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United States

Securities and Exchange Commission

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Form N-Q

Quarterly Schedule of Portfolio Holdings of Registered Management Investment Companies







(Investment Company Act File Number)



Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund




(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Charter)




Federated Investors Funds

4000 Ericsson Drive

Warrendale, PA 15086-7561

(Address of Principal Executive Offices)



(412) 288-1900

(Registrant's Telephone Number)



John W. McGonigle, Esquire

Federated Investors Tower

1001 Liberty Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-3779

(Name and Address of Agent for Service)

(Notices should be sent to the Agent for Service)







Date of Fiscal Year End: 11/30/15



Date of Reporting Period: Quarter ended 08/31/15








Item 1. Schedule of Investments


Federated Premier Municipal Income Fund
Portfolio of Investments
August 31, 2015 (unaudited)
$1,145,000   Alabama State Port Authority, Docks Facilities Revenue Bonds (Series 2010), 6.00% (Original Issue Yield: 6.25%), 10/1/2040 $1,325,670
415,000   Selma, AL IDB, Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds (Series 2010A), 5.80% (International Paper Co.), 5/1/2034 472,108
1,000,000   Selma, AL IDB, Revenue Bonds (Series 2011A), 5.375% (International Paper Co.), 12/1/2035 1,119,210
    TOTAL 2,916,988
1,000,000 1,2 Phoenix, AZ IDA, Education Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.00% (Great Heart Academies), 7/1/2034 1,021,420
320,000 1,2 Verrado Community Facilities District No. 1, AZ, District GO Refunding Bonds (Series 2013A), 6.00%, 7/15/2027 355,536
    TOTAL 1,376,956
300,000 1,2 California School Finance Authority, School Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.00% (KIPP LA), 7/1/2034 317,088
250,000 1,2 California School Finance Authority, School Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.125% (KIPP LA), 7/1/2044 263,508
400,000 1,2 California School Finance Authority, School Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2015A), 5.00% (KIPP LA), 7/1/2035 423,884
1,000,000   California State, Various Purpose UT GO Bonds, 5.00%, 9/1/2030 1,140,880
375,000 1,2 California Statewide CDA, Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.25% (899 Charleston LLC), 11/1/2044 379,736
1,110,000   Chula Vista, CA Municipal Finance Authority, Special Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2013), 5.50%, 9/1/2028 1,284,403
1,000,000   Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency, CA, Toll Road Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 5.75% (Original Issue Yield: 6.05%), 1/15/2046 1,149,500
1,000,000   Golden State Tobacco Securitization Corp., CA, Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Revenue Bonds (Series 2007A-1), 4.50%, 6/1/2027 950,190
110,000   Irvine, CA Reassessment District No. 13-1, LO Improvement Bonds, 5.00%, 9/2/2021 127,674
2,500,000   M-S-R Energy Authority, CA, Gas Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 7.00% (Citigroup, Inc. GTD), 11/1/2034 3,411,050
2,000,000   San Francisco, CA City & County Airport Commission, Second Series Revenue Bonds (Series 2009E), 5.50%, 5/1/2025 2,291,800
1,000,000   San Jose, CA Airport, Airport Revenue Bonds (Series 2011A-2), 5.00% (Original Issue Yield: 5.05%), 3/1/2031 1,097,520
1,500,000   University of California (The Regents of), Limited Project Revenue Bonds (Series 2012G), 5.00%, 5/15/2031 1,733,145
    TOTAL 14,570,378
500,000 1,2 Colorado Educational & Cultural Facilities Authority, Charter School Refunding & Improvement Revenue Bonds (Series 2015), 5.00% (University Lab School), 12/15/2035 502,760
1,250,000   Colorado Health Facilities Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 5.00% (Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System), 1/1/2044 1,380,650
230,000   Colorado State Higher Education Capital Construction Lease Purchase Financing Program, COPs (Series 2008), 5.50% (United States Treasury PRF 11/1/2018@100/Original Issue Yield: 5.60%), 11/1/2027 262,381
1,480,000   Public Authority for Colorado Energy, Natural Gas Purchase Revenue Bonds (Series 2008), 6.25% (Bank of America Corp. GTD)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.63%), 11/15/2028 1,850,163
1,000,000   University of Colorado, Tax-Exempt University Enterprise Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 5.00%, 6/1/2037 1,126,290
    TOTAL 5,122,244
715,000   Delaware EDA, Gas Facilities Refunding Bonds, 5.40% (Delmarva Power and Light Co.), 2/1/2031 791,712
    District of Columbia—1.4%  
1,500,000   District of Columbia Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp., Asset Backed Revenue Bonds, 6.50% (Original Issue Yield: 6.67%), 5/15/2033 1,815,660
225,000   District of Columbia, Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 6.00% (KIPP DC), 7/1/2048 255,155
    TOTAL 2,070,815
1,080,000   Harbor Bay, FL Community Development District, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds, 6.75%, 5/1/2034 1,083,953
1,000,000   Jacksonville, FL Sales Tax, Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2012), 5.00%, 10/1/2030 1,130,840
750,000   Jacksonville, FL Sales Tax, Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.00%, 10/1/2029 851,205
1,000,000   Miami-Dade County, FL Transit System, Sales Surtax Revenue Bonds (Series 2012), 5.00%, 7/1/2042 1,109,010

    MUNICIPAL BONDS—continued  
$1,000,000   Miami-Dade County, FL Water & Sewer , Water & Sewer System Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2015), 5.00%, 10/1/2023 $1,184,340
165,000   Palm Beach County, FL Health Facilities Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 7.25% (Sinai Residences of Boca Raton), 6/1/2034 188,293
1,000,000   South Lake County, FL Hospital District, Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 6.00% (South Lake Hospital, Inc.)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.05%), 4/1/2029 1,133,920
200,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series A-1), 6.65%, 5/1/2040 202,630
10,000 3,4 Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series 1), 6.65%, 5/1/2040 10,194
285,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series 2015-1), 0.00% (Step Coupon 11/1/2021 @ 6.61%) (Original Issue Yield: 6.93%), 5/1/2040 175,665
180,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series 2015-2), 0.00% (Step Coupon 11/1/2024 @ 6.61%) (Original Issue Yield: 6.752%), 5/1/2040 93,834
195,000 3,4 Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series 2015-3), 6.61%, 5/1/2040 2
160,000 3,4 Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series 3), 6.65%, 5/1/2040 2
55,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series A-2) 0.00% (Step Coupon 5/1/2017 @ 6.61%), 5/1/2039 40,345
130,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series A-3) 0.00% (Step Coupon 5/1/2019 @ 6.61%), 5/1/2040 77,721
65,000   Tolomato Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Revenue Bonds (Series A-4) 0.00% (Step Coupon 5/1/2022 @ 6.61%), 5/1/2040 28,772
440,000   Winter Garden Village at Fowler Groves Community Development District, FL, Special Assessment Bonds (Series 2006), 5.65%, 5/1/2037 443,687
    TOTAL 7,754,413
1,000,000   Atlanta, GA Airport General Revenue, Airport General Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2010C), 6.00%, 1/1/2030 1,195,770
1,500,000   Atlanta, GA Water & Wastewater, Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 6.00% (United States Treasury PRF 11/1/2019@100)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.14%), 11/1/2024 1,796,220
1,000,000   Atlanta, GA, Tax Allocation Bonds (Series 2005B), 5.60% (Eastside Tax Allocation District)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.65%), 1/1/2030 1,003,580
    TOTAL 3,995,570
375,000   Guam Government LO (Section 30), Bonds (Series 2009A), 5.625% (Original Issue Yield: 5.875%), 12/1/2029 413,985
750,000   Hawaii State Department of Budget & Finance, Special Purpose Revenue Bonds (Series 2009), 6.50% (Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.), 7/1/2039 853,238
875,000   Idaho Health Facilities Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 7.375% (Terraces of Boise)/(Original Issue Yield: 7.50%), 10/1/2029 931,158
800,000   Antioch Village, IL Special Service Area No. 1, Special Tax Revenue Bonds, 6.625% (Deercrest Project), 3/1/2033 720,912
1,400,000   Chicago, IL Midway Airport, Second Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2014B), 5.00%, 1/1/2035 1,533,630
625,000   Chicago, IL O'Hare International Airport, General Airport Third Lien Revenue Bonds (Series 2011C), 6.50%, 1/1/2041 748,387
1,000,000   Chicago, IL Special Assessment, Improvement Revenue Bonds, 6.75% (Lakeshore East Project)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.769%), 12/1/2032 1,004,220
335,000   Chicago, IL, Refunding UT GO Bonds (Series 2007G), 5.50% (Original Issue Yield: 5.84%), 1/1/2042 303,919
695,000   Chicago, IL, UT GO Bonds (Project Series 2011A), 5.25%, 1/1/2035 622,595
420,000   DuPage County, IL, Special Tax Bonds (Series 2006), 5.625% (Naperville Campus LLC), 3/1/2036 421,407
625,000   Illinois Finance Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2005A), 6.00% (Landing at Plymouth Place)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.04%), 5/15/2037 624,975
1,250,000   Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Toll Highway Senior Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2010 A-1), 5.00%, 1/1/2031 1,375,550
1,000,000   Illinois State, UT GO Bonds (Series June 2013), 5.50% (Original Issue Yield: 5.65%), 7/1/2038 1,061,270
1,000,000   Illinois State, UT GO Refunding Bonds (Series May 2012), 5.00%, 8/1/2025 1,047,150
1,000,000   Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority, IL, McCormick Place Expansion Project Bonds (Series 2010A), 5.50%, 6/15/2050 1,023,110
    TOTAL 10,487,125

    MUNICIPAL BONDS—continued  
$1,930,000   Indiana Health & Educational Facility Financing Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2005), 5.25% (Baptist Homes of Indiana)/(United States Treasury PRF 11/15/2015@100), 11/15/2035 $1,950,053
500,000   Indiana Municipal Power Agency, Power Supply System Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A), 5.25%, 1/1/2038 566,795
655,000   Indiana State Finance Authority Midwestern Relief, Midwestern Disaster Relief Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.00% (Ohio Valley Electric Corp.), 6/1/2032 699,284
1,500,000   Indiana State Finance Authority Wastewater Utilities, First Lien Wastewater Utility Revenue Bonds (Series 2011A), 5.25% (CWA Authority), 10/1/2031 1,742,160
1,200,000   Whiting, IN Environmental Facilities, Revenue Bonds (Series 2009), 5.25% (BP PLC), 1/1/2021 1,385,808
    TOTAL 6,344,100
700,000   Iowa Finance Authority, Midwestern Disaster Area Revenue Bonds (Series 2013), 5.50% (Iowa Fertilizer Co.), 12/1/2022 740,012
2,000,000   Wyandotte County, KS Unified Government Utility System, Improvement & Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2014-A), 5.00%, 9/1/2044 2,202,320
1,000,000   Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority, First Tier Toll Revenue Bonds (Series 2013), 5.75% (Original Issue Yield: 5.95%), 7/1/2049 1,118,950
235,000   St. Charles Parish, LA Gulf Opportunity Zone, Revenue Bonds (Series 2010), 4.00% (Valero Energy Corp.), Mandatory Tender 6/1/2022 247,051
600,000   Maine Health & Higher Educational Facilities Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2011), 6.75% (Maine General Medical Center)/(Original Issue Yield: 7.00%), 7/1/2041 679,050
175,000   Maryland State EDC, Port Facilities Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2010), 5.75% (CONSOL Energy, Inc.), 9/1/2025 178,059
690,000   Maryland State EDC, Revenue Bonds (Series B), 5.75% (Ports America Chesapeake, Inc.)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.875%), 6/1/2035 736,796
200,000   Westminster, MD, Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 6.00% (Lutheran Village at Miller's Grant, Inc.), 7/1/2034 212,218
    TOTAL 1,127,073
500,000   Massachusetts State Development Finance Agency, Revenue Bonds (Series 2012), 5.00% (Northeastern University), 10/1/2029 562,015
1,750,000   Michigan State Finance Authority Revenue, Local Government Loan Program Revenue Bonds (Series 2014B), 5.00% (Public Lighting Authority), 7/1/2039 1,858,973
600,000   Michigan State Finance Authority Revenue, Senior Lien Revenue Bonds (Series 2014 D-1), 5.00% (Detroit, MI Water Supply System)/(Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. INS), 7/1/2037 650,286
1,000,000   Michigan State Hospital Finance Authority, Refunding Revenue Bonds, 5.75% (Henry Ford Health System, MI)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.00%), 11/15/2039 1,132,350
1,705,000   Royal Oak, MI Hospital Finance Authority, Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2014D), 5.00% (Beaumont Health Credit Group), 9/1/2033 1,858,893
1,490,000   Wayne County, MI Airport Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.00%, 12/1/2037 1,614,072
    TOTAL 7,114,574
1,000,000   Baytown Township, MN, Lease Revenue Bonds (Series 2008A), 7.00% (St. Croix Preparatory Academy)/(Original Issue Yield: 7.05%), 8/1/2038 1,037,030
1,500,000   Minnesota State, UT GO Bonds (Series 2015D), 5.00%, 8/1/2022 1,804,455
400,000   Western Minnesota Municipal Power Agency, MN, Power Supply Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.00%, 1/1/2040 448,864
    TOTAL 3,290,349
1,240,000   Lowndes County, MS Solid Waste Disposal, PCR Refunding Bonds (Project A), 6.80%, (Weyerhaeuser Co.), 4/1/2022 1,544,296
315,000   Warren County, MS Gulf Opportunity Zone, Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds (Series 2011A), 5.375% (International Paper Co.), 12/1/2035 351,531
    TOTAL 1,895,827

    MUNICIPAL BONDS—continued  
$2,000,000   Central Plains Energy Project, NE, Gas Project Revenue Bonds (Project No. 3) (Series 2012), 5.00% (Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. GTD)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.05%), 9/1/2042 $2,138,700
1,000,000   Nebraska Public Power District, General Revenue Bonds (Series 20014A), 5.00%, 1/1/2039 1,100,600
    TOTAL 3,239,300
1,000,000   Clark County, NV Airport System, Subordinate Lien Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2014A-2), 5.00%, 7/1/2035 1,112,280
    New Jersey—2.9%  
2,500,000   New Jersey EDA, School Facilities Construction Refunding Bonds (Series 2014PP), 5.00% (New Jersey State), 6/15/2031 2,560,550
600,000   New Jersey State Transportation Trust Fund Authority, Transportation System Bonds (Series 2011A), 6.00% (New Jersey State), 6/15/2035 661,746
1,000,000   Tobacco Settlement Financing Corp., NJ, Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Bonds (Series 2007-1), 4.625% (Original Issue Yield: 4.85%), 6/1/2026 962,190
    TOTAL 4,184,486
    New Mexico—0.8%  
1,000,000   Farmington, NM, PCR Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2010E), 5.90% (Public Service Co., NM), 6/1/2040 1,101,370
    New York—9.1%  
1,000,000   Brooklyn Arena Local Development Corporation, NY, Pilot Revenue Bonds (Series 2009), 6.375% (Original Issue Yield: 6.476%), 7/15/2043 1,157,490
1,000,000   Erie County, NY IDA, School Facility Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2011B), 5.00% (Buffalo, NY City School District), 5/1/2020 1,158,650
1,000,000   Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corp. NY, Hudson Yards Senior Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.75%, 2/15/2047 1,139,450
1,000,000   New York City, NY Municipal Water Finance Authority, Water and Sewer System Revenue Bonds (Series 2008DD), 5.50% (United States Treasury PRF 6/15/2018@100) (Original Issue Yield: 5.57%), 6/15/2026 1,129,890
900,000   New York City, NY TFA, Future Tax Secured Subordinate Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A-1), 5.00%, 8/1/2036 1,027,782
1,000,000   New York City, NY, UT GO Bonds (Fiscal 2014 Subseries D-1), 5.00%, 8/1/2030 1,149,860
2,000,000   New York Liberty Development Corporation, Liberty Revenue Bonds (Series 2011), 5.75% (4 World Trade Center), 11/15/2051 2,306,760
1,000,000 1,2 New York Liberty Development Corporation, Revenue Bonds (Series 2014 Class 1), 5.00% (3 World Trade Center), 11/15/2044 1,001,390
1,030,000   New York Liberty Development Corporation, Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2012 Class 2), 5.00% (7 World Trade Center LLC), 9/15/2043 1,127,778
1,000,000   New York State Dormitory Authority, State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bonds (Series 2015B), 5.00% (New York State Personal Income Tax Revenue Bond Fund), 2/15/2028 1,184,950
750,000   New York State Thruway Authority, General Revenue Bonds (Series 2012I), 5.00% (New York State Thruway Authority - General Revenue), 1/1/2037 839,580
    TOTAL 13,223,580
    North Carolina—2.9%  
2,385,000   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority, NC, Health Care Revenue & Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.00% (Carolinas HealthCare System), 1/15/2043 2,604,730
375,000   North Carolina Medical Care Commission, Health Care Facilities First Mortgage Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2015), 5.00% (Pennybyrn at Maryfield), 10/1/2035 388,841
1,000,000   North Carolina Municipal Power Agency No. 1, Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2015A), 5.00%, 1/1/2031 1,159,180
    TOTAL 4,152,751
500,000   American Municipal Power-Ohio, Inc., Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2015A), 5.00% (American Municipal Power, Prairie State Energy Campus Project), 2/15/2042 550,630
1,500,000   Buckeye Tobacco Settlement Financing Authority, OH, Tobacco Settlement Asset-Backed Bonds (Series A-2), 6.50%, 6/1/2047 1,303,155
1,000,000   Lorain County, OH Port Authority, Recovery Zone Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2010), 6.75% (United States Steel Corp.), 12/1/2040 1,084,200
945,000   Lucas County, OH, Revenue Bonds (Series 2011A), 6.00% (ProMedica Healthcare Obligated Group)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.22%), 11/15/2041 1,131,581
745,000   Muskingum County, OH, Hospital Facilities Revenue Bonds (Series 2013), 5.00% (Genesis Healthcare Corp.), 2/15/2027 795,578
1,090,000   Ohio State Air Quality Development Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 5.70% (FirstEnergy Solutions Corp.), 8/1/2020 1,186,934
800,000   Ohio State Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission, Turnpike Junior Lien Revenue Bonds (Series 2013A-1), 5.25%, 2/15/2030 921,752
450,000   Ohio State University, Revenue Bonds (Series 2008A), 5.00%, 12/1/2026 503,420
750,000   University of Cincinnati, OH, General Receipts Bonds (Series 2013C), 5.00%, 6/1/2039 840,817
    TOTAL 8,318,067

    MUNICIPAL BONDS—continued  
$500,000 1,2 Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Tax-Exempt Tax Revenue Bonds (Series 2006C), 5.625%, 10/1/2026 $507,170
1,000,000   Allentown, PA Neighborhood Improvement Zone Development Authority, Tax Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.00%, 5/1/2042 1,037,790
450,000   Cumberland County, PA Municipal Authority, Revenue Bonds (Series 2015), 5.00% (Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries), 1/1/2038 476,464
1,500,000   Northampton County, PA General Purpose Authority, Hospital Revenue Bonds (Series 2008A), 5.50% (St. Luke's Hospital of Bethlehem)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.60%), 8/15/2035 1,637,280
1,000,000   Pennsylvania State Turnpike Commission, Turnpike Subordinate Revenue Bonds (Series 2009D), 5.50%, 12/1/2041 1,125,720
555,000   Philadelphia, PA Hospitals & Higher Education Facilities Authority, Hospital Revenue Bonds (Series 2012A), 5.625% (Temple University Health System Obligated Group)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.875%), 7/1/2042 581,368
1,630,000   Philadelphia, PA Water & Wastewater System, Water and Wastewater Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 5.00% (Original Issue Yield: 5.13%), 1/1/2027 1,790,751
    TOTAL 6,649,373
    Puerto Rico—0.5%  
1,000,000   Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, GO Bonds (Series 2014A), 8.00% (Original Issue Yield: 8.727%), 7/1/2035 726,260
1,750,000   Johnson City, TN Health & Education Facilities Board, Hospital Revenue Bonds (Series 2010), 6.00% (Mountain States Health Alliance)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.07%), 7/1/2038 1,971,060
2,000,000   Rutherford County, TN Health and Educational Facilities Board, Revenue Bonds (Series 2012C), 5.00% (Ascension Health Alliance Senior Credit Group), 11/15/2047 2,199,960
2,580,000   Tennessee State School Board Authority, Higher Educational Facilities Second Program Bonds (Series 2008B), 5.50% (United States Treasury PRF 5/1/2018@100), 5/1/2038 2,896,385
    TOTAL 7,067,405
1,000,000   Bexar County, HFDC, Refunding Revenue Bonds (Series 2007), 5.00% (Army Retirement Residence Foundation), 7/1/2033 1,022,970
1,050,000   Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Senior Lien Revenue Bonds (Series 2011), 6.25% (Original Issue Yield: 6.30%), 1/1/2046 1,207,489
500,000   Clifton Higher Education Finance Corporation, TX, Education Revenue Bonds (Series 2012), 5.00% (Idea Public Schools), 8/15/2032 533,530
1,500,000   Dallas-Fort Worth, TX International Airport, Joint Revenue Improvement Bonds (Series 2014C), 5.00%, 11/1/2045 1,655,190
750,000   Decatur, TX Hospital Authority, Hospital Revenue Bonds (Series 2014A), 5.25% (Wise Regional Health System)/(Original Issue Yield: 5.30%), 9/1/2044 783,458
835,000   Grand Parkway Transportation Corp., TX, Subordinate Tier Toll Revenue Bonds (Series 2013B TELA Supported), 5.25%, 10/1/2051 931,042
2,000,000   Harris County, TX Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp., Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2009), 5.625% (St. Luke's Health System)/(United States Treasury PRF 2/15/2019@100), 2/15/2025 2,310,460
385,000   HFDC of Central Texas, Inc., Retirement Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2006A), 5.50% (Village at Gleannloch Farms, Inc.), 2/15/2027 390,629
585,000   HFDC of Central Texas, Inc., Retirement Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2006A), 5.50% (Village at Gleannloch Farms, Inc.), 2/15/2037 589,937
200,000   Houston, TX Higher Education Finance Corp., Education Revenue Bonds (Series 2011A), 6.875% (Cosmos Foundation, Inc.) (United States Treasury 5/15/2021@100), 5/15/2041 256,674
835,000   North Texas Tollway Authority, System First Tier Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2011B), 5.00% (Original Issue Yield: 5.12%), 1/1/2038 897,516
1,000,000   Tarrant County, TX Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corp., Retirement Facility Revenue Bonds (Series 2009), 6.375% (Air Force Village)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.50%), 11/15/2044 1,086,590
910,000   Texas State Department of Housing & Community Affairs, Residential Mortgage Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 5.30% (GNMA COL), 7/1/2034 949,958
    TOTAL 12,615,443
460,000   Tobacco Settlement Authority, WA, Tobacco Settlement Revenue Refunding Bonds (Series 2013), 5.25%, 6/1/2031 503,134
675,000 1,2 Washington State Housing Finance Commission, Nonprofit Housing Revenue Bonds (Series 2015A), 6.00% (Heron's Key Senior Living), 7/1/2025 691,038
    TOTAL 1,194,172
2,000,000   Wisconsin State General Fund Appropriation, Revenue Bonds (Series 2009A), 6.00% (Wisconsin State)/(Original Issue Yield: 6.10%), 5/1/2036 2,310,340
(IDENTIFIED COST $134,209,627)

$350,000   Michigan Higher Education Facilities Authority, (Series 2006) Weekly VRDNs (Albion College)/(JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. LOC), 0.020%, 9/3/2015 $350,000
1,450,000   Montgomery County, OH, (Series 2008B) Daily VRDNs (Miami Valley Hospital)/(Barclays Bank PLC LIQ), 0.010%, 9/1/2015 1,450,000
250,000   Ohio State Higher Educational Facility Commission, (Series 2008 B-4) Daily VRDNs (Cleveland Clinic)/(Barclays Bank PLC LIQ), 0.01%, 9/1/2015 250,000
    TOTAL 1,700,000
(IDENTIFIED COST $136,259,627)6
At August 31, 2015, the Fund held no securities that were subject to the federal alternative minimum tax (AMT).
At August 31, 2015, the Fund had the following open futures contracts:
Description Number of
4United States Treasury Notes, 10 Year Short Futures 10 $1,270,625 December 2015 $3,330
4United States Treasury Notes, 5 Year Short Futures 50 $5,971,875 December 2015 $22,544
The average notional value of short futures contracts held by the Fund throughout the period was $16,081,320. This is based on amounts held as of each month-end throughout the nine-month fiscal period.
Unrealized Appreciation on Futures Contracts is included in “Other Assets and Liabilities—Net”.
1 Denotes a restricted security that either: (a) cannot be offered for public sale without first being registered, or being able to take advantage of an exemption from registration, under the Securities Act of 1933; or (b) is subject to a contractual restriction on public sales. At August 31, 2015, these restricted securities amounted to $5,463,530, which represented 5.9% of total net assets.
2 Denotes a restricted security that may be resold without restriction to “qualified institutional buyers” as defined in Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933 and that the Fund has determined to be liquid under criteria established by the Fund's Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”). At August 31, 2015, these liquid restricted securities amounted to $5,463,530, which represented 5.9% of total net assets.
3 Security in default.
4 Non-income-producing security.
5 Current rate and next reset date shown for Variable Rate Demand Notes.
6 At August 31, 2015, the cost of investments for federal tax purposes was $136,189,896. The net unrealized appreciation of investments for federal tax purposes excluding any unrealized depreciation resulting from futures contracts was $8,868,004.This consists of net unrealized appreciation from investments for those securities having an excess of value over cost of $9,574,067 and net unrealized depreciation from investments for those securities having an excess of cost over value of $706,063
7 Assets, other than investments in securities, less liabilities.
Note: The categories of investments are shown as a percentage of total market value at August 31, 2015.
Investment Valuation
In calculating its net asset value (NAV), the Fund generally values investments as follows:
Fixed-income securities acquired with remaining maturities greater than 60 days are fair valued using price evaluations provided by a pricing service approved by the Trustees.
Fixed-income securities acquired with remaining maturities of 60 days or less are valued at their cost (adjusted for the accretion of any discount or amortization of any premium), unless the issuer's creditworthiness is impaired or other factors indicate that amortized cost is not an accurate estimate of the investment's fair value, in which case it would be valued in the same manner as a longer-term security.
Shares of other mutual funds or non-exchange-traded investment companies are valued based upon their reported NAVs.
Derivative contracts listed on exchanges are valued at their reported settlement or closing price, except that options are valued at the mean of closing bid and asked quotations.
Over-the-counter (OTC) derivative contracts are fair valued using price evaluations provided by a pricing service approved by the Trustees.

For securities that are fair valued in accordance with procedures established by and under the general supervision of the Trustees, certain factors may be considered such as: the last traded or purchase price of the security, information obtained by contacting the issuer or dealers, analysis of the issuer's financial statements or other available documents, fundamental analytical data, the nature and duration of restrictions on disposition, the movement of the market in which the security is normally traded, public trading in similar securities or derivative contracts of the issuer or comparable issuers, movement of a relevant index, or other factors including but not limited to industry changes and relevant government actions.
If any price, quotation, price evaluation or other pricing source is not readily available when the NAV is calculated, or if the Funds cannot obtain price evaluations from a pricing service or from more than one dealer for an investment within a reasonable period of time as set forth in the Funds' valuation policies and procedures, the Funds use the fair value of the investment determined in accordance with the procedures described below. There can be no assurance that the Funds could obtain the fair value assigned to an investment if it sold the investment at approximately the time at which the Funds determine their NAV per share.
Fair Valuation Procedures
The Trustees have ultimate responsibility for determining the fair value of investments for which market quotations are not readily available. The Trustees have appointed a valuation committee (“Valuation Committee”) comprised of officers of the Fund, Federated Investment Management Company (“Adviser”) and certain of the Adviser's affiliated companies to assist in determining fair value of securities and in overseeing the calculation of the NAV. The Trustees have also authorized the use of pricing services recommended by the Valuation Committee to provide fair value evaluations of the current value of certain investments for purposes of calculating the NAV. The Valuation Committee employs various methods for reviewing third-party pricing-service evaluations including periodic reviews of third-party pricing services' policies, procedures and valuation methods (including key inputs, methods, models and assumptions), transactional back-testing, comparisons of evaluations of different pricing services and review of price challenges by the Adviser based on recent market activity. In the event that market quotations and price evaluations are not available for an investment, the Valuation Committee determines the fair value of the investment in accordance with procedures adopted by the Trustees. The Trustees periodically review and approve the fair valuations made by the Valuation Committee and any changes made to the procedures.
Factors considered by pricing services in evaluating an investment include the yields or prices of investments of comparable quality, coupon, maturity, call rights and other potential prepayments, terms and type, reported transactions, indications as to values from dealers and general market conditions. Some pricing services provide a single price evaluation reflecting the bid-side of the market for an investment (a “bid” evaluation). Other pricing services offer both bid evaluations and price evaluations indicative of a price between the prices bid and asked for the investment (a “mid” evaluation). The Fund normally uses bid evaluations for any U.S. Treasury and Agency securities, mortgage-backed securities and municipal securities. The Fund normally uses mid evaluations for any other types of fixed-income securities and any OTC derivative contracts. In the event that market quotations and price evaluations are not available for an investment, the fair value of the investment is determined in accordance with procedures adopted by the Trustees.
Various inputs are used in determining the value of the Fund's investments. These inputs are summarized in the three broad levels listed below:
Level 1—quoted prices in active markets for identical securities.
Level 2—other significant observable inputs (including quoted prices for similar securities, interest rates, prepayment speeds, credit risk, etc.). Also includes securities valued at amortized cost.
Level 3—significant unobservable inputs (including the Fund's own assumptions in determining the fair value of investments).
The inputs or methodology used for valuing securities are not an indication of the risk associated with investing in those securities.

The following is a summary of the inputs used, as of August 31, 2015, in valuing the Fund's assets carried at fair value:
Valuation Inputs        
  Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Debt Securities:        
Municipal Bonds $$143,007,900 $— $143,007,900
Short-Term Municipals 2,050,000 2,050,000
TOTAL SECURITIES $$145,057,900 $— $145,057,900
* Other financial instruments include futures contracts.
The following acronyms are used throughout this portfolio:
CDA —Community Development Authority
COL —Collateralized
COPs —Certificates of Participation
EDA —Economic Development Authority
EDC —Economic Development Corporation
GNMA —Government National Mortgage Association
GO —General Obligation
GTD —Guaranteed
HFDC —Health Facility Development Corporation
IDA —Industrial Development Authority
IDB —Industrial Development Bond
INS —Insured
LIQ —Liquidity Agreement
LO —Limited Obligation
LOC —Letter of Credit
PCR —Pollution Control Revenue
PRF —Pre-refunded
TELA —Toll Equity Loan Agreement
TFA —Transitional Finance Authority
UT —Unlimited Tax
VRDNs —Variable Rate Demand Notes


Item 2. Controls and Procedures


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(b) There were no changes in the registrant’s internal control over financial reporting (as defined in rule 30a-3(d) under the Act) during the last fiscal quarter that have materially affected, or are reasonably likely to materially affect, the registrant’s internal control over financial reporting.


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By /S/ Lori A. Hensler


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