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1933 Act Rule 497(c)

1933 Act File No. 333-111986

1940 Act File No. 811-21475


December 20, 2012




Filing Desk

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

100 F Street, NE

Washington, DC 20549


  Re: RBC Funds Trust (the “Registrant”)  
    SEC File Nos. 333-111986 and 811-21475  
    Rule 497(c) filing  


Ladies and Gentlemen:


Enclosed for filing pursuant to Rule 497(c) under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, (the “1933 Act”) are exhibits containing interactive data format risk/return summary information that reflect the risk/return summary information in the Prospectus dated November 27, 2012, relating to the RBC Equity Funds and the RBC BlueBay Funds, series of the Registrant, as filed pursuant to Rule 497(c) under the 1933 Act on December 3, 2012 (Accession Number: 0000897101-12-002091).


Please direct questions or comments relating to this filing to me at the above-referenced telephone number.


  Very truly yours,  
  /s/ Angela N. Velez  
  Angela N. Velez