EX-21 3 exhibit2112312110-k.htm EX-21 Document

   Name of SubsidiaryState or Other Jurisdiction
of Incorporation or
   Names Doing Business
Axiall Canada, Inc.CanadaAxiall Canada, Inc.
Axiall, LLCDelawareAxiall, LLC
DaVinci Roofscapes, L.L.C.KansasDaVinci Roofscapes, L.L.C.
Westlake Dimex LLCDelawareDimex LLC
Eagle Natrium LLCDelawareEagle Natrium LLC
Eagle Spinco Inc.DelawareEagle Spinco Inc.
Eagle US 2 LLCDelawareEagle US 2 LLC
LASCO Fittings, LLCDelawareLASCO Fittings, LLC
North American Pipe CorporationDelawareNorth American Pipe Corporation
   and NAPCO
North American Specialty Products LLCDelawareNorth American Specialty Products LLC
Plastic Trends, Inc.MichiganPlastic Trends, Inc.
Rome Delaware Corp.DelawareRome Delaware Corp.
Royal Building Products (USA) Inc.DelawareRoyal Building Products (USA) Inc.
Royal Group, Inc./Groupe Royal, Inc.
Royal Group, Inc., Groupe Royal, Inc.
   Produits de Bâtiment Royal, Royal
   Building Products, Royal Building
   Solutions, Roytec Vinyl and NAPCO
   Royal Pipe & Fittings
Taiwan Chlorine Industries Ltd.TaiwanTaiwan Chlorine Industries Ltd.
Vinnolit Benelux-France B.V.B.A.Dendermonde, BelgiumVinnolit Benelux-France B.V.B.A.
Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KGIsmaning, GermanyVinnolit GmbH & Co. KG
Vinnolit Holdings GmbHIsmaning, GermanyVinnolit Holdings GmbH
Vinnolit Italia S.r.L.Milan, ItalyVinnolit Italia S.r.L.
Vinnolit LimitedUnited KingdomVinnolit Limited
Vinnolit Monomer Geschäftsführungs GmbHIsmaning, GermanyVinnolit Monomer Geschäftsführungs GmbH
Vinnolit Treuhand GmbHIsmaning, GermanyVinnolit Treuhand GmbH
Westlake Chemical OpCo LPDelawareWestlake Chemical OpCo LP
Westlake Chemical Partners GP LLCDelawareWestlake Chemical Partners GP LLC
Westlake Chemical Partners LPDelawareWestlake Chemical Partners LP
Westlake Compounds LLCDelawareWestlake Compounds LLC
Westlake Germany GmbH & Co. KGGermanyWestlake Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Westlake International I B.V.The NetherlandsWestlake International I B.V.
Westlake Longview CorporationDelawareWestlake Longview Corporation
Westlake Management Services, Inc.DelawareWestlake Management Services, Inc.
Westlake Petrochemicals LLCDelawareWestlake Petrochemicals LLC

Westlake Polymers LLCDelawareWestlake Polymers LLC
Westlake Royal Building Products Inc.
Westlake Royal Building Products Inc. and Boral Building Products Inc
Westlake Royal Roofing LLC
Westlake Royal Roofing LLC and Boral Roofing LLC
Westlake Royal Stone LLC
Westlake Royal Stone LLC and Boral Stone Products LLC
Westlake Royal Windows LLC
Westlake Royal Windows LLC and Boral Windows LLC
Westlake Styrene LLCDelawareWestlake Styrene LLC
Westlake Switzerland GmbHSwitzerlandWestlake Switzerland GmbH
Westlake Vinyls Company LPDelawareWestlake Vinyls Company LP

*    Westlake has elected to omit the names of certain subsidiaries. None of the omitted subsidiaries, considered either alone or together with the other omitted subsidiaries of its immediate parent, constitutes a “Significant Subsidiary” as set forth in Section 601(b)(21) of Regulation S-K.