLE 1000
ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP COMCommon Stock6821891058,134440,400SH SOLE 440,40000
ONE GAS INC COMCommon Stock68235P1081,06814,500SH SOLE 14,50000
ONEOK INC NEW COMCommon Stock682680103465SH SOLE 6500
OPEN TEXT CORP COMCommon Stock68371510615,142470,390SH SOLE 470,39000
OPHTHOTECH CORP COMCommon Stock683745103510180,900SH SOLE 180,90000
ORACLE CORP COMCommon Stock68389X105229,6994,750,762SH SOLE 4,750,76200
OSHKOSH CORP COMCommon Stock68823920118,735226,986SH SOLE 226,98600
OWENS CORNING NEW COMCommon Stock69074210119,785255,780SH SOLE 255,78000
OWENS ILL INC COM NEWCommon Stock6907684032,637104,800SH SOLE 104,80000
PBF ENERGY INC CL ACommon Stock69318G10639814,400SH SOLE 14,40000
PDL BIOPHARMA INC COMCommon Stock69329Y104727214,500SH SOLE 214,50000
PG&E CORP COMCommon Stock69331C108106,0691,557,779SH SOLE 1,557,77900
PLDT INC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt69344D4083,07796,410SH SOLE 96,41000
PNC FINL SVCS GROUP INC COMCommon Stock693475105140,3581,041,462SH SOLE 1,041,46200
PPG INDS INC COMCommon Stock6935061079,97791,818SH SOLE 91,81800
PPL CORP COMCommon Stock69351T10664,6051,702,384SH SOLE 1,702,38400
PRA HEALTH SCIENCES INC COMCommon Stock69354M108911,200SH SOLE 1,20000
PVH CORP COMCommon Stock6936561005,62244,600SH SOLE 44,60000
PTC THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock69366J20046423,200SH SOLE 23,20000
PTC INC COMCommon Stock69370C1001,91434,000SH SOLE 34,00000
PACCAR INC COMCommon Stock69371810823,972331,374SH SOLE 331,37400
PACKAGING CORP AMER COMCommon Stock69515610925,258220,250SH SOLE 220,25000
PACWEST BANCORP DEL COMCommon Stock6952631032,03140,200SH SOLE 40,20000
PALO ALTO NETWORKS INC COMCommon Stock697435105114,014791,213SH SOLE 791,21300
PAN AMERICAN SILVER CORP COMCommon Stock69790010861336,056SH SOLE 36,05600
PANDORA MEDIA INC COMCommon Stock6983541078310,800SH SOLE 10,80000
PARKER HANNIFIN CORP COMCommon Stock70109410435,180201,006SH SOLE 201,00600
PATTERSON UTI ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock7034811013,183152,000SH SOLE 152,00000
PAYCHEX INC COMCommon Stock70432610712,030200,640SH SOLE 200,64000
PAYPAL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock70450Y1035,15480,487SH SOLE 80,48700
PEMBINA PIPELINE CORP COMCommon Stock706327103121SH SOLE 2100
PENGROWTH ENERGY CORP COMCommon Stock70706P1044,2444,179,775SH SOLE 4,179,77500
PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GRP INC COMCommon Stock70959W10389918,900SH SOLE 18,90000
PEPSICO INC COMCommon Stock713448108422,9583,795,730SH SOLE 3,795,73000
PFIZER INC COMCommon Stock717081103386,21110,818,226SH SOLE 10,818,22600
PHILIP MORRIS INTL INC COMCommon Stock718172109466,4654,202,010SH SOLE 4,202,01000
PHILLIPS 66 COMCommon Stock7185461048,83696,453SH SOLE 96,45300
PIER 1 IMPORTS INC COMCommon Stock7202791081,400334,100SH SOLE 334,10000
PILGRIMS PRIDE CORP NEW COMCommon Stock72147K1081,92167,600SH SOLE 67,60000
PINNACLE FOODS INC DEL COMCommon Stock72348P10411,222196,300SH SOLE 196,30000
PINNACLE WEST CAP CORP COMCommon Stock72348410121,077249,259SH SOLE 249,25900
PIONEER NAT RES CO COMCommon Stock72378710728,524193,328SH SOLE 193,32800
PITNEY BOWES INC COMCommon Stock72447910021,2271,515,100SH SOLE 1,515,10000
PLANET FITNESS INC CL ACommon Stock72703H1011,34950,000SH SOLE 50,00000
PLATFORM SPECIALTY PRODS COR COMCommon Stock72766Q1051,164104,410SH SOLE 104,41000
POLARIS INDS INC COMCommon Stock731068102654SH SOLE 5400
POLYONE CORP COMCommon Stock73179P1064,800119,900SH SOLE 119,90000
POOL CORPORATION COMCommon Stock73278L1053142,900SH SOLE 2,90000
PORTLAND GEN ELEC CO COM NEWCommon Stock73650884737,347818,300SH SOLE 818,30000
PORTOLA PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock7370101081783,300SH SOLE 3,30000
POST HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock7374461046,60374,800SH SOLE 74,80000
POTASH CORP SASK INC COMCommon Stock73755L1071,43074,459SH SOLE 74,45900
PRAXAIR INC COMCommon Stock74005P10478,308560,381SH SOLE 560,38100
PRECISION DRILLING CORP COM 2010Common Stock74022D30821870,394SH SOLE 70,39400
PRETIUM RES INC COMCommon Stock74139C1022,234241,900SH SOLE 241,90000
PRICE T ROWE GROUP INC COMCommon Stock74144T1082152,373SH SOLE 2,37300
PRICELINE GRP INC COM NEWCommon Stock74150340352,74628,810SH SOLE 28,81000
PRINCIPAL FINL GROUP INC COMCommon Stock74251V10222,611351,435SH SOLE 351,43500
PROCTER AND GAMBLE CO COMCommon Stock742718109554,2716,092,232SH SOLE 6,092,23200
PROGRESSIVE CORP OHIO COMCommon Stock74331510312,432256,763SH SOLE 256,76300
PROLOGIS INC COMREIT74340W103106,4831,677,953SH SOLE 1,677,95300
PROSPERITY BANCSHARES INC COMCommon Stock7436061051051,600SH SOLE 1,60000
PRUDENTIAL FINL INC COMCommon Stock74432010291,795863,385SH SOLE 863,38500
PUBLIC SVC ENTERPRISE GROUP COMCommon Stock74457310676,9851,664,537SH SOLE 1,664,53700
PUBLIC STORAGE COMREIT74460D10987,792410,263SH SOLE 410,26300
PULTE GROUP INC COMCommon Stock74586710127,8251,018,100SH SOLE 1,018,10000
PUMA BIOTECHNOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock74587V1072,31119,300SH SOLE 19,30000
QEP RES INC COMCommon Stock74733V1004,182488,000SH SOLE 488,00000
QORVO INC COMCommon Stock74736K1011,69523,982SH SOLE 23,98200
QUALCOMM INC COMCommon Stock747525103154,4162,978,705SH SOLE 2,978,70500
QUANTA SVCS INC COMCommon Stock74762E1027,344196,516SH SOLE 196,51600
QUEST DIAGNOSTICS INC COMCommon Stock74834L10047,692509,309SH SOLE 509,30900
QUINTILES IMS HOLDINGS INC COMCommon Stock74876Y1011,240,00513,043,069SH SOLE 13,043,06900
RLJ LODGING TR COMREIT74965L10157025,900SH SOLE 25,90000
RH COMCommon Stock74967X1031602,282SH SOLE 2,28200
RADIAN GROUP INC COMCommon Stock7502361012,359126,200SH SOLE 126,20000
RALPH LAUREN CORP CL ACommon Stock75121210116,670188,807SH SOLE 188,80700
RANGE RES CORP COMCommon Stock75281A1098,795449,418SH SOLE 449,41800
RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL INC COMCommon Stock75473010920,728245,800SH SOLE 245,80000
RAYTHEON CO COM NEWCommon Stock75511150738,529206,500SH SOLE 206,50000
REALOGY HLDGS CORP COMCommon Stock75605Y1063,364102,100SH SOLE 102,10000
REALTY INCOME CORP COMREIT75610910414,522253,932SH SOLE 253,93200
RED HAT INC COMCommon Stock75657710210,02490,420SH SOLE 90,42000
REGAL BELOIT CORP COMCommon Stock7587501034,61458,411SH SOLE 58,41100
REGENCY CTRS CORP COMREIT75884910310,817174,348SH SOLE 174,34800
REGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS COMCommon Stock75886F10716,17536,175SH SOLE 36,17500
REGIONS FINL CORP NEW COMCommon Stock7591EP10031,7492,084,630SH SOLE 2,084,63000
REINSURANCE GROUP AMER INC COM NEWCommon Stock7593516043,78127,100SH SOLE 27,10000
RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMINUM CO COMCommon Stock75950910225,259331,612SH SOLE 331,61200
RENT A CTR INC NEW COMCommon Stock76009N1006,398557,300SH SOLE 557,30000
REPUBLIC SVCS INC COMCommon Stock76075910033,037500,100SH SOLE 500,10000
RESMED INC COMCommon Stock7611521076,41983,406SH SOLE 83,40600
RESTAURANT BRANDS INTL INC COMCommon Stock76131D10390114,137SH SOLE 14,13700
REVANCE THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock76133010916,059582,900SH SOLE 582,90000
RICE ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock7627601062,19976,000SH SOLE 76,00000
RICHMONT MINES INC COMCommon Stock76547T10627829,900SH SOLE 29,90000
RITCHIE BROS AUCTIONEERS COMCommon Stock7677441051,18437,530SH SOLE 37,53000
RITE AID CORP COMCommon Stock7677541042,8201,438,710SH SOLE 1,438,71000
ROBERT HALF INTL INC COMCommon Stock77032310324,171480,158SH SOLE 480,15800
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INC COMCommon Stock77390310941,340231,974SH SOLE 231,97400
ROCKWELL COLLINS INC COMCommon Stock77434110140,468309,600SH SOLE 309,60000
ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC CL BCommon Stock77510920013,828268,799SH SOLE 268,79900
ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock776696106311SH SOLE 1100
ROSS STORES INC COMCommon Stock77829610311,730181,669SH SOLE 181,66900
ROYAL BK CDA MONTREAL QUE COMCommon Stock780087102184,1952,386,201SH SOLE 2,386,20100
ROYAL GOLD INC COMCommon Stock7802871082,10824,500SH SOLE 24,50000
RYDER SYS INC COMCommon Stock78354910821,593255,388SH SOLE 255,38800
S&P GLOBAL INC COMCommon Stock78409V10466,410424,863SH SOLE 424,86300
SEI INVESTMENTS CO COMCommon Stock78411710313,416219,716SH SOLE 219,71600
SL GREEN RLTY CORP COMREIT78440X1011,78417,611SH SOLE 17,61100
SLM CORP COMCommon Stock78442P1061,248108,800SH SOLE 108,80000
SM ENERGY CO COMCommon Stock78454L1002,553143,900SH SOLE 143,90000
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR TR UNITPublic Fund78462F1036,68326,600SH SOLE 26,60000
SSR MNG INC COM ADDEDCommon Stock7847301032,066195,435SH SOLE 195,43500
SVB FINL GROUP COMCommon Stock78486Q1013,55519,000SH SOLE 19,00000
SAGE THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock78667J10850800SH SOLE 80000
SALESFORCE COM INC COMCommon Stock79466L30286,561926,584SH SOLE 926,58400
SALLY BEAUTY HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock79546E1044,362222,800SH SOLE 222,80000
SANTANDER CONSUMER USA HDG I COMCommon Stock80283M1012,914189,600SH SOLE 189,60000
SAP SE SPON ADRDepository Receipt80305420433,601306,437SH SOLE 306,43700
SAREPTA THERAPEUTICS INC COMCommon Stock8036071001,36530,100SH SOLE 30,10000
SCANA CORP NEW COMCommon Stock80589M10223,592486,538SH SOLE 486,53800
SCHEIN HENRY INC COMCommon Stock8064071027,24488,349SH SOLE 88,34900
SCHLUMBERGER LTD COMCommon Stock80685710855,771799,465SH SOLE 799,46500
SCHWAB CHARLES CORP NEW COMCommon Stock80851310514,900340,639SH SOLE 340,63900
SCIENTIFIC GAMES CORP CL ACommon Stock80874P1096,524142,300SH SOLE 142,30000
SCRIPPS NETWORKS INTERACT IN CL A COMCommon Stock81106510113,142153,010SH SOLE 153,01000
SEALED AIR CORP NEW COMCommon Stock81211K10014,098330,001SH SOLE 330,00100
SEARS HLDGS CORP COMCommon Stock81235010649367,500SH SOLE 67,50000
SEATTLE GENETICS INC COMCommon Stock8125781023,78169,500SH SOLE 69,50000
SELECT COMFORT CORP COMCommon Stock81616X1038,002257,700SH SOLE 257,70000
SEMGROUP CORP CL ACommon Stock81663A10550617,600SH SOLE 17,60000
SEMPRA ENERGY COMCommon Stock81685110946,037403,376SH SOLE 403,37600
SENIOR HSG PPTYS TR SH BEN INTREIT81721M1091,35969,500SH SOLE 69,50000
SERVICE CORP INTL COMCommon Stock8175651044,806139,300SH SOLE 139,30000
SERVICEMASTER GLOBAL HLDGS I COMCommon Stock81761R1091,59834,200SH SOLE 34,20000
SERVICENOW INC COMCommon Stock81762P10212,185103,674SH SOLE 103,67400
SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO COMCommon Stock82434810643,848122,466SH SOLE 122,46600
SHIRE PLC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt82481R106210SH SOLE 1000
SHOPIFY INC CL ACommon Stock82509L10755,650477,948SH SOLE 477,94800
SHUTTERFLY INC COMCommon Stock82568P3046,270129,340SH SOLE 129,34000
SIGNATURE BK NEW YORK N Y COMCommon Stock82669G1048456,600SH SOLE 6,60000
SILICON MOTION TECHNOLOGY CO SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt82706C1083,12265,010SH SOLE 65,01000
SILVERCORP METALS INC COMCommon Stock82835P10323285,900SH SOLE 85,90000
SIMON PPTY GROUP INC NEW COMREIT828806109133,881831,508SH SOLE 831,50800
SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP INC CL ACommon Stock8292261093,19299,600SH SOLE 99,60000
SIRIUS XM HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock82968B1035,516999,345SH SOLE 999,34500
SIX FLAGS ENTMT CORP NEW COMCommon Stock83001A10214,394236,200SH SOLE 236,20000
SKECHERS U S A INC CL ACommon Stock8305661053,781150,700SH SOLE 150,70000
SMITH A O COMCommon Stock8318652092,78146,800SH SOLE 46,80000
SMUCKER J M CO COM NEWCommon Stock83269640514,953142,506SH SOLE 142,50600
SNAP ON INC COMCommon Stock8330341018815,914SH SOLE 5,91400
SOCIEDAD QUIMICA MINERA DE C SPON ADR SER BDepository Receipt8336351057,211129,551SH SOLE 129,55100
SONIC CORP COMCommon Stock8354511057,639300,140SH SOLE 300,14000
SOTHEBYS COMCommon Stock8358981075,309115,140SH SOLE 115,14000
SOUTHERN CO COMCommon Stock84258710751,8691,055,536SH SOLE 1,055,53600
SOUTHERN COPPER CORP COMCommon Stock84265V10526666SH SOLE 66600
SOUTHWEST AIRLS CO COMCommon Stock84474110872,8591,301,514SH SOLE 1,301,51400
SOUTHWEST GAS HOLDINGS INC COMCommon Stock8448951022,75635,500SH SOLE 35,50000
SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY CO COMCommon Stock8454671095,008819,710SH SOLE 819,71000
SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS HLDGS INC COM CL ACommon Stock84857410910,826139,300SH SOLE 139,30000
SPIRIT AIRLS INC COMCommon Stock8485771022,67680,100SH SOLE 80,10000
SPIRIT RLTY CAP INC NEW COMREIT84860W1022,053239,500SH SOLE 239,50000
SPRINT CORP COM SER 1Common Stock85207U105607,710SH SOLE 7,71000
SPROUTS FMRS MKT INC COMCommon Stock85208M10237019,686SH SOLE 19,68600
STANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC COMCommon Stock8545021018,74357,912SH SOLE 57,91200
STARBUCKS CORP COMCommon Stock855244109100,5641,872,360SH SOLE 1,872,36000
STARS GROUP INC COM ADDEDCommon Stock85570W1007,817383,400SH SOLE 383,40000
STARWOOD PPTY TR INC COMREIT85571B1054,583211,000SH SOLE 211,00000
STATE STR CORP COMCommon Stock85747710331,462329,303SH SOLE 329,30300
STEEL DYNAMICS INC COMCommon Stock85811910018,781544,861SH SOLE 544,86100
STERICYCLE INC COMCommon Stock858912108221SH SOLE 2100
STORE CAP CORP COMREIT862121100702,800SH SOLE 2,80000
STRYKER CORP COMCommon Stock8636671014,27230,082SH SOLE 30,08200
STUDENT TRANSN INC COMCommon Stock86388A10833155,587SH SOLE 55,58700
SUN CMNTYS INC COMREIT866674104941,100SH SOLE 1,10000
SUN LIFE FINL INC COMCommon Stock86679610534,581870,369SH SOLE 870,36900
SUNCOR ENERGY INC NEW COMCommon Stock86722410715,031429,888SH SOLE 429,88800
SUNSTONE HOTEL INVS INC NEW COMCommon Stock86789210199161,666SH SOLE 61,66600
SUNTRUST BKS INC COMCommon Stock86791410344,840750,215SH SOLE 750,21500
SUPERIOR ENERGY SVCS INC COMCommon Stock8681571082,314216,700SH SOLE 216,70000
SYMANTEC CORP COMCommon Stock8715031085,022153,059SH SOLE 153,05900
SYNCHRONOSS TECHNOLOGIES INC COMCommon Stock87157B1031,815194,500SH SOLE 194,50000
SYNAPTICS INC COMCommon Stock87157D1097,037179,600SH SOLE 179,60000
SYNOPSYS INC COMCommon Stock87160710774,812929,000SH SOLE 929,00000
SYNOVUS FINL CORP COM NEWCommon Stock87161C5013,11467,600SH SOLE 67,60000
SYNNEX CORP COMCommon Stock87162W1002782,200SH SOLE 2,20000
SYNCHRONY FINL COMCommon Stock87165B10390,9822,930,174SH SOLE 2,930,17400
SYSCO CORP COMCommon Stock87182910713,778255,386SH SOLE 255,38600
TD AMERITRADE HLDG CORP COMCommon Stock87236Y1086,022123,409SH SOLE 123,40900
TJX COS INC NEW COMCommon Stock87254010920,302275,360SH SOLE 275,36000
T MOBILE US INC COMCommon Stock87259010415,002243,310SH SOLE 243,31000
TABLEAU SOFTWARE INC CL ACommon Stock87336U1058,478113,200SH SOLE 113,20000
TAHOE RES INC COMCommon Stock87386810312624,035SH SOLE 24,03500
TAILORED BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock87403A1073,172219,700SH SOLE 219,70000
TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWAR COMCommon Stock87405410935,310345,400SH SOLE 345,40000
TARGET CORP COMCommon Stock87612E10630,916523,917SH SOLE 523,91700
TARGA RES CORP COMCommon Stock87612G1018,764185,282SH SOLE 185,28200
TAUBMAN CTRS INC COMREIT87666410364613,000SH SOLE 13,00000
TECH DATA CORP COMCommon Stock8782371068269,300SH SOLE 9,30000
TECK RESOURCES LTD CL BCommon Stock8787422046,163293,401SH SOLE 293,40100
TEGNA INC COMCommon Stock87901J10513,6911,027,070SH SOLE 1,027,07000
TELEFONICA BRASIL SA SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt87936R1061,10970,010SH SOLE 70,01000
TELUS CORP COMCommon Stock87971M10343,9061,223,510SH SOLE 1,223,51000
TENNECO INC COMCommon Stock88034910511,012181,500SH SOLE 181,50000
TERADATA CORP DEL COMCommon Stock88076W10328,352839,067SH SOLE 839,06700
TERADYNE INC COMCommon Stock88077010232,189863,201SH SOLE 863,20100
TEREX CORP NEW COMCommon Stock8807791033,25972,400SH SOLE 72,40000
TERNIUM SA SPON ADRDepository Receipt8808901081,75756,805SH SOLE 56,80500
TESLA INC COMCommon Stock88160R1015,85817,174SH SOLE 17,17400
TETRAPHASE PHARMACEUTICALS I COMCommon Stock88165N10517,4702,554,100SH SOLE 2,554,10000
TEXAS CAPITAL BANCSHARES INC COMCommon Stock88224Q1073864,500SH SOLE 4,50000
TEXAS INSTRS INC COMCommon Stock882508104125,7441,402,763SH SOLE 1,402,76300
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC COMCommon Stock88355610245,893242,561SH SOLE 242,56100
THOMSON REUTERS CORP COMCommon Stock88490310518,944413,831SH SOLE 413,83100
3M CO COMCommon Stock88579Y10119,60193,382SH SOLE 93,38200
TIFFANY & CO NEW COMCommon Stock88654710819,596213,510SH SOLE 213,51000
TIM PARTICIPACOES S A SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt88706P205316,29217,302,600SH SOLE 17,302,60000
TIME INC NEW COMCommon Stock8872281043,897288,700SH SOLE 288,70000
TIME WARNER INC COM NEWCommon Stock887317303242,4332,366,350SH SOLE 2,366,35000
TIMKEN CO COMCommon Stock88738910419,124393,900SH SOLE 393,90000
TIVO CORP COMCommon Stock88870P10622611,400SH SOLE 11,40000
TOLL BROTHERS INC COMCommon Stock88947810310,500253,200SH SOLE 253,20000
TOPBUILD CORP COMCommon Stock89055F103110SH SOLE 1000
TORCHMARK CORP COMCommon Stock89102710412,627157,661SH SOLE 157,66100
TORO CO COMCommon Stock89109210810,811174,200SH SOLE 174,20000
TORONTO DOMINION BK ONT COM NEWCommon Stock891160509157,8062,809,388SH SOLE 2,809,38800
TOTAL SYS SVCS INC COMCommon Stock8919061093,88959,370SH SOLE 59,37000
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO COMCommon Stock8923561069,539150,716SH SOLE 150,71600
TRANSALTA CORP COMCommon Stock89346D10717,7383,038,936SH SOLE 3,038,93600
TRANSCANADA CORP COMCommon Stock89353D1074,02781,667SH SOLE 81,66700
TRANSDIGM GROUP INC COMCommon Stock893641100311SH SOLE 1100
TRANSUNION COMCommon Stock89400J107992,100SH SOLE 2,10000
TRAVELERS COMPANIES INC COMCommon Stock89417E10972,807594,243SH SOLE 594,24300
TRIMBLE INC COMCommon Stock89623910014,224362,399SH SOLE 362,39900
TRINITY INDS INC COMCommon Stock8965221093,611113,200SH SOLE 113,20000
TRIUMPH GROUP INC NEW COMCommon Stock89681810139913,400SH SOLE 13,40000
TRIPADVISOR INC COMCommon Stock8969452011503,710SH SOLE 3,71000
TURQUOISE HILL RES LTD COMCommon Stock90043510824,8248,043,057SH SOLE 8,043,05700
TWENTY FIRST CENTY FOX INC CL ACommon Stock90130A1016,215235,611SH SOLE 235,61100
TWENTY FIRST CENTY FOX INC CL BCommon Stock90130A20013,488523,000SH SOLE 523,00000
TWITTER INC COMCommon Stock90184L1029,603569,252SH SOLE 569,25200
II VI INC COMCommon Stock9021041081,96747,800SH SOLE 47,80000
TYSON FOODS INC CL ACommon Stock90249410360,617860,424SH SOLE 860,42400
UDR INC COMREIT90265310430,864811,566SH SOLE 811,56600
UGI CORP NEW COMCommon Stock90268110530,361647,908SH SOLE 647,90800
US BANCORP DEL COM NEWCommon Stock902973304153,6332,866,820SH SOLE 2,866,82000
ULTA BEAUTY INC COMCommon Stock90384S30370310SH SOLE 31000
ULTRAGENYX PHARMACEUTICAL IN COMCommon Stock90400D1083306,200SH SOLE 6,20000
UMPQUA HLDGS CORP COMCommon Stock9042141031,50477,100SH SOLE 77,10000
UNDER ARMOUR INC CL ACommon Stock90431110763538,520SH SOLE 38,52000
UNDER ARMOUR INC CL CCommon Stock904311206644,235SH SOLE 4,23500
UNILEVER PLC SPON ADR NEWDepository Receipt9047677044,34875,010SH SOLE 75,01000
UNION PAC CORP COMCommon Stock907818108412,6223,558,005SH SOLE 3,558,00500
UNITED CONTL HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock91004710946,660766,432SH SOLE 766,43200
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC CL BCommon Stock9113121069,64580,312SH SOLE 80,31200
UNITED RENTALS INC COMCommon Stock91136310910,66476,866SH SOLE 76,86600
US FOODS HLDG CORP COMCommon Stock9120081091013,800SH SOLE 3,80000
UNITED STATES STL CORP NEW COMCommon Stock9129091081,00839,300SH SOLE 39,30000
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP COMCommon Stock91301710925,967223,695SH SOLE 223,69500
UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP DEL COMCommon Stock91307C1024,40537,592SH SOLE 37,59200
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC COMCommon Stock91324P102263,9291,347,609SH SOLE 1,347,60900
UNITI GROUP INC COMREIT91325V1081,15578,800SH SOLE 78,80000
UNIVAR INC COMCommon Stock91336L1075,479189,400SH SOLE 189,40000
UNIVERSAL FST PRODS INC COMCommon Stock9135431042,35624,000SH SOLE 24,00000
UNIVERSAL HLTH SVCS INC CL BCommon Stock9139031001,73315,622SH SOLE 15,62200
UNUM GROUP COMCommon Stock91529Y1063,04259,505SH SOLE 59,50500
URBAN OUTFITTERS INC COMCommon Stock9170471024,000167,362SH SOLE 167,36200
V F CORP COMCommon Stock9182041087,507118,090SH SOLE 118,09000
VEON LTD SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt91822M1064,4031,053,245SH SOLE 1,053,24500
VALEANT PHARMACEUTICALS INTL COMCommon Stock91911K10259141,306SH SOLE 41,30600
VALERO ENERGY CORP NEW COMCommon Stock91913Y10034,436447,624SH SOLE 447,62400
VALMONT INDS INC COMCommon Stock92025310120,479129,534SH SOLE 129,53400
VALVOLINE INC COMCommon Stock92047W101010SH SOLE 1000
VANTIV INC CL ACommon Stock92210H10520,337288,595SH SOLE 288,59500
VAREX IMAGING CORP COMCommon Stock92214X106010SH SOLE 1000
VARIAN MED SYS INC COMCommon Stock92220P10520,337203,249SH SOLE 203,24900
VASCO DATA SEC INTL INC COMCommon Stock92230Y10441234,200SH SOLE 34,20000
VEECO INSTRS INC DEL COMCommon Stock92241710012,592588,400SH SOLE 588,40000
VEEVA SYS INC CL A COMCommon Stock92247510810,656188,900SH SOLE 188,90000
VENTAS INC COMREIT92276F10034,652532,038SH SOLE 532,03800
VEREIT INC COMREIT92339V10033,6394,057,781SH SOLE 4,057,78100
VERISIGN INC COMCommon Stock92343E1021,90517,910SH SOLE 17,91000
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC COMCommon Stock92343V104515,82110,422,739SH SOLE 10,422,73900
VERINT SYS INC COMCommon Stock92343X1006,503155,400SH SOLE 155,40000
VERISK ANALYTICS INC COMCommon Stock92345Y1064014,818SH SOLE 4,81800
VERMILION ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock92372510511,373320,722SH SOLE 320,72200
VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS INC COMCommon Stock92532F10028,835189,655SH SOLE 189,65500
VERSUM MATLS INC COMCommon Stock92532W1032,13555,000SH SOLE 55,00000
VIACOM INC NEW CL ACommon Stock92553P1021032,800SH SOLE 2,80000
VIACOM INC NEW CL BCommon Stock92553P2014,204151,010SH SOLE 151,01000
VIAVI SOLUTIONS INC COMCommon Stock92555010518,9402,002,100SH SOLE 2,002,10000
VIPSHOP HLDGS LTD SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt92763W103010SH SOLE 1000
VISA INC COM CL ACommon Stock92826C83911,000104,521SH SOLE 104,52100
VISTEON CORP COM NEWCommon Stock92839U20618,293147,800SH SOLE 147,80000
VITAMIN SHOPPE INC COMCommon Stock92849E1013,491652,600SH SOLE 652,60000
VMWARE INC CL A COMCommon Stock928563402112SH SOLE 1200
VORNADO RLTY TR SH BEN INTREIT92904210921,680281,999SH SOLE 281,99900
VOYA FINL INC COMCommon Stock92908910017,885448,346SH SOLE 448,34600
VULCAN MATLS CO COMCommon Stock92916010918,272152,777SH SOLE 152,77700
WABCO HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock92927K10223,401158,113SH SOLE 158,11300
WEC ENERGY GROUP INC COMCommon Stock92939U10618,146289,043SH SOLE 289,04300
WABTEC CORP COMCommon Stock929740108112SH SOLE 1200
WAL-MART STORES INC COMCommon Stock931142103164,1272,100,419SH SOLE 2,100,41900
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE INC COMCommon Stock931427108164,0092,123,913SH SOLE 2,123,91300
WASTE CONNECTIONS INC COMCommon Stock94106B10119,023272,653SH SOLE 272,65300
WASTE MGMT INC DEL COMCommon Stock94106L10947,107601,847SH SOLE 601,84700
WATERS CORP COMCommon Stock94184810315,56486,700SH SOLE 86,70000
WEIBO CORP SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt948596101110SH SOLE 1000
WEIGHT WATCHERS INTL INC NEW COMCommon Stock9486261064,751109,100SH SOLE 109,10000
WEINGARTEN RLTY INVS SH BEN INTCommon Stock9487411031,22238,500SH SOLE 38,50000
WELLCARE HEALTH PLANS INC COMCommon Stock94946T1069,01652,500SH SOLE 52,50000
WELLS FARGO CO NEW COMCommon Stock949746101395,5487,172,216SH SOLE 7,172,21600
WELLTOWER INC COMREIT95040Q10435,984512,006SH SOLE 512,00600
WENDYS CO COMCommon Stock95058W10022,2701,434,000SH SOLE 1,434,00000
WESCO INTL INC COMCommon Stock95082P10517,277296,600SH SOLE 296,60000
WESTAR ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock95709T100751,510SH SOLE 1,51000
WESTERN ALLIANCE BANCORP COMCommon Stock9576381091332,500SH SOLE 2,50000
WESTERN DIGITAL CORP COMCommon Stock95810210565,565758,853SH SOLE 758,85300
WESTERN UN CO COMCommon Stock9598021094,816250,854SH SOLE 250,85400
WESTLAKE CHEM CORP COMCommon Stock9604131028,14197,983SH SOLE 97,98300
WESTROCK CO COMCommon Stock96145D10549,235867,884SH SOLE 867,88400
WEYERHAEUSER CO COMCommon Stock96216610490,4792,658,788SH SOLE 2,658,78800
WHIRLPOOL CORP COMCommon Stock96332010622,596122,510SH SOLE 122,51000
WHITING PETE CORP NEW COMCommon Stock966387102010SH SOLE 1000
WILLIAMS COS INC DEL COMCommon Stock96945710011,902396,610SH SOLE 396,61000
WILLIAMS SONOMA INC COMCommon Stock9699041013096,200SH SOLE 6,20000
WINTRUST FINL CORP COMCommon Stock97650W108861,100SH SOLE 1,10000
WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE INC COMCommon Stock9780971035,014173,800SH SOLE 173,80000
WORKDAY INC CL ACommon Stock98138H101330SH SOLE 3000
WORLD FUEL SVCS CORP COMCommon Stock9814751062276,700SH SOLE 6,70000
WPX ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock98212B1033,308287,620SH SOLE 287,62000
WYNDHAM WORLDWIDE CORP COMCommon Stock98310W10832,762310,810SH SOLE 310,81000
WYNN RESORTS LTD COMCommon Stock98313410719,361130,010SH SOLE 130,01000
XPO LOGISTICS INC COMCommon Stock9837931008,384123,700SH SOLE 123,70000
XCEL ENERGY INC COMCommon Stock98389B10051410,861SH SOLE 10,86100
XILINX INC COMCommon Stock983919101128,6501,816,314SH SOLE 1,816,31400
XEROX CORP COM NEWCommon Stock98412160811,871356,579SH SOLE 356,57900
XYLEM INC COMCommon Stock98419M1008,776140,117SH SOLE 140,11700
YAMANA GOLD INC COMCommon Stock98462Y1006,5462,480,747SH SOLE 2,480,74700
YELP INC CL ACommon Stock98581710556313,000SH SOLE 13,00000
YUM BRANDS INC COMCommon Stock98849810136,121490,710SH SOLE 490,71000
YUM CHINA HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock98850P1096,635166,012SH SOLE 166,01200
ZAYO GROUP HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock98919V10584,9352,467,609SH SOLE 2,467,60900
ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORP CL ACommon Stock9892071058,68780,008SH SOLE 80,00800
ZENDESK INC COMCommon Stock98936J1011053,600SH SOLE 3,60000
ZILLOW GROUP INC CL ACommon Stock98954M1011,93548,200SH SOLE 48,20000
ZIMMER BIOMET HLDGS INC COMCommon Stock98956P10210,22887,355SH SOLE 87,35500
ZIOPHARM ONCOLOGY INC COMCommon Stock98973P10128646,600SH SOLE 46,60000
ZOETIS INC CL ACommon Stock98978V1031,58824,909SH SOLE 24,90900
ZTO EXPRESS CAYMAN INC SPONSORED ADRDepository Receipt98980A1051,22086,929SH SOLE 86,92900
ZYNGA INC CL ACommon Stock98986T10811,4853,038,300SH SOLE 3,038,30000