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                              2003 STOCK GRANT PLAN

This 2003 Stock Grant Plan (the "Plan") is made as of the 18th day of November,
2003 by Innovative Designs, Inc. (the "Company") for the Company's employees and
consultants ("the Recipients").


The Company desires under agreement to grant compensation to Recipients, in
exchange for services provided to the Company, in the form of shares of the
Company's common stock (the "Common Stock"), pursuant to the provisions set
forth herein;

1. Grant of Shares. The Company shall grant to the Recipients from time to time
the following shares of the Company's Stock (the "Shares"):

            CLASS OF STOCK                    NUMBER OF SHARES
               Common                             400,000

2. Services. Recipients shall provide bona fide services to the Company not in
connection with capital-raising, promotional or investor relations activities.
Recipients shall provide bona fide services to the Company which do not relate
directly or indirectly to promotion or maintenance of a market in our common

3. Compensation. Recipients' compensation is the Shares identified herein. The
parties agree the Shares are valued at $.0001 each. Recipients are responsible
for all income taxes.

4. Registration or Exemption. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained
herein, the Shares will be registered on Form S-8 Registration Statement dated
on or about November 18, 2003.

5. Delivery of Shares. The Company shall deliver to the Recipients such shares
for services pursuant to the agreement for services between the Company and each

6. Waiver. No waiver is enforceable unless in writing and signed by such waiving
party and any waiver shall not be construed as a waiver by any other party or of
any other or subsequent breach.

7. This Plan may be amended from time to time by the Company's Board of

8. Governing Law. This Plan shall be governed by the laws of the State of
Pennsylvania, and the sole venue for any action arising hereunder shall be

9. Assignment and Binding Effect. Neither this Plan nor any of the rights,
interests or obligations hereunder shall be assigned by any Recipient hereto
without the prior written consent of the Company's Board of Directors, except as
otherwise provided herein.

This Plan shall be binding upon and for the benefit of the parties hereto and
their respective heirs, permitted successors, assigns and/or delegates.

10. Integration and Captions. This Plan includes the entire understanding of the
parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof. The captions herein
are for convenience and shall not control the interpretation of this Plan.

11. Legal Representation. Each party has been represented by independent legal
counsel in connection with this Plan, or each has had the opportunity to obtain
independent legal counsel and has waived such right, and no tax advice has been
provided to any party.

12. Construction. Each party acknowledges and agrees having had the opportunity
to review, negotiate and approve all of the provisions of this Plan.

13. Cooperation. The parties agree to execute such reasonable necessary
documents upon advice of legal counsel in order to carry out the intent and
purpose of this Plan as set forth herein above.

14. Handwritten Provisions. Any handwritten provisions hereon, if any, or
attached hereto, which have been initialed by all of the parties hereto, shall
control all typewritten provisions in conflict therewith.

15. Fees, Costs and Expenses. Each of the parties hereto acknowledges and agrees
to pay, without reimbursement from the other party(ies), the fees, costs, and
expenses incurred by each such party incident to this Plan.

16. Consents and Authorizations. By the execution herein below, each party (i)
acknowledges and agrees that each such party has the full right, power, legal
capacity and authority to enter into this Plan, and the same constitutes a valid
and legally binding Plan of each such party in accordance with the terms,
conditions and other provisions contained herein; and (ii) acknowledges the
receipt of an executed copy hereof, and made a part hereof by this reference.

17. Gender and Number. Unless the context otherwise requires, references in this
Plan in any gender shall be construed to include all other genders, references
in the singular shall be construed to include the plural, and references in the
plural shall be construed to include the singular.

18. Severability. In the event any one or more of the provisions of this Plan
shall be deemed unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction for any
reason whatsoever, this Plan shall be construed as if such unenforceable
provision had never been contained herein.

Date: November 18, 2003

Innovative Designs, Inc.

By: /s/ Joseph Riccelli
    Joseph Riccelli, Chief Executive Officer


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