EX-21 5 dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF WESTLAKE Subsidiaries of Westlake




Name of Subsidiary


State or Other Jurisdiction

of Incorporation or




Doing Business

Geismar Holdings, Inc.   Delaware   Geismar Holdings, Inc.
GVGP, Inc.   Delaware   GVGP, Inc.
North American Bristol Corporation   Delaware   North American Bristol Corporation
North American Pipe Corporation   Delaware   North American Pipe Corporation and NAPCO
Van Buren Pipe Corporation   Delaware   Van Buren Pipe Corporation
Westech Building Products, Inc.   Delaware   Westech Building Products, Inc.
Westech Building Products Limited   Canada   Westech Building Products Limited
Westech Profiles Limited   Delaware   Westech Profiles Limited
Westlake Chemical Investments, Inc.   Delaware   Westlake Chemical Investments, Inc.
Westlake Development Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Development Corporation
Westlake Ethylene Pipeline Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Ethylene Pipeline Corporation
Westlake Supply and Trading Company   Delaware   Westlake Supply and Trading Company
Westlake International Investments Corporation   British Virgin Islands   Westlake International Investments Corporation
Westlake International Services Corporation   Delaware   Westlake International Services Corporation
Westlake Longview Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Longview Corporation
Westlake Management Services, Inc.   Delaware   Westlake Management Services, Inc.
Westlake NG I Corporation   Delaware   Westlake NG I Corporation
Westlake Olefins Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Olefins Corporation
Westlake Petrochemicals LLC   Delaware   Westlake Petrochemicals LLC, Westlake Petrochemicals LP and WPE
Westlake Polymers LLC   Delaware   Westlake Polymers LLC, Westlake Polymers LP and WPE
Westlake Profiles Limited   Canada   Westlake Profiles Limited
Westlake PVC Corporation   Delaware   Westlake PVC Corporation
Westlake Resources Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Resources Corporation
Westlake Styrene LLC   Delaware   Westlake Styrene LLC and Westlake Styrene LP
Westlake Trinidad Unlimited   Trinidad   Westlake Trinidad Unlimited
Westlake Vinyl Corporation   Delaware   Westlake Vinyl Corporation
Westlake Vinyls Company LP   Delaware   Westlake Vinyls Company LP
Westlake Vinyls, Inc.   Delaware   Westlake Vinyls, Inc., Westlake Monomers and WCAO
WPT LLC   Delaware   WPT LLC and WPT LP
Suzhou Huasu Plastics Co., Ltd.*   China   Suzhou Huasu Plastics Co., Ltd. and Huasu


* Westlake owns 59% of this entity but accounts for it with the equity method.