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PEMBROKE, Bermuda – June 22, 2022 – AXIS Capital Holdings Limited ("AXIS Capital" or the "Company") (NYSE: AXS) today announced the publication of the Company's 2021 Loss Development Triangles. A copy of this document is available in the Investor Information section of the Company's website, www.axiscapital.com.
The data is presented as of December 31, 2021, on an accident-year basis and includes paid, incurred and ultimate losses, net of reinsurance, and is provided for the 11 reserving classes of business that fall under the Company's two reportable segments, Insurance and Reinsurance.
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AXIS Capital, through its operating subsidiaries, is a global provider of specialty lines insurance and treaty reinsurance with shareholders' equity of $5.1 billion at March 31, 2022 and locations in Bermuda, the United States, Europe, Singapore and Canada. Its operating subsidiaries have been assigned a rating of "A+" ("Strong") by Standard & Poor's and "A" ("Excellent") by A.M. Best. For more information about AXIS Capital, visit the Company's website at www.axiscapital.com.
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