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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

Abbott Laboratories COMMON STOCKS 002824100385,0003,261SH SOLE 3,0980163
Accenture PLC COMMON STOCKS G1151C101206,000643SH SOLE 611032
Advanced Micro Devices COMMON STOCKS 007903107216,0002,100SH SOLE 1,9950105
Aecom Technology Corp COMMON STOCKS 00766T100316,0005,000SH SOLE 4,7500250
Agilent Technologies COMMON STOCKS 00846U10119,838,000125,935SH SOLE 119,63806,297
Allstate Corp COMMON STOCKS 020002101229,0001,800SH SOLE 1,710090
Alphabet Inc - Class A COMMON STOCKS 02079K3055,355,0002,003SH SOLE 1,9030100
Alphabet Inc - Class C COMMON STOCKS 02079K10727,687,00010,388SH SOLE 9,8690519 COMMON STOCKS 0231351061,951,000594SH SOLE 564030
American Express Company COMMON STOCKS 02581610918,493,000110,385SH SOLE 104,86605,519
Ametek Inc. COMMON STOCKS 031100100808,0006,515SH SOLE 6,1890326
Amgen Inc. COMMON STOCKS 031162100562,0002,642SH SOLE 2,5100132
Amphenol Corp Cl A COMMON STOCKS 03209510113,207,000180,344SH SOLE 171,32709,017
Apollo Global Mgmt LLC COMMON STOCKS 03768E105258,0004,195SH SOLE 3,9850210
Apple Inc COMMON STOCKS 0378331008,128,00057,442SH SOLE 54,57002,872
Ares Management Corp COMMON STOCKS 03990B101299,0004,048SH SOLE 3,8460202
AstraZeneca ADS COMMON STOCKS 046353108361,0006,009SH SOLE 5,7090300
AT&T Inc. COMMON STOCKS 00206R102304,00011,268SH SOLE 10,7050563
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya COMMON STOCKS 05946K101397,00060,297SH SOLE 57,28203,015
Banco Santander COMMON STOCKS 05964H105416,000115,000SH SOLE 109,25005,750
Bank of America Corp. COMMON STOCKS 060505104231,0005,441SH SOLE 5,1690272
Berkshire Hathaway Cl B COMMON STOCKS 084670702999,0003,659SH SOLE 3,4760183
BHP Billiton Ltd ADR AMERICAN DEPOSITORY RECEIPTS088606108235,0004,395SH SOLE 4,1750220
Blackrock Inc COMMON STOCKS 09247X1011,422,0001,696SH SOLE 1,611085
Blackrock Muni Hldgs EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 09254P108891,00061,350SH SOLE 58,28303,067
Boeing Co COMMON STOCKS 097023105654,0002,973SH SOLE 2,8240149
BP PLC COMMON STOCKS 055622104249,0009,127SH SOLE 8,6710456
Broadcom Ltd COMMON STOCKS 11135F101293,000605SH SOLE 575030
Caterpillar Inc. COMMON STOCKS 1491231017,998,00041,662SH SOLE 39,57902,083
Chevron Corp COMMON STOCKS 166764100238,0002,345SH SOLE 2,2280117
Cisco Systems Inc COMMON STOCKS 17275R102222,0004,079SH SOLE 3,8750204
Citigroup Inc. COMMON STOCKS 172967424235,0003,349SH SOLE 3,1820167
Coca Cola COMMON STOCKS 191216100564,00010,754SH SOLE 10,2160538
Colgate Palmolive COMMON STOCKS 194162103205,0002,709SH SOLE 2,5740135
Comcast Corp COMMON STOCKS 20030N101248,0004,443SH SOLE 4,2210222
Consumer Disc. Equal Weighted EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46137V381257,0001,783SH SOLE 1,694089
Danaher Corp COMMON STOCKS 235851102286,000939SH SOLE 892047
Diageo Plc COMMON STOCKS 25243Q205274,0001,418SH SOLE 1,347071
Ecolab Inc. COMMON STOCKS 27886510011,911,00057,096SH SOLE 54,24102,855
Eli Lilly & Co COMMON STOCKS 532457108603,0002,609SH SOLE 2,4790130
Enterprise Products LP LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS 293792107237,00010,931SH SOLE 10,3840547
Exxon Mobil Corp. COMMON STOCKS 30231G102926,00015,746SH SOLE 14,9590787
Facebook Inc COMMON STOCKS 30303M102326,000961SH SOLE 913048
General Electric COMMON STOCKS 369604103452,0004,387SH SOLE 4,1680219
Gilead Sciences Inc COMMON STOCKS 3755581038,792,000125,872SH SOLE 119,57806,294
Guggenheim ETF S&P 500 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46137V357340,0002,272SH SOLE 2,1580114
Home Depot COMMON STOCKS 4370761022,367,0007,209SH SOLE 6,8490360
IBM Corp COMMON STOCKS 459200101269,0001,936SH SOLE 1,839097
Intel Corporation COMMON STOCKS 458140100281,0005,273SH SOLE 5,0090264
Invesco QQQ Trust EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46090E103635,0001,774SH SOLE 1,685089
Invesco S&P 500 Low Volatility EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46138E354266,0004,374SH SOLE 4,1550219
Ishares Core Dividend EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46434V621238,0004,729SH SOLE 4,4930236
iShares Core MSCI EAFE EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46432F842348,0004,691SH SOLE 4,4560235
iShares Core S&P 500 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464287200310,000719SH SOLE 683036
iShares Core S&P MidCap EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464287507508,0001,931SH SOLE 1,834097
iShares Core S&P Small Cap EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46428780415,558,000142,483SH SOLE 135,35907,124
iShares Core US Aggregate Bond EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464287226564,0004,909SH SOLE 4,6640245
iShares ETF Floating Rate Bond EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46429B655288,0005,660SH SOLE 5,3770283
iShares High Yield Corp Bd IndexEXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 4642885131,052,00012,025SH SOLE 11,4240601
iShares MSCI Emerging Market IndEXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 4642872341,417,00028,128SH SOLE 26,72201,406
iShares MSCI Eurozone EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 4642866085,370,000111,602SH SOLE 106,02205,580
Ishares MSCI Ex US EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464288240305,0005,500SH SOLE 5,2250275
iShares North Amer Tech EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46428751513,707,00034,341SH SOLE 32,62401,717
iShares Russell 1000 Growth IndeEXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464287614344,0001,256SH SOLE 1,193063
iShares Russell 2000 Index FundEXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 464287655365,0001,670SH SOLE 1,587083
iShares U.S. Pfd Stock EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 4642886872,807,00072,327SH SOLE 68,71103,616
John Bean Techs Corp COMMON STOCKS 477839104337,0002,400SH SOLE 2,2800120
Johnson & Johnson COMMON STOCKS 4781601041,609,0009,963SH SOLE 9,4650498
JP Morgan Chase & Company COMMON STOCKS 46625H10024,731,000151,082SH SOLE 143,52807,554
JP Morgan Chase Alerian ETN EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46625H3656,264,000344,748SH SOLE 327,511017,237
Jpmorgan Ultra Short EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 46641Q8378,726,000172,038SH SOLE 163,43608,602
Koninklijke Philips NV COMMON STOCKS 500472303251,0005,644SH SOLE 5,3620282
Lam Research Corporation COMMON STOCKS 5128071081,191,0002,092SH SOLE 1,9870105
Leidos Holdings Inc COMMON STOCKS 525327102313,0003,252SH SOLE 3,0890163
Linde plc COMMON STOCKS G5494J10311,129,00037,934SH SOLE 36,03701,897
Lowes Companies Inc. COMMON STOCKS 54866110716,795,00082,790SH SOLE 78,65104,139
Magellan Midstream Partners, L.PCOMMON STOCKS 559080106294,0006,450SH SOLE 6,1280322
Marsh & McLennan Co Inc COMMON STOCKS 571748102530,0003,500SH SOLE 3,3250175
McDonalds Corp COMMON STOCKS 580135101957,0003,968SH SOLE 3,7700198
Medtronic PLC COMMON STOCKS G5960L10314,421,000115,044SH SOLE 109,29205,752
Merck & Co Inc COMMON STOCKS 58933Y1051,501,00019,987SH SOLE 18,9880999
Microsoft Corporation COMMON STOCKS 59491810424,446,00086,713SH SOLE 82,37704,336
Microstrategy Inc COMMON STOCKS 594972408260,000450SH SOLE 428022
Nextera Energy Inc COMMON STOCKS 65339F10111,444,000145,742SH SOLE 138,45507,287
Nielsen Holdings PLC COMMON STOCKS G6518L1083,866,000201,457SH SOLE 191,384010,073
Nike Inc. COMMON STOCKS 65410610322,291,000153,487SH SOLE 145,81307,674
Norfolk Southern Corp COMMON STOCKS 655844108262,0001,093SH SOLE 1,038055
Nutrien Ltd COMMON STOCKS 67077M10810,283,000158,621SH SOLE 150,69007,931
Nuveen Multi-Strat Inc & GrowthEXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 67073B106286,00028,900SH SOLE 27,45501,445
Oracle Corporation COMMON STOCKS 68389X105366,0004,200SH SOLE 3,9900210
PepsiCo Inc. COMMON STOCKS 71344810815,108,000100,446SH SOLE 95,42405,022
Pfizer Inc COMMON STOCKS 717081103821,00019,100SH SOLE 18,1450955
Pimco ETF Short Maturity EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 72201R833355,0003,480SH SOLE 3,3060174
PNC Financial Srvcs COMMON STOCKS 693475105365,0001,867SH SOLE 1,774093
Procter & Gamble Company COMMON STOCKS 742718109856,0006,123SH SOLE 5,8170306
Qualcomm Inc. COMMON STOCKS 74752510315,889,000123,186SH SOLE 117,02706,159
Rio Tinto PLC COMMON STOCKS 767204100243,0003,635SH SOLE 3,4530182
Royal Caribbean Cruises COMMON STOCKS V7780T1039,142,000102,775SH SOLE 97,63605,139
Schlumberger Ltd COMMON STOCKS 8068571083,301,000111,373SH SOLE 105,80405,569
Sea Ltd COMMON STOCKS 81141R10013,554,00042,524SH SOLE 40,39802,126
Select Sector Health Care SPDR EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 81369Y2091,936,00015,206SH SOLE 14,4460760
Select Sector Industrial SPDR EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 81369Y704411,0004,201SH SOLE 3,9910210
Select Sector Utilities SPDR EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 81369Y8861,908,00029,868SH SOLE 28,37501,493
SPDR Blmbrg Brcly High Yield EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78468R6221,415,00012,939SH SOLE 12,2920647
Spdr Bloomberg Barclays EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78468R663252,0002,750SH SOLE 2,6130137
SPDR Dow Jones Industrial EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78467X1091,004,0002,968SH SOLE 2,8200148
SPDR Materials Select Sector EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 81369Y100220,0002,779SH SOLE 2,6400139
SPDR S&P 500 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78462F1032,463,0005,739SH SOLE 5,4520287
SPDR S&P Dividend ETF EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78464A763611,0005,197SH SOLE 4,9370260
SPDR S&P Midcap 400 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78467Y107215,000448SH SOLE 426022
Spdr Small Cap Etf EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 78468R853426,00010,000SH SOLE 9,5000500
Stericycle Inc. COMMON STOCKS 8589121088,474,000124,675SH SOLE 118,44106,234
Stryker Corporation COMMON STOCKS 86366710119,252,00073,002SH SOLE 69,35203,650
Taitron Components Inc. COMMON STOCKS 874028103489,000127,000SH SOLE 120,65006,350
Taiwan Semiconductor ADR COMMON STOCKS 87403910012,976,000116,221SH SOLE 110,41005,811
Target Corp COMMON STOCKS 87612E106230,0001,004SH SOLE 954050
Technology Select Sector SPDR EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 81369Y8031,019,0006,823SH SOLE 6,4820341
Tesla Motors COMMON STOCKS 88160R1019,451,00012,187SH SOLE 11,5780609
United Parcel Service COMMON STOCKS 91131210613,549,00074,406SH SOLE 70,68603,720
UnitedHealth Group Inc COMMON STOCKS 91324P102308,000788SH SOLE 749039
Vanguard Bond Index Fund EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 921937835246,0002,884SH SOLE 2,7400144
Vanguard Div Appreciation EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 921908844418,0002,719SH SOLE 2,5830136
Vanguard Growth EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 922908736393,0001,356SH SOLE 1,288068
Vanguard Mid Cap ETF EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 922908629302,0001,274SH SOLE 1,210064
Vanguard REIT ETF REITs 922908553415,0004,078SH SOLE 3,8740204
Vanguard Value ETF EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 922908744481,0003,556SH SOLE 3,3780178
Verizon Communications COMMON STOCKS 92343V104447,0008,269SH SOLE 7,8560413
Visa Inc COMMON STOCKS 92826C8397,483,00033,592SH SOLE 31,91201,680
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. COMMON STOCKS 931142103741,0005,315SH SOLE 5,0490266
Walt Disney Company COMMON STOCKS 25468710615,581,00092,103SH SOLE 87,49804,605
Wisdomtree US Largecap EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS 97717W3071,208,00010,125SH SOLE 9,6190506