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Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of the Registrant

  State of Incorporation or
Halcón Resources Operating, Inc   Delaware
Halcón Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
HRC Energy Resources (WV), Inc.    Delaware
HRC Energy Louisiana, LLC   Delaware
HRC Production Company.    Texas
Halcón Energy Properties, Inc.    Delaware
Halcón Operating Co., Inc.    Texas
Halcón Gulf States, LLC   Oklahoma
Halcón Energy Holdings, LLC   Delaware
Halcón Field Services, LLC   Delaware
Halcón Louisiana Operating, L.P.    Delaware
HRC Energy, LLC   Colorado
HRC Operating, LLC   Colorado
HK Oil & Gas, LLC   Texas
Halcón Williston I, LLC   Texas
Halcón Williston II, LLC   Texas
HK Energy, LLC   Texas
HK Louisiana Operating, LLC   Texas
HK Energy Operating, LLC.    Texas
HK TMS, LLC   Delaware
HK Resources, LLC   Delaware
The 7711 Corporation   Texas



Subsidiaries of the Registrant