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Exhibit 17.1
December 12, 2017

Mr. Dale Wolf

Molina Healthcare, Inc.
200 Oceangate, Suite 100
Long Beach, Ca 90802

Dear Mr.Wolf,
I have decided to resign from the board of Molina Healthcare effective immediately. I appreciate the confidence in me shown by the shareholders in re-electing me to the board of directors in 2017, but I think it is best that, after serving as a director for over 20 years, I leave the board so that I may pursue other opportunities.
I have seen the company grow from a single clinic established thirty-seven years ago, by my father Dr. C. David Molina to one of the largest health insurance plans in the nation. The company is a recognized leader in providing care for low-income patients served by the Medicaid and Medicare programs and has established a reputation for excellence.

I am proud of the company's many accomplishments over the two decades that I served as a director, and I will miss the many dedicated people with whom I have had to opportunity to serve.
J. Mario Molina, M.D.