EX-99.1 2 shg-ex991_6.htm EX-99.1. SHINHAN AI. CO., LTD. JOINED SHINHAN FINANCIAL GROUP AS A SUBSIDIARY shg-ex991_6.htm

Exhibit 99.1
Shinhan AI. Co., Ltd. joined Shinhan Financial Group as a subsidiary

On August 21, 2019, Shinhan AI. Co., Ltd. (hereafter Shinhan AI) joined Shinhan Financial Group (hereafter SFG) as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Shinhan AI was established by SFG and aims to strengthen the Group’s capital market competitiveness by providing artificial intelligence-based investment advisory services. The total number of shares owned by SFG is 84,000,000 (100%) with face value of KRW 5,000 and the total number of direct subsidiaries of SFG after the addition of Shinhan AI is 17.