EX-10.3 2 exhibit103hansencaragmt.htm LEASE CAR ARRANGEMENT BETWEEN VISTAPRINT SCHWEIZ GMBH AND HAUKE HANSEN exhibit103hansencaragmt

Lease Car Arrangement

Between     und

Vistaprint Schweiz GmbH    Dr Hauke Hansen
Brunngasse 6    
Postfach 2522    
CH-8401 Winterthur    
(nachstehend „Arbeitnehmer“)


This document summarizes the arrangement between Hauke Hansen and Vistaprint regarding the private lease of a car. There is no company obligation towards the car, Hauke Hansen or the leasing agent.

The following provisions were agreed:
He would receive a maximum of € 1000 to cover leasing fees.
He can claim for fuel expenses for company use and will be reimbursed for this.
Upon signature of a new leasing contract, lease car provisions will be reviewed.
Expenses for servicing, cleaning and repairs will be reimbursed in line with normal use.

Place, Date:         Place, Date: Winterthur, 14 February 2013

/s/Hauke Hansen        /s/Peter Anderegg    
Dr    Hauke Hansen        Peter Anderegg on behalf of Vistaprint Schweiz GmbH