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Hudson RPO Appoints Jake Zabkowicz as Global CEO

Prioritizes Global Accounts & Aggressive Growth

Old Greenwich, CT – November 15, 2023 – Hudson RPO, a leading global total talent solutions company owned by Hudson Global, Inc. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: HSON), announced today the appointment of Jacob “Jake” Zabkowicz as Global Chief Executive Officer, effective November 15, 2023. As Global CEO for Hudson RPO, Mr. Zabkowicz will lead the vision, strategy, and execution of Hudson RPO’s growth plan. Jeff Eberwein will remain Chief Executive Officer of Hudson Global, Inc. and will continue to focus on capital allocation, acquisitions, corporate strategy, and maximizing shareholder value.

Mr. Zabkowicz, 41, is a seasoned, growth-minded executive who brings to Hudson RPO extensive global leadership as well as operational and business development experience in the talent acquisition industry. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President, Global RPO at Korn Ferry, where he was instrumental in building and growing the firm’s global RPO business during his 10-year tenure. Prior to his time at Korn Ferry RPO, Mr. Zabkowicz served as Director, Solution Design & Implementation at Pinstripe (now Cielo). Mr. Zabkowicz’s experience and insights have been quoted in publications including Bloomberg, Forbes, and USA Today.

“I am excited to welcome Jake to the Hudson RPO team. Jake’s growth orientation and winning mindset will help Hudson RPO achieve its aggressive growth goals,” said Jeff Eberwein, CEO of Hudson Global. “Over the course of his career, Jake has developed a reputation for delivering outstanding client service, building loyal and high-achieving teams, and driving exceptional growth. We look forward to leveraging his expertise to aggressively grow our RPO business and, ultimately, shareholder value.”

“I am thrilled to join the Hudson RPO team and honored to lead such a respected organization towards advancing and cementing our position atop the global RPO market,” said Mr. Zabkowicz. “I have been impressed both by the talent on the Hudson RPO team and the depth of the relationships this team has forged with prestigious clients. Leveraging these attributes, along with Hudson RPO’s strong reputation in the market, I am confident we can drive rapid organic growth globally. This global focus will be squarely at the forefront of Hudson RPO’s go-to-market strategy under my leadership, and I’m particularly eager to target new business in several large and fast-growing markets including healthcare, technology, and life sciences. We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us and I’m excited for the challenge ahead.”

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Hudson RPO is a leading global provider of flexible and scalable total talent solutions. At Hudson RPO, people, process, and technology come together to ignite transformative change at mid-market and enterprise-level organizations worldwide. Taking a consultative and collaborative approach, we partner with talent acquisition, HR, and procurement leaders around the globe to build diverse, high-impact teams and drive business success. Learn more at hudsonrpo.com.
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Hudson Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSON) owns and manages Hudson RPO, a leading global total talent solutions provider.
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