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Exhibit 21




List of Subsidiaries


  Name of Company Where Organized
1. AMF Merchandising Corporation Delaware
2. DC Distribution, LLC Illinois
3. EC Managers, Inc. Delaware
4. Kaanapali Land Management Corporation Hawaii
5. Kaanapali Farm Services, Inc. Hawaii
6. Kaanapali Realty LLC Delaware
7. KCF-1, LLC Hawaii
8. KDCW, Inc. Delaware
9. KLC Holding Corp. Delaware
10. KLC Land Company, LLC Hawaii
11. MauiGrown Coffee Distributors, LLC Hawaii
12. NB Lot 3, LLC Delaware
13. Oahu Distribution, Inc. Hawaii
14. Oahu MS Development Corp. Hawaii
15. Oahu Sugar Company, LLC Hawaii
16. Pioneer Mill Company, LLC Hawaii
17. PM Land Company, LLC Delaware
18. WG Land, LLC Delaware